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How To Cover A Box With Fabric

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Here's how to cover a box with fabric. We'll be making a good sized fabric box, and you can make it any size or design you want. So watch if you want to learn how to make fabric bins. Joquena from http://www.modernhomemakers.com Hello this is Joquena from modernhomemakers.com and today I'm gonna show you how to make organizers, and yes you can pick whatever fabric you want. All you need is cardboard boxes, and you can duct tape them to custom fit your space. You need scissors, and fabric scissors, a hot glue gun with lots of glue, something to protect your surface and plain copy paper. Cut your cardboard down to the size you want and attach with ducttape. How much fabric do you need? Put the front of the box down, take the fabric and you need enough to meet and overlap in the back. You can see this is not an exact science. We've got our start point. We're going to cheat and fold this in half so we have half as much to make. Put the excess in your scrap pile, you don't need to wash your fabric in advance but take some time and go iron. Start with your back seem here, and right on the corner of I'm throwing on some glue. I'm just gonna keep going down in strips. Just remember to constantly be pulling the fabric because this is your one chance to have it lie flat. And it doesn't have to cover every inch. You'd be lucky to walk out with a fabric box for less than $10. And that doesn't mean it's exactly what you want. You've got to go real fast once you get the glue on because it starts to dry right away, then pulling and smoothing. How to cover a box with fabric isn't rocket science but it is repetitive. I helped my husband organize his office recently and he requested no pink, I don't know where he would get the idea that I like pink. I'm support the fabric box a little from the inside so it doesn't buckle. You can see if you look at my other videos I like to take cardboard and do things with it. Okay, we're gonna do our last corner and then we get to the tricky part. This is the selvage, so I'm going to turn it and do a turned under area here, and I'm just going to glue right on the project a little bit at a time right where I want it to be. Be careful that's hot, but you can dip your fingers in some water if that's too hot for you. Now we're gonna do the inside. This is really a lot like wrapping a present. So now we're doing the bottom, and we're going to flip it like this so it's easier. It's okay if it doesn't match up right on the bottom. We're just making sure you can't see it from the front or from the side. You can be done with your fabric box now, or you can cover the inside with copy paper, it's up to you.
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Sea Spirit (1 month ago)
I love your personality so much, I wish I knew someone like you irl
Julie Kenney (1 month ago)
LOL no I want one of those fabric tables too
KCAG (1 month ago)
I like how you put the plain copy paper on the inside. I like that much better than using more material.
Jessica C (2 months ago)
Love this! You made it so easy and effortless!!
Susan Eshleman (2 months ago)
A few other ideas for the inside would be white cardboard or colored cardstock. I'm using leftover sheets. Always save those! Save everything! And I'm putting nothing but an edge of the fabric on the bottom. For my huge boxes, I just cover the front of the box.
Betsy Boyd (3 months ago)
why don't you use fabric glue spray to adhere the fabric to the box?
Matthew Martin (5 months ago)
2:40 ....No you aren't the only one! :)
L Fuentes (5 months ago)
Great video, thank you. I use contact paper from the dollar store. It's great with kids and pretty durable plus I can wipe it off. And now the big box of wipes or diapers(very sturdy) have a new life.
Judy, Judy, Judy (5 months ago)
Very nice, I liked the bottom the way you did it. From my screen it looked like a kaleidoscope, very pretty. I made a box with the inside fabric also. I just cut a long oblong piece of fabric (proper with & length), turned the edges under & clued! Thank you for your demo., it is easy to follow! LOL Judie
Mahdia Kayani (5 months ago)
Please give me address please
sanchai Kim (9 months ago)
Can you please. Cover and Costumize A Hard Copy Box Of BondPaper
Modern Homemakers (7 months ago)
I actually don't have an empty copy paper box right now, but the process should be the same. It's just like wrapping a present :-)
Raechel Lyn Frantom (1 year ago)
I've watched several of these tonight and yours was the best. You explained everything very well and didn't complicate it! Thank you! Your awesome!
Modern Homemakers (7 months ago)
Thanks so much Raechel. I try to keep things as easy as possible and try to use stuff I have on hand. Life's already complicated enough as it is.
Maria M (1 year ago)
put another glue stick behind the one that's almost empty, ya thin?
