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The Antarctica Secret, Why We Cannot Go The South Pole

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The ends of the Earth is an ice wall. It's called Antarctica. But not as you know it. It seems very interesting that 2 years after Operation Deep Freeze the USA established NASA. Without going into further details about NASA, suffice it to say that their establishment is a proof that they had something to hide about Antarctica. Why make a "space agency" after exploring Antarctica? After finding the edges of the World they felt the need to further perpetuate the lie about the heliocentric universe - fearing that the truth would come out about the dome. Thus, they established an independent-looking agency that would create images and videos portraying the Earth as a globe.
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d kell (4 hours ago)
I gave flat earth zero thought ...until Obama made numerous jokes about it in his speeches... If something is so outlandish and insane what's a president doing joking about it... I come to no conclusions... Byrd explores the south pole for 25 years, the final operation is a massive military event.... Then nothing....except a treaty.... No conclusions ... Seems odd.
Kristin Holochwost (10 hours ago)
So we have never been to outer space? No satellite's? No Hubble? No mars landings? Get it proved if its so. As that would put god above us walking on the firmament.
Kristin Holochwost (10 hours ago)
Islands that float! Theres a little or a lot of truth, to our movies. This is a place of records. Hitler didnt stay there for months at time. Nor would they have to go that far to hide and intensity of the finds! Then comes Roswell There are things that would totally change you at a cellular level . Am sure.
Brian Freeman (11 hours ago)
Someone would fund it, except that Flat Earth isn't paid for by intelligent people. Here we go with the UN logo as the definitive map again... this is silly. If you give it a try, I do wish you luck. Please try taking anything across the Pacific Ocean and reevaluate your suppositions. I will keep an open mind to new ideas.
Brian Freeman (11 hours ago)
GPS is usually triangulated without satellites.
Brian Freeman (11 hours ago)
We don't need coal and Fossil fuels for power. That's such a frickin' lie. Say Exxon backwards. NOXSEE. Nazi?? Hmm???
Brian Freeman (11 hours ago)
There are both Flora and Fauna in Antarctica. Also internal combustion engines were used before 1900. 1890s at least. Mass production was early 1900s. Before that they were called horseless chariots. Just sayin'. NASA is from Paperclip and major Nazi involvement. I wonder if Van Allen's belts were created, at least partially, by those nukes shot up into the atmosphere.
Gael (1 day ago)
Are you implying that all pilots have signed disclosure agreements wherein they cannot disclose how they fly? That's a lot of contracts. NEXT.
Dennis nico (1 day ago)
2018 what the fuck!!!!!!! Im ready!!!
Wilson Brooks (1 day ago)
The dude explains is fake
tracy webb (1 day ago)
Government will allways have secrets..they have submarines ships airplanes....so i know they are looking like admiral bird..they found all kinds of things..
tracy webb (1 day ago)
They have bases already there..people live there...
tracy webb (1 day ago)
Just go there..no one can stop you....
Dalibor Fućak (1 day ago)
Because on Antartica they are underground base of Vril.Haunebu..and on Antartica is entrance in Agartha in hollow earth..entrance in world of alien...and on Antartica are lot of piramids and frozen fallen angels ..truth is forbiden and dengeros because all history is lias ..because that Antartica is forbiden for people....but..time will change..nothing les for ever..truth coming..new age of light and truth for all pople will.coming....I hope ..
Hahahahahahahahahahahaha flat earthers ruining more logical conspiracies.
John H (2 days ago)
Sir Ranulph Fiennes has walked all over that mofo,your not gonna tell me he is lying or stupid and didn't know where he was,plus James May from (Top Gear) has been up and shown the curve,he ain't lying either,so what the fuck.
