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Buzz Aldrin: "We Are All In Danger" From "Evil" At South Pole? 12/12/16

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Text Comments (8874)
Tony Morse (12 hours ago)
But there is not one but 2 you will see the first one just fallow it to it's back side one is leaning up next to a rock and look where the first is and you can see tall shadows in the background as well just not as clearly as the first 2
Tony Morse (12 hours ago)
Someone made a video of it
Tony Morse (12 hours ago)
I was saving them and alot of other things for my sight but some one took there time and new what they were doing
Tony Morse (12 hours ago)
You will see the pics are brushed out cut reapasted
Tony Morse (12 hours ago)
Zoom in on the pictures
Tony Morse (12 hours ago)
Google maps Antarctica
Tony Morse (12 hours ago)
Dont listen to the video there alot of pictures there
Tony Morse (12 hours ago)
They have alot of pictures there
Tony Morse (12 hours ago)
Look at the pictures at Antarctica
phil mcnamara (13 hours ago)
Lights out wer all doomed and u can bank on it oh there bust to sure something wrong with our planet And that’s definite
Daniel Edwards (14 hours ago)
Fear is not real...its a feeling of not understanding summit thats not happen or may not even happen at all!! Blow it up...problem gone
nathan glover sr. (15 hours ago)
predictive programming
Erich Weiler (23 hours ago)
I'm actually in the same position James Morris was in. I saw my first UFO about 4 weeks ago. It was a light in the sky at about 4:55 am here in Renton, WA (just south of Seattle) that flew perfectly vertical from about 2,000 feet to about 500 feet AGL. I know because I used to fly that area frequently when I was a student pilot.
Alan Vazquez (1 day ago)
You give it your full attention You’re starting to slack
dmk7799ify (2 days ago)
Why do you repeat yourself over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over AGAIN? All of your videos, you do this. Very annoying
Garrett Kelly (2 days ago)
Was buzz smoking some good herb, if he was given us his dealers number the herb in my town is muck.
almost young (2 days ago)
Fallen Angels not aliens. It's in the Bible, also book of Enoch.
Andi Dand (2 days ago)
What evil retards? Satan is there? Bahahahahah u are retarder, if they are more intelligence dont mean they are devils or angels!!!
BORK MORK (3 days ago)
what a tard lmao
Johnson Mollins (3 days ago)
This Earth will not end by Alien Invasion, aliens are our creators Higher versions of Advance Technology and Humans from the Distant Future.
Johnson Mollins (3 days ago)
Hello aliens his nothing more than Humans from the very far future when we encounter space. We are in a Simulation created by a Higher versions of our self, which means Humans from the very distant Future. So UFO is basically Time travelers from the very far future.
Flying Up (4 days ago)
Another female astronaut was screaming the same thing and tried to commit suicide but lived. This was 2 years ago. By the way, he didn’t land on the moon.
michael babin (5 days ago)
he was refering to Donald Trump recently being elected pres of US
Cliff Chase (5 days ago)
Anyone else notice that Buzz is a Charles Bronson beast at 85 ? That guy must have been pure muscle in his youth. !
Kevin Franck (5 days ago)
I wouldn't believe nothing from a man who lied about being on the moon no ones been there. Ppl still believe nasa wow. What a joke and little green men come and probe y'alls ass at night not saying yall wouldn't like it.
Dave Phillips (5 days ago)
Nasa, buzz aldrin and all the rest of em are full of shit..
wiawaysb (5 days ago)
this channel is stoned
Simon Thomas (5 days ago)
Who hasnt seen a ufo ?. Theyre real. Been around longer than.us
DuckTape (5 days ago)
of course Markiplier cut off the video right before Secureteam says that there's no actual proof that the tweet is real. He made it seem like you're stating it as true. He probably didn't know or care or watch that far though so whatev
william smith (6 days ago)
jdheelfan (6 days ago)
He never walked on the moon.
kelly larson (6 days ago)
Sach of shit
Billy Goose! (6 days ago)
Who's here because of Markiplier? anyone?
