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#127 | Birthright Citizenship, WSJ v Superchat, Don Lemon v Evil Whites | Beauty & the Beta

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Text Comments (338)
dominic coscarelli (1 day ago)
That add is sort of true here in California they have sanctuary cities. Which bars law enforcement from keeping illegals until ice arrives. If ice does not get their in time to pick up the person they are let go to do what ever . It's even worse no that their is no bail system so they can get out on bail and never return to court and the only way they can be brought in is if they are caught by the police committing a crime.
dominic coscarelli (1 day ago)
So it's ok that a nazi collaborator funds organizations that are for killing cops and white people. But if a few jokes in taste get said a week or two after a fundraiser raises 26,000 for kids with cancer. It's not ok. The left are digging their own graves and they don't realize it once the power is given up it takes a act of god to get it back
It's Okay To Be White (2 days ago)
I'm glad I discovered this from blonde's channel. Very good podcast.
Benevolent_Tyrant (2 days ago)
WTF HAPPENED TO BLONDE'S VIDEOS? I always hate how people nuke their history. Shame
Spaghetti Monster (2 days ago)
What happened to all of your videos? I look forward to seeing whats in the news when I am home on leave. Were you banned or something?
Megan E Smith (2 days ago)
Blonde, where are your videos?
nimble fred (2 days ago)
PCS = Permanent Change of Station
Steven (3 days ago)
What happened to all your video did you delete them
Zuke Dog (3 days ago)
What happened to all the videos on Blonde I.T B.O.T.B. CHANNEL? Thanks
Eric Turner (3 days ago)
Can someone tell me what happened to Blond's channel?
I'm unsubscribing. (3 days ago)
Don Lemon is a worthless piece of shit. He has no redeeming qualities. He's just a bad person.
FlyBaby (3 days ago)
You already know. Democrats are simply Socioalist Globalists who want power and to that end they want more poor ignorant poeple to vote and support their goals. These illegal voters along with the ignorant American Democrat supporters believe Democrats will give them what they seek yet Democrats never want to give what their constituency wants or they might lose them. They have to keep them on the Democrat Plantation. Succesful independant voters have a choice. Democrat voters are always kept beholden, always like beggars at the gate.
J Y (3 days ago)
Now the caravan is asking for U.N. assistance to reach and cross U.S. A. borders. This is something that I am sure the Dems will get behind since it would increase their voting base and the push for globalization by dems and the U.N.
Scott Kindorf (4 days ago)
Shelby Shoup was the darling from FSU, who has now been arrested for "throwing milk". Interestingly, FB and TW accounts connected with the name "Shelby Shoup" have been shuttered. Hmmm.....
6point8 esspcee (4 days ago)
How can you guys, as brilliant as you both are....how can you give Lemon even the slightest benefit of the doubt in anything he spouts out of his pie hole. His racism is the worst type of racism anyone can have. Supported by the rest of the fucking hateful ignorant leftists at CNN. creeps me out just to type those 3 letters.....eheheeewww...
DevilDocNowCiv (4 days ago)
PCS stands for 'Permanent Change of Station." It refers to being assigned to a new location you will probably be at for at least a few years.
dammbleth2 (4 days ago)
Matt & Blonde may be white... but they do a great podcast!
Kyle Smith (4 days ago)
I’d love to see you guys do an interview with the gun collective.
ZombieCorp. (5 days ago)
Being a nationalist does not automatically = Neo-Nazi, that is a massively broad and twisted connection. How the fck is CNN still a source for news, there just can't been that many stupid person who believe this stuff or is it people are showing up for the circus?
k d (5 days ago)
I like how Matt "I'm on the left" Christiansen has gone so far right he's against birthright citizenship now.
hi (6 days ago)
I thought it was 11% illegal immigration in California but i'm not sure. Good show as always
Joe Smeeth (6 days ago)
Right Wing Extremist does NOT equal White Men. They count violence by Soverign Citizens. Those people are nuts and include a lot of African Americans as well. Gavin Long is a good example.
Monica ky mama (6 days ago)
Thank God Gilliam lost!! Also.. thank God Beto fake ass O'Rorke... I mean John Francis... That girl... omg... stupid is as stupid does!! How is it she doesn't realize SHE IS THE FACIST! And WAIT... she supports Palestine??? WHAT?? So fuckin STUPID!
