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BEAUTY BREAKDOWN - Lush Halloween 2017 demo #lushoween | Closer Look

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Welcome to another episode of Beauty Breakdown, in this series we take a close look at beauty products, this time it's the majority of the Lush 2017 Halloween collection (#lushoween) that was released to the Australian market. Time stamps below. Lush Australia: https://au.lush.com/products/halloween Lush US: https://www.lushusa.com/halloween/ 1:13 Lush Monster's Ball Bath Bomb 2:57 Lush Ectoplasm Jelly Bomb 5:44 Lush Pumpkin Bath Bomb 7:36 Lush Pink Pumpkin Bubble Bar 9:01 Lush Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar 10:55 Bewitched bubble Bar 12:06 Lord of Misrule Shower Cream 13:20 Goth Fairy Shimmer Bar 14:33 Black Rose Naked Lip Scrub 15:36 Black Rose Naked Lip Tint These products were kindly gifted to us by Lush Australia to discuss in Beauty News. We decided to do this video because we thought it would be fun to film and hopefully to watch. This is not a sponsored video, nor is it affiliated with Lush. Welcome to BEAUTY NEWS! The home of The Makeup Breakup - the original and the best makeup destroying series on YouTube. Every Monday and Friday we discuss all things new in makeup releases in BEAUTY NEWS and every Wednesday we destroy makeup in THE MAKEUP BREAKUP. This channel is co-created by Hailey (Just Buy The Makeup) and Kat (KitschSnitch). Subscribe here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvQgkrOiwcV9_C2Hj2IgeLw/?sub_confirmation=1 -----------------FOLLOW US ----------------- Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/beautynewsofficial/ Like our Facebook page to keep up to date with Beauty News content https://www.facebook.com/BEAUTYNEWSOFFICIAL/ BEAUTY NEWS GROUP - where we discuss and share all the new release and sneak peek beauty information https://www.facebook.com/groups/1606908689636083/ NOT BEAUTY NEWS - where we discuss all non-news related beauty https://www.facebook.com/groups/1183794785075379/ -----------------CONTACT US ----------------- BEAUTY NEWS MAIL PO Box 2120 Brunswick East VIC 3057 Australia BEAUTY NEWS EMAIL [email protected] Find Kat on the internet YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/KitschSnitch Vlog channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgqFACZib4yGLVqFnsL6r1g Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Kitschsnitchblog Instagram: http://instagram.com/kitschsnitch Find Hailey on the internet YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/36837 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/justbuythemakeup/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/justbuythemakeup/
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Text Comments (251)
Penny Vids (3 months ago)
The bath bones are cool, but it is condensed
hannah berkey (4 months ago)
I wish you guys said “Jesus” less. I totes get that for some people it doesn’t mean a thing but there are some that it’s EVERYTHING. just a polite suggestion.
lorn anwanka (6 months ago)
I cringed when you broke the bubble bar like that! I’m sure you know that you had to break it under tap water but ofc you had to use the box to demonstrate what it looked like but aaaaa
lorn anwanka (6 months ago)
BEAUTY NEWS that would be pretty inconvenient but I understand.
BEAUTY NEWS (6 months ago)
There is no correct way to break a bubble bar. But no, we don’t have a tap in the middle of our filming set up sadly
Madison Lee (7 months ago)
the purple body bar i think is supposed to be used in water
Leslie Garcia (7 months ago)
I think I know what you could do .As we all know they use small containers instead of a bathtub ,but.... What if after they were done with each product they dumped it into the bathtub and at the end of the video they took a bath in it.
zBanoxz Stream (8 months ago)
The gost 👌🏻👻👻
Mac styles (9 months ago)
I dont have a bath 😭
Elysha Leheny (10 months ago)
Ive used jelly bombs before and the slime dissolves after about 20-30 Minutes , so it dosnt leave residue on your body
Antonina Lackey (11 months ago)
I love all these demos! This video reminds me of when I work on the floor at a Lush here in TX, USA!
Hales (11 months ago)
Do more of these videos !!
BEAUTY NEWS (11 months ago)
We have one coming up in a couple of days x
Jess N. (11 months ago)
😍 if lush sent me my favorite stuff, I’d hype that shit to the world so hard.
