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Braveheart Soundtrack- The Secret Wedding

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Composer- James Horner Movie- Braveheart Song- The Secret Wedding
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Tzefirayah Nickelson (7 days ago)
Outstanding! Epic music Indeed.
Sara and Elise (12 days ago)
This piece is just beautiful.. I'm a pianist and I performed a cover of this with violin.. I would love for you to listen and let me know what you think.. we recorded it with video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IGSqmpwONI8
Kitten Bubbles (13 days ago)
_why does someone not know how to flush a toilet after they’ve had a shet...?_ *wasn’t me...* _well it was focken one of yus.._ *_disgustang._*
The Last Dragonborn (18 days ago)
I lost my godmother two years ago braveheart music was played at her funeral I love the music
Venki (19 days ago)
Love Scotland :)
mr ghatiya mr losser (1 month ago)
1gencustad samet (1 month ago)
1:38 ?
Victor Hugo (2 months ago)
william: of course, running a farm is a lot of work, but that will all change when my sons arrive. murron: so, you've got children? william: not yet, but I was hoping you could help me with that. murron: so, you want me to marry you then? william: well, that's a bit sudden, but alright. murron : is that what you call a proposal? william: i love you, always have. i want to marry you. [she kisses him] william: is that a yes? murron: aye, that's a yes.
öykü Sarikaya (3 months ago)
Her gün ve daima.. Söz verdiğim gibi.. Sen olsan da olmasan da...
FormalPlayer (3 months ago)
Jamie Phillip Langlois (3 months ago)
We are forever.
beatriz sanchez (3 months ago)
0:38-0:46. Best ever
Marko S (3 months ago)
They forgot to flush a toilet
FrostBite cryo (4 months ago)
Why does somebody not know how to flush the toilet I’ve totally felt their shet
ᏚᏢᎬᏟᎢᎬᎡ (4 months ago)
“Well it was fokin one ya yos, DISGUSTING”.
Augh Bable (4 months ago)
What's the instrument they were using, was it flute?
Hydrox_8 YT (3 months ago)
Goku Kakarot (4 months ago)
Why does someone not know how to flush the toilet after taking a shat?
Purple Guy Entertains (4 months ago)
<whispers softly and sternly in scottish> why does someone not know how to flush a toilet...after they've had their shet??
Purple Guy Entertains (2 months ago)
+mellymelly84 Disgustang
mellymelly84 (2 months ago)
Well it was fucken one of yus
Cheddar Johnson (3 months ago)
<whispers back> wasn’t me
Wizard Nox (4 months ago)
1:44 OMG
Humberto Ventura (4 months ago)
A marriage that never happened made secret by a law that never existed. Good thing we had James Horner to make ludicrous premises turn out in great tunes.
Ton Srsa (4 months ago)
why does sombody not know how to flush a toilet after they've had a shet... it wasn't me..... well it was fookin one of yoos.... disgustang
zoomziller (4 months ago)
0:47-0:55 Why does somebody nut knor how tou fluush the toilet affter they've had their shet?
Kerem Sönmez (4 months ago)
I like that few people knew this track and they are aware of these feelings as do i.
Wemmich (4 months ago)
00:46 (softly) Which one of ye's fergot to flush the toilat after ye'v taken a shet? T'wasn't me. Well it was fahkin one of ye's. desgustang.
Simon Lorentzen (5 months ago)
Why does someone not know how to flush a toilet after they have had a shet??
WeeWee_ Morian (4 months ago)
+PurpleBlaziken Fuck off
PurpleBlaziken (4 months ago)
+Christos Evripidou Anytime! I knew I heard it from somewhere, and had to make sure myself. :^)
Christos Evripidou (4 months ago)
PurpleBlaziken aye you said the name of the song in that vid and I appreciate it
PurpleBlaziken (5 months ago)
+User Name ...deesgostang.
Guigley (6 months ago)
I've always loved how the flute quivers throughout the film's score. I don't know why, but it has much more feeling in it.
Tamara A. (6 months ago)
thank you james horner
Manda Austin (7 months ago)
Thank you james horner without u ths wouldnt be so sad and heartwarming R.I.P u legend 💚💜
jakob farrell (8 months ago)
This is a perfect theme for slaine and niamh
levan khundadze (8 months ago)
R.I.P James Horner
Traci Thomas (8 months ago)
James Horner may have won the Oscar for Titanic, but the Braveheart OST is by far the superior music and should have by God won that year.
sentimental hermoso
rafik haddouda (9 months ago)
28 سنة من خروج الفيلم ، لحد الان في بلادي مازال الفيلم يعتبر من احسن الافلام التي تتكلم عن الحرية و موسيقاه لا تمت
This song reaches my heart every single time.
