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Wizards of Waverly Place | Magic Music Video - Selena Gomez | Official Disney Channel UK

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Selena Gomez singing 'Magic' from Wizards of Waverly Place Album
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Text Comments (2105)
Miri F. (6 days ago)
I will forever love this song! <3
Matt (7 days ago)
I miss for the Wizards of Waverly Place 😭
Riley Freeman #JP (7 days ago)
Gomez Swift (28 days ago)
My baby❤️❤️❤️
huy nguyen (29 days ago)
2019 anyone ??
Kikisquad Martin (30 days ago)
Riya Balaram (30 days ago)
2019 Miss this so much
Alice Nguyen (1 month ago)
Daniele Turri (1 month ago)
arda bulut (1 month ago)
INSTANT PUBSTAR (1 month ago)
How did 10 years go by so fast?????
Jose piedra (1 month ago)
Juli Sanderson (1 month ago)
My heart hurts 😞
Maison Gamble (1 month ago)
ahhh... the memories
Selina Kyle (1 month ago)
maiaa (1 month ago)
Shubhangi Shubhra (1 month ago)
2019 anyone??
Diandra Indriantri (1 month ago)
selena doesnt age guys
David (1 month ago)
Magic, Selena Gómez Los magos de Warwerly place
Mrad Skander (1 month ago)
IM CRYING 2019 🥺🤧
Jeancarlo Jarquin (1 month ago)
Lorena Tombolesi (1 month ago)
Andrea Celeste (1 month ago)
ItzzYaGurlValll (1 month ago)
2019 ?
Hi SiSTERS (1 month ago)
Almost 10 years tf I'm 11 but in April I turn 12
Shannon Henchey (2 months ago)
i am your bigest fan
jewel narvaja (2 months ago)
Jack Silverlake (2 months ago)
Selena is my crush back then 😂
superk300025 (2 months ago)
Berfin Ekici (2 months ago)
Azul Molina (2 months ago)
Honey Bunn (2 months ago)
I remember this song I’m 12 soooooo yeah I was 2
Sister Eleanor (2 months ago)
2019????? YOU KNOWWWW
Melek Naz Uzunöz (2 months ago)
Sudenaz Erdini (2 months ago)
Jasleen Bhullar (3 months ago)
2019 anybody
BubbaCheezit (3 months ago)
I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!! 😆😆😆😆😆
Thoko Skene (3 months ago)
2019 anyone
Joy Le (3 months ago)
10 years already
cookiecrum:3 meep (4 months ago)
:,( even though I was 9 months when this can out I’m still crying
Lorie Lawrence (4 months ago)
The chronicle of Narnia
Aysegül Özkul (4 months ago)
Got so emotional.. Miss my Childhood sooo much😭
analux on the flux (4 months ago)
song of my childhood omgg
Fox Oddie (4 months ago)
Nostalgia 😭
JOSIP COLNAR (4 months ago)
Lizbeth rg (4 months ago)
this song is magic :'^
Jasonite _ gaming (5 months ago)
2018? This brings back memories
Ruben Raj (5 months ago)
The original was the best one ❤️
Tarn Nicholls (5 months ago)
luis 8318 (6 months ago)
I was 9 when this came out know I am 18years old😣😣
Jeremy V. (7 months ago)
You came home from a day of school dealing your pokemon cards. Put on the tv and watch selena gomez in wizards of waverly place. It was a better time
Celeste Pelayo (7 months ago)
Bro my childhood in this song
Stephanie S. (7 months ago)
Came here, after watching the movie! ICONIC.
Ziad Younes (7 months ago)
Cisco (7 months ago)
What a bop
Nadia H (7 months ago)
I miss this show soooo much u don’t understand
Magic school bus Crash (7 months ago)
Cough cough I’m watching this in 2018 bc of childhood. Am I right lads
Dankcity FTW (7 months ago)
Is it just me or was this song in a Disney or Pixar movie
Gracie Price (7 months ago)
Still here...2018
Matt J Depression (7 months ago)
Marializ Pena (7 months ago)
My childhood miss it so much im crying rn
Marializ Pena (7 months ago)
Anyone 2018 OMG this song is soo old!
Luna Ri (7 months ago)
My childhood 💔👏
Gamze Gomez (7 months ago)
You are perfect mother🌈♥️
Orly Olayé (7 months ago)
Who's here in 2018 ? Who remember the young Selena Gomez ? Miss the wizard of Waverly Place so much 😍😍😍
Jordan Saucier (7 months ago)
sofia mendeleyev (7 months ago)
2018 :') ??
Luis Infante (7 months ago)
vernon's bible (8 months ago)
Burak Doğu (8 months ago)
TheAwesomeTiger (8 months ago)
Ítalo Gustavo (8 months ago)
this is so nostalgic!! <3
Atakan Işık (8 months ago)
Aesthetic Joseph (8 months ago)
Omg I was 4 when this song came out xD
Moro Moco (8 months ago)
Time Flies I’m 18 Now And I Use To Love Wizards Of Waverly Place, Those Were The Days 2007-2009 🙌🏽
sindirela cast (8 months ago)
sujeeprapha tilzey (8 months ago)
Selena... you are magically talented ;-) We love you so so much !!
Sandro Ruiz Mori (8 months ago)
c'est très bon pour 2018
Reesaul Cheetarvrajsing (8 months ago)
24 July 2018, who listen to this song
Ágatha Queiroz (8 months ago)
Melissa Sampaz (8 months ago)
what a nice song i love
2K19 (8 months ago)
I miss this song!! 💕💕
William Darkhölme (9 months ago)
God bless you Selina Gomez
I missed watching this show
Pardon Kook (9 months ago)
*9 years later...* 2018
Katie Liss (9 months ago)
I freaking remember this...nostalgic 😂❤ i miss all the shows i used to watch
Heyitnaya a (9 months ago)
Used to fall asleep to this song 💙💙
Cathy Is my name (9 months ago)
I can't believe i'm the age she was here
Kayla Montiel (10 months ago)
There's a movie that I like and it has this song in it
Maybeviktoriar (1 year ago)
2018... OMG. What am I doing here?
Mikaela okeefe (1 year ago)
The Originals (1 year ago)
Wizards of Waverly Place,i miss this show. Memories..
Fire Heart (1 year ago)
Back then Selena looked like a baby girl
ART WALI (1 year ago)
I miss this show😭😭 I want this show back😭 😭pls get it back disney😭😭
Nancy Francis (1 year ago)
Miss those days
bella Layan (1 year ago)
2018? 0k, just me....
Jamella Batangan (1 year ago)
who's here in 2018?

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