James Ritchie (2 days ago)
Are you really as stupid and as uneducated as you sound? If not, then you have a severe mental illness, or you're simply lying about everything for your own agenda. There is no dome, and even a smart seventh grader with a Walmart telescope, a hundred dollars worth of electronics, and a very basic understanding of math can prove this in a matter of minutes. You even get the Antarctic Treaty wrong. Are you too lazy to use Google? Only fifty-three countries have signed the treaty, and no country must sign it. Nor does the treaty stop anyone from going to the Antarctic. It merely forbids anyone from starting a commercial interest of any kind, which just means you'll never buy a Big Mac on that continent, but anyone who works for MacDonald's can go to the Antarctic, if they have the money. And planes, often filled with civilians, plain old regular people, fly directly over the geographic South Pole on a regular basis. Some travel across on land, as well. And nothing in the treaty, nor any law, prevents anyone from sailing or flying a complete circle AROUND the Antarctic continent. This alone makes everything you say nonsense. You're simply dead wrong about not being able to sail or fly around the continent, And you don't have to "ditch" to refuel. The right kind of plane can make it all the way around without refueling, and planes equipped with pods can land on the ocean and refuel. Ships, of course, can carry enough fuel to make the trip without refueling. You also approach Antarctica from any and all directions. Every inch of the coastline, all the way AROUND, has been mapped by private enterprises numerous times. Not that Antarctica would prove anything, even if we weren't allowed to do this. You have to have the intellect of a rat turd to think anything about Antarctica would prove the earth is flat. As for mainstream science, it gets it all right. You might try learning WHY mainstream science says these things. You would, of course, have to get a real education in science, and I don't mean believing what anyone tells you. It literally takes a seventh grade science education to learn how to do actual experiments all on your own that will prove, beyond doubt, that the earth is round, that we do not live under a dome, which even the Bible doesn't say, and that Antarctica must be an everyday, ordinary continent that you can, at any time, visit, sail or fly around, or approach from every point on the compass. Most people are intelligent enough to study the experiments others have done, and to understand whether they're true or false, but some have such ingrained belief in the nonsensical that they have to do the experiments on their own. I also assume you never use Google for any legitimate research because corporations talk about Antarctica all the time. Fortunately, not many people are stupid enough to want Antarctica carved up and raped for economic gain. They sure as anything don't want oil companies drilling holes all over it, of coal companies tearing down mountains, especially when we don't need the coal, and have no clue whether there's a single drop of oil there. Even if there is oil, it's probably under two miles of ice, and we don't need it, either. For you to be right, five hundred million people have to be lying, and another five billion have to be wrong. On top of this, thirty million people have to be capable of keeping a secret. Ordinary, everyday people who have nothing to do with NASA have to be lying about where they've been and what they've done. Worse still, Antarctica was officially discovered in 1773, and was visited from many points of the compass, points that covered the entire circumference, for the next hundred years. This was a time when no one had a reason to lie about where they had been, what they saw, or anything else. There's a syndrome where a purpose has a belief based on pur fantasy, and they refuse to believe anyone who says something against that belief. Worse, they categorically refuse to actually do anything that would prove that belief is based on pure fantasy. If you actually believe what you claim to believe, you suffer from this syndrome. If not, the stop refusing to do one of the hundred things that will prove you are believing a complete, and extremely childish, fantasy. These questions were all answered in many ways, and by thousands of people, long before NASA existed. You even spout complete nonsense about the Antarctic Treaty, and no one should have such poor comprehension of very simple reading material. Grow up and use the brain God gave you for something other than filling the space in your head. If you really believe the lunacy you claim to believe, either get the professional help you need, or do the things that would prove you right or wrong. f you're lying for your own agenda, then you're a useless monkey who wears clothes, and are beyond help.
Margarita cape cod (2 days ago)
Most High knows how it's all put together
Margarita cape cod (2 days ago)
No gravity
Randallkoller (2 days ago)
it's their escape place
ZULUONE (3 days ago)
Fracking ridiculous, its flat people .
John Mckay (4 days ago)
It's Atlantis, all ufos come from there.
Violet (5 days ago)
For God's sake, quit interrupting the speaker. Leave your comments til the end! Rude to try to showcase your intelligence. You're smart, ok, keep quiet.
