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Every 7 Seconds: The Date

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Text Comments (7227)
Big Husky Lover (9 hours ago)
THEHAPPYMASK (1 day ago)
hello, you might wonder what I am.
Peepee Poopoo (2 days ago)
For me it’s 2 seconds
Count Dooku (3 days ago)
Adem BOZKURT (4 days ago)
Silent / / Sound (4 days ago)
This is near impossible, unless someone is that messed up
Kyle Clarenz Balaoro (5 days ago)
Yondering (5 days ago)
Every 7 seconds I got turned on while watching this video, probably because something sexy happened every 7 seconds. Duh xD
Lol the ending!
Who's King Now (7 days ago)
When you are in a middle of the date and a psychotic episode kicks in...
Austin Butler (8 days ago)
She was seriously HOT!!!
Victor Felipe (8 days ago)
Is there a 7 seconds gap where we don't think about sex? WTF!?
Irwin Cortez (9 days ago)
B mcc12 (9 days ago)
I got a ch as on this ch video
Jamaal Watkins (9 days ago)
Shaheer Shakeel (10 days ago)
doesn't actually imply to engineering students ... there's something which revolves around their mind faster than this, they think about getting a job every friggin' second
ronaldox sh (11 days ago)
I feel a bit insulted and amused
Sketchy Skies (13 days ago)
Lol idk why I’m here 1.I’m a girl,and though I’m not straight,she’s not attractive,and 2.I’m asexual anyway so....
Benski05 (16 days ago)
Is it just me or did these 7 seconds last a lot longer than 7 seconds
kaustubh vaidya (17 days ago)
Thumbs up for thumbnail.
Roberto Louis Moran (17 days ago)
Who's the actress, who's the actress, who's the actress, who's the actress,
Pasdor 993 (18 days ago)
Came for the boobs, stayed for the boobs
RCx_Vortex (20 days ago)
1:45 did that 4th second there stutter or something?
Shep Life (23 days ago)
She low key looks like the skinny version of my math teacher wtf
Hung Lo (23 days ago)
Ah yes, the curse of testosterone.
Mac attack zach (23 days ago)
This channel had the best intro, I wish they hadn't changed it from this.
Son of Martha (26 days ago)
I wonder why that never happened to me on dates. I think i wish i would have been really dirty there after the dates but while im at dates i just don’t why these never came to my mind.
Rah (26 days ago)
I am a straight woman, and I came here brainwashed by that clevage in the thumbnail to click this video. Idk how you guys are holding up. What's up with the male counterpart? Came because tiddies too? I mean, DAMIT XD I am not going to shame anyone.
GreySlasher63 (27 days ago)
Plot twist: he's dreaming
W.B-Star Belaidi (27 days ago)
She fine tho🤯
Hermes Chavez (27 days ago)
Wrong I am horny every second
ಶರತ್ (28 days ago)
how clicked this video based on thumbnail?
Emilia Bowden (28 days ago)
Lol the grapefruit got me so bad
Emilio Chavez (28 days ago)
Okay new order! We need 2 hotta vagina, 3 boobie 1 salted tushy with cauliflower!
Sparky (28 days ago)
I think it’s the woman thinking more about sex
Buddy Clips (1 month ago)
Please ! (1 month ago)
Devil be gone! Devil be gone! Devil be gone!
Ethan Contreras (1 month ago)
Kate costello
Ethan Contreras (1 month ago)
Who is the girl
Vijay Bind (1 month ago)
. American pornbf xxx
John Boan (1 month ago)
This guys the goat
Ryantube007 (1 month ago)
Hahaha every 7 second assumes that there is brief intermission between thoughts. There isn’t.
CHESS Fan (1 month ago)
Damn these seconds take a long time
Shiznuts (1 month ago)
Ok YouTube, I'll watch your sexy ass video from the recommended... And dang it, I actually quite enjoyed it too. They gettin' better at this.
