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The Hipster Inside Me

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Be ready for the consequences that those glasses bring. Closed captions kindly provided by: http://converselove64.tumblr.com/
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ChillTube (2 months ago)
JIM Newberry (2 months ago)
You Hipster-cryte
jesslynn2190 (5 months ago)
hipster doesn't sound like a word anymore
Ivy (11 months ago)
I realised I was a hipster when I was drinking ice coffee with my round glasses in a tumblr esc café shop reading Shakespeare but I don’t care
metticandy (1 year ago)
this is basically me with emo
GRASS (1 year ago)
Is it weird how I actually kind of like hipsters??
math teacher wannabe (1 year ago)
3:05 I laughed at the "or"
Νεφέλη Κάσα (1 year ago)
I am a proud nerd and kinda hipstery if that's even a word.
Matilde Cadau (2 years ago)
I had existential crisis' before Dan Howell started YouTube. Does this make me cool? *No* it makes me anxious, and depressed, because existential crises' are not funny.
lydia (2 years ago)
why is Charlie the most relatable person on the earth
Sophie (2 years ago)
i feel like hipster hate has died down a lot now. but still it's the name that must be said it's still like sin. even i avoid it saying "oh wow!! that's so hhh-----indie. ahah." there is still a negative stigma around the infamous pretentious hipster but there is no blatant hate towards it because now everyone is embracing the culture, just with different names. the sad title of hipster, we owe so much of our culture and current trends and styled to you, you made glasses cool and proclaimed the need to embrace vintage culture and individualism, yet we still avoid you.
Nivedita Mishra (2 years ago)
I've always been a hipster
Mihir (2 years ago)
shit. im a hipster.
Diana Batogova (2 years ago)
We have all Saint-Petersburg full of hipsters)))))))))))) and we like hipsters)))))))))
Sophie (2 years ago)
Diana Batogova same my dude. melbourne, australia is the hipster capital of this country, and we are somewhat proud of that
Logan Lewis (2 years ago)
We should do Challenge Charlie again :)
Stotl (2 years ago)
And the award for quote of the year goes to charlieissocoollike for"there is a nugget in my heart, that is enjoying things ironically".
Courtney Chatten (2 years ago)
McKenzie P (2 years ago)
Cha feel!!! I for some reason always hear new songs first and I listen to them for weeks and then my friends wants to listen to it all the time now and I'm already over it. But like when I play it for them in the first place they don't show interest. 🙄
DrinkWaterOnce (2 years ago)
This is almost like a coming out video😂😂 love you charlie
Holly (2 years ago)
I miss these kinds of videos :(
Liza Bell (2 years ago)
Charlie get out of my room jk u can stay
Janet Bellantoni (2 years ago)
I dunno....I think we have different definitions of "hipster", because I find your definition somewhat.... attractive.
i think there should be a hipster spectrum or some complex graph for all its idiosyncracies
"hipster" glasses r not hipster. they r quite popular
those glasses are not that hipster. try pink mirror circle copper wire frames with white faux fur on the sides. now thats weird and different
Keren K (2 years ago)
I can't be the only person that wants Charlie's haircut lol
M Morath (2 years ago)
I mean, I wear those glasses because the thick, wide lenses help your vision a bit because you can look to the sides without turning your head. Of course, it's weird when people with 20/20 vision wear them but I don't really see a problem otherwise.
ChronoYu (2 years ago)
Yup probably a little bit of hipster in all of us.
Frank Montoya (2 years ago)
Hard to swallow. Jeez, I've never seen such grotesque and un-apologetic ego-mania in my life. Nina Simone was an ego maniac---but at least she actually earned it thru grueling work and classical piano practice. But this schmuck, with his utterly neurotic statements hardly even passes for actual psychological analysis and personality observation. He even ends his psycho-babble by saying "ah, there we go--that's how i can feel superior." But yet, he then turns away and laughs in masked shame because he really does't have anything to offer or teach at all! Where is the actual focus and self-discipline? Can you spell "identity-crisis"?
Holly Giles (2 years ago)
pause at 1:10
good god you're adorable
Isobel Grace (2 years ago)
but i need glasses, to see stuff.
Isobel Grace (2 years ago)
+Savage Girl cutie i watch charlies other videos, i know he needs glasses.