Steven Alexander (6 days ago)
I have to say, Blonde's facial expressions during the most cringy statements are priceless. She's absolutely right, though. The Left is completely out of touch with reality. And whenever a little bit of reality attempts to catch up with them, they give it the middle finger, put the petal to the metal, and drive away from it as fast as they can.
Alicia Hoffman (6 days ago)
What about all the cops assassinated by leftists?
Brandon Gower (6 days ago)
Killing a priest or rabbi that was a convicted child molester sounds more like vigilante justice than a antisemitic attack
Seth Apex (6 days ago)
war only becomes necessary to acheive an ethnostate when the government has become so far totalitarian left that no other means are effective. in effect they will have to strip you of your constitutional rights to free association, free expression, the right to bear arms, due process, and all the rest. In other words, it would have to become the world described in the turner diaries before people would really start fighting back.
William Lennie (7 days ago)
The impracticality is: What if the country of origin doesn't accept them back?
William Lennie (6 days ago)
+Monica ky mama and yet countries do this all the time.
Monica ky mama (6 days ago)
William Lennie How do they have a choice? If your a citizen your a citizen... seems straightforward to me
Derek Drechsel (7 days ago)
roaming millennial has killer chemistry with Matt. blonde is the real beta here, plz start searching for a new co-host matt
Clinton Parker (6 days ago)
Disagree. Roaming is uninteresting, and annoying. Blonde for life.
Derek Drechsel (7 days ago)
for sure, blonde is just hangin on to matts coat tail
Derek Drechsel (7 days ago)
mountain painting was wayy better background/theme
Arty (7 days ago)
Tannhäuser Gate (7 days ago)
Counting TYT subscriber Elliot Rodger as right wing? Seems legit.
Jacim Partec (7 days ago)
You know why you are drinking it. Diet coke sponsorship... very upfront advertising: calling it gross. Upfront, but effective... ya'll specialize in distasteful truths. I'm buying some diet coke.
Ireallyneed2think (7 days ago)
You should make a short clip of your Don Lemon rebuttal guys! It's really good!
Nick Kotenberg (7 days ago)
How does this channel not have 10's of millions of views! Awesome job guys. I'm really enjoying your streams!
Joseph Horowitz (7 days ago)
Thumbs up for that intro. Listened to it twice.
Jon Snow (7 days ago)
Matt is the new alex jones.
Meh (7 days ago)
So I’m in nyc and last night, the news showed video footage of most of the recent Jewish “hate” crimes. They were ALL black people, most were teenagers just vandalizing shit in the city.
theonlycatonice (7 days ago)
Koh the Fund-Stealer!
theonlycatonice (7 days ago)
Charlie Milroy (7 days ago)
So because Trump was too pro Jew he's responsible for anti semitic violence? Which part of that makes sense
Meh (7 days ago)
Has don lemon heard of this place called Chicago?
Thomas Bunn (7 days ago)
Blonde, did you learn a new vocab word? Perpetuity, perpetuity, perpetuity... 😆great show, love you two.
Dosbomber (7 days ago)
Think about how much it will help the rest of the world's impoverished billions if we took all the tens of millions of illegals, who have been educated in and spent years in the USA, and sent these best and brightest with all their newly gained knowledge back to their countries of origin. We could improve the global standard of living, right?
Jon Madelung (7 days ago)
Don Lemon (Crazy Nazi N-word)
Joe Smeeth (7 days ago)
You know Lagrave, the blonde who strangled the bouncer (in Plattsburg, New York, not Pittsburgh) will get off with a misdemeanor and probably community service.
Aaron Gordon (7 days ago)
Who is teaching these people nationalism means nazis its love for ones country thats it
DIGIVOXJ23 (7 days ago)
The Bar scene is FAKE. The guy looses consciousness TOO SOON for reality.
Paul Taylor (7 days ago)
Streamlabs and some other small stream tipping company banned Ethan Ralph as well.
Paul Taylor (8 days ago)
This is the first show I did not get notified or it did not show up in my feed . I had to go and search for it.
Sinvaris (8 days ago)
Maybe it's time to seriously consider ethnic-states. Better to do it peacefully now rather than violently later, which is where this is heading.
Simon Vercoe (8 days ago)
Hoax Bait would be better than Bait Hate
Cave Man (8 days ago)
White men ate responsible for most technology too
Cave Man (8 days ago)
Why do you call yourself beta!
