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british-singles.co.uk - British Singles Online Dating Site

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http://british-singles.co.uk has plenty of British Single Women and men dating online and looking for new friends. This British Dating Online Site has over 5 million profiles of single women and men dating from all over the world. British Singles are eager to make new acquaintances.
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Text Comments (17)
lee hollebon (15 days ago)
Every dating site I've tried is shit also they charge you does this site charge you?
Mahmoud abd elhay (1 month ago)
Hello I'm single I'm from Egypt I looking for serious relationship and true love forever I'm interested
Here is something which you will find very useful *https://bit.ly/2FrBVwD*
Azmatullah Achikzai (2 months ago)
I need serious relationship I live in austria Europe
Azmatullah Achikzai (2 months ago)
+Ismaila Seckan 0043 6649730149 whats app
Ismaila Seckan (2 months ago)
All also interested
Alie Kabia (2 months ago)
I hope to get my sweetheart here
Peter Mburu (3 months ago)
Someone here for friend ship pls
Am from Ghana looking for a woman to marry
yousuf rahim rahim (9 months ago)
My email id is [email protected] hot mail. Com
yousuf rahim rahim (9 months ago)
I'm looking for ever serious relationship lead to marry plz
Lee Hollebon (1 year ago)
Has anyone tried this site only asking because I’m feed up being single but trying to meet a women in England who doesn’t have baggage ( kids ) is fuking impossible I give up
I did an experiment of two profiles one fake and one real of me the fake one had a very good looking man on it with the same writing as mine the fake one got the most looks and mail .Shows that females are only going by looks purely and nothing else internet dating is a waste of time and kills your self confidences . Ego boost for girls see how much attention they can get .
Xtoriez Novel (1 year ago)
I did the same thing on match a couple of years ago. I did not write back to any of them because I try to be honest, but I got the same result you did.
Justin Langford (2 years ago)
Hi there christ has fell so if your interested in getting with me and want to know me better can you please add me on fac-bk as i can't run first me dating site very well due to windows updates crashing the page. It's fac-bk /Singledoutjust OR /usedandabused1 OR 07818152881 (Text To Start With) Hi there i'm 34yr old straight guy with no children living in somerset in the UK, i've never been in a relationship before so therefore still looking for my first girlfriend too. My interests are nature so i enjoy countryside, evening walks, coastlines, woodlands, animals and trying out new things in this area of interest. I'm also into the paranormal and some new age as well. I don't have children and looking to find someone who is freely available without children like myself. Age, mental disabilities, work issues or race is not really to much of a problem. I'm hoping to find an attractive lady with a great personality who enjoy's similar interests. I would prefer someone a bit younger but age is not to much of a problem. Looking for ages between 18 To 40 as a rule but may stretch depending on looks and personality. If single or know anyone who is single then please contact me. I use several payment dating sites and have done since 2005 to now 2016 (11 years) but unfortunately most are time wasters. Most like this seem to be tied up into the nightlife and clubbing scene. Finding a match is very difficult when all this new technology is ruling the way people behave and live their lives these days but i'm sure there are still some genuine people out there adaptable to my way of life and interests. If interested and want to know me better then please send a message or friend request. No time wasters or fakers trying to rob people of overseas flight costs please.
gfgf fgff (6 years ago)
Lol nice acting...
Tan Newton (6 years ago)
LMAO, when she said she had found her soul mate?
Alie Kabia (2 months ago)
I need a wife
arg nim (2 years ago)
what do you mean??

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