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https://www.patreon.com/PlagueOfGripes https://sharkrobot.com/collections/plague-of-gripes Legend tells that the first pokemon trainers used acorns as pokeballs, and dinosaur bones as TMs, or some stupid shit. The truth of the matter was, it was the pokemon which first tamed their masters. Young Ungo-Boingus, a strapping lad of totally legal consent, would emerge one day from his family's beachside condo cave and head down to the river. There, he would admire the overhang of his massive brow ridge, scratch his primate asshole, smell it for some reason, and then contemplate the future plans of his race to destroy the natural beauty of this world. Rather, it was he who was being contemplated that day. From the bushes near an anime con that was going on that very day, a perverted gaggle of Pokemon had gathered to discuss whether "One Day" was a better opening than "We Are." In the stupor of their increasingly violent discussion, young Ungo was spotted across the way, heaving a mighty nosefull of his own particulate leavings. It was there, on what would one day become a CVS parking lot, that Ungo would first find something of greater interest than his own butt stink, and a small party of socially inhibited animal things would discover that humans are totally down for whatever. And that they're the only lifeform on the planet that doesn't also have magic powers, for some reason. Making humans the Isekai. Probably. And so, they for realsie slammed. And God looked upon his creation, and then looked away, pretending not to see. And it wasn't good. But good enough.
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Text Comments (17024)
Rodrigo (28 minutes ago)
I love that weavile :3
Gintoki Sakata (1 hour ago)
FBI Cyber Branch (3 hours ago)
I must consult with the elder gods.....
Austin Ayers (4 hours ago)
Also read the description because it... says a lot
Austin Ayers (4 hours ago)
I’m very disturbed And also the eevee collection is based on a very strange site video(I cant say because i don’t want the FBI busting in my house)
GenericWhiteMale (11 hours ago)
Nope Nope Nopety Nope
Monique Mitchell (15 hours ago)
Ima take photos
It’s on the dark web
Diego Becker (21 hours ago)
ive got the weirdest boner
Fawkes. (1 day ago)
So when you gonna open a patreon or website where you'll make porn? Cause I would 100% support it
Juan Acevedo (1 day ago)
Am just going to say it make a part 2 of this video
Rezzz G (1 day ago)
Pokémon have mysterious powers ~like my dick~ I’m dead 😂
Jangled - (1 day ago)
Do u do commissions lmao
boomerang (1 day ago)
I'm soooo glad that this world doesn't have Pokemon. I just hope that some far of *HIDDEN* world does. One that people who actually like Pokemon can make friends and go on adventures and live in harmony with each other and i also hope that the perverts don't find it first
SuzukiiZara (1 day ago)
myeeeah....trust..n frenship n´ stuff....*space out*
Anonymous (1 day ago)
Animal fuckers be like...
Babchak (1 day ago)
Pokemon fuckers
Ko4EGaR (1 day ago)
1:39 hmm...
Ninjabeast5150 (2 days ago)
oooh I see that your a boy good for you. *you little bastard*
Nanu Nanu (2 days ago)
*Takes out a shotgun and puts the end of the shotgun against mouth as I put my finger on the trigger*
El furro (2 days ago)
Mmmh, this is my favorite animation of YouTube 7u7 (yes I am furry)
Easiest Emu4632 (2 days ago)
“But we have a lot of eggs” Delphox: holds man with intent Me: *CONFUSED SCREAMING*
I have severa questions
Martin Hickman (2 days ago)
im not a furry im not a furry im not a *FAPFAPFAPFAPFAPFAP*
Tristan De Ramos (3 days ago)
I’m feeling “I’m not so grump” Right now
StingRay (3 days ago)
Feel weird and uncomfortable? *No, i dont think i will*
Goochkilla (3 days ago)
Your "Hello there!" Reminds me of Ewan McGregor. In fact if this was live-action I'd give away my life savings to see him play Professor Harkness rofl
Zenx Stuffz (3 days ago)
the animation is good but this is a sin..
