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How to Color Your Beard - TheSalonGuy

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In this video I demonstrate how to color your beard. Purchase the clippers I use: https://goo.gl/1wp6A7 Clipper blades: https://goo.gl/NYGtw1 https://goo.gl/22ScFV https://goo.gl/RvVtxn https://goo.gl/4WG9fO Trimmer: https://goo.gl/ypGyW4 Cameras: GH4 https://goo.gl/j14GQf Lens: https://goo.gl/KIqeXa Purchase my Hair Products at: http://www.thesalonguy.com/shop 20% OFF ALL OF AUGUST with CODE: 20 Here is $5 to spend on Amazon if you download the app on your phone! https://www.amazon.com/mpr?referralcode=STEPH75163N&ref_=mpr_tr_ss New Videos every Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday at 7am EST! Follow me: http://[email protected] http://www.instagram.com/TheSalonGuy http://www.facebook.com/thesalonguy http://www.thesalonguy.com SUBSCRIBE: http://goo.gl/aWSkjE Business email contact: [email protected] or [email protected] Thanks so much for your interest in my videos and my brand "TheSalonGuy". It means the world to me! Watch celebrity Red Carpet Interviews, Fashion Events, Hair Shows, Celebrities, Motivation, Inspiration, Hair Tutorials, How To's, Education and videos in the Salon and Beauty Industry. I started TheSalonGuy brand 5 years ago after the passing of my Mother and discovering a role model of mine who has a few books on turning your passion into a business. I have spent the last 20+ years in the salon industry, tech and fashion. I left the industry at some point to become a Fireman and Aux. Police Officer. I did 6 years service and resigned shortly after 9/11. I have a passion for helping people, educating and motivating. I work with major brands, local businesses and individuals looking to expand and grow. I am posting videos every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday at 7am EST. My videos will be focused on celebrity hairstyles, athletes, models, actors, social media stars and event videos. Mannequin from: http://www.hairartproducts.com Email [email protected] to purchase and mention TheSalonGuy sent you!
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Text Comments (100)
Zerrouki Amine (11 months ago)
wenn have Thema Same Bernd coleur
Organon (1 year ago)
Pahahah, by warm tones, you mean ginger dude. You are tres ginge.
pamplonaHD (2 years ago)
thanks for the vid, great job. was that a 5 or a 6 you got there? one problem I got with the lighter tones is that they don't cover the greys well. suggestions?
TheSalonGuy (2 years ago)
+pamplonaHD i used an 8n 10 vol
BilboSwaggins (2 years ago)
Please do Grayson Dolans haircut! It's literally such a good haircut, he has like 3 million subscribers. please man I've been requesting forever and I'd love you forever if you did it!
Kenneth Eslinger (2 years ago)
Hey that's pretty good!
Tico4president (2 years ago)
Kenneth Eslinger Yea mein sik ass
El Bee (2 years ago)
Sir ur hair is upside down
Thembanter FC (2 years ago)
A little side note man I see you don't have content for black people with natural hair
TheSalonGuy (2 years ago)
+Thembamboo watch my videos ethnic haircut
Can you please do a tutorial on how to do a Jack Dawson slicked back hairstyle look?
Rhys T (2 years ago)
Joke he did do the Leo haircut from titanic, and he does a slick back during it, cool hairstyles though
Pato Games (2 years ago)
Do a Steven yeun haircut video
Orangezac30 (2 years ago)
Faze blaziken!!!!!!!
Brad Smith (2 years ago)
Can you please do a video about thin hair and a slight revising hair line please? (Mouse brown hair)
wolfmansaul (2 years ago)
Can you make a video on extremely Curly hair? I have a curly undercut. Coiled my hair is 2in. It's actually 4 maybe 4.5 in. I feel my hair is the hardest to style and cut. Tired of the cut. What do I do next! Help!!!
Fascinate7 (2 years ago)
wolfmansaul grow that out man. I have a curly undercut that's 9 inches long and it looks sick. It'll have an awkward stage but I pushed through it and now everybody loves my hair. It certainly paid off
Diego L (2 years ago)
do a Chris chann hair tutorial
Derp Ington (2 years ago)
the salonguy, how can i get your haircut? looks good
TheSalonGuy (2 years ago)
+Derp Ington it's too difficult for most
MDNixon (2 years ago)
Hey Stephen, can you do a tutorial of the Joko Winterscheidt haircut? He's a famous german Showmaster
Zain Zafar (2 years ago)
hey salon guy ! i love all your vdos . plzzz can u do the new cristiano ronaldo haircut . v would really appreciate it
Zain Zafar (2 years ago)
TheSalonGuy i know but his new hairstyle is really nice! i would like to wear that hairstyle
TheSalonGuy (2 years ago)
+Zain Zafar thx and I've done like 5 of his lol
Zain Zafar (2 years ago)
hey salon guy ! i love all your vdos . plzzz can u do the new cristiano ronaldo haircut . v would really appreciate it
Morgan Mead (2 years ago)
I preferred the salt and pepper beard
TheSalonGuy (2 years ago)
+Tim Mead thx tho!
Juan Gomez (2 years ago)
Can you do the Alex aiono haircut? I'm trying to get his haircut but don't know how
Addison Media (2 years ago)
Do the Paul pogba haircut his newest one.
Lennys Art (2 years ago)
can u make an frank dillane haircut tutorial? 😊
Daniel (2 years ago)
It looks much better but still white hairs in there ?
