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Vesta Williams - Suddenly It's Magic • TopPop

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Watch our great music videos ❯ https://goo.gl/feVLNN More TopPop? Subscribe here ❯ https://goo.gl/aICMxi More info on Wikipedia ❯ https://goo.gl/8s9Vj1 Broadcast date: 1987-11-01 This is to let you know that the video recording of the video clip was originally recorded by AVROTROS Broadcasting. AVROTROS Broadcasting hereby warrants and represents that it is the sole and exclusive owner of the physical film and/or videotape footage in this video clip. The performance of the artist(s) in the clip was filmed and recorded with the written consent of the artist(s) and their representatives. AVROTROS is a Dutch radio and television broadcaster, founded in 2014 from a merger of AVRO and TROS. From January 1st, 2014 the name of the merged broadcaster was used in joint programmes. AVRO was founded in 1923 as the Netherlands first public broadcaster. TROS started broadcasting in 1964. Toppop was a weekly AVRO pop program that was aired between 1970 and 1988. AVROTROS Broadcasting PO Box 2 1200 JA Hilversum The Netherlands TopPop was the first regular dedicated pop music TV show in the Dutch language area. Dutch broadcaster AVRO aired the programme weekly, from 1970 to 1988. Presenter Ad Visser hosted the show for its first fifteen years. World famous music artists performed on TopPop: ABBA, 10CC, Bee Gees, The Jacksons, David Bowie, Earth & Fire, Boney M, Smokie, KC & The Sunshine Band, Chic, Donna Summer, Rod Stewart, and many many more.
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Text Comments (19)
Shontae B (1 day ago)
I had always wanted to know who sung this song. Now I know thanks Vesta Williams. R.I.H
A Alcione!!!
Steven Dietrich (22 days ago)
Why did this song just popped into my head in 2019??🤦🏽‍♂️ Beautiful ❤️
Masayoshi Otomo (30 days ago)
So who is the original singer? Cunnie or Vesta Williams?
Masayoshi Otomo (16 days ago)
Thank you so much for enlightening me.+Precious Hands
Precious Hands (18 days ago)
Vesta Williams released 1987 as soundtrack to movie, Soul Man (My son was born when it was just released, used to play it to put him to sleep). Cunnie Williams released his cover in 1993.
J. Jones (1 month ago)
Remember this from the movie Soul Man , Sweet .
Kloty sim (1 month ago)
Her voice and the music blends! Love the song from the very fist time i heard it.
ronaldo advincula (3 months ago)
Cetrion (3 months ago)
Oh how cool! I love this song by Vesta! To see her perform it is magic 😉. Thanks so much for posting this!
LISA HOWARD (4 months ago)
happy birthday Vesta Williams rest on
Gurdulù (5 months ago)
From OST of "Soul Man", movie with Rae Dawn Chong
maxtheknife (6 months ago)
Thanks for this! Always happy to see classic video from one of my favorite singers, Vesta Williams!!!!
catpet guiller (7 months ago)
One my favorite song... Vesta williams suddenly it's magic. 👍👍👍
Hoover Contreras (7 months ago)
Corría el año 1987 ,año de preparación a la universidad,este tema acompañaba mis noches de estudios ,hermosa melodía e interpretacion de Vesta ,gracias música instantánea ,programa de un gran locutor speedy Gonzáles Lima Perú
Gurdulù (3 months ago)
Mal hábito para estudiar de noche :)
That 70's Girl (7 months ago)
Beautiful song. 💖
hubertgunpowder (7 months ago)
Great song !! ♫
808 EXPLORER (7 months ago)

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