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The Rise of Psychedelic Truffles in Amsterdam

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We took a trip to Amsterdam to learn about the ban of psychedelic mushrooms and the rise of truffles that contain psilocybin (the stuff that makes you trip balls). Watch more VICE documentaries here: http://bit.ly/VICE-Documentaries Originally released on http://VICE.com Subscribe for videos that are actually good: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-VICE Check out our full video catalog: http://www.youtube.com/user/vice/videos Videos, daily editorial and more: http://vice.com Like VICE on Facebook: http://fb.com/vice Follow VICE on Twitter: http://twitter.com/vice Read our tumblr: http://vicemag.tumblr.com
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Text Comments (13263)
Joseph Mastromarino (2 hours ago)
I really hate it when parents of the deceased make excuses for their stupid fucking kid!
bass master87 (5 hours ago)
Dude you need to be hooked on food not drugs
Gregor Heyny (11 hours ago)
Stfu drugs ain’t good what’s the problem with banning them? It’s not a human right to consume drugs.
no name (15 hours ago)
in my country only alkohol/nikotine/and medicaments are allowed. No mushroom,no weed etc. BUT: there is a lot of Suizide and Psychose . So don`t blame the mushrooms. french perople alway make problems they don`t know when to stopp.
Bob van Anholt (1 day ago)
2019 here but philosiphers stone even back then is one of the weakest. you havnt seen anything mate xD
James Lucena (1 day ago)
So the French fuck everything up
Alton Weston (1 day ago)
I hate when they don't understand the drug so you bane it the drug is opening your third eye that's why you feel so different when you take them I would love to wrk for one of these shops
Alton Weston (1 day ago)
Damn i need the number to your supplier
Blaine Loveland (2 days ago)
SnowFlake Reporter, made me throw up in my mouth!
Al Sp (1 day ago)
I jizzed
Bang Shaun (2 days ago)
Imagine if they kept the pizza restaurant and made Magic Mushroom Pizza and magic truffle buttered dough balls...that would be so fucking amazing, if anyone wants to invest in this restaurant idea let me know since I have ten years of pizza restaurant experience and am an avid magic mushroom and truffle lover
Darkobert Dub (2 days ago)
you can actually order them via internet shop here in germany. but if you get caught i think it's like ordering some drugs from the darknet
Al Sp (1 day ago)
I bought condom online
wieger meulenbroek (2 days ago)
Die ene truffelb(r)oer lijkt vet hard op Kuzu man
teddybear thotslayer (2 days ago)
The dog accident sounded like pcp when he said he killed him to free him
Jefferson 360 (3 days ago)
The reporter reminds allot of James Holden !
Patty Mayonnaise (3 days ago)
Go to college kids. . Gets you jobs like this. 👍😁
Peanut_Butter (3 days ago)
This guy is so wack.
D A (3 days ago)
I think God might be using these natural evolving mind altering chemicals in living organisms to teach us we're human and alive like everything else and fragile, like everything else. Once natural death occurs our mind goes back to God, the collection of everyone's life experience. IT. I think tripping on drugs just means we like to feel like we're in that state of mind already. But we're alive. And society does exist. We can only return back to reality and wait for the biological naturalism that is life and death.
Leonard Jennings (3 days ago)
Why did you chew with your mouth open!
Ian Curtis (3 days ago)
I've just been on a site selling truffles and they say don't drink alcohol, but I've always drank weather on md, coke or speed, I do get a bit anxious at times so I was thinking a ,few beers would relax me before I eat the truffles, is that just the company covering their backs or is it actually dangerous to drink on truffles,? I smoked weed heavily while drunk so I'm not usually a problem for me
Lik3 ViaZ (1 day ago)
Thats not the point. The main problem with mixing shrooms and alcohol is the fact that they have opposite effects: shrooms make you introspective and all philosophical, but alcohol makes you more outgoing and euphoric. Ive done it last year and it just feels weird, its not that you dont feel well but its just not comfortable. Getting cross faded though is a whole different story...
