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Photography Lighting Techniques - Photographing Fashion one light at a time with Christian Hough

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Photography lighting techniques: Photographing fashion - one step at a time with Christian Hough. In this photography tutorial follow along to see how to approach and light a fashion shoot. TeamBowens photographer and lighting educator Christian Hough guides us step-by-step through a commercial fashion shoot using a mixture of monolight strobes and generator power packs. In this video Christian covers the importance of using the right lighting modifier at the right time, in the right place. He explains in detail each part of his lighting setup and describes how and why he uses each light shaper including why he uses Snoot attachments to concentrate and focus light on the model, the benefits of the 21" Beauty Dish as a hair light, and Christian also explores and explains his unique and unconventional approach to lighting backgrounds with the High Performance Reflector. See more photography lighting techniques at http://www.youtube.com/bowenstv or http://www.bowens.tv More lighting tutorials can be seen at http://www.teambowens.com Find out more about the lighting used in this video at http://www.bowensdirect.com We love your comments! Let us know what you think below. If there is a photography lighting technique you would like us to cover in a video - just ask in the comments and we will try to make it happen :) Thanks for watching.
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Text Comments (31)
Ben Courtwright (16 days ago)
You are a god
Subir Thapa (1 month ago)
What do you recommend for Background light if we do not have equipment like yours or for basics background lighting, I have a Square and Rectangular Softbox .
Portrait Mood (1 month ago)
really helpful.. please make more tutorial. love this channel
paul payne (3 months ago)
Very interesting! Why didn't we see the final photo?
Vovka vovka (7 months ago)
good lesson!
Rippin Kittin (11 months ago)
Super 😍
Darshan Bhanushali (1 year ago)
What an amazing tutorial !! Thank you for sharing
sufity napinane (1 year ago)
What is the power of fill light ? Same like hair light ?
Martin Rodriguez (1 year ago)
Awesome tutorial, very comprehensive and simple to follow in a challenging photo shoot. Cheers.
MT create (1 year ago)
very nice
David Carvalho (2 years ago)
You can't imagine how much you helped me, thank you!
Kochavi Givoni (2 years ago)
Thank you for sharing
blackjohnny0 (2 years ago)
Nice and model was real beauty. :)
Dimple Panchal (2 years ago)
Would you recommend a white light over a tungsten light for these kind of shoots?
Our Visual Media (2 years ago)
Brilliant tutorials! Nice visual with attractive and clear design too! Keep it up! :)
Harry K (2 years ago)
Wow this is realy beautiful!
Kevin Kovenant (2 years ago)
Surya Tjaja (2 years ago)
such a good tutorial, simple and easy to follow. thanks!!
Simone Vibes (2 years ago)
Perfect.! I love
H D (2 years ago)
thanks a lot
Juan Pablo León (2 years ago)
Venom746 (3 years ago)
what brand if that boom arm he is using in this shoot?
Venom746 (3 years ago)
great! thanks for the quick response.
bowenstv (3 years ago)
+Venom746 it's by Limelite, our video and broadcast division. Link: http://www.limelite.uk.com/stands/standard-boom :)
Igor Braun (3 years ago)
Thanks, liked that!
Aditya Thakkar (3 years ago)
Thanks buddy...loved the video...
I'm digging this
Ahmed Faris (3 years ago)
I like this lighting setup ,pretty unusal but it's very beautiful ! Cheers ,mate !
Arash Nikkhah (3 years ago)
Perfect Bowens! Thanks for making very simple but pro videos for us.Please keep doing it...
Geert .Gsightfotos (3 years ago)
Burkhard Pook (3 years ago)
Thanks for sharing this video.It is very helpful.

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