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The TRUTH About Chaos Magic

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There are things you need to know about Chaos Magic for your own safety. Further information: https://nathanieljharris.wordpress.com/2017/01/20/beast-wing-666-ritual-abuse-in-the-uk/
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John Que Phone (16 days ago)
I thought it was common knowledge British Occult was infiltrated by a pedo ring. Jimmy Savile was the mainstream proof of this. Every religion, occult organization/philosophy gets infiltrated, debased, and inverted nothing new about that.
Aetherius Nox (27 days ago)
I wish there were more honest folks like yourself in these "top magical orders" while my first practical intro into magick was thru chaos magick I am disgusted by their actions and lives they have ruined. However some things within the chaos magick paradigm are exemplary such as the bare bones approach to doing magick, such as sigils, servitors, personal investigations into self created ritual. I've found Franz bardon's works to be far superior.....but in truth these men should be jailed and sentenced, but let us not throw out the whole of chaos magick. For in truth it's just an approach to doing magick that has worked for many others.
Aetherius Nox (24 days ago)
@Nathaniel Harris ah I see, yes that would certainly make a point
Nathaniel Harris (24 days ago)
@Aetherius Nox The only books of mine that are out of print are the ones I want that way. With internet shopping it no longer matters much if they are in the 'scene and herd' bookshops. Since to even use the term 'Chaos Magic' gives credibility to Carroll, who has made himself complicit, with many / all of the 'big names' in the UK - from Jaq D. Hawkins through to Vayne and Wyrd - directly incolved in the 'cul-de-sac cult' paedophile ring (Google Colin Batley sex cult), it is unadvidable to identify with that current in any way. Perhaps we should start uploading videos of ourselves burning any copies of their work we have and saying to camera what we think of them. It might start to get the message across.
Aetherius Nox (26 days ago)
@Nathaniel Harris yes I shall check out your other works, as you happen to be one of my favorite authors on the subject, it's a shame that your books are not staying in print because of this, if anything their works should be out of print...
Nathaniel Harris (26 days ago)
I find the relativity of Chaos magic 'philosophy' to be shallow, pretentious and arrogant, their bare bones approach to be generally misinformed, and they are most certainly not the origins of 'creative occultism'.. indeed, for all their claims, I find the likes of Carroll and his dupes to be among the least talented magicians I have ever met. I hope you enjoy the other videos on my channel, which explore the subject of effective magic more deeply.
S. Cook (1 month ago)
I was just taking a cursory look into Chaos Magick. The only book I read was 'Condensed Chaos' by Phil Hines. There were some interesting things in it, some things I liked and some I didn't. Thank you for speaking out on that order. I've always been a solitary person in magical works or prayer, and the point you made about how an organization can become completely corrupt is another reason why I enjoy solitary work so much. I am completely comfortable with it, because I can be 100% confident in my own actions and motivations. If I joined an organization, I would feel liable for the actions of others within the organization whether I took part in it or not. The other downside to being in a group or organization would be the pressure to conform in a certain way to the 'will' of the entire group. It sounds like with the situation you are talking about, the abuse and unlawfulness of their actions is allowed from the top of the organization which then in turn filters down to the rest of it. It takes a lot of courage to make a video like this. I wish you the best of luck, and hopefully in time that burden you feel on your heart will get lighter.
James M (1 month ago)
I recently decided that I wanted to learn magick and was told chaos magick was what I was looking for. I have read Liber Kaos and was searching on youtube and came across this video. So on one hand I want to say thanks for stopping me wasting any more time on chaos magick, but on the other hand I now have no idea what direction to go in now! Is there any REAL powerful magick or is it all just fake like chaos magick? I am very new to the concept of magick but it is something that interests me greatly and if you could recommend which direction I should go in for real magick I would be very grateful. You seem really honest and genuine so I would really value your input. Thanks!
Nathaniel Harris (9 days ago)
I should point out also that Phil Hine himself published pro-paedophile materials in Chaos International during the 1980s, as did Dave Lee. I am ashamed to have ever known these scum.
Nathaniel Harris (9 days ago)
@Anatsuii I suppose it is a 'drift'.. what has happened is this - the Illuminates of Thanateros have been funding themselves (and their projects) through the creation and distribution of child abuse images. Peter J. Carroll knows this and is engaged with the cover-up, and possibly helping them 'rinse' money through his businesses.
Anatsuii (9 days ago)
@Nathaniel Harris oh.. yeah I did not realise that I did not know,I thought it was some kind of drift from the original practice :(
Nathaniel Harris (9 days ago)
@Anatsuii You realise Chaos magic began with the cult in question, right? You can identify with what you like, it isn't my problem. I'm just warning you - if you don't want to be mistaken for a sadistic paedophile don't stand beside them.