burymedeep 2093 (3 days ago)
Shrooms are the only drug I would still use if I ran into them
Lik3 ViaZ (1 day ago)
I try to limit myself to the natural ones: weed, shrooms and dmt. Going beyond is very unsafe
TheBongHit420 (3 days ago)
17:22 The aftertaste of truffles is horrible, I feel you
jay Spike (3 days ago)
8:22 metally ill tourists, meaning tourists in general and they dont follow dosages or shouldnt even be sober witjout supervision
Angus (3 days ago)
he looks like Steve Hillage lol
Anglo Saxon (4 days ago)
jesus this guy is a drug nerd, fucking incel s need to be purged. god save america from pond scum !
Danylo Korotin (4 days ago)
This dude feels like a nihilist who only cares about doing drugs. Like i wanna cry just listening to his voice
Nita Leny Sonita (4 days ago)
This guy look alike Faris Badwan from The Horrors
Marco Ponce (4 days ago)
He looks like Syd Barrett
Colton Chapman (5 days ago)
Bill Clinton should’ve just said that he was on mushrooms
Colton Chapman (5 days ago)
I just ate a truffle and now I’m raping my cat in the ear but be warned it has nothing to do with the fact that I’m a sick demented little man it’s the tropics fault
leslayeeee (5 days ago)
@16:20 Little girl has the toughest fit i’ve ever seen!
Shannon Hannah (5 days ago)
I like to try those shopping day some day
Gavin Halsey (5 days ago)
The dude doing the actual inner view is such a cuck
Elliot Luke Choma (5 days ago)
A tip, buy yourself a yogurt (one with bits in would probs be best, so like a strawberry bitty yogurt) and mix your truffles into the yogurt. You have to really chew the truffles up tho so make sure you chew each mouthful loads. By putting it in yogurt you literally remove any taste of the truffles and by having a yogurt with bits in it means that you're chewing more than just raw truffles. You're welcome.
Dayz (5 days ago)
I’ve done mushrooms since I was 15. I’m 19 now and all I can say is mushrooms are so beautiful! These are not everyone. If you’re taking high doses make sure you have a tripsitter! Or if it’s your first time! Also make sure you’re psychologically healthy!
Jacob Griffin (6 days ago)
... we could not linger on these natural delights. Ahha
Jacob Griffin (6 days ago)
Dude are these legal in usa??
yttrium (5 days ago)
Jacob Griffin (6 days ago)
Killing your dog is fucking evil.
Adam Wazny (6 days ago)
That reporters eyes looked smashed the whole time like he's a junkie!
lisa starves (6 days ago)
Count me in man.. i want SOME for the summer
tubarao1143 (6 days ago)
16.53 he is sooo baked!ahah
shut yo mouth (6 days ago)
this guy looks creepy af, he is the only one with a stupid haircut and a fucking coat...reminds me of bowler hat guy
DanimationMovies (7 days ago)
the truffle brothers are so chill
Dean Thurman (7 days ago)
When will the USA wake up and allow this???? Hamilton! When!!!!!!
Dean Thurman (3 days ago)
EmperorYoshi god bless Denver!!! Thanks for that info, hopefully Denver will get it right and legalize it, so many benefits from mushrooms 🍄 it’s a wonder plant, lije I wonder how many lives it will save, I wonder how many uses it can have, I wonder how many pharmaceutical companies will go out of business! Yes!
EmperorYoshi (3 days ago)
mate there is gonna be a vote next month for denver colorado to legalize magic mushrooms
Dean Thurman (7 days ago)
Alcohol 🍷 how many millions of death each year???
yttrium (5 days ago)
88k direct deaths https://www.google.com/search?rlz=1C9BKJA_enNL749NL749&hl=en-GB&ei=yDS7XMSYDPCpggf2gqWwDA&q=alcohol+deaths+per+year+usa&oq=alcohol+deaths+per+year+&gs_l=mobile-gws-wiz-serp.1.0.0l8.22564.22564..23781...0.0..
