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https://poshmark.com/closet/jenilynn95 https://www.instagram.com/jeni_lynnn/
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Sana Khan (1 month ago)
J Lynn (17 days ago)
Sana Khan 💙💙💙
Esme Hidalgo (1 month ago)
Yaayy the video i requested 💙
J Lynn (17 days ago)
Esme Hidalgo 💙💙💙
Jenna Grace Kalin (1 month ago)
Ps I like the colors you chose for your eyes you actually for the first time reminded me a little of one the actresses on my fav soap opera I watch lol on the Bold and the Beautiful 😱💖
Jenna Grace Kalin (1 month ago)
Why can’t you ride yourself to jury duty ? I never had that so not sure why💜 and your so funny licking your eyeliner lol it’s a good tip but I’d rather not wear it than have to lick it lol
J Lynn (17 days ago)
Jenna Grace Kalin because there is no public parking at the courthouse I had to go to. Lol yeah I should maybe try spraying it with fix plus instead
Lol, you should do live. Where we can have convo’s with you. & we can help you choose your makeup looks & what not. It’d be fun. & i’d soo join that live if you do have one. :)
J Lynn (17 days ago)
Manar & Malik’s Mommy omg I’ll have to try it for sure! 💙💙
Aminah A (1 month ago)
Cute hoodie 😍☺️😊
J Lynn (17 days ago)
Aminah A thank you! 💙💙
Yaz XO Beauty (1 month ago)
J Lynn (17 days ago)
Yaz XO Beauty 💙💙💙
Beauty Logical4 (1 month ago)
J Lynn (17 days ago)
Beauty Logical4 💙💙💙

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