Modern Homemakers (7 months ago)
I go through sooooo many gluesticks haha
Barbara McRae (1 year ago)
Thanks for sharing, awesome job! I have subscribed from Aug 18 2012 video, loved it, however today is March 24, 2018 Watching from BC Cnada
Modern Homemakers (7 months ago)
Wow Barbara, we've been hanging out together for so many years now :-) I just moved into a house that has millions of projects waiting for me to do, so hopefully more frequent video posing to come!
Elizabeth Martinez (1 year ago)
Loved your video, thanks for making it easy and right to the point. Bubbly personality 😊😉
Modern Homemakers (1 year ago)
Ahhh and thanks for leaving such a lovely comment Elizabeth :-)
Lucy Raffat (1 year ago)
Love your tutorial, and I really like your name!
Modern Homemakers (1 year ago)
Thanks Lucy. It's a family name and I've always enjoyed it haha!
Susan Lance (1 year ago)
Why wouldn't you use rubber cement. Wouldn't it have a better finish feel.
Modern Homemakers (1 year ago)
I don't have any rubber cement, but if you try that I'd love to know how it turns out. I've also had recommendations for spray adhesive that I've been curious to see the result for.
Teresa Rodriguez (1 year ago)
Nice but how did you glue the inside fabric?
Modern Homemakers (1 year ago)
I just folded over the flap and ran a bit of glue on the inside before adding the paper.
Connie Stalcup (1 year ago)
Great video:) I can't tell you how much money I wasted on organizers too. Or the other stuff that I could have made. Oh well, now I tell my family and friends to let me make them the items they want. Not only do they save money, sometimes I get donations:)
Modern Homemakers (1 year ago)
Yay! Donations are great, because you can use those to buy more supplies :-)
Darlene Frederick (1 year ago)
I need to recover a sewing chair. It has a hinged lid, cushioned seat and storage. I know how to cover the cushion. I want the fabric to completely cover the inside and outside of the box and wrap around to the bottom. It will be stapled or glued to the.bottom where the leg will be attached. Can you tell me how to measure to achieve this?
Modern Homemakers (1 year ago)
This sounds like the bench on my grandmother's old sewing machine. I would take the time now to add a layer of foam now, because her old seat was rock hard haha! With this type of project I would measurer the length and width of the seat and then add 2-3 inches on each side so that there is plenty of material to tuck inside. Stapling is probably the easiest method, but glue would probably work too. If there is fabric lining the inside you could sew directly onto that. Even more important that measuring, is holding the fabric up to the furniture to see how much excess you will need to be able to attach it it a place you won't see afterwards. Good luck and I'd love to see how it all turns out when you've finished!
Candis Killebrew (1 year ago)
Wouldnt spray adhesive work
Modern Homemakers (1 year ago)
I bet spray adhesive would work marvelously (possibly even better haha) I just always try to use what I have lying around first :-)
Glenda Secrease (1 year ago)
I made two of these with matching throw pillows, for my granddughters bed room. She loves them.
Modern Homemakers (1 year ago)
Ooooh I love how you added the matching pillows Glenda! One of the best things about making your own is how much easier it is to coordinate a room. If you can't buy it, you can always make it 💖
sheshkus (1 year ago)
Great video. Maybe if you could fastforward the whole video would be easier
Modern Homemakers (1 year ago)
You should be able to click ahead to a different point in the timeline whenever you need to, which is especially helpful when you are trying to pinpoint a specific set of instructions 💖
Reading9188 (1 year ago)
This is a nice and informative video.  Thank You.
Modern Homemakers (1 year ago)
Ahhh thanks for taking the time to leave such a lovely comment :-) Glad you enjoyed.
Jennifer Atwell (1 year ago)
What and where is this fabric from? I love it!!!
Jennifer Atwell (1 year ago)
A little bit of everything. Painting my bathroom now. Working in my kids room building loft beds (didn't know how much work it was). Building stuff out of wood. Sewing....the list goes on!!! I was in Hobby Lobby yesterday. I didn't see it but I was focused more at coordinating fabric for my bathroom. I painted my white baskets coral. The main walls are almost Tiffany blue and the encave where the tub is is a charcoal color. Gonna be doing a canopy over it. I get over my head I have so many ideas.😁. Thanks for replying.