Dean Thurman (7 days ago)
Did you see Hamilton’s face when he said illegal drugs! lol
Robot Krabs (7 days ago)
People need to understand that psychedelics aren’t for everyone 🤦‍♂️💀
Mick Svoyer (7 days ago)
Twój Wuja (7 days ago)
Jadłem raz te grzybki będąc w Amsterdamie, smiechawa w chuj pozytywnie polecam
Vato Loko (7 days ago)
Wtf is up with the report when the law is talking about the joint 7:52 lol his eyes go all funny! Like he’s been up for three days or something.
Bix (8 days ago)
Trufle making very proffesional. the french woman or girl was to my opinion no reason to stop production
Nolan Becerra (8 days ago)
We call it joints because we smoke joints lmao xD
Máté Gautier (8 days ago)
Not to mention, just as with alcohol, hiding behind "being under the influence of mushrooms" too is a bad excuse to commit cries... Yet it worked to put the blame on them. People with serious mental illness are just walking bombs, it's not the mushroom's fault for waking it up.
Máté Gautier (8 days ago)
Atlantis truffles healed my panic anxiety attacks i had since i was 13, having them for 10 years. magic truffles healed me of it in an afternoon. Can't believe people ban stuff because of a few bad cases. Really hate the mass media drama ruining things for us these days.
cristan rojas (8 days ago)
This dude a tweaker
TurpusFox (8 days ago)
“Make sure you can control it” bro it’s a drug. Like it can be like dangerous if you’re not with someone and if you’re taking a high dose or are already unstable as it is. Like it’s not something you can control really
Ricardo Martinez (8 days ago)
Seem like she probably wasn't as smart as her mother thought, she took the risk dont blaming thing for your own mistakes ,learned that the hard way, that why you gotta know your limitations
RulyJayz (8 days ago)
Close your mouth when you chew lmao
Nadia (8 days ago)
The way he ate that truffle was so fucking disturbing
Jonathan De La Cruz (9 days ago)
Man I ate 4 grams of shrooms n I literally felt like fuck reality lol never taking shrooms again
L R (9 days ago)
You should join REASON
Sweet Willy (9 days ago)
I want some
Abdullah Leadbitter (9 days ago)
Get a new reporter this guy is making me feel uncomfortable
Emily Lawrason (9 days ago)
this guy is sooo cringe hahah
Rick Chungus (9 days ago)
Lmao my boy Hamilton stay fried
Daaboo (9 days ago)
Had a bad trip once. It was not fun at all but I didn't get violent or suicidal. It was just way to much and it broke of and disappeared after 2h or so
TheLegend 27 (9 days ago)
So the mushrooms are banned but the truffle brothers can still produce the magic truffle's
jonathon scruggs (9 days ago)
Is there nitrous in those balloons?
alackofa10tion (10 days ago)
What's the name of the music in the beginning
JPM Designs LLC. (10 days ago)
Jairo Olvera (10 days ago)
Shrooms are thee best
John Dapper (10 days ago)
I had Atlantis truffles few years back and it was honestly the funniest day of my whole entire life
NOIZY B (10 days ago)
Dolphins is still there you get go to cumlaude I and I was there when they had mushroom rooms and was like wild west the streets were all dirt guess there were building new ones
MrTriped (10 days ago)
This guy is so boring, and shows no experience at all
shortbusbully (8 days ago)
No experience? Do you not know who Hamilton Morris is?
Robert Sea (10 days ago)
Fuckin Dutch junkies .Junkie Capitol of eu
Pietja D (10 days ago)
The thing is : you know what you gonna do after other drugs...But after hallucinogenic you can be anything. You can develop psychosis loose contact with reality and jump out of window, etc...I say No. To risky
ruslan gfbk (8 days ago)
Smokem 351 (10 days ago)
A mushroom a day keeps the doctor away...
Zac Crow (10 days ago)
I barely enjoyed being high there. Too trippy and sick. Couldnt imagine hallucinating around all those devils 🤯
Clyde Spight (10 days ago)
Thats V from dmc5😂
Disrespectful idiots take fungi for fun... This perpetuates the prostitution of what's sacred.