Jayne Haubner (11 months ago)
I don’t really like the scent of ylang ylang it is soposed to calm u but o makes me fell stressed and annoyed
Rebecca DT (11 months ago)
"Do more, Lush, do more" 😂
Lisa Szyman (1 year ago)
I just tried the ectoplasm one today, sadly in a bath it doesnt look that nice because the product got lost in all the water :/ the slim effect work good only on small water quantity.
Sarah Johnson (1 year ago)
I see that you watched descendants 2
BEAUTY NEWS (1 year ago)
Nope. How did you see that from a lush video? Haha
im so glad yall done this bc i want to order from lush just aint done it thanks girls... <3
Lady Bay (1 year ago)
End of last year I read somewhere that too much use of these bath bombs was not good for the ph balance of the who ha better known as the vagina. Lol
Marah M (1 year ago)
every time she stuck her arm in the water I thought her tattoo was like a sleeve on a long sleeve shirt and was yelling " your getting your sleeve wet!" in my head lol
Ann (1 year ago)
put the pumpkin in the tub before you let kids go in and say that they’ll get to bath in fanta if they listened to you.
Nathalie Marie (1 year ago)
Ok ik im super duper late but can you guys melt the lip tint and put it in an empty chapstick tube and film it??
smelly - (1 year ago)
Usually I chop up my bubble bars with a knife into very small pieces and then store them in a plastic zip lock bags so when I was to use them I take a tea spoon and spoon some into a tea strainer then whilst my bath is running I hold the tea strainer under the tap , so it still creates tones of bubbles still turns the bath a different colour (it still does exactly the same thing ) but instead of using it 2 or 3 times I get around 10 uses . If you want to you can check out my lush Instagram account _lushie_made_of_sprinkles (you don't have to follow me or anything it's just an idea )
smelly - (1 year ago)
Usually the pumpkin one completely floats
smelly - (1 year ago)
The jelly in the jelly bombs dissolves after about 20 minutes so afterwards you can enjoy your bath
Amelia Herman (1 year ago)
Fun drinking game: take a shot every time one of them says “I know” 😂😂
Sarah Knudsen (1 year ago)
This video was so much fun!
Omyara 15 (1 year ago)
It is nioce and unusual and it's different.
Heather Covington (1 year ago)
Can anyone answer a practical question, how would you apply that lip tint?
Niyati Wankhede (1 year ago)
I love the black one! Sadly we don't have Lush where I'm at :/
Karina Pavlova (1 year ago)
Am I the only one who thinks its gross to take a bath in slime?
BEAUTY NEWS (1 year ago)
It dissolves after 15min or so
Abbie Stewart (1 year ago)
I love bath bombs!!!!!🌸 I do makeup and bath bomb videos as well💗 💄. If you wouldn’t mind checking my channel out. I’ve been on a while but not gained lots.I would love to have new subs >>>>💗😀💗🙂
Finley Blaine (1 year ago)
Y’all had too much fun making this video😂 love you girls!
Beth S. (1 year ago)
I would not want to clean the tub after using that Ectoplasm lol
_TykoTheRotty_ (1 year ago)
Sarah Schouveller (1 year ago)
stuff like this makes me wish I had a bathtub but alas my apartment only has a shower :/
Sara Linden (1 year ago)
Yes! Thank you!
Hannah Jones (1 year ago)
I really want the black rose stuff and the gothic fairy stuff oml
Sumzz oxo (1 year ago)
1:46 wow looks so pretty
Sumzz oxo (1 year ago)
This is like the vids toddlers watch haha kids unpacking kinder toys lol
Sumzz oxo (1 year ago)
Ooh yay love lush
Brandie Gugliotta (1 year ago)
Does the bewitched bar stain the tub?
Youi Ju (1 year ago)
This video is so cool, I think this is not only so informative, it's v aesthetically pleasing and satisfying in a different way to the makeup breakups. I can't wait for the next breakdown vid !
Hollie Forrest (1 year ago)
This was super fun to watch!!!
Sandy DiVa (1 year ago)
Omg the ghosts expel green ectoplasm (jelly)!!!! I need this one! And green & purple are my fave colors!
