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Aminah A (5 months ago)
Love thier candles
J Lynn (5 months ago)
Aminah A omg dame!! 💙💙💙
Youtube_slime_review (7 months ago)
J Lynn (7 months ago)
Youtube_slime_review hi
Vonda Dover (8 months ago)
So awesome 🌟
Scout (8 months ago)
I live bbw
J Lynn (8 months ago)
Scout same 💙💙💙
Evelyn Zuniga (8 months ago)
the Winnie dog 🐶 socks are so cute 😍
Samantha I'm am (8 months ago)
great holiday season haul is the that set still available?
Brenda.x 9 (8 months ago)
The tote is cute 💜
Darling Cardenas (8 months ago)
Champagne toast is my fav 😍😍❤️ nice haul
Bohemian Green (8 months ago)
Oh my gosh the gift set top of the boxes are so pretty.That shimmer confetti i cant💖 Oh my gosh i purchased the teakwood room spray once yrs ago.I loved the smell of it.The teakwood fragrance i would love it on my husband.He said he doesnt want me to but him any b& bw im going to make him wear it lol.
Margarita G (8 months ago)
Lucy is sooo cute 💕💕😊🤗 I love that tote ☺️ Great haul as always 🌸💖💜
Hasanah Nguyen (8 months ago)
Yay another video! Great haul!
soni khan (8 months ago)
Wow you got pretty good deals from Another store👍🏻very good job on using coupons wisely. You are a queen of Deal steal💕 and omg I Love your Lucy💐 but no one like peach🎈😘😘
Victoria Bennett (8 months ago)
This looks about how I was on black Friday at bath and body works. Love their sales
Chelsea Reynolds (8 months ago)
The champagne toast candle smells sooo good!
lila La (8 months ago)
The socks are so cute! And the candle omg, the packaging is beautiful :o Hmm Lucy want to eat the poor hamster? :$
J Lynn (8 months ago)
lila La omg yes so cute!! Yes Lucy wants the hamster so bad
Beautiful Chaos (8 months ago)
SAMI XO (8 months ago)
Great haul love the scents you picked out,the socks are so adorable!!!
Maria Torres (8 months ago)
Love bath and body works💜💙
The Amazing Reda (8 months ago)
Yay I'm first
Bowzeyyy Love (8 months ago)
Omg you are so lucky!! I wish that the associates that have rang me up at the register would let me stack on so many coupons in a single transaction))):

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