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Dr. Jordan Peterson and Ben Shapiro Disagree on Psychedelics

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Text Comments (20)
Trevor Van Zuydam (12 days ago)
My two most favourite bois
Job Blow (13 days ago)
Don't discount what Ben was saying. He agreed with JP saying beware of unearned wisdom. It seems Ben is naive of psychedelics and he is aware of this and he's comfortable with this. Very rational way of approaching psychedelics
Trevor Van Zuydam (12 days ago)
Secretly I think he wants to try it, or has already and he's lying. Or on the other hand he simply doesn't need them because he is wise and learned.
Grant Munk (20 days ago)
People here need to realize one thing, there is a difference between doing a bunch of drugs and partying and using drugs in a controlled environment with professional help.
Mark Przybylski (20 days ago)
There was a news report recently on L.S.D. increasing brain usage.
Tyler Michaeli (20 days ago)
metaphysics is the study of being. As a Roman Catholic, I greatly admire Jordan Peterson
J (20 days ago)
Shapiro is a zionist asshole. Fuck him and the israeli horse he rode in on. And here he is, never having taken any type of drug, passing judgement on others' drug experiences. Anyone else see a problem with that? But he supports the israelis and their running of the largest, open-air concentration camp the world has ever known. It would make the Nazis blush in embarrassment. DUMP ISRAEL! Remember the USS LIBERTY!
Ian Park (21 days ago)
Psychedelics have a place in medical science where appropriate and proven. Otherwise, they should be used for recreation infrequently - perhaps under 10 times in a lifetime. No they aren't addictive but constantly searching your mind for some kind of undefinable transcendental experience is only going to be damaging to someones personality, well-being and mindset.
Job Blow (13 days ago)
True. My first times really diving into mushrooms made me think I was always on the verge of figuring something important out. Never did. That's the wrong approach. Psychedelics are not the answer. They are just a catalyst to start asking the right questions. All the power is inside of you. Meditate and be healthy.
h20 (21 days ago)
I agree with you.
X-facts Position 68 (21 days ago)
People who are agains drugs,.. hmm fair enough,.. what exacly do you think medicine is ? Think about that when you take your ibuprofen Also, if a stupid idiote takes mushrooms,... well maybe he will not have a very good story to tell afterwards. Because he will not tell good stories ever.
stella and lily (21 days ago)
Sit Shapiro Down Give Him A DMT Hit... He Might Realize I Know Nothing At All My Intellect Is Not Wisdom The Search Is Not Over.
bob clark (20 days ago)
he is a malevolent individual and very power hungry, surprise Peterson hasn't picked up on this. Then again he and Peterson work for the same people. I don't know why hes being held up as an avatar for intellect there are people much better speakers and posses much greater understanding than him
Child of God (26 days ago)
Agree with Ben here. I'm a nurse. I think Jordan really may agree
Jimmy Hunley (1 month ago)
This is like watching Yoda and Luke Skywalker talk. If you close your eyes they sound like them to. Lol
Neal Murfitt (1 month ago)
Psychedelics are a smash and grab raid on the transcendant. I was tripping once and realised that the mythological realm is more real than physical reality. It changed my life.
h20 (21 days ago)
Yes I agree. Theres a reason people don't have the keys to the castle. God's no fool.
Roberto Sanchez (1 month ago)
Benny Boy is such a nerd
Dutchgala (1 month ago)
& MDD *Have an Optimistic 2019*

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