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Dating in the UK!

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You guys ALWAYS ask us about our relationship, are we siblings? Are we married? Are we a couple? Are we friends? So today we chat about our dating lives and Lia helps Joel find a date using Wingman! Wingman is such a fun way to date - your best friend does all the work for you, writes your profile, swipes left and right, and then it's up to YOU to do the chatting (or not, if your friend has made a terrible choice!) Download Wingman if ya fancy: https://apple.co/2EOc41p Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/user/joelandlia?sub_confirmation=1 Watch Next, “Joel's Dating Profile”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sviaKFLdMw0&list=PLnB7pv9EE65m6Tl7w-VUzeS9B6VfWIrMH&t=0s&index=20 Joel's hoody: http://go.magik.ly/ml/baz7/ Follow our Social Media: Facebook: facebook.com/joelandlia Instagram: instagram.com/joelandlia Twitter: twitter.com/joelandlia Lia's Social Media: Twitter: twitter.com/liahatz Instagram: instagram.com/liahatz Joel's Social Media: Twitter: twitter.com/JoelMWood Instagram: instagram.com/joelmwood91 Watch More Of Our Videos: All of Our Videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F5ztI7D4-ew&list=PLnB7pv9EE65m6Tl7w-VUzeS9B6VfWIrMH Questions Brits Have For...: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8954Fe9d0x8&list=PLnB7pv9EE65lGTSe_mh2GJ0itgxYtx9k7 American vs British: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dNSzyLgmP6o&list=PLnB7pv9EE65nlwZrV0UUtcNZf_WOquxtJ British Culture: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tgnKGpxFE_Q&list=PLnB7pv9EE65kIUuquzC_cL9nv9aE-B9Mf BUY US A COFFEE: ko-fi.com/joelandlia FILMING EQUIPMENT: amazon.com/shop/britishenglishwithjoellia FREE J&L WELCOME PACK: goo.gl/forms/zTlSE3lEx6M54Txt2 SUPPORT US ON PATREON: patreon.com/joelandlia GET £25 AIRBNB CREDIT: airbnb.co.uk/c/joell2886 OUR AMAZON SHOP: amazon.com/shop/britishenglishwithjoellia _________ Hello! We are Joel & Lia. We post videos every week, all about British culture, British accents and the English language! We live in London and love sharing our top travel tips in the UK and abroad. As well as being best friends we share a passion for language, different accents and all things British. With past and future trips to the USA, lots of our content is American vs British. Don't forget to subscribe to see our videos in your subscription box every week and click the notification bell if you want special alerts send straight to your phone!
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Text Comments (664)
Wattage (4 days ago)
So... did you guys find someone?
Jasmine Parmena (10 days ago)
Wait so do you guys live together?
potownrob (11 days ago)
J&L: The world’s cutest closet couple. You say you’re just friends, but your body language says otherwise.
WhiteTiger333 (11 days ago)
I can't even relate to online dating. :D Back when I was dating, if you didn't meet someone...you didn't meet them. Online was not a thing. I could totally relate to the stress of online dating. Geez! That said, even at my 'hormonal peak' I was only marginally interested in the dating and romance thing. :D Much more fun, imo, to hang out with friends on your wavelength. Makes perfect sense to me.
Tracy Smith (14 days ago)
Soooo funny!! Joel you are so sweet and your soul mate is out there. Keep faith that you will meet them when you are supposed to. My question is Joel are you going to set Lia up with someone to return the favor??. Best of luck to both of you.
ARCHANA NAYAK (20 days ago)
I would always swipe right for Joel
L Montaine (22 days ago)
Sorry, but I can’t imagine any woman that would be OK with the relationship that you and Lia have. It’s a wonderful friendship, but it would get in the way of another woman getting to know Joel as deeply and thoroughly as Lia has. It’s just human nature. Also, you two are too Handsy with each other and maybe I’m from old-school but I wouldn’t like my boyfriend in bed with his friend., Even if y’all aren’t doing anything while you are traveling. So, as a result of any new relationship on either side, it would probably ruin your vlogging
Richard Emele (26 days ago)
Oh my! I laughed so hard with this video!
woolitejones (26 days ago)
its still a secret. unless i missed something.
Jamie Teems (27 days ago)
Whatever Young Lady is "Worthy Enough", & I mean that with the Utmost Love & Respect to Joel, is the Luckiest Female Possible! Lia, you are Irreplaceable in Joe's (and our) Life! "Skinny Mates Forever"!
