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I Changed My Style Every Day For An ENTIRE Week! *embarrassing...*

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For a week I changed my style every day. It went from a sweet kawaii style to an ULTIMATE gothic outfit. Also includes skater girl, girly girl and more. Vlog style so there's some funny clips in there too ;) My Vlog Channel (Click to subscribe!) - https://goo.gl/N5uDNR BUSINESS/PR ENQUIRIES- [email protected] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Social Media: Instagram- @Milliet25 https://www.instagram.com/milliet25/ Twitter- @Milliet25 https://twitter.com/milliet25 Snapchat- @Milliet24 Business Email- [email protected] My favourite videos! Binge watch all of my video! https://goo.gl/rcTsmp Watch only my testing cheap ebay/wish app items: https://goo.gl/qWCAES Watch my shopping and clothing hauls! https://goo.gl/daoRd7 MY VLOG CHANNEL! (My personal life lol) https://goo.gl/7Sk4CZ If you are new to my channel then a huge welcome to you! If you enjoyed this vid then please leave a thumbs up! my channel consists of mediocre videos that are very random and I upload every Monday at 5pm GMT! Camera- Canon 700D (t5i) Lens- Canon 18-55mm & Canon 50mm Editing software- Imovie 11/FCPX ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BUSINESS/PR ENQUIRIES- [email protected]
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Millie T (7 months ago)
The response to this video has me overwhelmed. I appreciate you guys so much thank you for being so involved with me and my life it really is the best feeling. Not sure what I did to deserve this love but THANK YOU! You da best hoee xoxo
lilianna draws (12 days ago)
+In the life of Imogen and Millie 101 your name is keisha you just changed your name on yt
fowlers pikachu (27 days ago)
Millie T what type of crop top was it for Mondays look? 💗
ariana gb (2 months ago)
11:02 me
Duckyboi2366 (4 months ago)
Millie T woo 1.1 subs
Lisa Ennis (4 months ago)
LOVE he end look it rocks
Seren Davies (11 hours ago)
Love your videos Millie xx
Gaz Euro (1 day ago)
I liked the skater girl one the most!!
Abby Rogan (4 days ago)
Oh my god!!!! You was in Burnley!!! I’m so upset I didn’t see you😓
Girly Gamers (4 days ago)
DEFO HIGH during the girly girl outfit !! How funny 🤣
weird person (4 days ago)
*the old school converse* They are called vans but I think u rocked every outfit x
Ewwww he vapes,why do you even vape in a car 🤮🤮
Wonderland of Oz (5 days ago)
Is it just me or does she remind you of Bethany from coronation street
Athena bowker (6 days ago)
the skater girl outfit looks amazing but u should’ve wore black jeans or ripped jeans xx
Drewe Salahor (6 days ago)
You're so pretty 😭❤ and I love your personality
Lea (7 days ago)
i really wish you knew what kind of bra to wear w what outfit
Lana Turner (8 days ago)
6:46 Ben loves Millie x
Imogen Embley (12 days ago)
my name is Imogen!!!! :)
Natures life (13 days ago)
i get looks for my style, a lot actually
Daisy Kavanagh (16 days ago)
6:44 you sound like a killer :-)
Greta May (18 days ago)
You said old Skool converse when they was vans
The Crying Cringe (18 days ago)
9:05 umm... A.De.Duh.S try saying it like this... Not A.Dad.E.Das 10:06 AGAIN Oh and 9:57-11:01 I feel very offended I am an emo skater girl... Unless it is Monday then I am a insane rainbow unicorn
The Crying Cringe (18 days ago)
Lily Maurice (19 days ago)
7:34 *Kate Elizabeth has left the chat*
Irfan Killer (21 days ago)
‘Oma goodness I look like a girl’haha😂😂😂
kiirsttx (25 days ago)
New rocks 🖤🖤🖤
ItsEvaWoods X (25 days ago)
11:00 me when my friends want to facetime
starfire (26 days ago)
the way she says adidas makes me wanna die lol
baby laney (26 days ago)
She doesn’t give a fuck 😂😂
The Nerdprincess (1 month ago)
I liked them all
Larah (1 month ago)
I liked the last outfit the most :)
eisha. (1 month ago)
does millie vape?