Emerald Ryder (2 years ago)
I think the reason no one likes hipsters is because everyone is a hipster in some respects. I heard on a radio show a (I think) dictionary definition which was: someone who enjoys the traditions but doesn't want to be forced to do it by anyone with authority over them (or anyone else, for that matter)
Lily Bailey (2 years ago)
Someone at my secondary compared being a hipster to having high functioning Aspergers. But isn't hipster cool now? I dunno. I've been called hipster, and I have aspergers. So maybe it's just that I dunno faloffle.
bad wolf (3 years ago)
they do look good on u. also, they look a lot like mine XD
Tara (3 years ago)
i think im a geek but.. i seem to somehow be a natural hipster. i hate it, but i dont........ just dont.
pootato (3 years ago)
i really hate it when a lot of people begin to like something that I've liked for a long long time before they did and then they act like they are the biggest fans without really knowing a lot about it -_- like it was my secret obsession and now everybody "loves" it. lol okay hipster rant done
andyispink (3 years ago)
+phantrashtic no I hate that to like ugh
pootato (3 years ago)
but seriously though is it just me? ok
Aniket Adhikari (3 years ago)
Hipsters are against labeling people. But because of this, they are labeled as hipsters let that sink in for a sec...
JB 6000 (3 years ago)
I only wish some people who like to style with glasses could have taste for them. I dont like those great big large rimmed glasses that cover up half a persons face
Eidrian Christian (3 years ago)
What really annoys me are the labels. Why must we in anyway conform to society's stereotypes just because we somehow like something. Wearing thick rimmed glasses shouldnt necessarily be considered as hipster for it is just one speck of a detail... Stereotypes and labels man, i hate it, i dont get it..
Jewel (3 years ago)
im relatively hipster but i like it and my friends think its cool ^_^
JB 6000 (3 years ago)
Growing up I needed glasses although didnt always want to wear them although it was silly because when I was 27 and doing a driving test I went in to get some I liked and wore them since as I knew I should not be without them especially to learn to drive which I did in 2010. I got a pretty chic black frame and then a stainless steel one and found I could look good and like them. I am wearing rimless in the photo and strangely they can compress lenses today into that although I sometimes although not always prefer that look. I cannot read anything like a sign or a poster a few feet away without them anyway although I don't care if other people have them as an accessory as I like the styles I previously mentioned. I like attractive women with glasses by the way too if theyre nice ones
CAOIMHE (3 years ago)
oh god... i am a hipster... *bubble bursting*
Izzy skyes (3 years ago)
lol a nugget
JazzPlays (3 years ago)
Am I the only one who is reminded of a slightly younger Eggsy from The Kingsman by Charlie?
Anna Gardner (3 years ago)
My Tumblr is fandom, but I reblog just enough hipster stuff that I might break the internet.
SadAce (3 years ago)
I bought a pair of those hipster glasses as a dare by my friends and now I never hear the end of it from my sister
TwistedChyld (3 years ago)
I currently do not care if this is over due as I still feel it's okay to say: Whilst your points are valid and I can agree to them, we still love you even if you have a bit of hipster in you. The hipster traits you seem to have are okay and don't bother me at all. I think reason people don't like hipsters is because there are very pretentious hipsters out there who make themselves out to be the shit because they're not "sheep" following trends, which rather bugs me. I have my moments where I've recognized I've liked things "before they were cool" but that thought is usually followed by "Yay! Now I have people to geek out with!" I don't know if you get those moments or not but since you strike me as someone who wouldn't dis another person just because they latched onto a trend after it became a trend, I am okay and will still watch your videos. I'd call you a friend but since we haven't actually met (sadness) it would feel weird for me to do so. Sorry ^^;
edotb (3 years ago)
which 14 yr old girls room are you filming this in? bit creepy son
creature (2 years ago)
+Audri Chattaraj yeah 17 guy and identical bedroom
audri chattaraj (2 years ago)
I never realized how much his bedroom looks like mine until just now.... I'm a 13 year old girl
tori (3 years ago)
The things on the wall are drawings his fans made him
lily Light (3 years ago)
i have a hipster inside me
Abigail Samuel (3 years ago)
Shoot. I'm hipster D: I even got the glasses. I ironically like some stuff... I love those trendy looking coffee shops, I feel so comfortable when I enter. Nuuuuuuuu...