Modern Homemakers (1 year ago)
It was from Hobby Lobby, they have some of the cutest fabric even though the store itself is much smaller than Jo Ann's I always find plenty of things I want! What types of crafts do you like to do?
Charlene Santos (1 year ago)
Hi! I'm a new subscriber! Just found your channel. I love your down to earth personality 😊! I like that you showed that we can customize our organizers. Fabric is a great way to decorate!
Modern Homemakers (1 year ago)
Thanks for subscribing and joining the Modern Homemakers personality Charlene! I hope your organizers turned out beautifully :-) Fabric has endless possibilities, it's one of my favorite mediums.
Stephanie Jo Rountree (1 year ago)
Great video! I'm making a box for my dad's walker. The wire basket that came with it is pretty useless, as small items fall through. We tried adding store-bought fabric boxes, but, of course, none are quite the right size. Anyway, I need to add handles to attach the box to the sides of the walker. Any suggestions?
Modern Homemakers (1 year ago)
Stephanie, first off I apologize that it has taken me so long to respond, because you've probably already figured something out. But, on the off chance you're still struggling with this very real problem I would recommend sewing rectangular strips of fabric that are able to attach to the metal wire rungs. If you did that on both sides, you would be able to keep it in place, as well as remove if you needed to collapse the walker for storage or to put in the car and such. My grandma uses a walker and has a lot of coffee spills, so it would probably also be useful to consider ways to make things washable, or at least wipeable. Maybe a vinyl insert?
Sophie Sylvie (2 years ago)
Great!!Thanks really!
Shayni Ramkhelawon (2 years ago)
Really amazing
Darlene Blackwell (2 years ago)
Love this demo! I usually get burned when I am using the glue gun .So I keep a plastic container with ice and water - this way I can immediately dunk my fingers in and cool them right away. Thank you for the video. I am going to cover some of those "photo" boxes that can be bought at the craft stores. Using some pretty little girl fabric for the grand daughters and stuff them with Easter Goodies!
JøČķěŘ XD (2 years ago)
awesomeeeeeee and niceeee keep on this but can u make for boys ? <3
It Is My Business (2 years ago)
would mod podge work on this project?
Sumaiya Amin (2 years ago)
Wow that was easy! Thanks for the video. Btw what kind of fabric did you use? Is it a linen cloth?
debbie waldner (2 years ago)
Thanks for the great video! It helped me greatly!
Shammy Garrett (2 years ago)
These are cute. I wonder if you could use spray glue. :) That may make it a little easier. But thanks for the idea
loofy21 (2 years ago)
I also want to sneak behind the counter and cut along that metal groove--you aren't the only one! Lol! Thanks for the video-great inspiration and how-to
Shama Arshad (2 years ago)
I wanna make this box and ur video will really help me
ronie327 (2 years ago)
cool vid but you should watch some where they do it different, and they use way much less glue sticks. I think I'll try theirs first. don't wanna waist that much glue sticks. they can get pricy... :) thanks though.
Blue Libelula (2 years ago)
Thank you amiga! will make one tomorrow.
Florence Binder (2 years ago)
are they durable? tge look fantastic., I love the idea
R Richardson (2 years ago)
What size is the box you made? Looks similar to what I'm wanting so your Yard of Fabric per box may be the answer I'm looking for! Thanks!
melinda martinez (2 years ago)
I love your video. I'm going to be checking out some of your other videos now. Thank you for sharing
Rasha Rose (2 years ago)
Doll Red (2 years ago)
Do more box videos plz!
Vanessa Mosely (2 years ago)
lol girl I love you lol
Vanessa Mosely (2 years ago)
lol girl I love you lol
Michael Paz (2 years ago)
this video is a time saver, i was going to sew a few storage boxes for my kids toys but re-purposing old boxed and using my large glue gun will save me a lot of hassle, plus if my kids destroy the box it wont be so bad lol, anyways thanks for your tutorial.
Distinctive Fabric (2 years ago)
hello there, your videos are all great and helpful. May I know how could I possibly reach you further for some inquiries? Thank you!
michelle staunton (2 years ago)
I was laughing when you said take your box to the fabric store lol! They may think your trying to shop lift the fabric as you hold the fabric up to the box ,love the video thank you.I've never used a glue gun .
Ium Stuff (2 years ago)
I think you are hilarious ! Love the chill no fuss attitude :)
Ium Stuff (2 years ago)
I like how relaxed you are lol.