Bruce Shook (1 month ago)
Any idiot can tell that you two were meant for each other! Trust an old timer.. marry your best friend! Ya'll have the perfect chemistry. Hope you realize it one day before its too late.
Paul Metzger (1 month ago)
Having watched so many of your videos, it seems that special person you are looking for is sitting right beside you. Your significant other should be your best friend. You guys would be amazing together.
DJR5280 (1 month ago)
Many people in the comment section are curious about Joel's sexual orientation ( as am I) but regardless of labels I can totally relate to what he's saying. Also, why are American commenters saying the term ' Vanilla' means sexually boring. It means boring and bland personality. Same as it means in the UK I guess ( I'm American )
Jack Sugden (1 month ago)
Britain women are stuck up, and in a class system, I’m born in the UK, and find them a hard act to follow, some are stuck up, if in the wrong social circles, then the Would not be available. I’ve been alone for some years now, got stuck in my ways, and no longer desperate for them, as liked my own company, Britain or English, born here in London, isn’t important, but exercise caution with this women, as can be dangerous to men.
Tommy Crawford (1 month ago)
Question, so is Joel sexually fluid or what? I never hear if he's looking dates with guys or girls? Just wondering....
Agnew Dillon (1 month ago)
Ha! Come visit cali man I'll take you on a date in a heartbeat
Ashley Conner (1 month ago)
Joel, you're hott!! Let loose, have confidence, and just live in the moment. Have fun.
Andy G. (2 months ago)
I'm really disappointed. You guys look like a perfect couple
Nathan Headley (2 months ago)
Yeah, but who do you fuck? Like... we all hit 23 at some point.
Teresa Mack (2 months ago)
I thought that this video was supposed to be about dating in the UK??!!
Marjorie Thompson (2 months ago)
Why don’t you just marry each other? The best relationships start with friendship.
Soualmia Firas (2 months ago)
Oh come on stop being so coy about it. We KNOW that he's not straight.
Mark Caldwell (2 months ago)
You two are mental looking elsewhere for romance.. Drop the friend stuff and sleep together already. Neither of you two will find a better cause you're both having good pure feelings for each other...
Stacie lynne (2 months ago)
Joel is super cute and seems like he has a good sense of humor and always positive. Shouldnt have a hard time dating.
mama ty (2 months ago)
Why wouldn't you want to marry your best friend?
Caitlin House (3 months ago)
Joel! I think you and I are cut from the same cloth... I also think dating is too much. and guess what? We have the same bday! I saw in another video.
Keith Brewer (3 months ago)
Okay, you 2 ... cut the crap !!! LOL You know that this is how it starts ... first you become acuaintences, then friends, now you're business partners .... you mind as well get on with it now and become life partners too, unless, of coarse, one or the other of you are batting for the other team .... ????? ;)
Antonis (3 months ago)
Joel you are so freaking hot I can be cooking for you a Nandos like meal every night, but please just marry me. P.S.: Ive just followed you on Insta :)
Neal Hackett (3 months ago)
I adore Joel. Hot. Greatest laugh ever.
jasthe3rd (3 months ago)
I love how much fun you have together and crack each other up (that makes me laugh). I think a follow-up video is needed with an update on how Lia did matching people to Joel, and how those dates went.
Darlene Sanders (3 months ago)
I love you both
Timothy Shoemaker (3 months ago)
For gods sake you guys belong together > make it happen 😃
Garth Eisenbeis (3 months ago)
Mason (3 months ago)
Lia's laugh is iconic
Rusty Pleune (3 months ago)
I’ve been doing marriage counseling for a long time and I have to say something... I don’t care what you two are telling each other but you belong together. My wife of 21 years was before we married and is still my best friend. There is no better way to do it. So there Lia...that’s Rusty being matchmaker. Lol
79DorianGray (3 months ago)
Love the gender-nonspecific pronouns.
Taylor Oxenberg (3 months ago)
I don't think vanilla means the same thing in Britain as it does in America.
Gerard Esterle (3 months ago)
Well Joel is gay af and cute as hell! It prolly be easier to date if you'd come out with it 😉
Donnie Knapp (3 months ago)
When you both evolve out of your 20's BS, you WILL straight up sex each other, & it will be the least important part of your relationship. Congratulations in advance. 2018.
