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British women: 5 reasons why you should date girls from UK

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In case if you are not afraid international dating and like British women idateadvice.com made this great advice. 5 reasons why you should date women from UK - our dating coach reply to all your questions. https://youtu.be/ZsRQXupBu5c Dating British Women: Pros And Cons (by Jade Seashell) https://idateadvice.com/dating-british-women-pros-cons Most beautiful British women photos you can see here - https://youtu.be/YIuohf9jKoA
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Roman Black (1 day ago)
British women love my type, carribeans & the British have been mixing for ages... giving u beautiful children to appreciate
Paulo Seara (1 day ago)
They do not know how to be romantic, one time one of them took a joint off her bra and smoke it in front of me.
Michael Ju (2 days ago)
How to even meet British women when I am not in UK?
jonnysoupcan (6 days ago)
Where the fuck did she come up with this load of horse shit? Jesus christ I've dated a British girl from just north of london. She was by far the most nuts girl I've encountered. None of what this girl is saying is true it's all just deluded horse shit . I'm canadian by the way and they are all thots here aswell . I'm pretty sure the whole world is full of money grabbing control driven girls that are completely uncapable of real love . Just monkey branching minipulators with their own agendas. Get on over to the sandman to take your daily dose of the red pill . Keep your wits about you guys and you're wallet closed .
Brian Muraguri (7 days ago)
Shut the fuck up slut British women are racists and daft
George Butcher (13 days ago)
Thy don’t sound like a British dame
Cris Yorke (15 days ago)
Loup Bleu (1 month ago)
For example if my dad’s a millionnaire and I’m his only son, and that I’m the owner a construction company in Dubai with a decent income, will it be easy to find british girls wanting to marry me ? How to meet and convince one ? In this hypothetical scenario what car should I use to parade with in London ? A Maybach ? a Rolls-Royce ? or a sportscar ? Is a F430 Ferrari from 2007 enough or is it too old ? Also how much would the british girl’s maintenance cost ?
Kurt N (1 month ago)
Who wrote her horrible script? This is BS
Tricky Yell (1 month ago)
I think this blonde it's on drogs
Patrick Leabo (1 month ago)
This is garbage
MountainRain (1 month ago)
Lmao what
Jack Sugden (1 month ago)
Britain women are stuck up, and in a class system, I’m born in the UK, and find them a hard act to follow, some are stuck up, if in the wrong social circles, then the Wouk want was not available. I’ve been alone for some years now, got stuck in my ways, and no longer desperate for them, as liked my own company, Britain or English, born here in London, isn’t important, but exercise caution with this women, as can be dangerous to men.
Vinyl Spell (1 month ago)
First reason : British woman - Gorgeous blue eyes Second - Great ass
starlight122012 (1 month ago)
I am British and I am looking abroad for someone decent, can't seem to find anyone decent in England. And this woman has no idea what she is talking about, this woman has an accent from where? She speaks great English, but not from England. I am not sure what fairy tale group of women she met in England, because they sound great and I have still yet to meet them. My take on women I have chatted too and dated resemble below: 1.British women DO NOT have any class, if that was the case, then they wouldn't be like sheep and keep getting hideous tattoos, getting drunk and wearing next to nothing. so what ever class she is talking about does not exist. 2.British women mostly are just shallow as most women can be, but it seems even after dating the same type of guy, some idiot with a beard and gets messed around and cheated on, only to end up a single mum, she still will go after the same idiot with sleeve tattoos and a beard and then whine that all men are dickheads. whatever. 3.British women usually lie and mess you around, then ghost you and without any reason block you from messaging them, yeh nice women. 4.most British women don't have gorgeous accents, trust me. 5.Most British women have great sense of style? really last time I looked most did not.
mike C (2 months ago)
British Girls English women are deffinitly the charismatic sizzle to my shizzle AMERICA has the most MENTALLY ILL PEOPLE IN THE WORLD WHY IS THAT the man or women standing next to you in line at the grocery store would murder you and take everything if they could get away with it AN walk scott free Friendships are restricted to social clicks only
Arthur Remington (2 months ago)
Some uk women are very respectful and polite some american women are polite and respectful but i can fit with a british women they suite me the best 😘
Rachel From England (2 months ago)
Bless you for making such a sweet video! Have a lovely day!
Attitude Adjustment (2 months ago)
many of them are gold diggers 🤣
John Wayne (2 months ago)
They binge drink and wear ridiculous makeup. And equally confused outfits
Terry Presnell (2 months ago)
God I love British women💗 I'm an American man who has always been in love with UK ladies
Maddy Pets (3 months ago)
We're not classy and most of us don't like the stereotypes foreigners give us. We are all a bunch of twats tbh 😂
starlight122012 (1 month ago)
Yep I agree
iDateAdvice (3 months ago)
Thanks for your feedback!
