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Angelina Jordan & Forsvarets - Its Magic - Oslo - June 2018

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Dixie Hull (27 days ago)
Not a fan of this. It’s not a good choice for her.
Carmen De La Garza (1 month ago)
Carmen De La Garza (2 months ago)
Pheo J (2 months ago)
her unique voice and that gestures, just made me think that's she's not from this world LOL
Dana B (3 months ago)
I love how her big healthy hair is always spun up into big flowers. it's like Amy Winehouse, only more classic and innocent. A unique style that doesn't over do her, but is just enough of a personal signature.
millieo (1 month ago)
The hair styles that remind me of Amy Winehouse cause me concern like some of Winehouse's darkness will ... I don't know the word. When she sings Winehouse I don't get that dark feeling at all. She says when she sings she goes to another world, a happy place. My feelings about this are for me to figure out. I think she is fantastic just as she is. The white dresses and hair are right for her.
David Watts (7 months ago)
Please have Angelina sing the song " You Say" her voice is perfect for that song and I bet she sing it better than the original artist.
nicomix club (8 months ago)
jane C (8 months ago)
Bloody awful
C Webster (8 months ago)
suzyroses Duclary (8 months ago)
Je sais maintenant pourquoi vous avez interprété cette version C’est celle de Tom Jones,Ce n’est pas ma préférée car je trouve qu’il l’a dénaturée.malgré son immense talent.J’aurais adoré que vous la chantiez comme Dinah Washington ou Doris Day vous auriez fait merveille avec votre incroyable et belle voix. Ceci dit je vous adore Angelina vous êtes une fée.
fred (8 months ago)
The whole arrangement doesnt do her justice.
Yasmine Dey (8 months ago)
Well, it's the fast pasted big band version of Tom Jones but it unfortunately kills the original slow and romantic Doris Day style, besides the meaning of the song being a love song.
Akaliko (8 months ago)
I like her when she was younger.
ferrygirl100 (8 months ago)
Wow this little girl has grown into a beautiful teenager. The song? Not too sure about it, sometimes she sounded like a sheep bleating.
suzyroses Duclary (8 months ago)
Non ...une aussi jolie mélodie ne s’interprète pas comme ça, ni par l’orchestre ni par vous Angelina Vous qui savez chantez si bien... quel dommage ...je suis désolée de vous le dire, moi qui suis l’une de vos fans.No no, it’s no magic.
kazimir84 (8 months ago)
Adolphus Cabralles (8 months ago)
Biurifó and biuriful.
Yvette Astley (8 months ago)
Angelina you look stunning. Song was fantastic too. Thank you.
Emil Rybka (8 months ago)
I do not feel the melody.
Jane Johnson (8 months ago)
You have a great voice and you create magic when you sing, but this is not you're type of song.
Shahanara Parveen (8 months ago)
Its listening like a man voice,sory i can't give my best comments
Spirit Wolf (8 months ago)
Simply beautiful, Angelina. It reminds me of Tom Jones' version, only better!
Shi Cruisin' (8 months ago)
Such a seasoned pro already :)
Angelica Felix (8 months ago)
, love her voice, Many many blessings For this amazing and gorgeous little lady,!! love always
Conny V (8 months ago)
I like her a lot but this was not a good choice of song for her. Plus she needs to get rid of the tower of roses. It looks too heavy and awful. Keep the hair open with one rose tucked behind your ear and you are one gorgeous young lady.
Dana B (3 months ago)
Conny V I love her unique style. she has healthy big hair, and does it up dramatic. she remains innocent and classic.
James Anthony (8 months ago)
Amazing lower range - Angelina's voice is certainly magic!
ragnarkisten (8 months ago)
People get so angry every time I post critical remarks concerning Angelina. They typically call me names, and tell me that I lack talent, and basically that I suck. Whatever rocks your boat, I say. But, basically I have stopped criticizing artists I do not adore. and Angelina is one of my favorite artists, regardless of age. She has made some of the best interpretations I have ever heard so... I have also been on stage and sung so many times in my life that I know that some songs just ain't not right for you. Or perhaps it has to do with your interpretation that particular day. What Angelina is doing here is to make her voice darker than natural, with a lowered larynx, ingolata, which makes the sound throaty. a common and forgivable mistake. I often read comments about Angelina's perfect voice, but to me she is far from perfect. And I mean that as a compliment. Her change of tone, her daring interpretations, her instability (at times) is what makes her so interesting. She always surprises me, and hardly ever get boring, like with so many other singers these days who play it safe. And she is a kid. How a small child can be a more interesting artist than adults is beyond me, but she is, from her most beautiful renditions to experimentation and imperfection, vibrant, vigorous and alive!
absoftitanium (14 days ago)
Your posts aren't about Angelina, they are all about you. You display that here by using the pronouns, 'I', 'me' or 'my' no fewer than 18 times, including 5 in the first 2 sentences! Narcissist much? You're boring for that reason.
Jari Seppälä (4 months ago)
@ragnarkisten. Of course you know, that you don't make her singing any difference, you just may upset people who like her.
Les Toth (8 months ago)
Nix the brass band, add some strings. It matches her voice better. All brass is too harsh.