Xisme cwilliams (3 months ago)
Joel is so cute ☺️
Weinmonster Chicago (3 months ago)
Do videos of setting Joel up and document the entire process
robert elder (3 months ago)
Love it! You both are so funny! Joel is so adorable!
Yar Winter (3 months ago)
I'm sure when the time is right for you and the right person comes, it will happen, Joel. You seem to be a pretty great guy and I have no doubt you'll do just fine (with or without Lia's help lol).
7 Flights (3 months ago)
I’m not sure you two can’t see the forest for the trees! 😉 sometimes what you’re looking for is right under your nose😁
Sylhety (3 months ago)
Sorry if this is too personal of a question, but why AREN’T you two dating? Your chemistry is amazing and you both seem to genuinely care for each other. Those are probably the two best foundations for a romantic relationship. Break the stereotype that friends can’t/shouldn’t date each other; it’s 2018! I think due to the reasons I listed above and the fact that you guys make your videos on a bed, and the bed has the letters J & R at the front, gives off the impression that you guys are married. The bed is already a very intimate place, but then you add the letters sign and it just makes it that much more of a “couples” space. Just my two cents...
Kendra Johnson (3 months ago)
Generally curious is "vanilla" means something different in the U.K. because in the U.S. it means "not kinky". Can anyone answer this for me? Lol
P D (3 months ago)
What's the link to win a date with Joel again? It must have flashed by so fast I missed it.
flourchylde49 (3 months ago)
This is the first of their videos that was "meh".
Rey ‘Ree’ Edmonds (4 months ago)
ohhh my god you guys are so cute like i just wanna hang out with you guys!! hahahahhaa
Jeff Blythe (4 months ago)
Why so closeted in a liberal place like Britain? You're missing a chance to help others...
miteor (4 months ago)
Joel gay?
Christo_Webb (4 months ago)
You two are a beautiful distraction from my responsibilities
Julie S (4 months ago)
I love love love this
Leon (4 months ago)
Yes, I know this is an old video. I'm slowly going through them all, so if I haven't caught up on current affairs (so to speak), then never you mind. It sounds to me like Joel is trying too hard. The best romances start out as friendships (which is probably why everyone thinks you two should be dating. It also sounds like Joel is "low maintenance." There's nothing wrong with that. At least you recognize that someone who is high maintenance isn't for you. Not for nothing, Joel, mate, guys have a shelf life. If you don't get cracking, You'll be left all to your lonesome, while everyone else has matched up! They'll be getting on with their lives while you'll be doing the vlog's by your lonesome. Please note, I'm not telling you to start power dating. But, yes, stop letting grass grow under your feet. Before you know it, you'll be in your thirties, and be talking to your mates, and thinking "It's okay, I'm still young enough to start a family," and meanwhile, one of your mates will mention that he is now a grandfather, and you'll be gobsmacked. 18 +18 = 36 (yes, it IS possible)
Melissa Buse (4 months ago)
I always just thought Joel was gay? Lol kinda hard to tell with Britts sometimes 😂
Monica Dorsey (4 months ago)
I thought Joel was Gay, Straight way! Who ever thought they were dating or even married, you are all weirdos!!!😂😂😂
TheJestermint (4 months ago)
As a new subscriber binge watching your old videos, I know this video is old, but I feel I need to say something here. Regardless of Joel's sexuality, I think most people who just look at him can agree that he is incredibly attractive. Then after watching a few videos, you get a sense of his beautiful personality, which is somewhere along the lines of easy-going, open-minded, kind-hearted and maybe some sarcastic humor... all very attractive attributes. No reason he should be single, right? When Joel admitted that he had only been on two dates in his adult life, considering he's probably mid-20's? and very attractive, I immediately recognized something familiar. I am an asexual/aromantic, but it took me a long time to figure that out. I spent most of my 20's going on arranged dates, using dating apps, always wondering why I couldn't make it last. Friends and family always said things like "I just don't know why you're not married yet" and "You're way too pretty to not ever have a boyfriend" and so on. As a now 37 year old woman, I've had maybe four real boyfriends short term and about 20-25 sexual partners, mostly just one or two times per partner. Judge me if you must on those numbers, but I was trying to figure myself out and that required a lot of trial and error. I also have had several male friends that I felt a strong platonic bond, best friends even, but nothing more. Basically, I see a little bit of my younger self in you, Joel. Have you considered that maybe sex and/or relationships may not be your vibe? (lol slight reference to another video) Honestly, is the dating scene your vibe? Because even though dating and relationships are expected of you at your age, it's 2018 and it's completely okay if you honestly really don't want to date or have romantic partners. Think hard about what makes you happy, because that's all that really matters, social standards be damned. Sometimes we have to make our own rules. And just like anytime I leave a comment anywhere about asexuality, I'm always happy to answer any questions anyone might have via private message, and private convos are always private. I know it can be confusing, and it's different for everyone, but I'm willing to get into my own personal details if that helps someone understand the small community of non-sexuals. Un-sexuals? Asexuals. =) Cheers, love you two!