Emily Brumback (1 year ago)
Um I'm sorry.....you've never had pumpkin pie?!?!?!
Emily Brumback (1 year ago)
So sad! Pumpkin pie is my favorite! I used to go to the patch every year and pick a pumpkin, then I'd bring it to my grandma and she would make me a homemade pie! ❤️ It always brings back memories for me!
BEAUTY NEWS (1 year ago)
Sweet pumpkin is not a thing outside the US
shimmerbrite (1 year ago)
I was at lush yesterday and they now have a snow fairy one in the slime bath bomb. Snow fairy is my all time favourite smell. But alas I'm on so much cancer prevention medication I can't sit in a bath for too long before I over hear and feel sick, so it would be a total waste of my time getting cool Bath bombs. But I'd love to hear and see a review from you ladies about it!
Korene O'Brien (1 year ago)
The jelly does dissolve after time. Seriously awesome!
Shelbie K (1 year ago)
I adore Lush's products! They are one of my daughters favorite, as well! And, because of this, they were one of the first videos we did on our channel...and it's time for more Lush! FYI, if you happen to purchase and use any of these products in the future, if you want to make them last longer, each of these can be cut and used for multiple baths. The Bubble Bars I cut into two, and up to four, pieces depending on how large it is. The Bath Bombs I break in half. There is nothing I love more than a nighttime with Lush! And I'm out! I love their Holiday collections and the slime bath bomb...classic! It's as if they added Corn Starch to it to thicken the bubbles! Also, FYI, the "glitter" that Lush uses in all their products is not actual glitter; rather it's a biodegradable, safe for the environment glitter substitute. If I remember, it's vegetable based, which is pretty amazing. And, what I love even more than that is that it doesn't leave a horrible mess in your tub! Love it! =( Thanks for the preview! Much love to you both! Shelbie =) 🎃BeautyDaughtMom
Sweetheart Okay (1 year ago)
Want to buy all of it😍
Gabi Cox (1 year ago)
This was so fun!!! 🛁💣
BEAUTY NEWS (1 year ago)
+Gabi Cox it was fun to film too! We hope we can do more in the future :)
Charmaine Hill (1 year ago)
Love this video you guys had so much fun with it 💕
I was having a bad day but watching this and listening to your delight really cheered me up. What a fun video! Thank you :)
BEAUTY NEWS (1 year ago)
+Marsha Sinditia Santoso so glad we could brighten your mood hope the rest of he week is much better for you!
Elizabeth Muir (1 year ago)
I had a bath with half the bewitched cat and the Lord of Misrule bath bomb, which is actually like a deep wine. It was so pretty with the black with a burgundy tint when I swished my hand through, and small glitter sheen. 😻
。金色Lapine (1 year ago)
I have always loved a good bath bomb but can’t indulge anymore because of my medical devices, so this was a blast to watch! Thanks for your hard work! 👩🏻‍🔬💋💋💋
Maryam Tehrani (1 year ago)
What did you do with the water from each tub though? It'd be a shame to waste it.
Maryam Tehrani (1 year ago)
Anabelle I just meant I hope they used it to take a bath. With them combined and not just pour it away.
Anabelle (1 year ago)
Maryam Tehrani how else would they test these?
Brooke Raffaele (1 year ago)
I dont even have a bath but this video makes me want all these😂
Jared Maples (1 year ago)
Breakdown on multiple levels...i c what u did there.. ;) I love it...I'm so jelly I don't have a tub. :)
dsembers (1 year ago)
Jared Maples i dont have one either :(
Emma (1 year ago)
The bubble bars work even better under running water!
BEAUTY NEWS (1 year ago)
We didn’t use running water in this video
Melissa Coyle (1 year ago)
I HAD to go to lush and pick up some things from this collection after seeing this fantastic video. I love how you captured so many angles of the bath bombs in the water. So smart and helpful.
Melissa Owens (1 year ago)
Oh guys 2 of my boy's bdays are in Oct.... IM TOTALLY GETTING THEM SOME OF THE HALLOWEEN COLLECTION!!! HAHA!!! Thank u ladies!!! We love Lush anyway, so....perfect!!!