Celestial Vestibule (8 days ago)
Blonde is a Stone Cold Fox.
T.K. Talaje (8 days ago)
gruntydatsun (8 days ago)
So if the per capita crime rate is bad for Islamic terrorism then how bad does it get when you triple the Islamic population. What are the numbers if you project forward?
Tim Haman (8 days ago)
I looked up the stats once and "right wingers" in the US outnumbered Muslims something like 48:1, so if they want to be honest anything below a 48:1 ratio would not be right wingers doing a majority of attacks, 2:1 is a pretty weak argument.
"far right plots and attacks outnumber Islamist incidents by 2 to one" wait you mean to tell me that 6 percent of the country (far right people) only commit twice as much terror as one percent of the country does? how can don not see a problem with that. 6 percent should commit 6 times the amount of terror. if you have 6 percent not even committing twice as much terror as one percent then that one percent is a far greater issue then the 6 percent is.
Atlanta Light (8 days ago)
I'm Black and even I know a AMERICA does not want to have a discussion about demographics and crime .. Unfortunately Black men are going to look very bad.
BJandthe_Bear (8 days ago)
Stever Liu (8 days ago)
the bouncer claimed he thought it was a friend so he was playing along according to a news report about it. idk if that's the truth or he made that up out of embarassment
Stephen Lee Brown Sr (8 days ago)
Yeah. President Trump is fear mongering and creating division. Lemon sucks.
J H (8 days ago)
Uh, odio, er... ah... anchor babies, uh... I spit on 'em, ptuh! I hate anchor babies, they're scumo! Scum!
James Psarros (8 days ago)
I really hope Don Lemon dies by accidentally lighting himself on fire. Edit: itself
James Psarros (8 days ago)
And guess who now runs the court??? Muahahaha
MrChrisMoo (8 days ago)
You go into another country with military weapons, then you complain when you get injured?
Henry Fjord (8 days ago)
Wow...She's gorgeous!! That's my invaluable two cents. Also, I appreciate your voices... Keep up the great work.
Skeptical Faith (8 days ago)
Far be it for me to attack Matt for uncucking, but his analysis of the parties views on immigration is screwy. I first thought “What? 25% of Republicans *don’t* think immigration is a problem?!!” So I went back and re-listened to the spot and the reporter said 3/4 of republicans think immigration is a VERY big problem while only 19% of democrats do. So it’s not as if only 19% of democrats think immigration is NOT a problem - just that it’s not a “very big” problem.
DukesOfNormandyMusic (8 days ago)
See bee (8 days ago)
You would go with ass crack 1st? I'm sure I'd get there eventually ...but absolutely not 1st. I like to keep a little mystery and think her ass crack is the last thing I'm focusing on and paying for
Lord Apache (8 days ago)
Jeff Holiday is a leftist fagaloon whose been going hardcore SJW.
Jaybee (8 days ago)
"How the Alt-right uses food to live." Well, the left wants to implement communism, which functionally bans food, so I'll judge this headline "fake, but accurate"..
Tommy Rad (8 days ago)
"shooting my people" ya mean the commies? She's wearing a Hammer & Sickle button !!??!!
adam hajrula (8 days ago)
Looked like the friend was trying to slow that guy's fall but then she walked away when he hit the ground. Weird video.
William Harrison (8 days ago)
We have to take them in so the AntiAmerican, AntiConstitional, Marxist Democratic party can keep power by bringing in "votes" and probably also contributing is the Leftist Marxist, Satanistic, maybe Illumnati cabal or rich elite want the one world under one control as prophetized in the Book of Revelations. They have been working on this for over two hundred years. And I am called a conspiracy theorists for observing reality.
Jaybee (8 days ago)
"Nazis are shooting my people!" Yeah, they do have a history of killing commies.
Jose Fernandez-Leon (8 days ago)
Lemon wants a ban on white men, the radicalized ( defined as those who believe diametrically opposite to him), and according to him the rest who heard him missed his point, and he is not a racist bigot, he must think. This is an example of living in his own ultra-reality, a man whose mind is in a dimensionality of a separate world. Can’t wait to hear what Matt & Ann have to say.
Rare Raindrop (8 days ago)
Even if we take those terror attack statistics at face value, Muslims make up ONE PERCENT of the US population, so the fact that Islamic extremist attacks ONLY outnumbered "white guy" attacks by 2-1 is staggeringly frightening.
