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kudasai - the girl i haven't met

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3 am feels - dk Song: https://soundcloud.com/kudasaibeats/the-girl-i-havent-met If you real, support kudasai: https://qrates.com/projects/15901 Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/5c6OFqDllWHhJHz8uqPEXa Merch: https://teespring.com/stores/ikigai-merch-2 submission site: https://ikigaiyt.tumblr.com/submit https://ikigaiyt.tumblr.com/submit https://ikigaiyt.tumblr.com/submit https://ikigaiyt.tumblr.com/submit Support the artist: https://soundcloud.com/kudasaibeats https://twitter.com/kudasaibeats https://kudasaibeats.bandcamp.com/ Wallpaper: https://media.giphy.com/media/n4TTC9X0sRMVq/giphy.gif DK's Twitter: https://twitter.com/itsdk_ Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/animevibe Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/animevibe_ Email: [email protected] Disclaimer* We do not own ANY rights to any of the music or footage we share, if you have a problem with our way of promotion, shoot us an email and we will take the video down if needed.
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Text Comments (15480)
Cataclysm Orchestra (1 hour ago)
This song and these comments are making me consider switching our death metal band to downtempo chill band
Marcos Wendel (2 hours ago)
Do you go to destroy this world?
RazorBlade (3 hours ago)
To all the people who are single, don't give up, just means that no one good enough to give you the love, time, and loyalty. When the day comes you'll know and glad you waited
ZekePolaris (4 hours ago)
Not sure why this is so popular or so many people are standing on a figurative soapbox trying to spew some words that come out forced. The top comment was honestly exhausting to read. Ugh.
walrusclay (4 hours ago)
Do you ever listen to sad music just because you like the feeling of being sad? Only to end up feeling sad from the music and then wondering why you’re always sad?
Daniel Yeromenko (6 hours ago)
i remember when i was only 7 life was just lit! but then the following year someone i loved the most and helped me in life died.. i... i was just broken, lost, sad, and depressed, but over time it was getting better but then when i was 13 someone i look up to committed suicide..... never have i felt so lonely but now im doing good but i hope that NONE of you will ever think about suicide, it is the most selfish thing a human can do dont be prideful but think about the things you love cause i dont truly know how you feel but at the end its all pain so please for the people who care about you just dont be suicidal but be openminded about others
luigi morelos (6 hours ago)
To the person reading this, you may never find anyone, you may never fall in love, but trust me, it's all going to be ok. Just let life happen. Also, abortion is not ok lmao
Just a Regular Human (6 hours ago)
Sometimes I feel like I don't belong anywhere. As if I shouldn't be here. I shouldn't exist. It's like I'm just a waste of space and resources. Emptiness fills my soul, solitude seems to be the only one around me... I don't belong here. I shouldn't be here. It's like something else should be instead of me. Something better, something useful. Not the mess I am. And every cells in my body, every spark of my soul are aware of this and want it to be fix. Not me, since I shouldn't even be here in the first place. I can't feel anything excepted loneliness, fatigue and the emptiness. Sometimes it is so painful to simply exist...
Peter Lopez (6 hours ago)
What are the odds your soulmate lives in the same town as you? People choose those who they see often.. its convenient
le hamster hollandais (7 hours ago)
Well.... just sit, turn up your headphone set volume to max and chill.... ❤
moonflower 夕顔 (9 hours ago)
Just found your ethereal channel, I'm a fan for life :3 💜💛❤️🖤😘
Shaun Moon (10 hours ago)
Ya'll know the longer we wait the more she'll get fucked.....
Noor Zafar (11 hours ago)
Max F (12 hours ago)
So I was friends with this girl from my class throughout high school. We were around 15 back then and at first, we were just friends. Nothing more, we didn't even really hung out that much together. Then one night we were at a friend's place hanging out, and we sat next to eachother. We joked around and she laid down on my lap, but nothing too serious. When we all got home, she started texting me. I felt happy, even though I didn't have a crush on her at that moment, it was nice. We started texting more and more to the point we really liked eachother and had a huge crush on eachother. But i never went for it. I was just too scared. Too scared to be rejected. Even though she let me know that she liked me, I just didn't have the guts to go for it. We kept talking for a while, but we slowly started talking less and less. Some time passed and about a year later she got a boyfriend. I felt so stupid. I could have been that boyfriend. I could have been a boyfriend so much more loyal, so much better than that guy she met. The texting stopped between us and we only just talked in school to eachother. About half a year later, when she was still with that guy, she mentioned that she was going to go to another school. I was devestated. I had my chance with her but i just didn't take it. I still regret not taking that chance. I did see her one more time after she had moved at a party. She told me that she and her boyfriend broke up because he cheated on her. If only I took my chance when I had it, this would've never happened. I always question whether or not she would have left if I was her boyfriend back then. Maybe she would've been happier if she stayed here with me. I know I probably would have been happier. Moral of the story; when you like a girl, just go for it. I keep that in mind for later, for the girl I haven't met.