Suzanne wheat (2 years ago)
Lovely, informative, and you do a great job showing every step without skipping and making sure we see what you are doing. You should teach. Thx! God bless
amber fuhrman (2 years ago)
would these work for books? looking for something cheap for my classroom.
Retroboy 1980 (2 years ago)
Nice to see people "think outside the box", literally....
Marissa Marlett (2 years ago)
i so wanna cut on the fabric table haha!!
Teresa Rodriguez (2 years ago)
I'm going to try it with Elmer's Spray Adhesive
Chan-dee (2 years ago)
loved it! thanks so much
Joann Edwards (2 years ago)
does the fabric stay in place with the glue gun Joann
Lia (2 years ago)
yes it does don't worry
josie burggraf (2 years ago)
fun to watch and learn also 🎓
Raj Patel (3 years ago)
you explain very good and easy way. Thank you
Taffy Tesoum (3 years ago)
You're good... Thanks
shari martell (3 years ago)
I have made several of these in the past, which I recently lost due to flooding in my area. I also used furniture upholstery fabric samples; from my local furniture store. Because the fabric samples are typical smaller, I just cut & sewed several pieces together, making a fabric scrap box. If I can figure out how to send attached a photo of mine when I replace them. I also, thought I would share a few tips I have learned over the years. As I was watching, I noticed your box was caving in a little with the pressure. In order to help the box s from - I took some spare cardboard squares the size of the boxes. I sliced up the middle to the center, criss crossed so they made the letter "X". Then inserted in box. Then apply the fabric to the outside, when finished, remove the "X" and finish with the inside. For the middle, I again cut cardboard squares the size of the box, including another one for the bottom, which was also cut a little bit small. I then covered with contrasting fabric.
Marylin Willis (3 years ago)
Good video for beginners. Love your attitude . Lots of ideas now, thanks x
Karla Velez (3 years ago)
Your work is very sloppy. Just take your time to do this and you will do things better
Denise Emond (3 years ago)
This box would make a nice cat or small dog bed
aRoOj hAsSaN (3 years ago)
That was the quickest and easiest way of wrapping the box with fabric I've seen so far. That was great, thank you for that. And you're funny, so that's a plus :) A suggestion, instead of using paper inside the box, how about the scrap of fabric you tossed aside earlier. I think that would look pretty too. Also, LOVED the fabric!!!
Sunnie Underwood (3 years ago)
Oh my goodness, you are great. You talked to us just like you're one of us. That I appreciate. Fixing to watch more of your videos.
Cassy Ryan (3 years ago)
Spray adhesive might work too
Cassy Ryan (3 years ago)
I will have to try this and use spray adhesive so I can answer that question lol 
R.D. Goff (3 years ago)
+Cassy Ryan With the spray adhesive, does it adhere immediately, or does it allow time to smooth out the wrinkles?
greimalkin (3 years ago)
that's an idea... that glue gun seems to take a long time. do you need to be outdoors to use that?
Tony kole (3 years ago)
your so much fun to watch I will definitely be doing this for my baby organizer
Kathy Wade (3 years ago)
Love your video , you made it so easy! You are so funny too! A bonus! Thanks for the video!
noor fajar (1 year ago)
Kathy Wade بل
Naoual Ghoughi (2 years ago)
Modern Homemakers nv6'
Kathy Wade (3 years ago)
I did cover a box with fabric, and added pockets, inside and out, since I have supply's , I can use the pockets too. Thanks again for the inspiration.
Modern Homemakers (3 years ago)
+Kathy Wade Thanks Kathy! If only my kids found me as humorous haha
GY 1234 (3 years ago)
Thanks this is very good. From watching this video I am going to attempt to do a 3 tier round wedding card box. I've only used a glue gun once in my life. This video was very helpful because now I know how to use one on fabric.
Modern Homemakers (3 years ago)
+GY 1234 You are cracking me up because you sound just like my sister who is afraid to even look at someone using a glue gun :-) Just remember it gets really hot so you don't burn yourself and I'm sure you'll do great!
Justine Godfrey (3 years ago)
you're really good at that, i bet when you wrap presents they look amazing!
Uzi (2 years ago)
Cool helped me cover a mini stage for my kids to do pupept shows
Modern Homemakers (3 years ago)
+Justine Godfrey Only when the toddler doesn't "help me" haha!