Madeleine Reed (3 years ago)
this video speaks to me on a spiritual level
mwakortskallo (3 years ago)
I have no idea what the definition of a hipster is, but by this definition it seems like most people are. Who doesn't feel almost superior if you "liked something before it was cool"? (Usually I'm more like 10 years behind instead though).
Lexx Bee (3 years ago)
Oh my God I'm unbelievably late to this fandom but I just started watching Charlie's videos and I love him so much what even But I'm a fake fan right now because I've seen like five of his videos but dude whatever idc he rocks ahhhghgdkslfj
Lord Of Some (3 years ago)
If you put the glasses on a cactus then you get hipster Melgos. This is an old Doctor Who reference, sorry.
Corina M (3 years ago)
You're so cute. Oml
RaeMakenzie 19 (3 years ago)
Hipsters rule Charlie.
_http.Gossamer (3 years ago)
To be completely honest i have thought about the "i've found this before you" but i don't think iv'e thought i was better than anyone for it, i just thought "this is mine and you all need to get out" xD whoops
Bethany Sawyer (3 years ago)
Hating hipsters is too mainstream, god *flip hair*
Dayanna baldwin park (3 years ago)
deam the actor youp
TO0k142 (3 years ago)
I don't like this. Let everyone be who they want to be, no? Like unless they're really stupid or something unacceptable.
Mia H. (3 years ago)
I like those glasses. They look a lot like mine and I don't see anything wrong with them...
ThatBritishDork (3 years ago)
i liked fall out boy 5sos and pretty much any band you could think of oh and gaming before anyone in my school did and i still do. the annoying thing is is that everyone says they like something but doesnt know anything about it for example i was talking about ahs and this person just says "yeah i love the first season the most" so i said "really? well whos your favorite character mines tate." then they replied with "wait who is that? theres no one called tate." The table was almost flipped until i just walked out and smashed my head on the wall until the end of lunch. TATE IS ONE OF THE MAIN CHARACTERS!
Youtube Jarred 333 (3 years ago)
your a hopter!
Taissia Y (3 years ago)
The truth : your room is hipster
Nazlıcan (3 years ago)
In my conception being hipster was always a cool thing and I consider myself as a bit hipster and a wannabe nerd at the same time. Idk how that works, but it is how it is.
Nazlıcan (2 years ago)
+Evidently Awkward 🙌🎉🎉🎉💖💙
Sarah Catherine (2 years ago)
Nazlıcan (2 years ago)
yeah I don't mind being cheesy either (it might be my brand and idc haha), yeah I think it is kinda amazing too, bc it is a beautiful thing when people are being nice to each other for no reason, I THINK YOU'RE BOTH SO SWEET AND COOL AHHH, I will add you both to my circle (lol what even is that) so that even if we are bad at keeping contact we can still see our random comments on videos (mine are very cringey but hey), also write to me whenever you feel like it you lovely beans, I hope you're all happy and not forgetting how kind and nice you are, ily, you deserve good things, here let's hug to make it even cheesier lol whatever. <3<3<3
Sarah Catherine (2 years ago)
+Arabella Lester you're really sweet lol. you both are actually. I mean yeah we all are being really cheesy but tbh it's kind of amazing (just like phil)
fatima s (2 years ago)
+Arabella Lester me too i'm so awful at staying in contact!! so dw! also if it ever seems like im ignoring u i'm most definitely not!!! i just ignore my notifs all the time ahhaaa what i wrote was cringey, u were just a normal human being. also i hope u have a wonderful day ahh <33 ur literally so cool
Snazzy Pepper (3 years ago)
. We all have some hipster in us. You can't deny it. ❤️❤️ I still love you Charlie don't forget that. (And you look cute with the glasses)
onelumiaamu (3 years ago)
i love hipsters :)
Pamela Mathe (3 years ago)
those eyes are quite hypnotising
Emma 9 (3 years ago)
I'M A HIPSTER!!!!! But the thing about us hipsters is that we are very dominant over our social group, there can only be one hipster per social group so if your friend comes out as a hipster then its mainstream, therefore you cannot be friends with him/her anymore unless you are a fake hipster, in which case, go ahead :) Love you Charlie x
Katie Hughes (3 years ago)
I admitted to being hipster before charlie did....