Miguel Macias Gonzalez (13 hours ago)
the girl i haven't met is the one around me waiting to get noticed...
dr 7965 (15 hours ago)
it take my breath away as i feel something in me that saying i'm "sad but happy to hear this" oh what a sad soul i have.....
Macy Morrissette (15 hours ago)
there's this boy. his smile, his amazing blue eyes, his dark brown hair. everything about him is amazing. but as it goes one isn't good enough for another. im not what you call the most beautiful of sorts. there's this girl Megan. shes a very beautiful girl. he likes her. i could never compete with her . why i wasn't i made beautiful?
Ms M (16 hours ago)
Why does this has so many views ?
MVDB (14 hours ago)
bc its good
Paddy (18 hours ago)
19 years. And i keep waiting. I hope someday this one girl comes into my life. I'm ready to give her all the love that is in my body. All the love that is in my heart.
アイザック (18 hours ago)
GianCarlo0910 (19 hours ago)
Not now 😖
David kleber (23 hours ago)
c'est pourri !
Ally Marie (1 day ago)
It seems i always find someone online that is just like me, that soon confesses their "feelings" to me. But it seems i can't find anyone in real life.
Christopher Adams (12 hours ago)
It is 2:48 am on February 19, 2019. It is a Tuesday. Christopher Amir Adams feels rather empty this time of dusk and seeks completion. Such completion does not exist in his life nor in yours. He cannot give you the world nor can anyone. Here's what I, Christopher Amir Adams of 2:52 am on February 19, can offer you. This socratic testimony to the amorphous existence of love. Love exists not in conjoined hands, bonded sexual parts or intertwined fingers. If not, where is it you most definitely will ask, I will answer no, it has no place in Your life because you have given it no sanctuary to erect. Love is quantized, it is a series of phenomena that occurs for seconds at a time, like the illuminance of the firefly or sparks on a railroad These spectacles don't occur naturally, yet they are absolutely unaccounted for, so who brings these actions upon this world to be? Is it the firefly who illuminates his own vessel and is it the conductor who sets so sparks upon the railroad? SUCH PHENOMENA ARE ONLY EXISTENT UNTIL OBSERVED AND LOVE ACTS IN THE SAME DIVINE FASHION. So my friends, I encourage to keep falling in amour with your own fantasies as they will never leave your side, and let this music lace your pasts with a false serenity but I assure the girl you haven't met won't come hopelessly searching for you because she owes you no love upon your name. GO FIND HER AND TELL HER SHE IS GODDAMN BEAUTIFUL BECAUSE IF YOU DON'T SOMEONE ELSE WILL. DON'T BE THE SORRY BASTARD WHO DIDN'T
Mohammed Hazzazi (1 day ago)
this song can draw a really beautiful picture inside my mind..
Wilter Carrillo (1 day ago)
Ugggh this song touch me, Kudasai always makes me goes UwU
DanielPlays56 (1 day ago)
I met her But it was too late she found happiness and it wasn't with me
halo fan (1 day ago)
Found that special person
Alano Stolf Jr (1 day ago)
We were best friends for 4 years, since 2015, we kissed in a party in that year, and after that she got a boyfriend who she stayed with until the end of 2017, when they broke up. She started liking me but never told me that, and I was feeling the same, unfortunately I never knew that until they came back with the relationship until like sep/2018 and then really broke up for good and she told me. We, as best friends again, started to hangout together all the time, and at the new year party in a beach next to our city, soon after midnight, I got the courage to talk to her and we kissed again, after 4 years. I started liking her again, but she didn’t, and when she started noticing that, we stopped dating, because she thought It would be harmful to me if she continued to date me once she didn’t really liked my as a possible boyfriend. She is now dating another guy, and yesterday I sent her a message saying that we could not be best friends anymore for some time, because I needed to stop liking her, that may be one of the hardest things I’ve done, but I had to do it. So guys, make sure the person you like likes you too, It’s not worthy continuing something which is not reciprocal, I’m sure there’s someone out there, who is waiting for a person like you, and is willing to give you all the love you deserve. Go out and meet people, make friends, and certainly you will find someone who is worthy fighting for, wish you all luck. (sorry if my english is not so accurate, i’m brazillian)
F34R Clutch (1 day ago)
I met her but got friendzone and now we play fortnite all the time. its funny cause were doing the emote kiss kiss and true love its fun and saying i love you FRIEND it the best honestly i want to stay we i am and
Turkiiy E11 (1 day ago)
I luvs cehkin
AJ Takata (1 day ago)
You matter <3
Dragon Ball Fanatic (1 day ago)
wut anime she from?