Pamela Anis (4 months ago)
If and when you find the RIGHT GIRL for Joel I am sure she will love you too Lia!
Pamela Anis (4 months ago)
IT'S YOU! Hahaha!
Ryan Tedder1 (4 months ago)
This is video is so sweet💙I like you soo much💙and your wife too XD
Valedina (4 months ago)
Omg!!😱 This is the first video i watch from your channel and all i want to say is that you are both vere beautiful charming and lovely! But for some reason i felt a "connection" with the girl. Generally you dont look british i would say more medditeranean or something. You look so familiar its somewhat creepy.😂 Anyways greetings from Greece😘
Larry Bryant (9 days ago)
You are right. She was born in England but has Greek heritage.
Joel, you are about the cutest thing I've ever seen
Micah Askins (4 months ago)
But did he go on the dates? Did they work out?? THE PEOPLE NEED A PART 2
Melissa Deaton (4 months ago)
Hopefully you two will figure out soon enough you are perfect for each other & fall in love ❤️ lol
crazygirlfun1 (4 months ago)
As much time as they spend together not to be dating he must be gay
or maybe you should keep these assumptions to yourself.
or maybe I like blondes?
or maybe she is...?
David Thaler (4 months ago)
“...not wanna bang?” That’s not veddy British. What happened to “...havin’ i’ off”? :-)
Luna RikaRiko (4 months ago)
Wait? I Swear yesterday, on Instagram, I saw that you said you were married with a kid? You were holding a blond toddler. Were you joking about that?
Ayite Butler Jr (4 months ago)
So in Britain, what does Vanilla mean? In the States its just a flavor of ice cream
Nikki Nik (4 months ago)
I was expecting a coming out video .. so still no confirmation on the gay bit?? Or maybe I havnt seen that video yet..
electronicmoll (4 months ago)
...but... what if you DON'T have a wing man and you want to know about DATING IN LONDON?!? *pout*
electronicmoll (4 months ago)
@joelandlia Joel... apropos of nothing, here in the States, we call the store you wore a shirt from in another vid "abbergrabbyandsnatch" due to the fact that they are notoriously overpriced.
Heidi Main (4 months ago)
Would it be wrong for me to use this app on my sons before telling them? 😬
Amber Dawn (4 months ago)
You remind me of my gay best friend...i made a great gay wing man...before being lesbian was popular here now lesbians hit on me so I have to have a gay wing man to get straight men to compete...ugh..people don't get being a best friends that's the opposite sex...its a hard thing...people don't get it...but if your older or younger for some reason it's a sexual thing...ugh...i ha e all male best friends that I am NOT sexual with that I went through theater and film.classes woth...there is a bong amount artists that baffles normal people... you remind me of Californian thesbians at their best!!
Amber Dawn (4 months ago)
What kind of bio would one have to have to date my best friend...lmao...im cracking up here like you two were part of my theater class which I can't wait to release...so...soo..funny
Amber Dawn (4 months ago)
I really wish as a southern Californian who is over 30 and cultured...i could have been a part of this...omg...hilarious
Amber Dawn (4 months ago)
I'd go on a date with Joel as long as it's totally non romantic and funny...can I go on a date with both of you at the same time?? That would be the ultimate..but no after date threesomes...and frankly joel...im with you I don't date either...it confuses me and not interesting...in most cases...
Sabrina Nysveen (4 months ago)
I am so freaking glad I'm married. My husband is my hero for rescuing me from the dating pool.
Daniel Cameron (4 months ago)
I know it's way late or whatever, but I thought I should voice my constructive feedback. I've been watching a lot of your videos and I have enjoyed most of them, and have been deciding weither to sub or not. I've found I have subbed too soon then loose interest depending on certain factors. One being misleading titles such as this one. Like others I was excited for and expecting a little bit of dating culture within the UK, but instead it was a 10 min ad... Or half ad, half Joel's dating life or lack thereof. I hope you don't do this very often, while it had it's charm in its own way, I was hoping for more. Other than this one though I have enjoyed your videos, and if there aren't too many like this I will probably subscribe.