Matthias Moylan (9 months ago)
Underrated track
Franchute Viejo (9 months ago)
This celestial melody.... How I will missed...
Suzy Sue (9 months ago)
I don't like US after they abused me. But I do respect a fine country like Russia setting them straight.
Suzy Sue (9 months ago)
This reminds me of when my daughter was taken away the day she was born and I had a place to stay and$8000 in my bank account, but they took her. Danm America. May they suffer for that.
sarah carpenter (4 months ago)
To all .I'm sorry for everything we did all those years ago x I would as an English person walk beside you anywhere u go x xx
Marcin tak, to Ja (11 months ago)
I was very sorry when his woman was murdered and she was not guilty. The British talked about the Scots that they were barbarians and the English were the same. I have a question for you, my loved ones. ☺ Did you more like the Princess of Wales whether William's wife? 😀😉 For me, both actresses are beautiful 😊👍
mix canal (1 year ago)
aykut elmastan gelenler ?
Raul Henriquez (1 year ago)
Hector Rodeiguez (1 year ago)
Orchestra music can be so beautiful, stirring, powerful, strong, moving, and so romantic.
Links595 (1 year ago)
Awww, Haven't watch movie in sooo Long time. hearing the music score again since haven't watch this movie in 20 years since 1997 I was 7 years old. try watch it But my older won't shut up since this is his number 1 favorite movie of all time.
Perry Mason (1 year ago)
So deep inside...there are no words...thank you James, this perfect masterpiece tell us what it means to love.
Gracie the Dancer (1 year ago)
This song part of one of my ballet recitals
Yves G (1 year ago)
Terrible, excellent ... un film, une histoire et une bande son inoubliable. Pfff encore des frissons
Özkan Kızılboğa (1 year ago)
flowing tears
Sergio Avendaño (1 year ago)
min 2:00, is that an ocarina during the solo?
hot guy (1 year ago)
This particular track is beautiful I mean just beautiful.
Jean marc Gaudreault (1 year ago)
Jean marc Gaudreault (1 year ago)
Daryl (1 year ago)
How could someone not like this?
notallgarbage (1 year ago)
That Oboe!!!!
Alexandro Maximo (1 year ago)
I...i dont have words to describe this..its pure beutifulness of a beutiful land..RIP James..yur the best or one of the bests.. The flute is...ooohhh...sublime..
Kevin Chambers (1 year ago)
One of these days, my love, one of these days - tho we are half a world apart - I will find a way x
shkodranalbi (1 year ago)
Say what you want, but this movie a landmark in film history. Totally Irresistible.
Terminal Lumbago (9 months ago)
shkodranalbi I think Braveheart has the best soundtrack in movie history. And not one word was sung in any of the songs
Iam_ Taylor (1 year ago)
Very emotional music
Matthias Moylan (1 year ago)
Best James Horner score/ soundtrack evaaa!!! Possibly the best soundtrack ever !!!
cine mejillas (1 year ago)
in this picture must be murron instead of this princess
Wyatt H (1 year ago)
Is that a flute or trad/penny whistle in D or C? ? Or what is it?
woooow, this music
notallgarbage (1 year ago)
the oboe... aaaaahhhhhhhh
sleepyboy (1 year ago)
Have a good day !!
Heather scullion (2 years ago)
he was absolutely astounding ,his music is haunting so much so that when I listen to his compositions I get goose bumps , his music will stay with me forever ,just amazing ,there's no words to describe how fantastic x
Şeyma Ergin (2 years ago)
1:45 & 5:35
Yul S. (2 years ago)
"I will love you my whole life. You and no other."
Leslie Heath (6 months ago)
And I can HEAR him say it! *shivers*
djina okuka (2 years ago)
...most beautiful piece I have ever heard in a movie ...
diane soleil (2 years ago)
beautiful music...
AriochStarr (2 years ago)
I love the entire Braveheart soundtrack. I'm not lying when I say James Horner is my favourite composer. I think a small part of my heart shattered when I heard he had passed away. He truly was a blessing to have compose for us. We can't thank you enough, Mr. Horner. May you rest in eternal peace.