Hip48Xn3 (3 months ago)
funny the first thing women say whenever they are describing themselves, it the LOVE to travel. whenever ANY woman says first that they love to travel, to me, red flags go up. they are basically saying they are looking for a man to fund their permanent vacation for the rest of their life. and not ever be tied down to one man, one location. and in my experience, are very selfish. buyer beware.
iDateAdvice (3 months ago)
+Hip48Xn3 true for some. some just describe themselves and what sort of a man they would like they describe in another section like 'requirements to a partner'
Hip48Xn3 (3 months ago)
there are 365 days in a year. how often do they expect to travel? on point, they don't say, they love their families. looking for their life partner. looking for a solid man that will be a great dad. not even thatthey are a spiritual person and they are faithful. but, no. the first thing they say is "i love to travel". in my experience, those women, if they aren't traveling, they aren't happy. so, they are either always traveling or always bored. not really wanting to be a homemaker, wife, or mother. that is what i meant. they usually are looking for a good time first. and that is the most important thing to them 100% of my past experience with those kind of women.
iDateAdvice (3 months ago)
people love travelling in their majority and does mot mean a woman would travel at your expense, this just means she likes discovering tge world, learn new things and simply have fun.
AAANDN1 (3 months ago)
So their jus as materialistic as american women
starlight122012 (1 month ago)
At least American women make an effort in looking nice
Dinesh Koul (2 months ago)
i dont agree every nation has every type of girls and materialistic girls and gold diggers are everywhere who value money more than love and care
iDateAdvice (3 months ago)
materialistic girls exist in any nation/country. Surprise!
Nidi Aliko (3 months ago)
British woman are dirty most of them and u have nice girls as well is the same In every country
iDateAdvice (3 months ago)
Stereotyping at action?
HeavenlyDemon (3 months ago)
Pfahahahah. I'm a girl and i can give you 300 reasons to run away from the lazy ,drug addicted ,fat and racist british girls .
马小桐 (3 months ago)
quickly review all comments below...it doesn't make any sense for me that so many people left such negative opinions toward British ladies... Personally, I love their stunning appearence and polite behavior , of course, foremost a very posh British accent...
Maddy Pets (3 months ago)
You wonder why 1 in 5 British 16 to 25 year old girls self harm. We cut are selves because of the stereotypes others give us. I'm a 13 year old girl and I'm disgusted by how some foreigners think we look. How can you judge 30 million people. Fuck u.
lu na (3 months ago)
NEWS FLASH. NO straight man cares about the stupid shit you chicks pretend matters. Young, Fertile, Hot, Submissive. That's what men want. Denounce Feminism, then we'll consider dating you again. Until then, we'll go with Russia, Asia, Latin America.
Duncan kiongo (3 months ago)
Hey over there ,hello , and how are you ?)
Willis Dan (3 months ago)
Come out and see the real world....
cunneto2912 (3 months ago)
Getting fed up of these people, you have no idea what british girls are like, over entitled pieces of shit who go to the highest bidder, please do propper research before making another vid
Cero powa (3 months ago)
depends upon person, any race some are good, some are bad, some are evil some are sexy....ops. *(u get my point)byebye
iDateAdvice (3 months ago)
Cero powa People are good or bad, but not race in general
Boateng King (4 months ago)
British women always welcome every human being in world.
starlight122012 (1 month ago)
Yeh even illegal immigrants who turn around to rob you or s*xually assault you
Rachel From England (2 months ago)
Thank you dear!
iDateAdvice (4 months ago)
Boateng King Depends on a human being!)
Farid Abedin (4 months ago)
You are not British, I guess.
Sex Corpio (4 months ago)
It is not actually a Matter of how pretty you are, but the energy you British women exude, wich is (when classy and not cogney) irresistible
Maddy Pets (3 months ago)
Ok wow thanks but fuck off
fabian blijd (4 months ago)
MH 1996 (5 months ago)
I’m British and this has me in stitches 😂
iDateAdvice (5 months ago)
jon callum (5 months ago)
are you serious!, so because we have a royal family in Britain you think british women have class!, you must be insane, just a side note about the so called royal family they are parasites and do nothing for anything they get they are scum, go to any town in Britain on a Saturday night and you'll see what passes for class in the shit hole that is Britain, you'll see women with barely any clothes on urinating in the gutter drunk and cursing like sailors , do youre homework before you make a fool of yourself.
iDateAdvice (5 months ago)
You have a great example for class!
jon callum (5 months ago)
You're not British!
Charles Rablin (5 months ago)
So why you speak British with accent
iDateAdvice (5 months ago)
Charles Rablin English. With accent as this is not Tamara's native language!
TimesNewRoumen (5 months ago)
Some are nice I believe but the rest (and the most) should be taught in schools how to behave.
Simurg Black (5 months ago)
Tristan Josh Fortich (6 months ago)
Do they even like Asian men?
Rowen (9 days ago)
Since that kpop group came out. Loads of British girls love Asian men now
Loup Bleu (1 month ago)
Bro the other day I just saw a Korean guy in the streets with his french girlfriend and wow he was probably the most handsome and classy man I’ve ever seen (and I’m not even gay but his beauty was shining through the whole street lmao), most asian guys are not seen as attractive by white girls (or even by asian girls) but when they are attractive they are above anything else, whereas Asian girls are generally seen as attractive by the majority of white men.
