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A Fireworks Cardboard Box

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http://www.pyrotalk.com/nite-lites-grand-tour-2014.php Click this link to see the video tour of Nite Lites fireworks in Kentucky. Would you like to purchase 1.3 professional fireworks and need my help, consider my ATF/DVD package that walks you through the process. You can purchase the package on my website with this link. http://www.pyrotalk.com/shopping.php
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hillbillypyro (6 months ago)
Boxes can b a real problem when you buy alot of fireworks i have a room full of boxes to tear down .
Ben Underwood (4 years ago)
love the info Dave!
Markham Pyro (4 years ago)
Be happy that you get the size you get Dave. Consumer in Canada is super small compared to what you guys have. We drool up here to get what you have.
Absolutely amazing video Dave. Thanks for posting!
segarza (4 years ago)
Interesting info...thanks for sharing it.

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