MVP_KZ (1 month ago)
Wow nice :)
Daniel Volosin (1 month ago)
Do it! Do it! Do it! Fucking do it!
elmo omle (1 month ago)
Wow...that wasn't even remotely funny. [email protected]
Heyzues G (1 month ago)
“I’m a simple man, I see boobs...” dudes incoming in the comments
Tom Kelso (1 month ago)
totally false......its every 2 seconds
Student (1 month ago)
The myth is wrong
marcrobinson010 (1 month ago)
Idk about every 7 seconds...maybe just every 30 minutes lol
MysticBlast3r26 (1 month ago)
*i don't watch the video..i watch the thumbnail instead*
Deth revenge (1 month ago)
that is not true only a horny person is like that
Lt. Pyukumuku (1 month ago)
so basically us men
MaxSGems (1 month ago)
Why do you think 7 is the number of luck?
Thunger Gaming (1 month ago)
Hi how
Charlie K. (1 month ago)
Lol.... no
entropyhappens (1 month ago)
i got thumbnailed
DonPapi mo (1 month ago)
i came for the tits
Ezra Boren (1 month ago)
Lol its true
Smegma (1 month ago)
Roses are red Violets are blue I came for the thumbnail And so did you
Wait there’s a time gap for other guys 🤔
E-man Garcia (1 month ago)
There were 2 bigbreasons why U clicked on this video
snoop frog (1 month ago)
Anyone watching on the 29th of March 2012
anti feminist (1 month ago)
what a fucking whore
jaspreet singh (1 month ago)
thumbnail ruined my afternoon
Leslie Thomas (1 month ago)
Really wasn't that funny
Rock Ade (1 month ago)
She was so fuckable.. dame
kèhbab (1 month ago)
These arent really 7 seconds you know..
Kira Romanov (1 month ago)
The fucking thumbnail blocked my view
Atlantsyah Sinamar (1 month ago)
namae wa?
I thought this wqs a dirty movie haha
Vinz Palabasan (1 month ago)
Whats the name of the girl
Giro672 (1 month ago)
I am a simple man........
pantslizard (1 month ago)
Jesus...and alot of guys wonder why they can't get laid...even w/o his delusions she was a shoe in...(smh)...sad...
What is her name? She is my crush👅
Filip S (1 month ago)
2:03 👌
tahna dana (1 month ago)
i dont understand it, but damn it shes cute
CAS (1 month ago)
Thanks I forgot to think of sex.
truly independent (1 month ago)
It is obvious this video was created by an ugly fat feminist pig who doesn't have anyone in her life and never has had
aly 377 (1 month ago)
the chef killed me😂😂
Alex G (1 month ago)
Ali Koksal (1 month ago)
AMS Orgasm Moan (1 month ago)
Aaaah that body though.
William Terrill (1 month ago)
Yeah I don't quite those statistics are right those statistics definitely changing
nickbootyface (1 month ago)
Tits with no ass. Disappointed
jo pump (1 month ago)
There are girls you date and that one woman you take home to mom and marry.
Okay (1 month ago)
who's the cast?
Ian Aldrich (1 month ago)
Nice rack, thumbnail 😎😉😛👉👌
Guitarstudent (1 month ago)
whats up with the ass, does look splitted D:
TexCraftMine (1 month ago)
Let's be honest I think of having sex the whole time on dates mostly😂
Toxicwolf (1 month ago)
Today we mourn the loss of one of our greatest warriors press F to pay your respects
Zahri Rahmansyah (1 month ago)
that thumbnail bring me over even until this day
BL4CK KINGZ (1 month ago)
Holy Potato In My Cereal
ozman (1 month ago)
the best rule is to always beat ur meat before a date, then u will be concentrating on that forehead...........
Gandolf The Gray (1 month ago)
You suck at you job just stop
Validz (1 month ago)
Sometimes this kinda happens to me. Not like every 7 seconds, but sometimes when I see a girl imagine having sex when they talk or walk past me sometimes.
sol666 (1 month ago)
Three boobies?!!!
Crackerz GD (1 month ago)
Tiny Mouth.
AkulTV (1 month ago)
Thumb fukin NAIL!!!!
Dery Cahyadi (1 month ago)
clickbait is work well hahaha

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