Elle Watson (1 month ago)
Wait, do u live in Burnley ?
Leah Beer (1 month ago)
I need those boots
Charlotte Pearl (1 month ago)
this is so scary, i look like a girl lol
emily (1 month ago)
I love skater clothes
emily (1 month ago)
Good vid
caitlin murray (1 month ago)
uncle christopher is such a mood 😂
Cassie Tremblay (1 month ago)
I love the gothic and gothic is my style I switch from goth to emo and I love both You should try the emo style next
Nelly Kwizera (1 month ago)
3:58 I look like a girl Me:I are a girl😂😂
Blanka Boni (1 month ago)
Oh wow🥰
Evie MayXx (1 month ago)
3:54 omg I look like a girl
Isabella Thibault (1 month ago)
Ah deee dass. vs Adee dis. 😂
Rabija Alickovic (1 month ago)
I wish she didn't wear regular bra's where she needs a t-shirt bra :// it kills so many of her cute outfits
Joseph Paczkowski (1 month ago)
AmazingEmelia (1 month ago)
I love your Tuesday glasses because *I* have them ✌🏻😅
H B (2 months ago)
Your grandma is the cutest
Elysia M (2 months ago)
love u xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Allison McAlexander (2 months ago)
9:04 when she says adidas
Joana Nunes (2 months ago)
Are those New Rock boots!? I'm goth and I've never been able to afford a pair of those yet... And actually the whole look wasn't goth at all... just kinda super cringey fake-ass-wannabe-goth emo... You could've done something way cheaper and yet way more authentic (thrift stores and DIY are the way to go). If you wanna go for pricey goth or get some ideas check out brands as Killstar, Dracula Clothing, Restyle, Demonia Shoes; some youtubers as It's Black Friday or ReeRee Phillips... I say do some proper research and give it a second try, I would like to see it :)
sisters :D (2 months ago)
3:56 so all girls look like this? Because when u go to my elementary school i don’t see anyone that looks like that
Sarah Murphy (2 months ago)
Oh my god did anyone else think Millie looked like shaggy out of scooby doo with the first outfit😂 love youuu girlyyy so so much xxxx
BATKI (2 months ago)
Goth was my favourite, hands down. Good video.
sentienttrash00 (2 months ago)
I get the nice idea of this challenge but........................... Most of these outfits were horribly styled and incoherent. This is coming from a person who wears lolita almost daily and used to be a hardcore goth, so anyone trying to paste me with that 'oh you're just a judgemental normie hater', buzz off. I know about alternative fashion through and through, and this ain't really hitting the mark.
sentienttrash00 (2 months ago)
Also at people screaming that it's expensive as hell to do it properly, no it it actually ain't, it'd only be marginally more money consuming than what happened here. It just takes research. Look at pictures of outfits and coordinates, ask folks online, recognize the key points of styling, staple pieces and get cheaper versions of said staple pieces. In this video some items were just mishmashed and bought just because they kinda looked like they'd go. You have to use logic of what looks good when you style, like which kind of skirt and silhouette goes with which kind of top, etc.
Julia Breen (2 months ago)
Ewwwww did anyone hear how she says Adidas
Rebecca Medlicott (2 months ago)
Sorry but the Gothic clothes are not Gothic I still love ya Millie but I wear Gothic clothes ish
Mary Buckle (2 months ago)
Loved the sk8te outfit
The Savage Wolf H8ter (2 months ago)
e-girl allert! XD
Hunny u said old school Converse and those are vans I’m very sorry but I only wear vans and I find this annoying
Shanti's Candle (2 months ago)
Love this video 😍
Victoria Cutler (2 months ago)
being a skater the outfit you wore was not skate theme you look like a 9th grade fuckboy
OneSpicyPotate (2 months ago)
Listen. Ill take the New Rocks if you never plan on wearing them again
Leslie Fisher (2 months ago)
hehe the way she says adidas ❤️😂😭
Ria T (2 months ago)
I know I’m late but girrlllll it’s hard to believe that was u in 2013! Also those people were soooo judgemental 😐 Nice video and editing as well xo
Lottie Smith (2 months ago)
Alex Fenner (2 months ago)
Just revisiting tonnes of old vids. Millie, u are all of us trying on clothes that don’t fit.
