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David & Guest former NASA Employee's South Pole

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David Beverley former NASA Employee's talk with me about the South Pole. Amazing stuff. Grateful for any donation consideration. We pray for my subs :) http://scripturehousepublications.org/blog/ David's Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcnbZ5M9WF7TtjvSNoAA9og God bless.
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kelli blue (16 days ago)
NASA is so compartmentalized employees don't know what any other employee does, done on purpose to keep everyone guessing at any given moment. WHAT OTHER INDUSTRY works that way? If they did, nothing would get accomplished (I know it wouldn't in my own industry, we HAVE to be transparent everywhere!). Oh wait...there's always the government...
Mello George (27 days ago)
Excellent information Cyndi and Mike! Ty so much for sharing. There’s more people out there who have stories to tell when the time is right. We aren’t afraid! FE is truth.
Mike Helmick (27 days ago)
Thank you. :)
Live2Shred (27 days ago)
A GS-15 Step 10, which is the highest pay bracket, makes $163,335/ year.
Live2Shred (27 days ago)
Really? You guys are still quoting that idiot? It has to be photoshopped? No. There are plenty of full pictures of Earth. Just because one idiot made a statement that was taken out of the context of what his actual job is, you think all of the pictures are photoshopped. Damnit! NASA needs to train their employees better so that their statements are full retard proof.
Chiara River (1 month ago)
Scrambled to turn my speakers down. Enthusiastic chaps. I wish there weren't so many interruptions to the speakers.
Nobody Important (1 month ago)
If the earth is flat, explain sunrise and sunset. Explain how it's summer north of the Equator, and winter south of it. Hell, explain the Equator. Explain how I can fly from Los Angeles to Tokyo in a 6 hr flight across the Pacific Ocean instead of having to fly east across America, the Atlantic, Europe and Asia for 22 hours. You people are bat shit STUPID.
James Fulp (1 month ago)
Amazing info! Both David and Cindy are really nice and articulate. David is so funny and Cindy looks like she’s about 28. God is so Awesome and his creation is unbelievable. May Yeshua be glorified! Blessings!
Mike Helmick (1 month ago)
Thank you James.
Flat Earth Debunker (1 month ago)
Antarctica is an ice ring lol how many people have seen ice walls in the ocean? 0. Ice walls in Antarctica means nothing when Antarctica is basically 100% ice. Scammers
abcde asdas (1 month ago)
i worked for aliens dont believe me? im gonna create a channel and go live and upload multiple videos..and i have a tongue thats speaks so i can say aything then u can believe me the end
Mike Helmick (1 month ago)
S0, make sure you alert me when your channel is up.
Mister Taveras (1 month ago)
She's hot!
gjchgmdm (1 month ago)
https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=m9aJiiYKXNo 1927 through 1946 they new the earths exact look huh?
NextSongs4God (1 month ago)
Ever talk to Air Force navigators? My dad drew maps to show me all the thousands of miles he flew around the world many times. He talked about constantly figuring correction angles due to wind speed and the changing airspeed of the plane. Man he knew his trig and geometry—even with the wind blowing them off course. He harped on that North Star always being straight up through a little bubble window in case he had to use a sextant for dead reckoning navigation. Years later I asked myself: why was he figuring these 1000 mile angles in just two dimensions and why was the North Star always straight up?! Hmmm 🤔
Joe Kennedy (1 month ago)
Hi, from Dublin Ireland I woke up 2 years ago I was watching a u2 360 world tour video, I was a huge Fan as there from my hometown, but God spoke to me and showed me the lies in there video and Bono know it flat he has sold out to the globalist.
Matthew Karges (1 month ago)
Great video! Keep up the good work & exposing the lies, Father willing.
Love Truth (1 month ago)
195 where paid by Nasa to give a thumbs down.
I went to school and knew it was all bullshit we live under the iron roof clock i seen this all as a child before school. My sense knew it was all wrong and the change of resontate sound in 1952 from 332 to 440 and floride to dum us down and make us forget god bless to yous that know the truth
Hot air balloons for the sats to watch deloyed in a way where they can collect data on us or google map, or mabe they are looking for something. just before they desend they have a b52 fly up and collect it.
