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One Direction - Steal My Girl at BBC Music Awards 2014

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SUBSCRIBE to the OFFICIAL BBC YouTube channel: https://bit.ly/2IXqEIn LAUNCH BBC iPlayer to access Live TV and Box Sets: https://bbc.in/2J18jYJ One Direction perform Steal My Girl at BBC Music Awards 2014. Guidance: Contains flashing images For more exclusive videos and photos go to: http://www.bbc.co.uk/musicawards
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Text Comments (5749)
Rosida Andriyana (1 hour ago)
idiot girl. Harry has the best hair. and natural look. 😎he dont need any makeover to look shit like zayn jajaja that muslim has no STYLES! sorry to tell you the truth, even Ellie Goulding is better than overrated zain. You just stupid fan of terrorist. ew. oh come on liar everybody can see you love Tamil jajaja 😂
Andja Val (2 hours ago)
I miss the old them
Rosida Andriyana (3 hours ago)
malik wont remember paul. he is ungrateful prick asian. i hate that muslim. he waz overrated loser jajaja 😅
camille Lagrama (1 day ago)
Present! 2019 😍
Nabilah Ajid (1 day ago)
and now bts stealing all your girls bcs you guys lost in finding the right direction to comeback to us together
Killer Frost (2 days ago)
april 2019??? :(
Hilal Khan (2 days ago)
I hate zayn i will kill him
Maryam Khan (2 days ago)
Mya Hobbs Wunsche (3 days ago)
Love Louis’s hair here
Esuu D (3 days ago)
1:19 😄😅😆
Welma Capao (3 days ago)
Comeback plsss
Lucila costa (4 days ago)
O zayn é INCRÍVEL!!👏🏽👏🏽❤
Desiree Smith (4 days ago)
H Ha Har Harr Harry Harry I Harry Is Harry Is G Harry Is Go Harry Is Gor Harry Is Gorg Harry Is Gorge Harry Is Gorgeo Harry Is Gorgeou Harry Is Gorgeus😻
John Andrey Solano (4 days ago)
I love harry's hair. He look hot and handsome❤❤❤
Selima Isajeva (4 days ago)
Dudh Hchdhd (4 days ago)
Zayn mailk ❤️❤️♥️♥️
Pooja Malhotra (5 days ago)
Why did people dislike it
Pooja Malhotra (5 days ago)
Anyone in 2019
Eshaan Rahman (5 days ago)
Who else watching this in 2019?
barbies guitar (5 days ago)
What do you think about harry while singing?
Dev Boro (6 days ago)
Luv u zayn😍😍😍😍
MARH Pranks (6 days ago)
Nobody can steal your girls man...we still believe in reunite of 1D
All STARS (6 days ago)
Zayn's hair is better than my whole face....😂😂😂😂🤔🤗
Aditya Rai (7 days ago)
what is that zyan wearing in his neck?
heyitsmeenux (8 days ago)
Johann Del Rosario (8 days ago)
April 2019? Anyone? 😭
kheanvlogs (8 days ago)
I’m fuckingg crying rn
OSC IN (8 days ago)
Nowadays music only noise but this is the true music
Sabiha Ahmad (8 days ago)
3:08, 3:26, 3:37
yashodha kulathunga (8 days ago)
Still the favorite ❤❤
AH Armuu (10 days ago)
2019 april?🤕🤕
Wreck It (11 days ago)
Anyone 2019??
SIŁVER (11 days ago)
Please welcome One Direction!!! Nobody: Literally Nobody: Girls:eryytrweeeeeyeahhhhhhhh!
Third My Love (12 days ago)
2019 and Louis Tomlinson is still killing me!!!
Tenisten (12 days ago)
Amlan Barua (13 days ago)
camera man😠
Crazy Cat (13 days ago)
Suddenly miss ONE DIRECTION. 😭😭😭
jia mir (13 days ago)
I miss my boys 😭😭
Ayen Fox (14 days ago)
Saleha Shaik (15 days ago)
Love you Louis sir 😘
The Lyric Guy (15 days ago)
Whos here after hearing their comeback( or something) 😍😍
Haneesa (13 days ago)
What? When did that happen?
harem jade (15 days ago)
Whos here aprilfools.
Suraj Gurung (16 days ago)
Friend:How to get more likes Me:Comment below about the Zyan high note😂😂
moon Alll (17 days ago)
Ayaz Hossain (18 days ago)
Sandep Rai (18 days ago)
Anyone listening on 2019?🔥
Florence Médecin (18 days ago)
I love you one direction ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Grezel Tubal (18 days ago)
Zayn is so damn hot 😍
minjung joominjung (18 days ago)
harry ..