Yordan Yordanov (5 days ago)
Ofcourse it must be some Alians there or proof that the Earth is flat.Cant be the fact that NOBODY is allowed to own Antarctica same as the Moon.Even military basses are forbidden there.And noone stops you from visiting.They will stop you if you try to move your company there and just start digging,building and ruining that place.That Treaty surves the perpose of removing waging War to claim that land as an option.Protect the scientists,remove the money hungry corporates out.Nobody stops you to book a trip there they stop those large corporate empires to go and destroy it.
James Wallace (5 days ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r2XN0equt8I Regarding N. & S. of equator drain spin
The Crone (5 days ago)
Why did i listen to this for 4 minutes? See ya
Ben Mooney (5 days ago)
WTF are people this stupid
Russ Davis (5 days ago)
I thought this would be interesting and I was right but flat earth theory seems pretty far fetched.
Dappa J Tv (5 days ago)
If the world is a sphere that means I’m standing right side up and upside down at the same time 😂👌🏾
Danny Hammett (6 days ago)
if the earth is flat we wouldn't have waterfalls wud we
Eric Mills (6 days ago)
The wreaths are apollos the devil
Mohamed Mohamed (6 days ago)
I knew the Superman comics were telling us something...
norCal greg (6 days ago)
you can go to antarctica. it costs about $15k. if you qualify you can also get a job there.
nam1263 (6 days ago)
Who's the interviewee?
Wilderness Music (6 days ago)
We can put this all to rest, the shape of the earth; by for the first time circumnavigating the "globe" on latitude. Begin the journey from the peninsula of the Antarctic South of South America, navigate straight South across Antarctica and up the other side to Africa then on to the easy part, North to the North Pole and then back down South to South America..and return to.the beginning.
Wilderness Music (6 days ago)
I was just calculating centrifugal forces today before I viewed this video. centrifugal force is very powerful o a short radius and minor rotation speed, such as 10 foot radius and 15mph linear speed. But after accounting for the almost 7000 km radius of the earth and its 1600kph rotational speed the force gravity has to overcome to compensate for the centrifugal force is only 0.5 kilograms.
SpottedSharks (6 days ago)
Stop lying.
Derek Allen (6 days ago)
What does it really matter if the world is flat or round anyway??? That we have been lied to? because the global elite always lied to us so in all honesty what is this really matter
Well there’s oil everywhere...it’s not created by fossils. That’s a joke
Keldeo Rush (7 days ago)
If one of my university profesor lives in the arctic for a quarter of the year it ain't that special. Cool stuff to study though. Not everything is a conspiracy. Just because you through in partial truths doesn't mean everything you say is correct.
Keldeo Rush (7 days ago)
Have you guys not heard of thermo-physiology.
Keldeo Rush (7 days ago)
I get wanting a red pill but this is not it
Eric Jones (7 days ago)
Anyone else come to read the comments?
Scott Amun (7 days ago)
send them all the migrant invaders, and antifa and black lives matters and all the other trouble making whiners demanding every thing. France wound let you have the rioters that are burning cars and breaking store windows. send the homeless there too no drugs guess they have to sober up. shhhhhhh. awwwwwww darn we can't ,😅Dont want to ruin that area. any ideas?
Ashton Bogard (7 days ago)
Are that Flat Tards?
Boe Brown (8 days ago)
Wanna fix th’ FUX That regularly bends humanity over th’ ‘hump-sink’? A) Disown the vatican, and the masonics who support them! B) Don’t put folks in office that were educated by major institutions connected with secret societies. Uh huh! C) DEMAND; COLLECTIVELY, the immediate release of the over 4000+ patents dealing with Zero Point Energy to the people these patents were meant to serve........US! D) Lastly; but not finally: BREAK AWAY FROM THE LEARNED TENDENCY OF FEELING THE NEED TO WORSHIP! It ensures our vulnerability to the longheads and their loyal BeeeaATChezzz!!!!! PLEASE!
we all know us militery use the south pole for secret program,we know that. since the ww2.they take over the caves after war
chris sprenger (8 days ago)
Snipers if taking a long shot, have to factor in the curvature of the earth...you said so by mistake but then quickly corrected yourself... just like how you guys say your a global community 🤦‍♂️😂
James Robinson (8 days ago)
The author of this video needs emergency classes on astronomy, history, Physics, logic, critical thinking, geography, science, Bible Prophecy, The Holy Qur'an: 3:7; mathematics, etc.
darren bell (8 days ago)
Are you for real, what has happened to the rational mind yes It's all susceptible to conjecture but reality is the truth.