Lia your laugh is so funny 😅😅😅
ximalas (4 months ago)
Joel, don't shave, only trim. Haha. You look great.
Stephanie Schoelen (4 months ago)
People think you’re a couple bc there is a J&L over a bed!!! 😂
Kathleen Crank (4 months ago)
Zachery LeBlanc (4 months ago)
Based on their responses and the commented they've liked, I'm assuming Joel would be described as bisexual but really isn't into labels??
Harold stone (4 months ago)
When I First started viewing yur show, i immediately told my friends, various closet-Anglophiles. First they came back with "So where is this Joe-landlia? Up the Baltic Coast between Latvia & Estonia somewheres? Are they new members of NATO??"
2 Spirit Metis (4 months ago)
I think it was the daughter of our former Prime Minister, Brian Mulroney that matched Harry and Meghan.
Pat Smith (4 months ago)
I think it's great you two are best friends. That is really rare. It's obvious you two care a lot for each other. I wish I had a guy friend like you two. Good luck Joel. You have a great personality.
dancing with my hands (4 months ago)
Oh my gosh I love love love this video!!! I couldn’t stop lmao 😆 😂 Hopefully Joel will find true love!! Who ever gets to cuddle up with Joel is incredibly lucky!! Blessed very blessed!! He is the most adorable and handsome guy on YouTube!! 😘I love you both singing!!! Hope you both know how so special your AMAZING friendship is!!!❤️😘🇬🇧😂❤️😂🇬🇧❤️ Have a GREAT TIME DATING JOEL!!! You’re such a cutie!!! THIS IS MY FAVORITE VIDEO!!! Again lmao 😂 as I type this!!! Cheers 🥂 and lots of love!!!😂❤️😂❤️😂 I wonder how many times I’m going to watch this video because I keep coming back to it over and over and over!! I think this is going to be my go to when I need cheering up video! I’ll be cold in a rocking chair have gray hair and still watching this freaking video!😂😂😂 you guys are hilarious together absolutely hilarious!! ❤️❤️
Lynette Miramontes (4 months ago)
She mentioned three female names at the end of the video for everyone trying to figure out the orientation question... not that it’s any of our business really. The captions helped.
Stevan Fabien (4 months ago)
I am man soft and peaceful, passionate for my life and being happy. I want to find the other half of my life. I lost him for a long long long time. who is him? you? ... . I love women life, women to laugh, women to try new things and explore life outside the city. I think I'm smart and funny, determined. women to love laugh and stay fit and healthy I'm serious please if u serious write me : [email protected]
sandra roth (4 months ago)
Too funny....love the videos
JockBaloney (4 months ago)
He is probably gay. It is IMPOSSIBLE for a heterosexual male and a good looking woman of the same persuasion to have a 'platonic' relationship. That violates every rule and law of nature.
TECHNOLOGY (4 months ago)
It is free online Dating site https://bit.ly/2mrlnfu
Jon Brahms (4 months ago)
On an episode of All in the Family Archie Bunker once said, and I quote "England is a fag country". His words not mine. It made me wonder if this is (or was) a widely held opinion and if so why.
Candy Clews (4 months ago)
Am I stating the obvious when it's staring me in the face that you two are a marriage made in Heaven? When is it going to hit you two?
Nonya Private (4 months ago)
Lia, has anyone told you that you look like Brittany Murphy?
Average Joe (4 months ago)
Joel & Lia, this video reminds me so much of the movie "When Harry met Sally" from 1989 starring Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal. It is a great movie. If you haven't seen the movie I think you will enjoy it. "What I'm saying is — and this is not a come-on in any way, shape or form — is that men and women can't be friends because the sex part always gets in the way."
Mony Lee (4 months ago)
Omg he is so adorable!
Julian Briseno (4 months ago)
Watching y'all in a Texas diner in my home town lol technology is lovely
Elliemay Lewis (4 months ago)
im dead i though they were seeing 😐
Faatimah Boodhoo (4 months ago)
Joel reminds me of this actor Joel McHale when he was playing the character of Jeff Winger in the American TV sitcom ''Community." It took me about 6 videos in to realize why I was so drawn to him as if I knew him already. lol

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