zankyou no terror
piggyzyner (1 day ago)
Its to good for me
Abdi R (1 day ago)
Life is crazy and goes up and down ... You'll never know what will happen in the next second, minute, hour, day etc. The right one is coming for you it's only a matter of time ✌🏼
Vikram DAS (1 day ago)
There is a girl I haven't met i love her so much
Takashi Takahashi (1 day ago)
the best one so far
Rerin Lunghar (1 day ago)
And here I am waiting for the song to start lol
Waluyo Kuningan (1 day ago)
Happy valentine everyone sorry late to say dont ask me im singel
Arwyn YT (1 day ago)
The feels.... 💔
yes b00ss (1 day ago)
Puisque mes relations sont en chantier Il ne vaut mieux pas que vous me fréquentiez Malgré ça j'ai toujours été entier Tout au long du chemin sur ce sentier Face à la mer, je regarde le ciel Comme si c'était la dernière fois Face à la mer, je regarde le ciel Comme si c'était la dernière fois J'ai pas baissé les bras J'ai pas baissé les bras J'ai pas baissé les bras J'ai pas baissé les bras J'ai pas baissé les bras J'ai pas baissé les bras J'ai pas baissé les bras J'ai pas baissé les bras Depuis le départ je sais que j'ai un truc de spécial Depuis le départ je sais que je vais jamais baissé les bras J'aimais les tortues et j'étais génial Tu sais comme j'apprécie mon pays mais je veux baiser l'état Si tu sent que ta pas de quoi insister Que y a quelque chose qui va pas dans ce système Sache que y a toujours des bonnes raisons d'exister Même quand t'es grave attristé Je m'efforce de voir tout ce qu'est positif De faire kiffer tes sens auditifs Peut être qu'un jour je ferrais de la politique Si j'étais sur que ça améliorerait les choses ici Cette vie n'est pas celle que je voulais Ni celle que j'idéalise Au lycée je grattais mes couplets Aujourd'hui j'en vis je sais pas si je réalise Même si le chemin est semé d'embuches Y aura eu un arc-en-ciel en préambule L'humeur est lunaire dans la rue je déambule Toujours plongé dans une géante bulle Constamment drogué la folie m'a dragué Constamment drogué la folie m'a dragué Mais je survole la vallée seul sur mon dragon J'ai pas baissé les bras J'ai pas baissé les bras J'ai pas baissé les bras J'ai pas baissé les bras Puisque mes relations sont en chantier Il ne vaut mieux pas que vous me fréquentiez Malgré ça j'ai toujours été entier Tout au long du chemin sur ce sentier Face à la mer, je regarde le ciel Comme si c'était la dernière fois Face à la mer, je regarde le ciel Je crois bien que c'est la dernière fois Entier Entier, quoi qu'il arrive je reste entier Mieux vaut pas que vous me fréquentiez Entier, Entier, Tengo John, devine qui c'est
Croc (2 days ago)
hmm. i think i’m gay or bi or something and it really hurts. i thought that it was hard for them to open up to tell others about it. but the truth is is that more than anything, i hate myself and this shitty thing about me. if there’s anyone else going through this, i feel you. sorry, you probably don’t deserve it. maybe i’ll just stay closeted and hate myself forever. might just be the move.
cec ily (2 days ago)
I saw Lisa + lofi and instantly clicked
JooseMunkee (2 days ago)
I miss you, K.B.
Joshua Ulrich (2 days ago)
I knew this girl that was pretty cute and funny but I figured I didn't have a chance. I little while later she started talking to me a bit and after that asked for my number. We were sorta dating cause we'd hang out pretty often we'd even flirt or cuddle a bit. Eventually I guess she lost interest or found someone better and stopped talking to me. It made me kinda depressed cause it was the only girl that I had genuinely liked. I feel like maybe I should've been more forward or something but I can't help feel that I could've done more. I moved on started working out to but I just wish I could have a second chance.