Annisa malik (18 days ago)
Jhon Albert Moralista (20 days ago)
Miss thissssss😭
Ranjeet Shrestha (20 days ago)
I think zayan had drinks🍻 which we can see in his eyes
John Troche (20 days ago)
Liam is the best
Haneesa (13 days ago)
They all are
Haneesa (13 days ago)
He sure is
Aulia Rohmatul Umma (20 days ago)
PMS Hotels (21 days ago)
please please one direction come back we miss you a lot....... i love you guys a lot please come back please ..... when ever i see your videos i cry off please come back i love love you guys a lot ... i do not know why did you guys separated i love u guys a lot we miss you guys
aldi dono (21 days ago)
Damn hairstyle Zayn! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
NÃO DESISTA (21 days ago)
2019, ♥♥Louis meu favorito .
Kishan Singh (21 days ago)
Love one direction ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
kartikey bhardwaj (22 days ago)
2k19 Anyone?
For manipuri's people (23 days ago)
Zayn thw most hnndsome man in the world ever
eric mn (23 days ago)
2019? I miss them sm.
Thartei Ralte (24 days ago)
Mi min duh loh hi kan tha full fill top ___dybala seeker
Thartei Ralte (24 days ago)
Kum 13 ka nuthloi toh , min duh lohjia ka hria a ka duh lo thin reng Ani ___dybala seeker
Sinigang na Baboyg (24 days ago)
Who's waiting for 1D comeback
VMiguel Gonzales (24 days ago)
2019 anyone?
Yalcin Memisov (25 days ago)
I wait 2020
DICTATOR Khan (25 days ago)
zayn malik only
Tage Tunia (25 days ago)
I want one direction back 😢
Jonel Lopera (25 days ago)
It's true I was the girl
Karoline Olen (26 days ago)
Liam is sooo cute💍💝💝
Haneesa (13 days ago)
Anup Prajapati (26 days ago)
You can see most of the people commenting on zayn's personality on this video
Khairunissa Hany (26 days ago)
Zayn i miss you❤😭
puming sono (27 days ago)
harry's solo was the best part. i love his deep manly voice. it is everything!!!!!!
Emmalisa Tilli (28 days ago)
This just makes me love them mooooooorreeee
Tehila S (28 days ago)
Zayn omg😍😍😍
adinshaa 's (29 days ago)
1:26 *shocked*
Celeste Kim (29 days ago)
I miss you
Casey Skinner (29 days ago)
They need to come back together
Maria Teresa Africa (29 days ago)
I’m here because of the “lovebirds” until now 2019 spreading their love to each other... Zarry forever...
Meer Häädi khan (29 days ago)
Uffff.. Zayn
Nora Mayte Flores Alba (30 days ago)
Ptm, ya regresen :'(
Idy Mary (1 month ago)
Why did Harry looks like Mick Jagger..with that kind of long hair. Not literally same, but looking his style remind me of him..
Shelly Persaud (1 month ago)
saumya srivastava (1 month ago)
I don't understand why people are so disrespectful of his decision of leaving 1D. If someone is prioritising personal happiness and mental peace then what's wrong with it? I am so happy for Zayn and so proud of him. When I heard the news I was a little bit sad but yeah I was just 13 at that time but when I realized the positive side of the decision ,I was so happy for his decision. The boy got his voice and could find the music he loves and generate his type of music. He got his space and happiness he was looking for. The other boys too needed a break, all 5 of them have been working so hard going on continuous tours for years, they literally needed space for themselves and to pursue personal interests. And it's so selfish of us that we are so into bringing back the boys together that we forget the fact that they too are people and we can't just make them do something just because we want it. Ik we all miss them, the band, their music, I have been a Directioner forever and love them immensely. I see comments 'use me a button to bring back 1D' ,'we want one direction back now's, ' the Jonas Brothers are back so why can't 1D be' and it really disturbs me. Everything will happen when it's supposed to be. Jonas Brothers are back because they wanted to be . Everything happens for a good reason guys. ❤
saumya srivastava (1 month ago)
Zayn is drool worthy 🤤❤ and insanely talented 😍
Sacha H (1 month ago)
Come on… nobody is going to talk about Louis' perfect hair ?
lash Jamir (1 month ago)
Zayn looks like he's feeling high... Tho he looks sexy😉😉😘
Xyla Daniels (1 month ago)
crystalacrylic (1 month ago)
talented boys... i miss em
Chinmoy Gogoi (1 month ago)
Anyone frm india...(Assam)
Haneesa (13 days ago)
arefe bateni (1 month ago)
Second First Try (1 month ago)
Louis 😍😍😍
_ELENA_ (1 month ago)
Liam slayed it🔥❤️
Haneesa (13 days ago)
He sure did They all did
sarcasim lover (1 month ago)
Patiently waiting for 2020😍
KIM MIN SEOK (1 month ago)
i still Love Niall horan I miss them
岡村洋空 (1 month ago)
Deepak Panjiyar (1 month ago)
I am zayn big fan
soff (1 month ago)
Zayn literally looks good in every hairstyle ❤️
Manish Sajwan (1 month ago)
Who is watching it in 2019

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