Tammy Hamilton (8 days ago)
If you go in with an open mind it's fantastic. Yep, they lied. A LOT. But it's exciting to find the TRUTH. We literally are God's FOOTSTOOL. He can clearly see us. I feel so much closer to the Lord now. I'm thankful for this disclosure. Along with all the other things being revealed.
In Korea (8 days ago)
It's not owned. Because it's basically uninhabitable. So they made a treaty for all to have access.
In Korea (8 days ago)
Todd Schultz (8 days ago)
What a Shitty Interview , don’t wast your time . You can find a better one
Sören Kaffeya (8 days ago)
Am I the only one who thinks there might be a link between what happens after 2042 and the answer to everything in the hitchhikers guide through the galaxy?!
Keith Pope (9 days ago)
That wall just go around the maps of the world found in Alexandria from Atlantis shows Antarctica as Island covered in thick forest no ice no wall.Island Surrounded by Ocean just go around what ever Iisten to Bird he saw ISLAND
Tel Chalone (9 days ago)
Put that bong away, you've had enough)
foxtrone (9 days ago)
Non potete andare al polo sud !?!? Ma chi vo' mpedisce !?!?!
Aaron Tierney (9 days ago)
Your entire presentation focuses on disproving a case, mainly showing instances where the earth *does not appear curved, but clearly you should be providing with evidence that the earth is flat. The mainstream acceptance is the other way around. You therefore are making the claim, and thus have to have the burden of proof. I strongly suggest making the plane flight, either at Antartica, or somewhere agreed upon, to actually prove this case, or dispose of it's ideas entirely.* I would support funding such an experiment.
Aaron Tierney (9 days ago)
"...Yeah, it was in opposite directions," [but let me put it this way, it wasn't conclusive that's for sure]. "You know I could talk about this for weeks you know, but I got into this." Your point wasn't proven, and you change subjects. See, my problem, is that when it comes to this sort of thing, I have no appetite for Bullshit. It's pure deductive reasoning, *logos* for me. That's why I'm doomed as a politician. ;)
Clark Griswold (9 days ago)
Antarctica is heavily guarded and protected with military vessels and aircract! No one gets to close without special documented advanced special research permission! That is the facts! PERIOD!!
Robert Dobbs (9 days ago)
A. Boisjoli (9 days ago)
This guy's a complete fucking idiot. Everything he has said is complete bullshit and he keeps contradicting himself...
Bobby Bennett (9 days ago)
NÆ8THAN TV (9 days ago)
Why this guy sound like parks from The Joe Budden Podcast? 🤣😂😂😂😂😂🤣💀
anna sisk (10 days ago)
The Japanese whalers regularly go down to the Southern Ocean to murder whales every year so maybe they have another mission that they are not telling us about.....they claim the kill the pregnant mother to be whales for research.....so, maybe its nothing but just thought I would mention it. What are they researching in the South Ocean? food for thought.
Rush Bayou (10 days ago)
where there are many word , there is many deceptions. no one accually believe u believe this crap.
Carlos Banks (10 days ago)
You flat earthers are fucked up in the head
Scott Bounds (10 days ago)
Sebastian Solorza (10 days ago)
Antarctica is bigger than the usa and Mexico combined. If anything was hidden it would take forever to find. That's why you are allowed to take trips there because Good luck finding any mysteries
jrfergus65 (10 days ago)
How many sattelites are in orbit around the earth? Is that # a lie by "them". If not, do not all the owners of those sattelites have first hand knowledge of the shape of the earth. If the earth was flat do you not think we would know from the sattelite data? I suggest sending a weather balloon up with a camera to take pictures and send back to solve the mystery. That should be financially within the grasp of a few people.
jrfergus65 (10 days ago)
If the eart was flat, then there would be many edges. where are the other edges? someone would surely have come up against one by now.