Melissa Owens (1 year ago)
Oh and how i do my bubble bars... i take a little hand held strainer (like a mesh metal one from the kitchen), and put a chunk of the bubble bar into the strainer and hold it under the running water of my tub faucet and WAH-LAH!! (or whatever the fuck). U have a ton of bubbles and no chunks!!
Tat77 (1 year ago)
That was very fun to watch.
SharleneMelb (1 year ago)
I loved this video! You are guys are killing it!
Heterandria4mosa (1 year ago)
this was amazing
HawkRyder853 (1 year ago)
Why didn't you guys try to lip products on your lips?
Valencia Jones (1 year ago)
Love the review👍🏽🎃🛁
Penny A (1 year ago)
I love how excited you guys are!! I need to go out and treat my self to some things from this line 👌
Emily Bean (1 year ago)
I know this may be TMI however i gave to be careful with bubble baths well baths because it seems everytime i get a UTI...i love baths though..id love to try lush products but just wondered if they are ok for sensitive cunts (😂😂) like myself...sorry i couldnt help myself...but in all seriousness any thoughts?
Tinker 3194 (1 year ago)
I’m prone to UTI’s as well. I just break my lush bath bombs into half or quarters and then use them :) plus then I get more use out of them :)
I Pet Zombies (1 year ago)
Emily Bean Not so much for something like a bath bomb but any feminine wash is good for bubble baths! I use it because I'm prone to yeast infections so I use something with the proper ph for baths.
Sheila Luta (1 year ago)
I really loved this video, beauty news and lush, two of my favorite things!
Madison Knight (1 year ago)
Love the video ladies!! Now I have to plan a Lush trip!! So glad you two are getting some PR! Well deserved.
fattychoccie (1 year ago)
YES MORE OF THESE!! I think this video works particularly well with Lush products, but can't imagine it's be fun with a bottle of Radox 🤣🤣🤣 I love you girls i wish you were my bezzies xxx
Hyelin Myelin (1 year ago)
Can you please do a beauty breakdown of the too faced peaches and cream cream to powder blushes/bronzer/highlighter? Most youtube gurus seem to hate it and I would love to see how it looks broken down and re-pressed bc its such a weird consistency
Hyelin Myelin (1 year ago)
That's a bummer. I woulda loved to see what it looks like broken down and stuff on this channel. Thanks for the heads up tho
Kassandra Claborn (1 year ago)
Hyelin Yang Im not sure don't Think they can get the too faced products. Or not the ones from that collection because they are store exclusive
sanfran91 (1 year ago)
That ectoplasm one is my favorite oh my gosh. It actually reminds me of ectoplasm.
Dana Voyles (1 year ago)
I know the glitter rinses off but it stresses me out so bad to think about taking a bath in glitter! I def want some of these though!
Holly gibbon (1 year ago)
You should kill the KVD saint and sinner palette when it launches in November. Love you guys!!!
Jenn W (1 year ago)
So satisfying to watch you play in foam and slime!!!
Ruknabal (1 year ago)
Hailey's "I love my job" made my day XD Love this video, I want the baths bombs soooo much... which is silly when you only have a shower lol
pnknailpolish (1 year ago)
that jelly stuff looks gross
Hannah Leanne (1 year ago)
I’ve used the jelly bath bomb, the jelly dissolves after about 10/20 minutes and you’re just left with a normal bath. You can’t feel it on the skin when you get out, my skin actually feels mega dry after it and I know a few people that said the same. In a full bath you don’t get as much jelly on the top either, quite a thin layer x
I don't get the Lush concept at all. The scents are very "chemically", just walking into their stores gives me a headace. The products often look like something I'd have done from play dough in kindergarden. I seriously don't get why anyone would pay for it. :/ If there's anyone here who LOVE Lush, please teach me why it's a great thing to you!
BEAUTY NEWS (1 year ago)
They are very strong scents and colours, but I wouldn't call them "chemically". They are definitely not everyones cup of tea, but I personally like strong scents and really like their bath and shower products.