benjamin elliott (6 days ago)
benjamin elliott (6 days ago)
honstly the comment section is more entertaining than the video itself
Dan Snider (7 days ago)
Fathers day, surfside beach texas. Vacation. 2 am. 2017. Myself and my 2 sons rented beach house. My younger son came with me, my older son arrived around 1:30 am. We were taking in sights on porch facing ocean. We saw a bright light down the beach, all 3 of us were expecting it to blow up, thinking it was fireworks. We even said out loud "cool, fireworks!!!" No fireworks explosion, this blue, and orange light flew towards us going the route of the beach it seemed, and flew right over our heads. Faster than anything I have witnessed in my life, I'm 50. I have seen the space shuttle doing 10,000 mph, this was much faster. It had no sound that all 3 of us can recall. It was a special father's day gift we will all remember, and I believe, and have always been the one to speak out on such things. I dont seem as crazy to everyone. All 3 of us saw the same thing. Happy father's day to me!!!
Them (7 days ago)
this channel has been on for a long ass time now, get a flippin audio compressor and balance you levels ffs
Narendra modi (7 days ago)
We are in danger cz of ur videos..fuck off you moron
Eddie Byrne (7 days ago)
I hear the penguins THROW gang signs and carry ROCKET LAUNCHERS . beware !!!
Dakkota (9 days ago)
this was somewhat recent but i don't know if it's a ufo but me and my friends were walking at night but for some reason we all looked up as if we were made too and some green/ metal object passed really fast and it had a distinct sound too it
ukoln nuiv (10 days ago)
ukoln nuiv (10 days ago)
BRAVE PRINCE (11 days ago)
This guy have a speech impediment?
truthsout (11 days ago)
Dr Michael Salla says the same as Buzz. It's not the PYRAMID, Tyler. Don't be foolish, it's the people.
steve kerr (11 days ago)
Fallen angels are locked up their till our judgement day because everyone is gonna get judge. God bless everyone
Blue Cord Soldier (11 days ago)
Sick fella had a nightmare and tweeted it thinking it was real in his sick physical state
Branimir Lukač (12 days ago)
Ben Dover (12 days ago)
ofc UFO's are real they was already made by the germans during ww2 and you can even buy one of your own today... but ofc it's not aliens flying them, it's the military, just like it was during ww2
Spartan Aerospace (13 days ago)
I'm the CEO of an Aerospace Agency and from a family that has a long background in the military. There are other worlds and civilizations. The remains that you see on Mars are human. Mars was our original home and we destroyed it just like we are destroying Earth. Why do you think we want to return to Mars? we have always known that Mars has had an atmosphere and Mars is not a red planet those are merely dichromatic filters. we have always known that there was ice on the planet and water and life Most of the UFOs that humans have encountered are remote spacecraft very much like Kepler and Voyager. Alien life is not our threat, we are a threat to each other and we are a race of beings that are self-destructive and lost in consciousness. We are being controlled through the conscious and subconscious everyday. If humans knew the real truth they would be horrified this is why it is so important to grow spiritually and through your lessons achieve higher consciousness. Other beings, forces, and principalities feed off anger and Evil. The human race is a breeding ground for it and in the conscious and subconscious world everything we say and do contributes to the collective super Consciousness which is God and affects the whole universe. If you'd like to chat about the realities of our existence and the universe that you perceive around you my email address is [email protected] my name is Michael. and for the record the Roswell incident was a fact. know one has told you what I'm about to tell you and I do mean know one. There were two crash sites at the second crash sight the alien ship hit the side of a huge cliff. The ship was decimated. The temperature was as hot as a nuclear weapon and fused all the sand around the area into glass. This one fact has never been printed in any magazine or publication or on any news report, and we have military personnel who were part of the recovery crew and members of our family.