Anatsuii (10 days ago)
@Nathaniel Harris Can't we practice chaos magick without following a cult? I mean, can't I use the principles of chaos magick wothout following anyone in particular ? what I liked about chaos magick and the few thing I know about it is that you build your own practice by yourself using some tools like sigils, gnose and such and follow the "nothing is true everyhting is permitted" (well, some people might have follew this a bit too literraly......)
SLD Havik (2 months ago)
I commend you for speaking out. There are some people out there who are master manipulators. They are not only in the occult, but are apart of every system on this planet. Don't be too hard on yourself.
Count Rufus (2 months ago)
Why is Alexander dugin taking it and embracing alestar crowley
Nathaniel Harris (2 months ago)
Esoteric fascism.. "And the slaves shall serve." Worrying!
Kid Lori (3 months ago)
The South African band you mentioned in a past video just got called out for their “Chaos Magic” use
BeyondSideshow (13 days ago)
'called out'..?
Kid Lori (2 months ago)
Nathaniel Harris ahhh I see. I found you in reference to them. But I understand
Nathaniel Harris (3 months ago)
I did not mention any bands in my videos. The charlatans I refer to are the Illuminates of Thanateros themselves.
Kid Lori (3 months ago)
Don’t cry. Like you said, the truth will be revealed either way.
Waldwinthir Guillim (3 months ago)
I've never read a thing about chaos magic. I just do what I want.
Sentinel (3 months ago)
What I admire is that you take responsibility, but please try to remember that especially when one is young, we make mistakes and alot of the times it's because our hearts are open and we trust people, which in itself is a good thing. However, we live and learn that not all are worthy of that trust and we also get burned. It's part of that lesson or journey in life. Forgive yourself and don't hold it forever. If I held in all the mishaps that I incurred in life, the breath would have been knocked out of me a long time ago. In the end it simply made me a better and wiser person. Perhaps it's the same for you. The culprits will get theirs in the end. There is nothing in this world that isn't accounted for one way or the other.
rreeves0710 (3 months ago)
Aye aye. I respect your work. The occult naturally devolves into degenerate buggery if not checked... Truth and reason is strong magik, Sir Padan Fain.,
oily magick (3 months ago)
It really makes me feel like packing it all in and never promote occultism again..im done with magickal orders/fraternitys too! I made 4 true friends in the occult scene who are on the level and decent human beings,but my experiances in one "thelemic" order made me rethink how i see people in the occult scene,theres alot of black brothers n sisters in it, Im glad i got out when i did i dread to think what could have really been going on behind the scenes amongst the higher degrees.
The Black Tower (3 months ago)
You are not a Paria in MY EYE"s Brother! I'm sorry you have had to deal with the repercussions of other's actions just because of your Relationship to them. Stay Strong and thank you for putting yourself out there like this to Educate us of what happened and what is happening. One thing i have learned in this life is this: The truth will always out like the sun it always rises.
Benny Krebs Christensen (3 months ago)
Nathaniel it is not your fault, i have heard you blame yourself a number of times, and it is just not true, i think you where used. Just because you let some guy use your sofa, does not make you responsible, even if he turns out to be a monster later, you did not let a monster sleep on your sofa. Monsters deceives us, i helped people in my life, where i felt regret later. Intent and context matters.
CynicalBroadcast (3 months ago)
Both Vitriol and Ourosburos are better than Peter's newer book- very pedantic and basic- it's basically a coffee-table book for some history of Thelema and some small connections in history, and then a lot of material on god-forms- but it's all stuff one can suss pretty easily for themselves. Getting suckered only briefly, though, that's a relief. Glad I never bought anything more from the Mandrake. Real glad. People need to look within...not bandy about their orders in the material sense, with "lawyers" and money and crime. Especially the crimes of certain accused individuals, the kind that cannot be excused, ever. In fact, the kind that should be punished with capital punishment, and probably some of the sum few crimes that really should be....
Andres Trevino (3 months ago)
I was a bit taken aback when I heard you say something about an Eye of Horus tattoo on the back of your mothers neck because I saw a woman at a store with the same tattoo in the same position this week, I live in the States though so I doubt it was your mother, but this makes me wonder about the global extent of the group she was in.
Andres Trevino (3 months ago)
Also I'm sorry for the amount of regret that you feel, and I know no words I can make can lift that burden off your shoulders, but I hope you are at least able to find some peace within in the future.

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