Douglas Felix (2 days ago)
Eu nao acredito que eu que estou escrevendo agr nessa caixa de comentarios desse lofi ainda, pq escuto esse som praticamente desde que lançou, as historias que aqui vejo, sao emocionantes pra crl, pq sao reais pra crl carregado de uma emoçao cotidiano que nos faz fugir do cotidiano.. E agr eu to aqui pq essa além de ser um dos meus sons favoritos, é uns do que mais me inspira. E agr é que eu to fazendo enquanto escuto ele, assim que terminar que relatar isso aqui eu vou preparar o que eu quero pra pedir a minha mina em namoro. A gente teve um relacionamento no inicio conturbado, eu acabei terminando com ela, e nunca achei que me arrependaria tanto, a gente voltou esses dias e tenho gostado dela mais e mais, e agr to fundo do meu coraçao quero demonstrar sem medo que ela é atualmente o amor que preenche a minha vida. Eu futuramente espero falar pra vcs como voces e lembre-se: no lofi todos temos alguem a quem ouvir, pode.os estar sozinhos, mas nao temos inigimos, se ame e bebam agua <3 18/02/2019 espero que futuramente o meu eu possa estar vivo pra ver que o Douglas de 21 anos amou alguém
K SugaGloss (2 days ago)
I have this one internet friend that I met through skribble.io game. He's such a nice guy. I'd love to meet him irl someday. We keep on messaging using discord. I want to learn more about him and I think I kinda like him? He just see me as one of his gaming buddies but that's fine! I learned a lot of stuff thanks to him.
Lizzzard (2 days ago)
is that a twomp i hear in this?
ãnthsF - (2 days ago)
Yes YouTube exactly what I need at 2am
Give my song a shot, you might just feel it
PrimePikachu (2 days ago)
man this sums up that feeling about right there is this girl that is friends with my best friend who moved florida and she moves to florida. I think I talk to her more tbh, and I think I like her like a lot but she lives in florida and also I don't know if it would work out like that kind of relationship. and I am under 18 and her parents are those rich people that go like eat organic, read up on health blogs, and follows christian rules despite not being heavily religous or religous at all so I doubt her parents would like it. also I don't even know she has a boyfriend my friends and I joked that she did while we played PUBG but I am not sure and it made me feel sad.
Lenny The Hopeless (3 days ago)
It'll happen "someday", then you'll meet "someone", and "something" amazing will happen. -_- Idk why but it really bothers me when people say that.
Joshua Ulrich (2 days ago)
Its cause we all know that some people maybe even most people never find that bullshit nonexistent person that's perfect for them. They might not find anyone period. It's just empty hope.
The Black Sheep (3 days ago)
She left today. I'm so cold. It feels so cold. I would ask for help but I'm ok with fading away.
voidteam78 (3 days ago)
I just want you all to know that no matter what any of you have done, i love all of you. Dont be sad because today was bad, be happy and hope that tomorrow will be better. With love, Locke. :)
d95478 (3 days ago)
I made a song!! https://soundcloud.com/sonyun1999/prodkudasi
voidteam78 (3 days ago)
No offense, but not many people care.
誰か (3 days ago)
I was really sad back in 2017 This song and the comment section helped me alot So Thank you
Unknown Girl (3 days ago)
the last time I'm here,it's only 3 million views.nice to see that a lot of people have good taste in music...
duh? ? (3 days ago)
I hope i can meet my future love.
しばさくら (3 days ago)
Phill Chhour (3 days ago)
terror in resonance
Oscar Cheng (3 days ago)
Errr. If anyone wants to know, the gif is from an anime called "Terror in Resonance", specifically episode 4 if I'm not mistaken. It's directed by Shinichiro Watanabe, the same man who also directed Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo. I've just started watching it, having gone back to anime recently. Definitely recommended. Also, the 3 AM feels dude. Love this song.
Queen's Knight (3 days ago)
After all the comments, with you would find the someone you love. It is true, it takes time but you will find them. I thought I was liking a girl when truly I was just looking for love. Then right under my nose the girl that I have been looking for. I finally found her and you will too.
PeynirMan (3 days ago)
sad ya :,(
hiqmal che hashim (3 days ago)
She had somebody else
Mango Melonade (3 days ago)
It reminds me of a Saturday morning where the house is messy no family members but your gf or bf and you are in bed with messy hair
Brendan Yap (3 days ago)
I listen to this song when I'm feel upset. This song is like a thing can make me feel great. ❤️
Quinix Ros (3 days ago)
Am I the only person who likes to hear depressing songs that's not depressed?
igroman (3 days ago)
будто именуется манера музыки
Matthew Silver (3 days ago)
Who would thumbs down on this? I’ll fight you.