The Watcher Chronicles (13 days ago)
UFOs are man-made machines designed 2 exist in two different dimensional rounds at the same time, thus, allowing extra-dimensional entities to co-exist physically with their human counterparts that they are teaching to build advanced technology. Its really a shame that most of the world will reject the message of Christians until it is too late. Here's what Hitler did. He technologically opened verbal communications with Satan and others in his realm, whom then taught Hitler's scientists how to build a chamber or laboratory which will resonate at the frequency that will allow those from their realm to physically exist inside and interact with humans. Hitler then began plans to build underground bases in South America and Antarctica and to build flying ships in which these beings could travel back and forth with them. Unfortunately, when Hitler was toppled, the Allied Powers, seduced by the prospect of advanced military weaponry and star travel technology, formed a pact and secretly took over the operation and that's why shortly thereafter, we started seeing UFO's in the US, England, South America, and Russia. The Germans and Belgians were eventually brought back into the frey because their ancestors are descendants of these fallen angels who procreated with ancient humans. Now we have opened a can of worms which cannot be closed again by humans because we cannot shut down these bases, especially the largest one in Antarctica, built on a site of an ancient city of these false gods who once ruled the world in rebellion against God. Their intention is to use CERN technology to bring the entire Earth into their realm or to combine the two dimensions as they were before the great flood. They are also having the military abduct young women with which they can procreate at these bases. Because of that, we will begin to see giants again and cross breeds of humans, angels, and animals, as are depicted by ancient Rome, Greece, Egypt, and Sumeria. Once the changeover is complete and the two Realms are combined again, they will create their version of Heaven on Earth which most of the world will gladly accept. However, the catch is that they will have to be allowed to be made into technologically controlled, genetic hybrids. The ultimate goal is to completely destroy the human Adamic genome in order to attempt to prevent God from fulfilling his promise to the pure descendants of Abraham that his son will once again rule the world from Jerusalem with them. You people don't know how deep spiritually this goes. And if you are thinking that these so-called aliens are going to give you the promise of eternal life outside of Christianity, then you are correct. They are going to promise you eternal life and heaven on Earth without having to go through Jesus Christ. And most of you will accept it. To the detriment of your Eternal Souls.
Captain Noob (14 days ago)
Ummm I think they are mountains?
Seasonal Changes (15 days ago)
Aliens are Demonic
Jessica Canfield (15 days ago)
thank you for being honest with your viewers
Kenna E Lewis (15 days ago)
Werner Esterhuizen (17 days ago)
Its the prison the nephilims are stuck in
dave alen (17 days ago)
Buzz is a nut.he tried to get me fired. For looking at him!
sean deltano (18 days ago)
Why the F is Buzz Aldrin hangin out in the S. Pole, he's like 90?
William James Rapp (18 days ago)
SINCE WHEN has anything in our world BEEN OURS TO DECIDE WHAT TO DO --- The world is 99% SHEEPLE and you all allow people like Kerry and Clinton and Pelosi and Trump to DICTATE TO YOU what is best for you. -- Go Back To Grazing you worthless sheep.
JoGar VizAh (18 days ago)
wow there truly are pyramids all around the globe!
Debbie Smith (18 days ago)
So, WHY is it EVIL and how does he know its EVIL LMAO
Allan Rasmussen (18 days ago)
Tjek this new and very wierd video out: Https://youtu.be/MhChkg_CmkA
:Tassilo: (18 days ago)
the picture from buzz and die other pyramid you showed up, are not the same. buzz once have 3 sides and the other 4 sides. please checkout by your self.
Ryan Flamank (19 days ago)
They’ve open the city doors underneath Antarctic They all met the Reptilian Draco Buzz had a attack 💚👽🛸
Quinton Carter (21 days ago)
some believe the ancient humans are there and protecting the fallen prisoners of another plain because they are evil a evil we couldn't imagine cause sometimes we have to see in order to believe which will be our down fall also could be the true evil the bible warned us of ?????? man always think they know best for all man kind sure its a reason why we still believe that were stuck here only on earth when our dna origins are throughout the universe im sure who calling the shots now only want us to believe we cant leave earth or survive in outer space
Gilbert Arcilla (22 days ago)
How come we don't have such things here in the bay area, no ufo, no pyramids, no mayans, nothing but us.
OFFICIAL NSA (22 days ago)
1:17 his socks are upside down
Toc Ooh (22 days ago)
I've convinced my wife to help me forge LightBringer. Hopefully my Dragon Eggs will hatch soon. WINTER IS COMING!!!!!
Dennis Smith (24 days ago)
Yeah,, they're giving folks from the caravan a left to the US.
popkorn231 (24 days ago)
Hell is really cold, just remember that.
Peter Jermyn (24 days ago)
The world needs death bed confessions from astronauts what they might have seen but were not authorized to speak publicly about as well as people like Jerry Marcel the Roswell fall guy
cheryl adamson (24 days ago)
There are pyramids in all large countries of the world. People need to be educated before they comment. in the 1940s there were men who traveled and explored Antarctica and they claim there is land and maps were made of the lakes and mountains and rivers that were confirmed so there is no way the "2 mile thick ice" was there long. There are military record of large holes and large air crafts were seen by pilots. I don't believe Buzz because he has lied in the past. All leaders visited Antarctica so something important is there...you can bet on that. It is also "illegal" for us to go there.
