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Nillkin Magic Disk 4 fast wireless charger

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Magic Disk 4 Fast Wireless Charger: http://global.nillkin.com/goodsdetail.aspx?id=3218 Hands free, visual enjoyment. Fast wireless charge Strong compatibility Intelligent chip Security protection Charing indicator light White LED light Colorful light
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Text Comments (5)
Kez (3 months ago)
im getting one of these based soley on the music you chose for this video.......ommpf ommpf ommpf ommpf
Ranjith Kumar (1 year ago)
What's the output power for iPhone x ????
Suhaimi Daud (4 months ago)
Support fast charging for note9?
Ranjith Kumar (1 year ago)
Andres Sanchez ya it will work
Andres Sanchez (1 year ago)
Ranjith Kumar does it even work for iPhone X

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