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Text Comments (56)
Dathan Jackson (8 days ago)
1:22 was that a chain saw???
Mister (13 days ago)
Barbers should encourage hair washing before cuts
Why the dislikes??? Smh
Tigist Seleshi (2 months ago)
Why gloves though 😂😂
Young Davis 90 (2 months ago)
That last rapper tho 👌🏾
Jebru inc (2 months ago)
I know ya ll charging at least a buck 50 a head. If not your waisting your TIME N SKILLS. PEACE
Antwun Barbary (2 months ago)
Look. Good
Don Sing Official (2 months ago)
Yahawashi Property. (2 months ago)
I see 26 bald brothers disliked this video. I should have went to Barber school, it a trade you can do in your 20s,30s,50s,60s for life really.
Nocturnal Thoughts (2 months ago)
I dig your video 1 critique however if you could slow down and show the end result the comparison would be more dramatic contrast peace playa
Kaelyn Kauffman (2 months ago)
Wow you people are good at doing hair
jose_offical king (2 months ago)
Fresh styles 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Cemil (2 months ago)
You could have just record the first one and finished the video... because its always the same damn work?!?!
SavageAF (2 months ago)
I also make barber videos.
Amo Smooth 4.0 (2 months ago)
7:01 Head built lik wood cabin
Cadence Flashey (2 months ago)
4 : 13 “grosss”
Deus Vult (2 months ago)
Hollup...How you the best barber by pushing a nigga's hairline baaaaack? 😶😶😜😂😂😂
A R84. (2 months ago)
🤔 which one 😂😂😂
Klanci Mcavoy (2 months ago)
Serious artistry , cutting hair and recording legit nice work..
_azjorgecutz (2 months ago)
Just subscribed ! Dope videos ! I will be starting my own how to tutorials on YouTube check me out 🙏🏾💯
Lynette Mays (2 months ago)
Dude at the 5:06 mark edge up seem to be cricket..., or is it the guys glasses.....??? I wanna know, why the camera is moving so fast??
Dell Heat (2 months ago)
Lol that mf chainsaw!
Klanci Mcavoy (2 months ago)
Had me laughin 😮😂..
Luhh Tyy (2 months ago)
Name of beat at the start of the video?
Izzy Black (2 months ago)
1:20 of he had just gotta fresh fade or taper n a line up he that haircut would be fresh asf
hey guys (2 months ago)
Wym you see his hair
Captain Cookbook (2 months ago)
1:35 🤢
Tavis Vaughn (1 month ago)
Beautiful ain't it!!!😊😊😊 What don't like textured hair!? 😒
Neva Mind (2 months ago)
Your videos and your skills are always a joy to watch and learn from. Thank you kindly.
James Lopez (2 months ago)
I dig the first beat and the vid. Drop the link to the first beat if you can 💪🏾
msqueefid (2 months ago)
What's the name of the first beat or song
BIGCHIVES4 (2 months ago)
New videos thank you.. give us beard brothers some love too.
Janorria Donalson (2 months ago)
The one on the right looked like Nipsey Hussle RIP🙏🏾🙏🏾
Boom Out (2 months ago)
@Janorria Donalson I'm sry for the late reply, but you can have this *Fuck you* back miss. Still irrelevant as before
Janorria Donalson (2 months ago)
Ugh you so annoying I’m finna go back in forth it you every day. Fuck you.
Janorria Donalson (2 months ago)
Shut yo ass up
Janorria Donalson (2 months ago)
I’m a girl so stfu
Boom Out (2 months ago)
@Janorria Donalson figure of speech sir😪 sighs smh
Nelo Edwards (2 months ago)
Slow it down a little bit can’t really see the cuts properly ...
dijaun ily., (2 months ago)
Nelo Edwards use play back speed
Uhop Cast (2 months ago)
i think they finally took in consideration of the comments and switched up the beats they play lol
Wiz_Kodak _Black (7 days ago)
Angel J Garcia (2 months ago)
He gets down !!
TheZerberuz (2 months ago)
All have the same haircut
I Mckibbens (2 months ago)
I Mckibbens (2 months ago)
Good morning to y'all! Love the work
Møha vlogs (2 months ago)
2 تعليق ادعي لي
Euza Aparecida (2 months ago)
Chave em 🤤❤

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