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How To: Fashion Photography With One Light

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Join me as i build a high fashion set, work with my client, and show you how to get great fashion lighting with one light. Sounds crazy but i make it happen! Follow me on IG so see the images when they drop https://www.instagram.com/thebruceallen/
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Phase Lola (14 days ago)
I am so happy I found your channel and Instagram! I'm excited to see you grow and learn as well! Born and raised in DC myself and expressing myself through the lens is everything to me. I am so happy I found you! Like super inspiring! This makes me happy for what I imagine my life to be, I am soo ready to let the fears go and hold on to my dream.
Justtyty (15 days ago)
Loveee haha
Alexander Hendrickson (15 days ago)
Do you mean to tell me I just watched this whole video and didn't get to see how it turned out?
Mark Smith (27 days ago)
Stop chimping. Get you exposure, check it once...Then let it rip. The more you chip (look into the back of the camera) the less connection you have with the model.
美意識ポール (2 months ago)
What is the brand of your flash ?
maumania (2 months ago)
fucking incredible!! nice job bro. Now im suscribed to your chanel. BTW.. whos sheee? <3
Juan Pena (3 months ago)
HippieDez (3 months ago)
wish we got to see some pictures to see the results of your one light setup
Deep Desire (3 months ago)
waste of time !!! did not even show the pics
The Bruce Allen (3 months ago)
is it about the journey or destination? Their on my IG though.
Killa K Glamorous (4 months ago)
I love your videos!! I had these strobes and ended up returning them on Amazon, idk for what reason but you made me purchase it again! Does such a great job. I never even tried mine hahaha. Keep your videos coming 😍
Killa K Glamorous (4 months ago)
The Bruce Allen I’m glad I finally found someone on YouTube to use it for real studio work because when I tried to look it up videos only pop up of people reviewing it and not actually using it for studio work. Which wireless did you end up buying? I have the Vision4 by neewer which is battery based so I can take it anywhere 😊
The Bruce Allen (4 months ago)
glad i could change your mind! But they have worked so well for me. Their strong and cheap. But i have since bought a wireless strobe as well.
Carlyn Martin (5 months ago)
You earned a sub for me! I love your personality you're awesome dude keep it up
The Bruce Allen (5 months ago)
Thanks man! No plans on stopping. What would you like to see?
Carlyn Martin (5 months ago)
From not for haha
Ciprian Manolache (5 months ago)
Very cool stuff! What are the white boxes made of?
The Bruce Allen (5 months ago)
Mohd Parvej (5 months ago)
DIRTBAGDOM (6 months ago)
where to buy modeling cubes?
The Bruce Allen (4 months ago)
no idea! i made them
MidnightSun Designs (6 months ago)
Tell her to find me when she comes back to North Carolina
MidnightSun Designs (6 months ago)
not a problem lol
The Bruce Allen (6 months ago)
lol only if you take her somewhere vegan
QNetX (6 months ago)
What a fun looking bunch. Beautiful set and matching awesome fashions. Great BTS!
The Bruce Allen (6 months ago)
Lots of fun! Glad you enjoyed!
Ricardo Alba (6 months ago)
man! loved your bts, really up beat mood and great shots!
The Bruce Allen (6 months ago)
thanks ricardo! Just trying to do something different than what on the tube
ACID SNOW (6 months ago)
thanks for the the tips super interesting! this will be super helpful for the future :)
ACID SNOW (6 months ago)
it surely will!
The Bruce Allen (6 months ago)
i hope it helps!
Jaspreet Singh (7 months ago)
deserve more viewers
The Bruce Allen (6 months ago)
my thought exactly! lol. In time.
The Bruce Allen (7 months ago)
All in time! Just being patient and putting out more content.
Yancey & Carlton (7 months ago)
Where did you get the white cubes/boxes?
The Bruce Allen (6 months ago)
made them
The Bruce Allen (7 months ago)
Made them!
Vic (8 months ago)
Loved this bts but I would've liked to see the pics afterwords to tho. 🙏🏻
The Bruce Allen (3 months ago)
Now i put them at the end of videos. But their on my IG
The Bruce Allen (7 months ago)
so true! Check my instagram. But i couldnt put them in here cause the client gets first dibs to posting.
The Bruce Allen (8 months ago)
You are right! but i wouldnt to wait longer to release content. Check them out on my IG in the next few weeks! Much love dude.

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