This Man (25 days ago)
Thats where the idea of Trump being President was formed
DON GIO'S WORLD (25 days ago)
Did he just say. A trusted astronaut, the ones that lie to the hole race.
Pretty uneven for a pyramid? You would assume that if they had the technology to build such a thing that making it reasonably even with the sides being the same length and angle rather than it looking exactly like a natural rock formation would be easy? Or perhaps, this is really just a mountain? LOL
GrimnastyTV (27 days ago)
Join The Exodus, Its Officially Underway! ⛰http://MyExodus.Org⛰ Back To Where It All Began, The Holy Grail! *Share This 200 Times And Get A Freedom Bus Ticket A $500 Value Free!!!!!
Herbert Kraft (27 days ago)
too many people today are smoking way to much pot!..... !wow... really... a guy named... Buzz....lmao
Frog Push (28 days ago)
Tyler. I looked 4 Christmas Secure Team shirt & I can't find it. While I am a believer because I've seen things you can't explain. Then to have Army helicopters flying by where they never fly. My husband is now believing because of Buzz on I think not this channel, but now he's here now & since Buzz said it. He's now open minded.
zagyish (29 days ago)
bla bla bla,YouTube is full of sht stories like this one,,, We are all in danger from BS like this video,, GO there, check it for yourself and than make a video about it and share with people... than this video of yours will make sense and have little more credibility ....
Izen Guarr (29 days ago)
Buzz.... One of the greatest liars in history. Why would such a thing actually take place unless it too was some form of or continuation of his lies?
Dan Fan (29 days ago)
ive seen hundreds :)
Station Manager (1 month ago)
It looks like a pyramid, but really its the end of a Mountain.
Alien Mick Uk (1 month ago)
Custom Made (1 month ago)
Fuck Buzz. He. Lied about the moon landing. Nothing to fear.
patrick costello (1 month ago)
Am i the only one who always plays these videos cause the intro music is so cool? ("spellbound " by Kevin McLeod). content is great, too.
jose garcia (1 month ago)
jose garcia (1 month ago)
Tadd Lieberman (1 month ago)
They are here 3 weeks ago I saw and recorded 5 all in one night with my telescope
Maul Joker (1 month ago)
I saw a UFO over Cornwall a few years ago, there was something in the distant stars moving around the sky flashing, it could have been a sattilite though who knows
Gary Beck (1 month ago)
And Buzz if you ever read up, I don,t trust this thoth character or it at "ALL"!!!!!!!!!!!! Horrible
Anita Loyd (1 month ago)
Matt Marshall (1 month ago)
Fear is a real life issue... in a bottle... so it was said...
Patrick Sannella (1 month ago)
Let's suppose that Buzz is real red white n blue, and Buzz knows something we dont. If the tweet was Buzz then he was affraid of a percieved threat that disturbed him. The fact that he recinded the tweet is a quallifier. If Buzz likes his pension he would be under some kinda gag on order espeacially like his need to know. The powers that be might get upset about a very brave astronaut suddenly becoming frightened, and go public. He is an hero, and he could have started a panic. We also must consider his age, and health. Buzz over the years has been more outspoken . More than Neil. Evil what is new there ? In Antarctica ? Nazis ? Aliens/Demons? The secrecy itself surrounding all three is frightening enough. Buzz is a freemason, and he could be trying to make a larger statement by using the pyramid in the tweet.
Zan Looney (1 month ago)
The evil is an advanced base for the rich and powerful to go to when the shit hits the fan. Likely being built since the 80's, they probably have a whole nuclear powered city under the ice by now.
https://youtu.be/PAUUpqB3SWg Financial Freedom
Donna Cabot (1 month ago)
Huh. Its interesting how the pole is also called Terrestrial South Pole according to google.
Donna Cabot (1 month ago)
Maybe they threatened his family.
Donna Cabot (1 month ago)
Finally. Let's blow this bitch up and move on.
Stacy Darnell (1 month ago)
TheDefeatest (1 month ago)
So it's a couple of years later and.....???????

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