Ella RBC (1 year ago)
Can you do some real vs fake makeup and see if they contain the same amount of product and also the pigmentation and if you can repress them and shit like that 😂 thanks
Ella RBC (1 year ago)
BEAUTY NEWS ok that’s fine
BEAUTY NEWS (1 year ago)
We're not interested in dealing with fake makeup since we don't morally support that industry
Ba Be (1 year ago)
I am so jealous of all the girl who have a bath. We only have a shower. This was so fun to watch. I usually avoid Lush because the overall scent of the store is nauseating. The shower gel could be great thought
Eva Terry (1 year ago)
That’s such a waste of water
BEAUTY NEWS (1 year ago)
No different from having a bath
Noemi_LA (1 year ago)
The jelly on the bath bombs are made from seaweed extract so it’s SUPER hydrating !! & no it will NOT clog the tub or anything because it just dissolves... 💁🏻
Susan O (1 year ago)
I love this video! I would suggest you put "demo" or something similar in the title/description because that's how I always find lush video where they show products in water and I feel like that's a popular search term for this type of video. Great job as usual girls!
BEAUTY NEWS (1 year ago)
Thanks for the tip!
Chelle Beeby (1 year ago)
💜💜💜TFS💜💜💜 I love that you love your job! LOL
LeilaLamb (1 year ago)
Heading to Lush today...
purple triangle (1 year ago)
Off to Chadstone I go for these 😍
generalwhiskey (1 year ago)
I have the whole collection waiting for me at the post office. Im so freaking excited! This was a great video idea!
FreeFlame666 (1 year ago)
My 8yr old son has been fascinated by bath bombs for quite awhile now. Are they OK for kids? Idk. That's why I never got him any. But he would LOVE the ectoplasm one. He already likes GhostBusters sooo....that would be pretty neat to see his reaction to the "slimy" factor. The monsters ball one is pretty fuckin neat to! Love this vid ladies, was really cool to see. Plus I can just imagine the smell in the room right now!
Megan Ivanyos (1 year ago)
My son loves them too
Dallas Bray (1 year ago)
They have some bath bombs meant for kids if thats how you want to roll but they are all perfectly safe for kiddos. I use them for my son all the time
BEAUTY NEWS (1 year ago)
They are perfectly fine for kids :)
Chantelle Karo (1 year ago)
oooo exciting, getting my delivery tuesday, bought all but the pumpkins, hope to get stickers
sassylifestory (1 year ago)
I'm only at the beginning but that pin is so cute. Need.
Trina Made It (1 year ago)
They look amazing!!!
Megan Amber (1 year ago)
I seriously appreciate how much time and dedication you two put into your videos 💕
in the green (1 year ago)
Love this! Thanks so much for breaking it all down! Now I know which ones I want to buy. The only problem with Lush bath bombs is that you have to give the bath a good clean afterwards.
Jessica Stubbs (1 year ago)
If u use wax paper to hold the lip Products that have no packaging it won't get all over your fingers. At least that's what I do.💖
Sweet SS (1 year ago)
Yessssss I love lush products!! !!
Claire Bear (1 year ago)
10:40...frothy beer or severe dehydration? Love your work ladies!!!
Cheshire Cat (1 year ago)
Fuck it, that's it!! I'm going on Lush and buying some of these!! Thanks for showing how lovely these are! I normally don't like having baths, but fucking hell, those bath bombs have converted me!! Xoxo thanks gorgeous ladies!! Love you both!! 😻😻
Alyssa Brown-Carleton (1 year ago)
Come to the states during November. Then you can get a pumpkin pie everywhere. Must have whipped cream with it. Also do these stain?
BEAUTY NEWS (1 year ago)
They have a lot of colour but shouldn't stain your bath... they might stain soap scum if you bath is dirty but when you clean it it will come off. Also if you play with these in a small tub they can stain your skin, but in a full bath they wont stain your skin
leann. (1 year ago)
Alyssa Brown-Carleton hey! I use bath bombs a lot and never had a problem with staining ^^ as long as your bathtub has a finish on it, you should be fine. But, in the UK there was an issue with the jelly bombs where the jelly wouldn't dissolve and they would stain tubs. Should be fixed with the us release though 😊
Livloveshermakeup (1 year ago)
I want the two pumpkin ones!!
Morgan Bays (1 year ago)
This is awesome

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