Hannah Wright (3 years ago)
remember when still into you by paramore came into the top 40 and everyone was like "oh yeah i havent heard them in ages" and you were just there like "i have and youve missed a lot and im better than you for knowing more than one of their songs"
Pengus (3 years ago)
Elliott Firth (3 years ago)
Last time I saw a hipster he was listening to a strange band so I looked them up and it is now one of my favourites so from my experience I don't mind hipsters
Cherritoppi (3 years ago)
I was the first one to ammit i was a dork the looks on my mate face
Mio Moqvist (3 years ago)
Omg that is me. I am a Hipster 😨 no i want accept this. Whyyy 😭😨
Nathan (3 years ago)
"Hipsteresque" -Charlie Mcdonnel, 2013
Hope Sears (4 years ago)
Hipsters are just a new name for nerd. I like old records and always even as a kid, didn't like to like what everyone else did. I used to like things before everyone else did and when people actually came to like it, I moved on. I like hipster things. I do not know if that makes me hipster.
Its Kat (4 years ago)
oh my goodness story of my life
fee was here (4 years ago)
I do the whole 'I wore glasses before everybody became obsessed' thing but I don't know if that's a sign of hipsterism or if I'm just bitter because now people don't get called 'four-eyes' or 'specky' and I did.
Ila Deep (4 years ago)
goddayum u cutie
MsSignedUp (4 years ago)
Who hates hipsters? What? I've never met a person who said 'I hate hipsters!' Do people actually hate hipsters? Oddly and weirdly enough I'm actually a proud hipster :) I know, I'm weird. :D
MsSignedUp (3 years ago)
+a scott What?
a scott (3 years ago)
i did not post the above comment 'Girl' so i guess someone hacked my account?+MsSignedUp
a scott (3 years ago)
i did not post the above comment 'Girl' so i guess someone hacked my account?
MsSignedUp (3 years ago)
+a scott Girl ;)
a scott (3 years ago)
+MsSignedUp You go girl! or guy!
Nadia Walters (4 years ago)
Pause at 1:10 omfg
Claudia Lyzette (3 years ago)
+Nadia Walters my gOD
Nadia Walters (4 years ago)
Emily Chin (4 years ago)
Like certain writers or places, wearing, habits .... They has become some forbidden zone since 文青hipster and 假文青fake hipster these kind of names appeared. I hate that because some of them can't be themselves, reading the books which they like without feeling guilty
Emily Chin (4 years ago)
this situation is all around every country i think like where I from Taiwan
Josh Hummel (4 years ago)
I was a hipster BEFORE it was cool...
InAbsentia (4 years ago)
I had a friend that was a hipster, poor thing didn't even realise.
TheEpicLuigi9 (4 years ago)
jams (4 years ago)
everyone has a bit of hipster in them, trust me. i literally label myself as emo and related the living crap out of this video
garbage bin (3 years ago)
Dirge Hanson (4 years ago)
Dude. Your room. Hipster denial.
Clare Hands (4 years ago)
Pity me: one of my sisters is supposedly a hipster.
Jazza (4 years ago)
you're my favorite hipster, charlie lol :P
ian osborne (4 years ago)
charlie has such good skin...
Lekha S (4 years ago)
Doing things ironi: First thin that comes to le mind : DAN HOWELL
Lekha S (3 years ago)
+mwakortskallo and the other 5000000000 things yes
mwakortskallo (3 years ago)
+Lekha S What does he like ironically? Are you thinking about the gigantic 1D poster in his bath room?
Lekha S (3 years ago)
+Sena Polat XD IN UR FACE! Beat u to it! (^^)
sena (3 years ago)
Gah I was going to write that XD
Why do we hate hipsters so much?
laynie m (4 years ago)
I have huge purple ray bans and everyone calls me hipster and I recently realized this so your not alone.
clementine (4 years ago)
I can relate to this so much omg
sophie Wiekens (4 years ago)
Is that a british acsent because I like your acsent
carwheelss (4 years ago)
My mum classifies herself as a hipster smh ffs
sliekuvīrs (4 years ago)
I can't understand, why people hate hipsters? I personally love hipsters and I have some signs of a hipster inside me - I hate everything about the mainstream.
Melissa Taglione (1 year ago)
Is that why you're commenting that you love hipsters on a video about people hating hipsters
Hadi Nasrallah (4 years ago)
i have the same glases am i a hipster now?

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