NoorALI Legend (3 days ago)
Happy Valentines Day ❤️
mitchell bope (4 days ago)
right click, loop. forever
rudest _dudest (4 days ago)
I just wish it was a little easier to find her =/ being an introvert doesnt help much either
WHØ KNØWS (4 days ago)
_i don't wanna sleep unless i'm next you_
0k nOtHiNg (4 days ago)
i actually meet that girl Now she loves me
Sif (4 days ago)
I have this feeling that my special someone is outside of my country, probably dead and maybe in another dimension time/space. Yay
Radical Solo (4 days ago)
it's wild cuz everyone you date, potentially could be your partner for life
Sam Roble (4 days ago)
LDA (4 days ago)
trinny tty (4 days ago)
3 AM
Darian wuz here (4 days ago)
To the girl I haven't, Lol what you doing with this nerd?
trey connolly (4 days ago)
*fake-deep comment*
Julian Figueroa (4 days ago)
Alone looking into the midnight sky, not caring or feeling anything m.... just free and happy with wonder. :)
emmak21 (4 days ago)
This shit Is like neoromanticism
Regina Pecan (4 days ago)
I remember showing this to someone I once loved in December 2017. We don’t talk anymore. It hurts to even listen to this without crying or something. I hope he’s well.
I want to find love, but it doesn't seem to appear anywhere I go
Shalsafira (5 days ago)
Rechu (5 days ago)
yall soft
schifferu (5 days ago)
Fits how I feel during Valentine's day
PCHamster (5 days ago)
Wow, another Valentine’s Day spent alone... I guess I’ll never talk to you..
Elijah Song (5 days ago)
love is a lie
Juan P. Díaz (5 days ago)
February 14th v':
Mike Turek (5 days ago)
Happy valentines day bois.
justin lacos (5 days ago)
What a beautiful love song.
Michael C. (5 days ago)
Anyone else single this Valentine's Day?
Mike Turek (5 days ago)
Probably everyone listening to this.
David Coleman (5 days ago)
Cool song. Worth noting that many people who are in a relationship haven't found true love either folks. In life you may not find that person you'd call your soulmate, but life is worth the costs it extracts from you all the same. Surround yourself with positive vibes, and the Cosmos (usually) respond in kind. Peace all.
Hạnh Mai Thị (5 days ago)
12 giờ đêm, anh vẫn chưa ngủ bên cạnh là cốc cafe Một ngày bình thường k gì thay đổi , cuộc sống vẫn như thế Chỉ là cảm giác trống vắng trên những đoạn đường mà ta từng qua Chỉ là cảm giác thiếu đi nụ hôn em gửi mỗi khi đến nhà. Đã bao lâu - rồi em nhĩ, mình không gặp lại nhau. Thu đi, đông về đến, khi nào ta lại bắt đầu Cùng nhau trò chuyện thâu đêm suốt sáng qua chiếc màn hình điện thoại Thời gian hạnh phúc trong ngày là anh được ngắm mãi em thôi. Rồi một ngày mọi thứ xung quanh bổng chốc thay đổi Không còn cuộc gọi hay những tin nhắn hỏi thăm “anh đã ngủ chưa?” Không còn những lần em giận mỗi lúc a hay thức khuya bỏ bữa Không biết hôm nay tiết trời trở lạnh áo ấm em có mặc chưa? Người ta thường nói khoảng cách là gì chỉ cần trái tim cần nhau Để rồi những giọt nước mắt làm ướt mi em anh chưa kịp lau Những lần bật cười ngu ngốc, rồi khóc bên chiếc màn hình điện thoại Tự mình ghen tuông, tự mình tức giận giống như vỡ kịch một vai Em à, bởi lẽ yêu xa là những chuỗi ngày vất vả Em là mặt trời, anh là cực bắc vốn dĩ khoảng cách đã xa Tay không thể nắm, môi không thể chạm nên nổi đau khó chắp vá Có phải chỉ vì thương nhau mà cả hai ta dần thành người lạ? ĐÚNG NHẤT
Xavier Adams (5 days ago)
So peaceful.
XDxrkX VxibszX (5 days ago)
Life will be the happiest thing in the beginning but when you reach the end. The end is when your happiness comes to an end you will lose it all then comes nothing but a void
Jp Killer 21 (5 days ago)
Robloxgame Playing (2 days ago)
I will reply to this in 3 years when im 18, never had a girlfriend.. who knows what could happen in these 3 years. tag me in 3 years Edit: 16/02/19. Met? Maybe, i went to a party. I realized a cute girl kept looking at me. i tried holding eye contact but i get shy and look away. She lives close by me, next time i see her i will try to start a convo :(

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