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[DYE] FIRE HAIR (Red Orange Ombre)

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I use Directions and Arctic Fox. Dark Red: Directions: Vermillion (all) Arctic Fox: Transilvania (a little drop) conditioner (1 tablespoon) Light Red: Directions: Coral Red (all) a little bit from the 'Dark red' mix before conditioner (1 tablespoon) Orange: Directions: Mandarin (complete) conditioner (1 tablespoon) Light Orange: Arctic Fox: Neon Moon (3-4 tablespoon) 1 taplespoon of the orange mix before. conditioner (1 tablespoon) Yellow: Directions: Bright Daffodil Music: Rameses B - Skyrim in the knee: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3dbE4v-u0mY
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Text Comments (31)
Karkat Vantits (3 months ago)
Lyra (7 months ago)
OMG skyrim🤤♥️
Halftime Homi (7 months ago)
Hey i love you channel. Im doing sub for sub and like for like im subbing you now sub back if interested🏆🏆
bat cat (9 months ago)
WE GET IT DUDE ( song XD ) wtf skyrim music
flame animatesuwu (9 months ago)
I love the fire pattern
Julia Bozzino (1 year ago)
hahahahah the skyrim remiz made me lol somuch
Aishya P (1 year ago)
That dragon borne remix tho haha
Julie Grzesiek (1 year ago)
Tay Hansen (1 year ago)
best song tbh
BEANS! (2 years ago)
this Skyrim song was so unexpected???
NFL TV (2 years ago)
wow echt schön
Fire Queen (2 years ago)
love th skyrim song in background
FETTegal (2 years ago)
+Fire Queen me too! :D
Alyssa Woodruff (2 years ago)
I loovvveee the hair but....my fav part is this freakin epic Skyrim music! I shall be downloading that now!
Alyssa Woodruff (2 years ago)
I found it thank you!!
FETTegal (2 years ago)
Alyssa Woodruff link in the description ;)
Nick Gers (2 years ago)
what extensions do you use? how many grams?
Nick Gers (2 years ago)
FETTegal thank you!
FETTegal (2 years ago)
Fake hoe detector i use the extensions from luxury for princess with 120 grams
King OfTheWyoming (2 years ago)
why does the music quote a book
Anna. Co (2 years ago)
Kannst du mal ein Make-up Video machen ?
Johannes Wagner (2 years ago)
Sehr schöne Haare wie du
Cedric BesterMann (2 years ago)
das Rot hatte ich auch mal:D allerdings den ganzen Kopf:)
Cedric BesterMann (2 years ago)
erst hatt ich Fire und derzeit das von Vermillion:)
FETTegal (2 years ago)
+Cedric BesterMann auch so gemischt oder nur das Vermillion pur? Meins ist durch das schwarz von Arctic fox viel dunkler 😉
America Krisi (2 years ago)
Uiuiui Sieht toll aus :3
Nemo Nevermind (2 years ago)
Awesome *-*
Selly 25 (2 years ago)
voll gut 😏❤
FETTegal (2 years ago)
danke :*
SaltyNéko (2 years ago)
Welche Extensions trägst du ?
FETTegal (2 years ago)
in diesem Video habe ich die Extensions von 'Luxury For Princess'. :)

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