Sean Lopez (11 days ago)
From what I gather from the news reports, French people are fucking crazy
Thomas white (11 days ago)
Don't go down toad road in PA. Look it up
Thomas white (11 days ago)
Just say no.
Michelle Tompkins (11 days ago)
Why are people always trying be fucked up and high? Who cares about mushrooms, get a fucking life.
EvolutionSev (11 days ago)
This guy is depressing.
Jesse Cole (11 days ago)
Hamilton's vocal fry is off the charts in this episode
You can buy them online.
Tony moneyshots (11 days ago)
Bro next time you eat something on camera close your lips so we don't have to hear you're smacking
Trev Bubbles (12 days ago)
A far better experience than marijuana imo
Trev Bubbles (12 days ago)
It's crazy to me that these things aren't legal and sold everywhere. I feel that people would put down heroin, meth, and other bad drugs as they'd have access to something spiritually worthwhile.
Blackmanonafence (8 days ago)
realistically no drugs are as bad as they are made out to be. 100 years ago parents would give their kids cough medicine with amphetamines in it or soda with cocaine. prohibition and the black market system cause the corruption and violence. people kill for drugs because they have to deal with a sketchy individual and pay an incredibly high price, sometimes only to get ripped off or robbed.. people die, overdose, or fry their brain because their drugs were synthesized in a gas can or a beaker that have never been cleaned, in a basement or some 3rd world country by a text book chemist. if they were legalized and produced by legitimate companies that had to follow lab protocols and regulations they would be free of impurities. drugs like heroin and cocaine could be cut with something that is KNOWN and SAFE to create different grades of potency to prevent overdose.
Travis Heck (9 days ago)
Having used lots of shrooms, I can say I would never give up shooting heroin for shrooms, heroin is too good.
Please give Hamilton another show!!!
MrBananaSamich (12 days ago)
I just did shrooms last night, for only the second time and man the taste is disgusting but theyre so worth it
Mark Cleveland (12 days ago)
Summary=boring hippie eats mushrooms, smacks allot, and doesn't talk about the experience. Films self walking around with balloons.
Fifty Quid (10 days ago)
ski eire style 24 (12 days ago)
The truffle brothers😂😂😂
Gunnar Marr (12 days ago)
8 grams 😆 if u got thos from the great northwest Washington state u would be trippin to hard to go in "public" more like just go for a nature hike lol
Ironraven24 (10 days ago)
truffles have less psilocybin by weight than mushrooms, 10-15g is a normal full trip dose (where the normal fruits its 3.5g for cubensis) for most truffles iirc
Pablo Escobar (12 days ago)
You never! Use you’re product!! 😂
Mc Pinball 1 (12 days ago)
me miss Shrooms in the UK used to be RANK ah had to Force It with Dr. pepper or Cherry Cola buuuut the Effect Was Great!!! ah recall Forced Grins I Was So Happy ah Miss That ... loved this Video !+) #AvFun
Clumsy Fish (12 days ago)
İf your not a 100 procent chill guy like this guy but you still want to explore psycedelics just respect the psycedelics and surrender because if you dont you basicly saying i can control my mind 100 procent and can beat psycedelic bad trip and thats not respecting psycedelics at all. İf you do that the psycedelics gonna beat you anyways and you are going to have a horrible trip. İt is normal to have a unpleasent feeling sometimes if you do psycedelic that can be over in a short moment only if you accept the unpleasent feeling. Just surrounder to the experience because not everybody is a chill guy and have scary thougts or feelings. Only 20 procent of people are like this dude. They can say fuck it i am not scared of this shit and do it in the most fucked evoirment ever. İf your not this person and have a bad trip. Just remind that you just not that person and surrender to the experience.
What a hipster. I would be anything hes lives in California prob san Francisco
Luke (12 days ago)
I took mushrooms once and was running up a train track being chased by a giant Mars bar with legs
Cristos Triantos (12 days ago)
French niggas wylin

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