Jebrone Love Kitten (3 days ago)
This is my world
Faster (3 days ago)
"You think this shit is popular because of smogon?"
stuff (3 days ago)
UDtheAesir (3 days ago)
Brilliant! I'd choose Braixen, Delphox, Vulpix, Ninetales, and Sylveon. Also, "big ass pile of legal consent," LMAO.
Electron Jon (3 days ago)
Make more plz. ^ _ ^
Mystic Story Writer (3 days ago)
As a pokemon fan... *I'm having flashbacks.*
1:50 - 2:05 Okay, now that actually sounds very mature and relatable. How is this wisdom in this furry fetish fuel and not in the games?
Dick Borbon (3 days ago)
Im not furry but this turning me on.
poopy head (4 days ago)
I want this to be a series
Vespian (4 days ago)
I´ve only got one question after this... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Where´s the second part?
cry w (4 days ago)
I didn't think I would find an Absol attractive, but that smile... that damn smile...
Miss Quinn (1 day ago)
Yeah while I don't find her attractive that smile is fucking heart melting <3
Nerdmech76 (3 days ago)
me: *laughing* 2:06 the kid's face at 2:12 kid: *his mind* What the fuck is going on? me: *mind* wow, that just happened. Vulpix: I love you master. =3 kid: I love you too? me: *laughing so hard* kid: why are you laughing at me? me: you said you love her! *more laughing*
Vatan Kömürcü (4 days ago)
by the way i understand your efforts at making us uncomfortable but the joke is still on you, i'm already corrupt. and as you can't kill what's already dead, you can't corrupt what's already corrupt.
Vatan Kömürcü (4 days ago)
professor harkness is one of the the most likeable characters i've ever seen in any media and i've only seen him perform for literally just 3 minutes. i don't know how you do it, plague, but your animations really are absolutely tantalazing.
KS GL (4 days ago)
2:05 Moments before a parent or child walks in...
DUDEmanEPIC123 (4 days ago)
"Screw me under your big dick and use me as a cock sleeve" why the actual fuck is it that the first time I hear this exact line its from a fictional fucking animal and not my gf??? Welp consider me weirded out.
Scarf y (4 days ago)
e621 starter pack
Razgriz Straitz (4 days ago)
*The real question is, is a furry one who enjoys this shit, or the people who actually fuck animals? One is eh, the other is a degenerate.*
Atomic Fart (5 days ago)
I just realise why there are a bunch of eggs and dont ask me why.......
"Pokemon have mysterious power *_ᵒᵛᵉʳ ᵐʸ ᵈᶦᶜᵏ."_*
Rezzz G (1 day ago)
Blueberry McPhuckerson how u make word small like that damn it!
Please make a sequel of this. I love this POS scumbag professor haha.
00 21 (5 days ago)
i;'m gonna make sure my eye did not burn next time .
Razgriz Straitz (5 days ago)
*Welp, that's enough internet for me for the week.*
crusader_cletus (6 days ago)
Ghost R. (6 days ago)
Would actually like to see their adventures after this but we all know that ain't happenin'
Ketchupboi76 (6 days ago)
nice yokai dood
ajnapalm (6 days ago)
1:45 real talk: what kind of battle was the Professor talking about???
SpiceYourLife (5 days ago)
well, im sure you can use your common sense....if everything else is basically sexually implied, I'm sure you can use your imagination on having a "battle" could mean.
EvilerOMEGA (6 days ago)
I would like to know as well.
GabetheNut Palma (6 days ago)
"Furries all over the shop"
Damoy-MaxX (6 days ago)
"Pokemon has mysterious powers... over my dick" lololololololololol! I'm dead
klxroly1 (6 days ago)
1:43 Okay animal crossing and digimon but I don't know the one on the left. Okami?
SpiceYourLife (5 days ago)
you kai watch.
Claudia Washington (6 days ago)
redfoxbennaton77 (6 days ago)
You spend too much time on E621 and DeviantART.