John Ezekiel Santos (4 months ago)
iDateAdvice that was just a thought. Who knows... Right?
iDateAdvice (4 months ago)
John Ezekiel Santos you ask us? or was it a statement
John Ezekiel Santos (4 months ago)
iDateAdvice some like 20 80? 20% have the chance to date British women and 80% totally don't have the chance?
I AM NOVA (7 months ago)
John Tull (7 months ago)
1adebarde (7 months ago)
If you live in Britain and see British women you can understand how most of the men are gay.
Brian Muraguri (7 days ago)
PsycheodeliaDelle (4 months ago)
1adebarde (5 months ago)
Look at all the other comments on here - there's your reasons.
Rosario Records (5 months ago)
1adebarde what do you mean why?
iDateAdvice (7 months ago)
1adebarde lol
ripperduck (7 months ago)
uh, no, this isn't close to being true...
Benny Alba (8 months ago)
the princess right
capnhands (9 months ago)
they love spotted dick
iDateAdvice (9 months ago)
Don't be silly!)
Freekorps roman (10 months ago)
I did enjoy the BRIDGET JONES novels and I did love the women in DOWNTON ABBEY--this is very encouraging!
Timur B (10 months ago)
stay away from all those pork chops
Cream-Tea-And-Sandwiches (10 months ago)
‘British style’ is just leggings and hoodies? I mean I wear lots of Japanese fashion with blouses/skirts and dresses but I definitely stand out... This is just a mass of British stereotypes 😆
N- Ing (4 months ago)
Cream-Tea-And-Sandwiches - clearly you live in a skanky area
iDateAdvice (10 months ago)
To some extend you are right
Yanat 79 (10 months ago)
Royalty ???!?!? Hahaha... What a lie .... They are thieves ... No glory in that.... I'm shocked how many lies this channel can actually tell about these Feminists white trash ....
George V (10 months ago)
British women?... Respectable?... They have feelings for you?... Brains?... What?... British women?.... Agh!... Coughing!... Ahahahahahaha!... Ah!... Ahhh!... Hahahahahaha!... Agghhh!... Cough!.... Aha!... Aha!... Ahahahahaha!... Hahahahsha!... Ahh!... Brit!... Brit!... Ish!... Wo!... Wo!... Wo!... Men!.... Ahha!.... Ahhha!.... Hahahahahaha!... Ahhahahahahaha!... Ahha!... Ahh!... Hahahahahahahahaha!... Ahahahahahahahahahahaha!.... Ha!... Ha!... Ha!... Aggghhhaaahahahahahaha!... Hahahahahaha!... Hahahaaha!... Aha!... Haha!... Ahhh! Ahh!....
Brian Muraguri (7 days ago)
Haha and to make maers worse British women are sluts
Thor (21 days ago)
:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D you made my day
Blackwolf MGTOW (4 months ago)
iDateAdvice British women classy ....... it was at that moment I knew I had been hit by jokers laughing venom .
Bulrock (10 months ago)
iDateAdvice : This is very pleasing. The truth trolling has become autonomous. Mission complete. No one really trusts you anymore.
George V (10 months ago)
iDateAdvice YOU!... Are joking, aren't you?.... What I mean is, this is a comedy sketch,... right?... Because!.... That has got to be, without any ounce of a doubt!... The most hilariously, comically, funniest things I've ever heard people say, when they are talking about British women, If you ever hear a British man talk about the British women in a positive manner, *e.g. "British women have a good brain". Or!... "British women are great company, and they make excellent wives".* It's!.... British men being sarcastic. Because the irony of it all is that, they (British women) are the total opposites, in everything that is goodness.... *That is, at its very worst, and it is,... at its most ugliest in all British women, bar none!* *Peace!*
big rich texas (10 months ago)
i still bear the scars from a british woman,
Xx Lilly xX Life MSP (3 months ago)
big rich texas 😂😂😂
iDateAdvice (10 months ago)
Wow! Those made in bed?)
Shrikant Upadhye (10 months ago)
It's very easy to listen to date UK girls but no one knows how to approach & tale any girl for date? If she complained to police some one playing robbishly with her then all life will spoils. thanks you.
iDateAdvice (10 months ago)
Shrikant Upadhye (10 months ago)
iDateAdvice okay nice do you dates then welcome.
iDateAdvice (10 months ago)
Check out our blog for pieces of advice on this topics
d y (10 months ago)
How about changing the background ?
iDateAdvice (10 months ago)
We will work on this.Thanks
Larry Craft (10 months ago)
When is Max going to do another video?
iDateAdvice (10 months ago)
Soon! He promised us!
Donnie Ray Phipps (10 months ago)
Donnie Ray Phipps (10 months ago)
iDateAdvice ok your beautiful
iDateAdvice (10 months ago)
Hi! How are you?
Wayne Salvador (10 months ago)
IDK... A lot of British Gentlemen in Russia fishing. They told me that there is no difference between British and US women. FEMINIST LACKING FEMININITY
HeavenlyDemon (3 months ago)
They are right . And i have seen it with my own eyes when i visited U.K . The horror i have seen there because of feminists ,fat, racist british woman.
Techno Tard (5 months ago)
iDateAdvice (10 months ago)
True! Makes sense!

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