X.It’sJess .X (2 months ago)
Omg I look like a girl ☺️haha creased ❤️xx
Kiara Lawton (2 months ago)
You were in Burnley
Amanda Gregory (2 months ago)
hippie lolita girly skater goth
candy elizalde (2 months ago)
Oh my goodness I look like a girl lol
Dahne Carlos (2 months ago)
I'm a skater girl we rarely where leggings
joanna the turtle fish (2 months ago)
How long has she been with her boyfriend
Mette Jønsson (2 months ago)
Nailed it
scarymary66 (2 months ago)
The Goth look is definitely my favorite. Those black contacts were so cool. That and the pink look were my two favorites.
Julia Wood (2 months ago)
I guess I’m a skater girl.
Haley (2 months ago)
I swear you look like chuckys wife in the gothic outfit ISSA LOOK
Shayna Bolin (2 months ago)
Tuesday your make up was so pretty
ivy does stuff (2 months ago)
Oh my goodness I look like a girl Lol
debi Johns_ton (2 months ago)
You definitely should have worn the gothic outfit to your Nans birthday meal 😂 the reactions from your family would have been priceless! 🤣
2:07 that’s why Millie doesn’t smoke or vape 😂👌
fairydaemons (2 months ago)
The way she says adidas😂
delylah dances (2 months ago)
She said converse and they are vans lol i love it
Anna Rigsby (2 months ago)
What was that t shirt you were wearing at 5:40 ish sooo cool so my style
Mrs. Warren (2 months ago)
This is my first time watching your videos and omg lol 3:15
Bish_imma_cow (2 months ago)
The first one you just looked like you’re from California not really a different time. Good video anyway :)
rose bush (2 months ago)
A week is 7 days
Nariah Bernard (2 months ago)
At 10:09 Millie called the Vans, CONVERSE😂😂😬😬😮
Emily Downing (2 months ago)
Anyone else die when she said converse instead of vans! 🧐
nicole popovici (2 months ago)
10:10 in Millie said old school convers???? Are they not vans ??
Anaya Coats (2 months ago)
I love the girly girl outfit!!!!!!!!!!
Peyton G (2 months ago)
Did you call vans converse? YOU IS A DUMB BITCH
Kayla Watambwa (2 months ago)
I would've preferred the Thursday outfits plaid around your waist
Alub Manmos (2 months ago)
You look SO hot in the Gothic outfit!!!
Darielys Verta (2 months ago)
BTW Van's are not converse
emma werkhoven (2 months ago)
Omg am I the only one that thought about yungblud by that jacket at 1:21?
madison hawkisn (2 months ago)
10:07 *Converse*
madison hawkisn (2 months ago)
3:53 you look like a girl cuz you are a girl
Kawaii Potato (2 months ago)
3:53 ....You look like a girl... wow... cool?
Magdalena Stanczak (2 months ago)
I have a friend called Imogen at my school
Van Fam (2 months ago)
HAILEE WHENEVER (2 months ago)
What I wear every day is Thursday
macy moo (2 months ago)
3:54 Millie: oh my goodness I look like I girl Me: No way.. 😂
elzbelz 203 (2 months ago)
millie: oh my goodness I look like a girl me: it is because u are one . lol xx love ur channel xx
Sasa K (2 months ago)
Millie’s dad : you going out like that Millie : yeah so you like it Millie’s dad : no
Keely Somerville (2 months ago)
I love Fridays outfit i love itttttt it is amazing your so pretty
Unicorn Place (2 months ago)
"Oh my god I look like a girl!" Uhhh...no joke bro..

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