Temaru Phan (6 days ago)
1:42 where is the anthro fox thing on the left coming from? Digimon? She looks dope
FireSwordHero (7 days ago)
Am i the only one who is curious enough to want a series based on this
Shiny eevee (7 days ago)
But what if you was a girl *I don't think i,'ll want to be a girl in pokemon anymore*
Quarketh Elt (7 days ago)
Y Uh... Y my pp hard
Anna Mei (7 days ago)
Justin Y's Stand (7 days ago)
Stop trying to convert me into a furry! I shall never join the disgusting ranks of the Discord Trust and Safety Team.
Egghead Interactive (7 days ago)
Forget being a trainer! With a talking Vulpix you could make thousands!
Selond2 (7 days ago)
"I see that your a boy!" *Low key as hell* "got some good news for you, ya little bastard....."
DARKNEON20 OG (7 days ago)
Make a series on this
Kroq Gar (7 days ago)
Zack Milton Gutierrez (7 days ago)
Me: I'm not pokefi- * I'm watching this video * Shit
YunZhaoVisansha YT (7 days ago)
Babchak (7 days ago)
Who's that Egyptian cat at 1:39?
SpiceYourLife (5 days ago)
Ankha from Animal Crossing. So do yourself a favor and just don't search for her on google, for your own sanity.
care (8 days ago)
is this nin10doh
Babchak (7 days ago)
nin10doh 2.0
Andrew B (8 days ago)
R34=Route 34
ZombieHunter110 Man (8 days ago)
I’d love if all Pokemon were like this.
Francesco Dodaro (8 days ago)
*Now take off your pants*
I never knew Vegeta was a Pokémon professor
MrDan Dog (8 days ago)
=.= nah man, it's all about smokin' oddish with the boys. Like.... You ever try Trevenant leaves? Wild shit I tell you. One thing to note though you never wanna get high with a dark type... That shit's too serious! Anyway if someone's curious towards what one can toke, just come to Cannabi City in the Goloden region.
uploads989 (8 days ago)
why tf my pp hard bro
qe qe (8 days ago)
For the love of god just do porn already!
Azax (8 days ago)
What if these pokemon are just a ploy to make the human race die out because now the men don't want life with human women anymore?
BiometalOmega (8 days ago)
Can I unsee? No Do I want to unsee? Hell no!
BaronNate (8 days ago)
……………...I NEED ONE!!!!!
SSB Beat (8 days ago)
Reagan Kindred (8 days ago)
Make more
Azax (9 days ago)
..wheres miltank?
Fox McCloud (9 days ago)
1:10 That Gardevoir is so 😣👌👌👌👌
Th3 Cr0ss (9 days ago)
Hello PlagueOfGripes, I hope you are well on this day. I wanted to ask him if he gives us the authorization to do a Fandub on this video (it will be the first Fandub that I will upload and upload many more of this style). I hope you read us a greeting soon
Th3 Cr0ss (8 days ago)
@Dante Mussolini Yes, but if I want to make a Fandub of this video with my own voice and with my friends, I should ask the author for permission
Dante Mussolini (8 days ago)
Several people already done so. I've seen a Spanish and Korean dub, I think there are others.
No3000Way (9 days ago)
eating eggs >.>
Gaias Rebirth (9 days ago)
Geez you really worked well on these... wouldn't mind to see their advanture go fruitful! XD Screw youtube XD
Woody (9 days ago)
@1:40 that leg cross. If ya know, ya know
Ojou (9 days ago)
Mysterious powers [of my dick]
Osvaldo Ochoa Oviedo (9 days ago)
2 part ?
Lordofice 18 (9 days ago)
Can I be isekai into this universe
Michael Garcia (9 days ago)
Weird? No. Uncomfortable? Not at all!
Sasir (9 days ago)
2'4 M views, 2'4 thousands dislikes huh
The Mad Hatter (10 days ago)
I am a furry and I can see you are also a furry welcome brother
CIA BETA Wing (10 days ago)
Absolutely no one: Nothing: Youtube: hey, wanna see some sexy pokemon.
LT.GR33N (10 days ago)
Is there more of these?

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