Ive seen the proof for that
Lauren Todd (2 months ago)
Round Earth is laughable.
Tyler Durden (2 months ago)
This video offers nothing. 2 people just speaking on camera isn't proof of anything. We have no idea if these people worked for NASA or not. No images of earth. You people have gone off the deep
Kris de Valle (2 months ago)
Yeah, this. Give a flat earther a goddamn picture of the globe and they shit on it as fake. Give a flat earther two people making unfounded claims that no-one can verify, talking flat earth, and they're all over it like flies on shit.
Terry Forbes (2 months ago)
NASA. Earths largest consumption of Helium. Truth bears investigation FE Terry&thepirates
xcver (2 months ago)
What David claims he did at NASA and his linkedin profile do not really match. He states he worked directly on satellites however on linkedin he sounds more like a regulary sysadmin...I would think someone would mention something like that...
Alexis Escobar (2 months ago)
Man her kid was so annoying
AGENT X SECURITY (2 months ago)
Johnny Hawkins (2 months ago)
The plot thickens!!!!!!!!!!
Hornet 1022 (2 months ago)
One thing I take away from this is how people don’t know how to discipline their kids how to show some respect. My mother would have told me to shut up I’m on the phone.
Ben Baz (2 months ago)
Why we never see them again???
Mike Helmick (2 months ago)
cyndi is doing her own thing, and I did a video with David concerning Genedrive not long ago.
R Zella (2 months ago)
Great insider testimonies! Also true that Satan uses media and movies as his prophets to tell his future plans and agenda.
be raptor note (2 months ago)
Annaëlle D. (3 months ago)
Wow! Thank you for your honesty and testimonies. It's very courageous to spread the truth about this big monster called Nasa Good video.
Mike Helmick (3 months ago)
Thank you very much.
John T (3 months ago)
Nice try lol the earth is a globe
london bledi (3 months ago)
Firmament definition; H7549-Strong --------------------- - Original: רקיע - Transliteration: Raqiya` - Phonetic: raw-kee'-ah - Definition: 1. extended surface (solid), expanse, firmament a. expanse (flat as base, support) b. firmament (of vault of heaven supporting waters above) 1. considered by hebrews as solid and supporting 'waters' above 1 Timothy 6:20-21 King James Version (KJV) 20 O Timothy, keep that which is committed to thy trust, avoiding profane and vain babblings, and oppositions of science falsely so called: 21 Which some professing have erred concerning the faith. Grace be with thee. Amen According to the word of God The since is an opposition what God is saying on his word. God bless you all 🙏
dmprisk (3 months ago)
I don't understand...if the moon and Sun is inside the Firmament with us, why can't we go to the moon? It's right there inside the Firmament with us.
Shawn Anderson (3 months ago)
Humanity failed
Frenetic Zetetic (3 months ago)
The fact that this video only has 87.5K views is tragic. This needs to be at the top of FE search engines. Fantastic channel and work, Mike!
primusfan6661 (4 months ago)
It's not called strip data, its called making a mosaic. They've done it with the moon.
primusfan6661 (4 months ago)
Ive been using the plus 1 min rule on every youtube vid and its been working perfect. Nothing worse than a 2 min intro about your dumb channel, just get to the info and quit dicking around with each other. Laughing at some of this content is just like George Bush smiling while talkin about going to war.
Globe Forever (4 months ago)
Two Flatties together doesn't make a discussion.
SM (4 months ago)
How do we know these people actually worked for who they say they did??
Huck Fin (4 months ago)
Nothing but talk !
God's Child (4 months ago)
globe earth is so ridiculous is same as saying a mouse can lift an elephant and everybody believe that.
andrew ruiz (4 months ago)
It would help if they were more eloquent, they seem like low level employees. Nasa and Lockheed need janitors also. If your getting trained on the job, must be really low level. There's no pictures of globe earth, same goes for flat earth. No proof for either but i do notice that most want it both ways. Lady acts like no one has imagination. Rockets originated through imagination. The bible does not prove anything either way, if you can read the original text in original language without interpretation then make a video
andrew ruiz (4 months ago)
I didnt say anything about truth. What Bible says it can be interpreted both ways. Firmament, atmosphere, sound the same in concept. Whats the point any way? The bible is there so people don't hurt each other, all based on emotion. Try doing that instead of trying to prove something you can't. We are all going to die, be good to each other while you got the chance and give up your ego, makes you into fools. You think if there is a god its not going to know your heart and mind? I want proof of such a claim as most do, that goes for both sides.