Justine Godfrey (3 years ago)
Does the hot glue hold it on well?
Modern Homemakers (3 years ago)
+Justine Godfrey It hold on for years and years and years. I don't know what they use to make glue sticks out of... but it's serious stuff :-)
Lyndsie McGee (3 years ago)
Making books*
Lyndsie McGee (3 years ago)
And modge podge glue works wonderful with gluing fabric.. I use it for make big books
Anon Anon (1 year ago)
Modern Homemakers o
Modern Homemakers (3 years ago)
+Lynn Bo I bet modge podge would work great. You have to be careful with the hot glue gun, because if the fabric is too thin you can see glue lines through the fabric!
Lyndsie McGee (3 years ago)
Love this idea , did you know you can cut a slice in your fabric and rip it and it will rip in a straight line? 🙌🏼
Janet Hoffman (1 year ago)
Lyndsie McGee The fabric stores from LONG AGO used to do that before they had those great channels in their cutting tables, snip and rip
Charlotte Mc (3 years ago)
that looks very stylish
Darla Gibbons (3 years ago)
I should of mentioned...hobby lobby and walmart both sell fabric scraps cheap. They have yardage listed on the scrap. You could also use double sided tape or fabric glue. Fabric glue is also great for glittering fabric if you wanted to monogram or embellish.
Modern Homemakers (3 years ago)
+Darla Gibbons I love sparkly fabric... Even if it does get glitter everywhere!
Darla Gibbons (3 years ago)
You're funny. I always want to use their cutting table too. Great idea. Thanks for sharing.
David Harewood (3 years ago)
I love your manner I love your attitude I love your style :-)
Modern Homemakers (3 years ago)
+David Harewood Ah thanks David! I LOVE the way you leave flattering comments :-)
rizlan mahamid (3 years ago)
good jobe
Modern Homemakers (3 years ago)
+rizlan mahamid Thanks Rizlan :-)
Ashley Garces (3 years ago)
this helped me out alot! I'm making a diy wedding card box & needed to know how do they make the fabric so flat. also a TIP for you if you put a dot of glue on the glue stick & stick it in the gun it won't be falling out all the time
Virginia O'Malley (7 months ago)
Wow! That's the best tip I've learned all year!!!
Modern Homemakers (3 years ago)
+Ashley Garces Does this glue the new glue stick to the old one? Color me intrigued!!!
Biology (3 years ago)
You are awesome! !!! Thank you! !!! Love your personality too!! Haha :-)
Modern Homemakers (3 years ago)
+Biology Ahhhh thanks :-) Hope your fabric boxes turn out beautifully if you decide to make them.
Bruce Marchetta PCMA (3 years ago)
6-18-2015: Replying subject Plastic wrap. As you might know saran wrap is easier to used if you (as I do) in the freezer. 2. Plastic thin sheets can be bought off a rack. No expensive I believe as would be the zip lock bags. 3. We are going to use you fabric wrap box ideas for the Boys & Girls Club children as a project so they can store their toys, etc. neatly at home and Marked accordingly. 4. I think I mentioned this but we (I) will make the frames out of cardboard. Scotch tape the lined up Photo or kids drawing to the cardboard. Then have another cardboard cut out to be glued and to fit nicely over the photo. That completes the hand made frame with one exception before assembling (with hanging hook that comes from a soda can) the outside of the frame will be painted or stained, dried and ready to be hung. 5. Please take a view of my Facebook on the subject I teach. Sincerely & best wishes with your hobbies. , Bruce W. Marchetta PcMA.
lubby89 (3 years ago)
Great job! Im trying this!
R.D. Goff (3 years ago)
+Modern Homemakers I'm trying to make a wedding card box using satin on the outside... any ideas on what method to adhere it that will allow me to smooth out the wrinkles?
Modern Homemakers (3 years ago)
+lubby89 Wonderful. So glad that you liked the tutorial!
Bruce Marchetta PCMA (3 years ago)
Thanks. I needed a little motivation and you gave it to me with your interesting box model. Any ideas for making simple cardboard picture cut out frames for children to make and assemble. Inside the frame would be a 8x10 photo covered with plastic saran wrap (for protection) to be posted in our Boys and Girls club.