Kyle (8 days ago)
Something I think you guys need to understand the left is almost exclusively projecting their feelings towards their parents or seniors onto everyone else. And when it comes to them loosing money over social justice, you have to understand how much wealth there is in SF Bay, Portland, and Seattle. These people have hundreds of millions and throw it around like it’s shmekals. If they burn a million on some failed show about disabled trans black Mohammed. It’s not really that big of a deal.
Glenn Bender (8 days ago)
I just couldn't stop laughing at the number of times Matt went "Hmm," in response to something Blonde said.
Brian Picardo (8 days ago)
They also fail to take the number of terrorist events and death tolls abroad into account as to show which ideology is the most dangerous.
Rational Orc (8 days ago)
i think don lemon was talking to another guy who works at CNN, and they had the kind of conversation they always have behind the scenes. He just forget where he was for a sec.
FatRown (8 days ago)
Remember the giant white on white murder sprees during the great depression?.. Me neither. However, if it were to happen now, there probably would be an increase. It's culture.. and the entire nation's has really degraded in almost all of its sub cultures, cross race. The 60s seem to have been a turning point, and it makes me consider Thomas Sowell's words
josh carrera (8 days ago)
Matt that diet Coke has Splenda in it and aspartane this is the leading cause of brain tumors and it's not diet either it's does nothing for weight loss or gain
H.O.S._bandit (8 days ago)
Funny how all the terrorism stats from left wing sources start on Sept 12 2001
The Ride Never ends (4 days ago)
Its definitely something, I mean the objective of cropping it is to show stats prior to 9/11 for comparison, which is valuable data, the problem is useing that chart for political arguments
Scott Garner (8 days ago)
Based on his show ratings, I don't think the vast majority of US citizens even know who Don Lemon is. If he wasn't mentioned on B&B, I wouldn't know who he is or even care.
Chris Shockley (8 days ago)
1:18:17 We don't care because we know they all talk that way most of the time just not publicly.
Mark West (8 days ago)
Mara Gay at MSNBC.... Will sacrifice and undermine the black community's financial well-being and ability to be independent and provide for themselves because of Trump's words....but also has a problem with blacks being "oppressed". Can't have it both ways Mara!
Bill (8 days ago)
What the hell is black nationalist ?
Monica ky mama (6 days ago)
Bill A nationalist is someone who loves and puts thier country FIRST... its someone who loves their country... period... so anyone any color can be a nationalist... DEFINITION Nationalist... loyalty & devotion to a NATION especially a sense of national consciousness exhaulting one nation above all others and placing primary emphasis on promotion of their culture & interests as opposed to those of other supranational groups...
I am going to kill myself.
Ian Tuck (8 days ago)
Your discussion about where to put money for strippers was one of my favorite things ever. Brief one minute non sequitur. Hilarious nonetheless
Jon Madelung (8 days ago)
SJW's isn't able to understand common sense
idaretofall8888 (8 days ago)
You two will like " don't walk, run" he is funny while informative
P Clark (8 days ago)
Don’t walk, run! Is great! Very under appreciated channel. Binge worthy and informative!
Steve Holt (8 days ago)
So with Lemon-Logic Japanese men are a problem in Japan because a VERY high number of "terrorist" attacks were from Japanese men
The Ride Never ends (4 days ago)
I love these types acting like "haha mental invalid it is **I** WHO HAS THE FACTS" then not knowing how to scale data. If you are in a predominantly white country, it stands to reason a majority of any crime would be committed by white people, simply because they are a majority of the population
Alberto Rios (8 days ago)
The meaning behind the Constitution was never meant for the Federal Government to decide. It was not the Federal Government that created or ratified the Constitutions, and was given no power to tell those that did what it means. Article 3 of the Constitution gives the Court jurisdiction to "Cases, in Law and Equity, arising under this Constitution, the Laws of the United States, and Treaties made, or which shall be made, under their Authority", nowhere is it given the power over the meaning of the Constitution itself. Nor does it give power over the other 2 branches as to how they interpret the Constitution.
idaretofall8888 (8 days ago)
The author of the 14th James Howard, explained everything in the Congressional globe of 1866
Oke Doge (8 days ago)
First gen illegals get state benefits, second gen illegals get federal benefits
massivereader (8 days ago)
"Worst journalist of the year, Don Lemon, Worst Journalist of the year."

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