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Fashion Photography Lighting Tutorial | Fashion Photography Lighting Setup

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Fashion Photography Lighting Tutorial | Fashion Photography Lighting setup Get FREE Retouching Actions: https://imageclassroom.com/free Subscribe to my YouTube Channel: https://goo.gl/0AyD4u Capture One Discount Voucher Code: AMBCRAIG saves you 10% off… https://www.phaseone.com/en/Download.aspx Photography Website: https://imageclassroom.com Photo Blog: https://shutterslam.com/blog/ Follow Us On... Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Craigbecktaphotography Instagram: https://instagram.com/craigbeckta Twitter: https://twitter.com/craigbeckta
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Text Comments (26)
Harriet Shearsmith (10 months ago)
I seriously need to up my fashion game!
Mason Maz (2 years ago)
Creative and helpfull. Thanks for sharing it with all the others :)
Craig Beckta (1 year ago)
Thanks Ario, you should check out my Pro Tutorials. https://shutterslam.com/courses/
Craig Beckta (2 years ago)
Thanks Ario...
Lloyd Smith (3 years ago)
I love your work here Craig, and the rest of your videos that I've seen so far. I like everything from the unique wardrobe, to your interaction with the crew, to how you offer advice (like to let the creative team be creative, and to find a good team). If possible, could you offer a little advice on - in your opinion - the best way to find and obtain great wardrobe and crew members?
Lloyd Smith (3 years ago)
Thanks for the tips!
Craig Beckta (3 years ago)
+Lloyd Smith (Traumatizn) Thanks Lloyd, you should check local Facebook groups, Make up and Hair groups, Model groups. Local Photography groups etc. Hopefully that helps... By The Way... You should check out my free Portrait and retouching course here: http://www.craigbeckta.com/free-training
That dress was incredible.
Craig Beckta (3 years ago)
+Brett Ritchie Photography Vlad designed the dress and also did the Hair. He's a super talented guy...
Vectorr66 (3 years ago)
Craig, I just started watching your videos and I really like them. You do some awesome work. I really like seeing how you organize your equipment in the background by hanging. Now I have to stalk and see if you have FB and IG haha.
Craig Beckta (3 years ago)
+Vectorr66 Thanks, here is my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Craigbecktaphotography
David Patheyjohns (3 years ago)
What's the backing on the Canon?
GaldinoPhotography (3 years ago)
Thanks Craig, Honestly this is the best review of the Zepellin I've seen on the internet so far. As far of durability, what's your take on the quality of the Zepellin itself? Thanks in advance.
Craig Beckta (3 years ago)
+GaldinoPhotography I like it a lot. It is a little difficult to put together at first because the metal rods are under tension. Once you leave it put together for a little bit it is easier to tear down and put back together. It seems very well made.
aprilshowers (3 years ago)
Your job seems so creative and fun! It would be so cool to be a photographer.
Darren Cork (3 years ago)
Hey Craig. I hate to sound like a record stuck on repeat but you keep bringing quality work. Some of those pics are amazing (imo). Keep 'em coming my friend. Let me know if you ever come to Chicago to do a workshop.
Craig Beckta (3 years ago)
Hey Darren, thanks for the support. I really appreciate you taking the time to comment. I have some Exciting news... I will be doing my first ever Live Workshop in May and I will be sharing the Stage with Mr. Shabang. Peter Hurley is coming to my hometown of Halifax, Nova Scotia and I get to open the show for him. That is just insane! Here's a link: http://schoolofimaging.ca/illuminating-the-face.aspx I hope to make it to Chicago one day, I have family there. It would be great to meet you in person and hang out with Aaron Nace of Phlearn. Take care, Craig
Caffeine High (3 years ago)
Good video, sir
Craig Beckta (3 years ago)
Nerd (3 years ago)
I like that you show you can still have a great time and enjoy your work while still getting quality shots!
Craig Beckta (3 years ago)
Thanks, we have a great time on set.
I would like to know more about the equipment setup, I would like to know if my flashpoint 360ws speedlight would fill up the Westcott Deep Parabolic Zeppelin.  35,47, and 59
Creative Films (3 years ago)
Derrell the Zepplin 35 is rated for a 620ws strobe...So an Einstein would be an ideal candidate...
Craig Beckta (3 years ago)
Hi Derrell, The Westcott Zeppelin is designed for Studio strobes. If you are a Speed Light user you should check out this video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ToPTF9_-JMY
john wheatley (3 years ago)
I always have an appetite for BTS videos, but i always feel that the lens settings and ISO information is superfluous, and what should really be explained is the lighting ratios used, between light sources.  !!  Anyhow, i always enjoy your youtube feed.... Thank you  :)
Craig Beckta (3 years ago)
Thanks, I appreciate your feedback. I didn't really measure the lighting ratio. I just adjusted the rear light by Eye. But I will keep your suggestion in mind for the next shoot. Craig Beckta

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