Mike Helmick (4 months ago)
Scriptures are always 100% true and God was more than able to give us a English translation. However, you can get things like e-sword and mouse over all the Greek and Hebrew meaning.
Deplorable Kefir (4 months ago)
Hand me Billions $$$ and I would be happy all the time too
Danny Melendez (4 months ago)
Need more vids like this you cant just post one and leave us hanging💯loves tha vid
ophirdog (5 months ago)
For all the thousands of people that worked/work for NASA only one is a flat earther?
Arizona person (5 months ago)
The Bible is the Infallible, Inerrant, Eternal, Everlasting, Historically accurate, Incorruptible, word of the living God. (KJV) NASA, Evolution, Fake spinning ball earth, Gravity, Planets, Aliens, Global warming, ALL HOAXEs. Wake up sheeple! God created the Geocentric, Immovable, Stationary, Fixed, Flat Earth 6000 years ago as the Bible clearly teaches in 145+ scriptures. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-LXDFF2kmCk&index=4&list=WL
yass jaramillo (5 months ago)
inscrutable (5 months ago)
Great talk, I like the end about it's okay no to agree about everything, it's natural for all sorts of theories to come out of this but there are definitely some shills. If you think something this huge starting to get traction wouldn't have standard controlled opposition and even people just out to try and cash in on the movement you don't know your history. I'll go ahead and label Mark Sargent as one. He has a lot of nonsense that seems even deliberate misinfo mixed in with standard flat earth stuff. And conveniently searching flat earth the first hits are all ridicule debunking videos and mark sargent always holding a globe.
inscrutable (5 months ago)
Can I see proof of employment?
Courtney Lane (5 months ago)
I sooooo enjoyed. Thanks for your bravery in making this experience possible and the expousing the truth!
biggest D (5 months ago)
Don't they call it the Arctic Circle
Pitches Crowds (5 months ago)
Love the content. But if you guys invested in headsets it wouldn't sound like EVERYBODY'S SCREAMING!!! ;-)
me nkat (5 months ago)
What a load of horse shit. What flavor will the kool aid be. Bible thumping snake oil sales!
Thomas Zibelli (5 months ago)
The Bible is Mythology not take literally!
Thomas Zibelli (5 months ago)
Mike Helmick. I heard that before it is ridiculous. How can all the space organizations be in on this lie? I like to see astronauts say Earth is flat then I will believe it she didn't go to outer space!
Mike Helmick (5 months ago)
Thomas, don't be full of unbelief, the Father our our Lord Jesus Christ, that God, the Father. Also pool balls don't make the pool table round. the luminaries where set above earth to give light, they are of a different Glory. Thank you for posting.
Thomas Zibelli (5 months ago)
Ok but your God not the Muslim or the Indios your God of the Bible thousands of other religions are wrong is that right? All the planets are round but the Earth ok.
Mike Helmick (5 months ago)
While your here on earth, best to change that view. God's Word is True and literal.
joedrock2 (5 months ago)
jesus asked to not be called by the title lord, and refused to call others titles like lord or sir or mr(master). said that was reserved for god, lol then again he said we all are god, thanks for sharing, just thought id share too, the term lord comes from the manipulators
Mike Helmick (5 months ago)
Well........... Jesus said why call me Lord, Lord and not do what I say. Luk 6:46  And why call ye me, Lord, Lord, and do not the things which I say?  so claiming him Lord but not doing the will of God is what he was concerned with. He said call no man "FATHER" for we have one father that is in Heaven. And, we are gods, a reference to Psalm 82, and all he was stating there is we are created in the image and likeness of God, not even the Angels are like God, but we are in that same class, or Children of God. Each seed produces after it's own Kind. So His message saying "Ye are gods" was to remind them that they were not acting like the Father, and accusing him of making himself out as God, calling himself the Son of God which they could have also been and should have been acting the same.