Вы бриллиант! Do not give up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
bernie10315 (9 months ago)
I agree with some others, this song is not her. I always seek out Angelina's new music but didn't like the song. She'll do well if she chooses the right stuff. Also, I think she was forcing her style a bit. Sing like you Angelina,.
Frank Olsen (2 days ago)
I disagree, this song is perfectly her. What you are looking for as an explanation is the fact that she didn't practise enough. This was simply not good enough for release.
millieo (1 month ago)
My stars! Picasso said he'd spent his life trying to draw like a child. Learn to appreciate anything done by a child. The small variations and surprises give her music texture, make it fresh. Before Angelina I never cared for jazz, but I am entranced by her jazz. Perhaps it would be a good idea for you to stop listening to Angelina's music until she and her voice have matured. You can choose not to, especially not to critique a young child. Let her grow at her pace, choose her own music, let her mature in a way that resonates within her.
Dana B (3 months ago)
bernie10315 she tried something new. many great artists have sung moments that went their best, for sure!
ania R. (9 months ago)
I do not like this song She was much BETTER when she was YOUNGER , sorry not so good for me SIMON are you with me ??????😔
Good Looking (6 months ago)
I don't agree....
Francisco Saldivar (8 months ago)
I agree.
Maruska Rosas (9 months ago)
♡♡♡ Lovely !!!
KEITH Parrish (9 months ago)
Some people did not like this song. I thought she did a great job. Not her best song but very close to it.
ArtFartzy (7 days ago)
Agree not bad at all
Teresita Domingo (8 months ago)
KEITH Parrish nn
Olga Komsky (9 months ago)
she born 2006...wow !
Marie Peters (9 months ago)
What a gorgeous girl. I love her style!
Michael Poyntz (9 months ago)
It is Angelina that is magic........nothing short of brilliant in every aspect of her approach to and performing each song!
Good Looking (6 months ago)
Angelina Jordan is not little any more, she's around 175cm now. Tall for 12 years old.
Tweety and Donald (9 months ago)
Sinatra, Crosby, Bennett, Richard, Mike Szillagyi & Ken Slavin also sang it. The best version is...the little darling AJ!
Good Looking (9 months ago)
Yeah, the good-looking Angelina is the magic...just heard Tom Jones sang it in old video...similar style? James Brown, Dinah W., Teddy Randazzo...and the best version ... it's Doris Day!
pihen (9 months ago)
Dont like this song for her. Only my opinion
Music lover (9 months ago)
Makes my heart happy. Thank you Angelina ❤️❤️❤️
someduco1 (9 months ago)
It's perfect, it reaches everyone
Big AL (9 months ago)
I love the way beautiful Angelina sings but this was a bad choice of song  I thought I was listening to a lamb.  Love your singing but skip this terrible song.  I thought she was going to sing "Pilot - Magic (1975 - HD)"  now that would have been great.
brian tang (9 months ago)
I love it!... Angelina chose to sing this song in a style that is not what people are used to. but it really showcases her talent using her amazing voice in a different way. She can do more different things in amazing ways than possibly anyone that has ever lived. . I always have ultimate respect for Angelina to make her musical decisions the way she think is best, she is so ahead of all of us in, what she can do, and what she is doing and it will be interesting and im sure brilliant to see her evolve and explore over her career, Its going to be an amazing and unexpected ride and its too bad that most of her career may be after i have left this lifetime. This performance is amazing.. and thanks pa1189j, always good audio from you! thumbs up!
Romy Cantero (9 months ago)
I love her but this song is not her. She has a Beauitful voice, and her voice is changing into a lady, very pretty girl. 💟💟💟
John Byatt (9 months ago)
Love it. The album is brilliant beyond words. I can't stop listening to it.
Ivar Choi Espedalen (9 months ago)
John Byatt I agree. The music album is one of my all time favorites in my personal CD collection 😀
Vernon Pang (9 months ago)
John Byatt: Ditto!! Yes, her album is awesome and I have many favorites which I listen, enjoy, and reminisce to.
David Wilson (9 months ago)
This song was terrible I'm so sorry to say
Sandrine R. (8 months ago)
I totally agree, this type of music does not suit her
Boris Palenovski (9 months ago)
David Wilson yes you are a genuine kind of a guy usually named a troll.
David Wilson (9 months ago)
Boris Palenovski That's not fair at all you don't know me personally and that I am a genuine kind of a guy I've always loved Angelina ever since she arrived for her audition. I'm only been sincere and I don't like telling people lies just for the sake of it to make them feel good about themselves.
Boris Palenovski (9 months ago)
David Wilson yeah, I had held the discussions with at least 2 persons on Angelina's channel already who claimed themselves to be Angelina's fans, but had to be blocked by the channel management as a result of these discussions. Of what I have seen on my channel you are of the very same sort.
David Wilson (9 months ago)
Boris Palenovski Yo Boris!!! .... we've spoken a few times and you know how much I love Angelina. If I am to be fair as a fan and a critic going by observation then I must be fair and truthful. The orchestra is way too loud throughout this concert it appears to me they forget they are the support of Angelina as she is the star of the whole show. In this particular song I don't particularly enjoy her rendition of the song and maybe it's the style of the song as I am a huge fan and support Angelina.

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