V Cccc (10 days ago)
god these people are stupid. if the earth was flat you wouldnt be able to circumvent it at any longitude or latitude, morons. furthermore, curvature of the earth is visible over large distances. as to firing weapons point to point, simply thinking about it suggests that gravity will keep a projectile essentially on rails. flat earth is stupid and anyone who believes it is simply stupid. earth COULD be the centre of universe and not spinning, that is possible but the earth is clearly not flat.
Toni Siqeca (11 days ago)
Who said you cannot go? Can’t believe some people really believe this crap
Franky Zomboy (11 days ago)
With all the information about anterica, i.e holes in the ice, missing scientists, ufos, unexpected trips by people in government and power such as tHe pope. Somethings going on and I'm curiously interested.
Glenn Taylor (11 days ago)
What load of bullshit!
Salvador (11 days ago)
or... antartica is for winners or for kings or imperors... you had to allways turnig left or right if wanting to travel at the same paralel in the same direction if flat in oposites if round north and south the equator......
Ronel Icabandi (11 days ago)
Why boats/ships disappear in sinking motion on the horizon? Why can no one see other countries using powerful telescope without using very high elevations? Why ships/planes eventually return to its place after traveling in one straight direction? Why does some people forget that missiles are self propelled? With above questions, is Earth round? Why does water drop back to ground? Rain/Storm/Typhoon? Why do people claim gravity can't hold water? Why do people not ask people living near Antarctica about Antarctica? Why do people claim what celestial bodies are, without using high powered telescope or going to space? Why do people claim that distance of celestial bodies can't be computed, when we can do so with objects here on Earth? Snipers marking its target/Engineers with roads and buildings/Ship captains when docking ships? Why do people think that they can never sneak to Antarctica? Pirates/Smugglers/Cartels/Traffickers? Why do people have the audacity to claim a mere speculation is true without further support of solid and credible evidences? Why do people claim they are open minded then proceeds to disregard other possibilities? Like how Antarctic treaty can't be bypassed? Or sneaking to Antarctica is impossible? Why do people keep on conspiring if they themselves can start by becoming a scientists and discover what needs to be discovered and become a credible person without others trolling them? PS Can't people simply respect the findings of these scientists who studied their field their whole life? Nobody is perfect, they are people too and if one makes a mistake why do people suddenly thinks all of this highly educated scientists are idiots and all their findings even with properly backed with solid and well computed evidences are trash?
Apophis 99942 (11 days ago)
The other problem with the Merry-Go-Round is the merry go rounds on Earth and Earth's gravity supersedes the merry-go-round so that's why that s*** don't work
Apophis 99942 (11 days ago)
94th episode sounds like a combination of 13 to me you probably work for the man
Janine Garverick (11 days ago)
Johny Staples (12 days ago)
u fucking num nut
Massfusion Studio (12 days ago)
The real reason why we can't go to the south pole as a civilian? Because you need an aircraft that can hold enough fuel to get there, an aircraft that can hold up to sub zero temperatures in high altitude flight, one that is equipped with special fuel line heating so the kerosene jet fuel doesn't freeze, a special air intake heater to pre heat the sub zero air temperature coming into the intake of the jet motor to prevent icing the turbine, special equipped electronic devices that can operate in high altitude sub zero temperatures, the list goes on. That's just the flying part to explore it from the air. The actual manned stations for exploration and sciences is a whole other level to survive. That all being said? Before you post such invalid proofs of a so called conspiracy? Shouldn't you do the research first? That's why civilian people aren't allowed to go there. Typical hiking gear and private and commercial jets cannot handle the task. In lamen terms? People will die trying. Not good for search and rescue teams to daily try to save the conspiracy theory ufo believers and also the flat earthers trying to prove this wall of ice encircling the flat earth. That's why it's a no go zone.... A high IQ isn't what you already know. A high IQ is the ability to figure out the unknown...