Ken Neth (5 months ago)
Great channel Mike. Subbed. I remember trying to debunk FE. Makes me chuckle now.
Phillip Heard (5 months ago)
Are the words "planet" and "plane" related? Hmm
Richard Barry (5 months ago)
I have been a commercial pilot for 35 years and have been AROUND the world many times. Sorry Flatearthers we live on a globe
Mrauto nom (5 months ago)
Phuk Itall (5 months ago)
Eric Dubay's "200 proofs Earth is not a spinning ball" ...for those that wanted proof.
Messenger ysh (5 months ago)
I remembered being asked why i think the world is flat i said, my friend is motion sick so if the earth is revolving around the sun she would be puking every second. 🤣
darsi ruysenaar (5 months ago)
Why on earth would anyone want to go to such great lengths for the purpose of deception ? What’s the bloody point ?
Erin Hindman (5 months ago)
Speaking of strange deaths, how about those strange deaths of alternative health doctors? How strange is it for them to be so healthy and helping others to cure cancer with alternative health choices and then die of something so ridiculous? I forget his name, but one of the people I am talking about was in New York. Because he helped a family memeber of mine personally.
Just Looking (5 months ago)
2:16 I don't think he even knows what system he was working on? He says 'data for polar orbiting spacecraft? What does that mean? That Polar orbiting spacecraft need some type of data to orbit? I really doubt that, because once in orbit, inertia makes their trajectory fairly robust. Math can tell us enough about what a spacecraft is doing if we even know 25% or less of it's orbit. So we don't really need to have an Antarctic station for tracking. So what was he doing? I don't think he knows what he was doing, or he is just flat out lying. As far as data about the center of Antarctica, there is plenty. 'Ingesting data and re-transmitting it while they were offline' this guy is throwing out word salad.
DrQuadrivium (5 months ago)
Very amusing.
aunun ally (5 months ago)
we are almost done building the AI. our intelligence is being phased out. the vaccines and the aluminum in the air, will make us like the child behind you. the Down Syndrome the autism. we will be like jelly and putty to be fed upon. and now the AI will take care of the owners. the only reason the engineers were laughing is that they don't know what they were working for. you are slaves and food and soon you'll just be food. better than our own cattle we take care of ourselves and make things. now pretend I do not know what I am talking about
cjfilmproductions (5 months ago)
Such utter nonsense.
Paul Price (5 months ago)
Ok here's my question for the three of you... What are your thoughts about Planet X, Nibiru? If the world is flat then what's up with the Planet X looking like a sphere? Or it's not a planet at all... An entity??? Check this out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JicjdUHHwH4&t=2s
gcoffey223 (5 months ago)
The earth is not flat, just your brains
Paul Price (5 months ago)
Here's to putting your lives on the line to tell the truth.
Paul Price (5 months ago)
Someone should draw something here for visual aide. This is interesting.
ROMANS 3:4 (5 months ago)
Globetards where are you? 😂
Pockets MacCartney (5 months ago)
Douglas Billman (5 months ago)
All the millions spent on satellites, etc...stolen through FRAUD.........
Douglas Billman (5 months ago)
These folks are good people...they are speaking the truth...hard to find these days.........
Douglas Billman (5 months ago)
Like I have been saying... NASA is FRAUD... Everything about NASA is FRAUD... The LEACHES who work there, the people who run it...all FRAUDS.........imagine the money they have stolen from us.........trillions..........
Douglas Billman (5 months ago)
There are continents on the other side of the ice.........admiral Byrd said this.........
Douglas Billman (5 months ago)
We all live in a biosphere.........
Mark Duda (5 months ago)
Very interesting subject but sources are suspicious. They are not whistle blowers. Sounds like two NASA employers mixing up or just risking their freedom. Every NASA employer/contractors have to sign confidentiality form. https://www.nasa.gov/offices/ogc/commercial/18usc1905.html. After all good interview.
electrolytic master (5 months ago)
Speaking of *Retrospect Software*, I used that to backup servers all the way to PC's. There were 7 locations in 3 states, so each location had it's own tape drives. As I'm sure you understand, I had my software in supervisor mode. Each client had a push agent. Anyway, thanks for the warm fuzzies.
electrolytic master (5 months ago)
I appreciate these two ex NASA employees speaking out about their experiences. Here are some of my observations: (1) Leave Jesus or any religion out of the discussion. This muddles and biases opinions and even facts. _but Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.”_ In other words don't try to understand; come in Faith. Okay, I agree, but this is a different situation. Here, you actually are trying to disprove / prove on ever gaining knowledge and evidence. (2) {[more later]}
Phillip Spackman (6 months ago)
24hour sun?