Efrain (2 years ago)
can u do a Henry cavill superman haircut tutorial
passionfruitfruit (2 years ago)
Great! Although I comment rarely, I watch each and every single of your videos, great job & very informative. :)
TheSalonGuy (2 years ago)
+passionfruitfruit means so much thank you
I asked my barber to keep my finger the sam length but he shortened it by half anyone know why
Maravillaa (2 years ago)
parodygaming21 Barbers are only good at fades
Joonas (2 years ago)
Great video, mate. Also do you take video requests often? I'd suggest covering the "Zyzz haircut"
Moe salah (2 years ago)
1000 view
TheSalonGuy (2 years ago)
+the gaming legend thx bro
Puneet (2 years ago)
plz Steven do Indian cricketer virat kohli beard tutorial and nice video
Beardology (2 years ago)
Great video! I have a lot of very light blonde hairs mostly in my mustache and underlip area and I'm considering dying them when they get longer.
Cameron 123 (2 years ago)
Do a scotty t haircut
Saintyy (2 years ago)
can you do a fringe with a perm hair tutorial
Makenzie McIntyre (2 years ago)
I'm a girl but I love watching your videos😂❤️
TheSalonGuy (2 years ago)
+Makenzie McIntyre I heart u
Shoeb Khan (2 years ago)
Please do a ducktail beard tutorial.
AMS (2 years ago)
nice video but can this applied to heavy stubble or light beard.
TheSalonGuy (2 years ago)
+AMS sure can!!!
Mateusz Czarnota (2 years ago)
And obviosly, You can do "Vikings"/ Geralt (W3) beards too :D will be cool AS f**k :D
Ziggi Oldschool (2 years ago)
but doesn't the color grow out? or like your face under the beard is colored too?
Spidey SS (2 years ago)
I'm kinda curious what haircut you had when you were younger and had hair. :3 You should do a video showing us your past haircuts before you went bald!
El Bee (2 years ago)
MIKI (2 years ago)
Spidey SS yess
Mateusz Czarnota (2 years ago)
men i just wanted to find something about that yesterday, :D You reading in my mind :D
Hey Hi (2 years ago)
good video
rebecca 123 (2 years ago)
u r the best boss.👍👍👍👍
Bryce Mackey (2 years ago)
hey salon guy how do you fix a patchy beard or fill it in is what I'm asking. I'm having trouble getting a fuller beard.
mz JaXx (2 years ago)
don't ever shave the beard!! love it ❤
Pro Gamerz (2 years ago)
plz sub to me
Jwish32 (2 years ago)
nice beard
TheSalonGuy (2 years ago)
Abdala Barbeiro (2 years ago)
the boss! ✂💈👏👏👏👏🇧🇷
Abdala Barbeiro (2 years ago)
Obrigado pelo carinho dáh atenção....🙌 ✂💈🇧🇷
TheSalonGuy (2 years ago)
Thanks man!!!
lo man (2 years ago)
Beards too long
Beardology (2 years ago)
Phồng Tôm (2 years ago)
said the guy with no facial hair
Revo Pat (2 years ago)
kratos ? is that you ?
Revo Pat (2 years ago)
+TheSalonGuy both haha, you are my inspiration to become a barber :)
TheSalonGuy (2 years ago)
That or Ragnar?!!
Napoleonice Francisco (2 years ago)
nice vid salon guy👌👍👍
TheSalonGuy (2 years ago)
Captain Dugog (2 years ago)
Stephan I'm going to keep asking again and again please can you do Chris motionless 2007-2010?
Captain Dugog (2 years ago)
+TheSalonGuy 😂 I'm soo sorry I just did my hair like that and then I forgot how to do it and I want a pro like you do do a demo on it
TheSalonGuy (2 years ago)
please don't. I already saw this. I get 3-400 requests a week.
Savaged (2 years ago)
Hey, my question is to any beard guys out there, my hair is medium brown, im 21 and my beard is starting to grow ginger color, i have some blond hair(think its baby hair), some black, some greyish(?) color and almost mostly light ginger color. My beard is also very thin and it havent really grown fully out yet. Is my beard going to change color or will it stay like it is? I have naturally really pale skin and grey/blueish eyes. Is there any way out there to change the color pernamently?(no expensive surgeries)
Savaged (2 years ago)
+TheSalonGuy thanks, now i know what to expect :)
TheSalonGuy (2 years ago)
Hey man! Your beard will continue to grey over time and could possibly stop once you hit a certain age. It could stay a mixed color for many years. I am 42 and my beard started to change about 6-7 years ago. There is no way to change a color for life. Hair grows therefore it will always grow the color it naturally is unless you color it every month. It will get thicker over time also.
haz (2 years ago)
can you do ksi hair plizz
DubbyStep (2 years ago)
looks great
TheSalonGuy (2 years ago)
thank youuu
Tom_F 1021 (2 years ago)
Have you ever thought of dyeing your beard black? I personally think that you would look badass!!
WarHawk (2 years ago)
+TheSalonGuy i think it would u should try it no shame in trying something new
TheSalonGuy (2 years ago)
Not really as I don't think that would look good with my skin but thank you!!!
WarHawk (2 years ago)
CamFusion (2 years ago)
PainKiller (2 years ago)
I love you man <3 (no homo)
TheSalonGuy (2 years ago)
Bromance (no homo)
Regish Thapa (2 years ago)
always great saloonguy
TheSalonGuy (2 years ago)
Pro Gamerz (2 years ago)
TheSalonGuy (2 years ago)
thank you!!!!
TheSalonGuy (2 years ago)
thank you
Oh,very intresting))
TheSalonGuy (2 years ago)
ahmad A. sawaeer (2 years ago)
your the best ❤❤❤
TheSalonGuy (2 years ago)
realdonaldtrump (2 years ago)
Can you please do a jay Alvarez hair cut and style please, thanks

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