Modern Homemakers (3 years ago)
+Bruce Marchetta PCMA Do you have any reference pics? If so post them on my facebook https://www.facebook.com/ModernHomemakers and I'll see what I can do :-) Already I'm thinking I'd want to cut up gallon or quart size ziplock bags. Saran wrap is super hard to work with because it's sooooo sticky. I love the yarn wrap frame idea. so cute. I bet you could even do it out of paper plates since the yarn will add stability. I'd love to see when you guys finish!
kars chier (3 years ago)
I see it has been a while since you posted this video, but in the interest of less hot glue burns I thought it might be worth mentioning that (if you haven't discovered them already), Plaid/Mod Podge makes "Hot Glue Gun Finger Caps" that are basically heat resistant, non-stick, silicone thimbles that come in a three pack. I see online that Dritz makes a similar thing too. I don't remember where I picked mine up but it was one of the big craft supply chains as an impulse buy. I did snip part way up the side of the smallest one so it fit more comfortably, but overall I like them and keep them right with my glue gun and glue sticks, (in an ugly zip-lock bag that will need upgrading to a custom sized, fabric covered storage box now). Thanks for the great video!
Virginia O'Malley (7 months ago)
That's a good suggestion. Those little finger tip caps can also be used when ironing very tiny seams so your fingers can get close to the iron without burning them.
smoothiegurl (3 years ago)
You can also spray paint the inside of the box :)
Modern Homemakers (3 years ago)
+smoothiegurl I never thought of spray paint! That could be very nice too. I'd want to do that before adding the fabric so I didn't accidentally get paint on the outside.
smoothiegurl (3 years ago)
Can we do this with diaper boxes?
khawla kaw (3 years ago)
well done young lady ! greetings from Algeria :)
khawla kaw (3 years ago)
+Modern Homemakers you are very welcome my dear <3 XoXo
Modern Homemakers (3 years ago)
+khawla kaw Thank you, ESPECIALLY for calling me young hahah :-)
Kad Fayrouz (3 years ago)
Hi, great video, I just have one question for you before I start my own storage box, does the fabric stick on the tape you used inside the box with that glue?
Kad Fayrouz (3 years ago)
+Modern Homemakers​ thnx :)
Modern Homemakers (3 years ago)
+Kad Fayrouz Good question Kad, sorry I didn't see right away. Yes, the glue will bond easily with the duct tape and with the cardboard box :-)
Debbie’s World (3 years ago)
Thank you so much!! I have wanted to organize my sons room but, I am unwilling to buy a bunch of $30.00 boxes. I have his toys in card board boxes but, they it looks so ugly. I can't wait to buy some fabric and try this. Thank you again.
Muharram Bint (4 years ago)
Super cute and love it, your amazing personality and funny, I have to make this, I have three kids in diapers and six diaper boxes that I want something to do with. Thanks
Nia Newell (4 years ago)
Question the corner at the bottom didn't make the box wobble?
Anon Ymousmie (4 years ago)
This is too funny.. I don't know where to start with my comments... Be well... Just hilarious
Krista Barrett (4 years ago)
Very creative! But sadly, I do not own a hot glue gun. Would there be any other way besides to use a glue gun?
Bonnie Adroved (2 months ago)
I think I would try wallpaper paste. It would be much faster. Just brush onto the box and wrap the fabric onto it.
Waterfalls and Angels (3 months ago)
Spray adhesive
Linda Hurd (4 years ago)
+Krista Barrett Hope they still had some. Things come and go fast at that store.
Krista Barrett (4 years ago)
+Linda Hurd Thanks! I might go buy one sometime today.
Linda Hurd (4 years ago)
+Krista Barrett I bought mine at the dollar tree.
R SR (2 years ago)
Love, love this idea.  Will definitely do this.  Thank you.  btw really like the fabric! Edit: Spray adhesive worked better for me. Still great!
Emily Koo (4 years ago)
I have always wanted to cut in that groove at the fabric store.
Janette Reibsome (4 years ago)
I'm creating a craft room and this is going to save me a lot of money. Thank you. 
Modern Homemakers (3 years ago)
+Janette Reibsome Way to be frugal Janette! Now you can love your crafting space... and invest your savings on your craft supplies instead :-)
Krystal Seguin (4 years ago)
awesome - thanks for the giggles as well :-)

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