Alan Wallis (2 years ago)
cant wait until 8.30 tonight this is one o my all time fav films
Kid_Manta (2 years ago)
My mother had this played during the walk down the aisle at her wedding :D
Jose Luis Alarcon (2 years ago)
dedicado a una de mis hijas
Pauline Robertson (2 years ago)
I walked down the aisle to this song on my wedding day. .in a beautiful castle near where I live x
Hence__I__Rise (2 years ago)
2:30 to 3:15 Is so powerful, Unreal.. James.. Rip my bro.
Ashley N (1 year ago)
Divine Evil that’s the part I listen to over and over and over. It’s magical🙌
💖💖Mel Gibson 😍😍
oiseau magic (2 years ago)
cette musique et le film me touchent profondément, ça me rappel la disparition et l'assassinat de mon grand frère LARBI et de ses 4 compagnons à la jungle par les terroristes un samedi 10/12/1994. Allah yarhamhoum. le martyr ne meurt jamais
Ricky Gonzalez (2 years ago)
just soo beautiful wow
Fr Awesome (2 years ago)
Gaelic emotion flows through this piece. Feel the call of the Gaelic flute.
William Wallace (2 years ago)
Alguien sabe el nombre de la flauta del min: 1:44?
Wizard Nox (4 months ago)
Oboe 2 years late sorry xD
Tommy Laplante (2 years ago)
trame sonor aussi sa coche que le films
christian vlek (2 years ago)
Anyone who thinks their home theatre sound is up to scratch , needs to listen to this track VERY carefully . Just Awesome
Azulluna (2 years ago)
Walking down the isle to this on harp on August 8th <3
gerry kline (2 years ago)
It felt so mystical, and much like a secret wedding of sorts, as she is Jewish and I am German, and don't believe in god, and her parents are orthodox Jews...So holidays are amazingly fun but, it felt like our own secret wedding even though everyone was there. THANK YOU!
Azulluna (2 years ago)
+gerry kline awww so beautiful!!
gerry kline (2 years ago)
My wife had her ladies walk down the isle to this. amazing!
Azulluna (2 years ago)
I had a videograhpher and once I get it I will link it
Azulluna (2 years ago)
Amazing! The harpist was so beautiful!
sakthi shady (2 years ago)
2016 ??!!!
Nefus1988 (2 years ago)
goanna83 (2 years ago)
love this piece the most <3
Aya Mohamed (2 years ago)
rip james horner ,,on 26th of June,,we missed such an incredible talented composer..rip :(
Suga G (2 years ago)
I came here because I saw that Facebook video of two strangers at the airport playing this song on the piano
Juan Coronado (2 years ago)
i just saw that video a few minutes ago
Marcelo Paez (2 years ago)
Noble Nemesis (2 years ago)
Say what you will about the man who directed this movie, but he's made some seriously good movies that strike deep, at least for me.
Hiram Escobedo (2 years ago)
Lo mas romantico que he escuchado!! Hermosa cancion!!
RevolveR Azerbaijan (2 years ago)
I can see how he used the same pattern for the "Troy" soundtrack.
Joseph Garza (3 years ago)
why can't I find a wife like Murron? :*(
Joseph Garza (1 month ago)
Bruce Hutchison (5 months ago)
Matthias Moylan (9 months ago)
Because you aren’t patient enough to wait till god sends you a murron
Militarist (1 year ago)
Because people are degenerate in these days
Because Murron was fictional
Mousikos4EVER (3 years ago)
RIP James Horner... This track is a masterpiece...
SimonPenny Bernard-Smith (9 months ago)
Mousikos4EVER ......as is everything he ever wrote...... : ,(
Azulluna (2 years ago)
I had no idea, I am heartbroken
Roland Halder (3 years ago)
what a fantastic harmony !
Abdullah Dickens (3 years ago)
I wasn't aware he had died. love his music.
CatcherOfBass (3 years ago)
Halfway listening to this beautiful song and I was curious if he was the composer for The mask of Zorro. Yup, I was right.
Antares Bottia (3 years ago)
The unmistakable sound of sacred intimacy. A private voyage that takes union when the two become one.
Eina Garcia (3 years ago)
sin palabras.....
Júlia Cristina Santos (3 years ago)
Quando ouço, viajo...Simplesmente linda!

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