Tracy Stumpf (12 days ago)
Are you that stupid
MySkullSide Brandon (12 days ago)
He was right now you see So called space force
vikingskuld (12 days ago)
ok how can you explain phases of the moon? flat disks don't give that. meteorites and comets explain those if there is supposed to be a firmament and water above the globe? you cant . the whole ftat earth crap has come along to test gov mind control techniques and you tards are falling for it, whalers have gone in arctic waters for years and no one drops off the edge or runs into the icewall, get real and quit falling for the govs mind control crap
paul mabb (13 days ago)
Never met a surveyor who did not account for curve
Brandan Taylor (13 days ago)
The Earth is not flat. You all waste so much time thinking the world being round is a conspiracy that you ignore the truly sinister shit going on in our world. It is very easy to conduct an experiment at home that proves the world is round. The hidden powers controlling this world with very insidious intentions sit and laugh at you all trying to prove the Earth is flat while they are hiding secrets that would change everything most people believe to be factual. Your theory is wrong and I know it is wrong. My father is a pilot and we've flown AROUND the world. An eastward direction and several weeks later, after many stops, we arrived back to our local airport. The Earth is round. This would not have been possible if it were flat. I know most people don't have access to this type of "experiment" but it is very easy to prove the Earth's curvature. Also, do you look at the moon? Ever looked at Mars through a telescope? Know why the moon has different phases? Earth is not the only flat planet in our solar system, or the entire universe for that matter. Edit: Why does the ocean have currents? Why do other large bodies of water have currents? Because of the Earth's rotation and the gravitational pull. You all have went way too deep into this shit with ZERO evidence. How can you go that far down a rabbit hole with NO evidence?!
Richard B. (13 days ago)
If you look at the moon you look at the sun there both round why in the hell would the earth be flat. That's just stupid.
Mennonite Mafia (13 days ago)
he said the penguins are at the beach fucking idiot
Nikki Simpson (13 days ago)
This tool is a flat-earth douche
jon snipe (13 days ago)
Byrd never said there was uranium
Archrival66(Arch) (14 days ago)
Lmfao!! You all are delusional!! The Earth is "Infinite" not round or flat..it goes on and on..and yes..the Government's of the World know this. That's why all the BS to not let any civilian near the Arctic region without escort...Theres another "World" like the one we live in right now...all the dead people are there. Didn't it say in the Bible that the flesh cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven? Use your senses and brains people...your all being lied to about everything...but..who gives a shit...really? Enjoy the short lifespan on this "World" while you can without being assholes!!
vanillaHchrist (14 days ago)
Lol I guess I should let my co-worker know he broke the imaginary law by going there 5 years ago Have any of you conspiritards even read the treaty? 🤪
Cartoonist Kadus (14 days ago)
If we look at the moon and the sun, they are round... So why the hell that the earth suddenly became flat.??
John Laccohee-Joslin (14 days ago)
If you want to hide the earth, put it jn a big coardboard box and put it in my shed, because you wou would never find anything in there in fact you can get lost in my shed!!! !
lamar bramlett (14 days ago)
Explore the earth! Quit guessing..this shit is retarded!
Scott Gibson (14 days ago)
Pure bullshit,without any merit at allVideo creator is an absolute moron.
Red Tow (15 days ago)
Does the guy with the info have a YouTube channel? I'm interested in what he has to say. I want to hear, learn more
grace4art1 (15 days ago)
S Paul Guitars (15 days ago)
Spiritual warfare? Really! You name your channel Spiritual Warfare and promote yourselves as believers yet are clueless about Gods word! Your embarrassing and part of the reason so many people reject The God of the Bible. Jesus said, “because you are lukewarm I will vomit you out of my mouth”. In the last days men will not endure sound doctrine but wanting to have their ears tickled will accumulate their own teachers. This is you guys. The Lord sits enthroned above the CIRCLE of the earth. Isaiah 40:22. Proverb 8:27 I was there when He drew a CIRCLE on the face of the deep. That’s 2 of many. The creation account is all over the scriptures spread out and gives us a simple truthful account of creation. Yet people call themselves Christians and reject His word. You will be accountable to the lies you teach and spread to others. Embarrassing and ignorant is this channel!

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