Mike Helmick (6 months ago)
We need that video, no video of the sun being tracked North or South Pole.
Mr. 2cents. (6 months ago)
I heard that NASA in Hebrew means: To be lied to.
Benjamin Collie (6 months ago)
Please don't stop expose the botches
Stram Amindale (6 months ago)
Wow, awesome interview. It answered alot of questions for me on antarctica and flat earth. Subscribed and liked.
promiskept (6 months ago)
Everywhere AWAY from North, is South. There is no Southern central point of reference. Since no one can explore Antarctica's terrain much, by international treaty, then everyone has only one star-fixed position to go by.
tyson beasley (6 months ago)
You talk to much, let you're guest do most of the talking.
Boston George (6 months ago)
Does anyone know how did the astronauts communicate on trip to moon because it’s quite a distance it was very clear there’s no delay in such a distance really
sniper001353 (6 months ago)
All this information is great,,,,so the government lies to us,personally i knew about the fake moon landing,the fake 911 terrorist attack,even the fake cuban attack on a airliner full of students back in Fidel Castro's day also the fake astronauts blowing up in the space shuttle,but all in all my worries are in trying to keep a good Christian walk in todays world,,life for us is gonna get worse here on earth,my question is ,,How is YOUR relationship with the Lord???
Brandon Marberry (6 months ago)
So forgive me if I don't understand this fully...I'm listening off and on kids are playing with nerf guns lol. But because of no data on a huge area of Antarctica? From what I understand didn't they find like a lost city basically there and soooo much ancient history there hiding it from the population? Because it goes against everything we are taught.
Etienne La Freniere (6 months ago)
the center of antartica is the north pole........assuming that its a ring
Jouni Koivula (6 months ago)
NASA Fanboy Globehead (6 months ago)
Wait a minute! Are you telling me that some random chick on Youtube claims that she know some random guy who claims that he was an engineer for Lockheed Martin?!? And this random chick says that this random dude says that the Earth is flat?!? This changes EVERYTHING! You guys just finally proved all of the science books in all of the libraries all over the globe WRONG! ROTFLMAO!!!
Edward Coleman (6 months ago)
When planet x turns us upsides down, we will fall to the bottom of this fishbowl upside down,then we will be fucked,,,
george george (6 months ago)
Question, ,if there are thousands of satalite in orbit. ,who when and how are they put up there??I would like to see a couple launches and follow the satalite, ,,can someone tell me when and how I can do this,,,
Mauricio Noriega (6 months ago)
Clubbroxx48 Clubb (6 months ago)
I thi k I know why sell data to the seeds then buy it back. I found a correlation between so called NASA rocket launches and the dates a Swedish aerospace company releases high altitude balloons for NASA " satellites " . Ever wonder why NASA has such a huge helium bill?
D. B. (6 months ago)
Really interesting AND incredibly IRRITATING with the kids in the room. Next time hire a babysitter before you broadcast!!!! VERY hard to listen to.
ihate Smartphones (6 months ago)
RF propagation alone proves that the earth is round Radio frequencies in the range of VHF and higher is line of sight. which is why the radio station you are listening to in your car will fade as you are driving farther and farther away from the transmitter. they could be using 600,000 watts and that would still happen because the carrier wave is transmitted at a straight line in relation to the transmitters antenna. as the Earth curves the Carrier wave stays on its same trajectory off into space. Now Anything below VHF Will bounce of the ionosphere back down to earth and so on. That is why if you are using a HF transmitter. You can talk to people in every country on Earth. With about only 300 Watts or less depending on Sun Spots Ducting and other weather patterns
MrMP63 (6 months ago)
TnA Plastic (6 months ago)
That's insane! Btw.: This kid looks kind of demonic/alien... O.o

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