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Lewis Pugh - First swim across the North Pole

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Lewis Pugh undertaking the first swim across the Geographic North Pole on the 15th of July 2007. The 1km swim across an open patch of sea was undertaken to highlight the dramatic melt of Arctic sea ice, as the result of climate change.
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Danny Branderson (4 days ago)
There is a reason why you are the first, dummmbasss
John Billings (3 months ago)
Brrrrrrrrrrrr... WTF would he do that for?
John Billings (7 days ago)
I figured.. Merry X-mas day. If fortunate... two weeks of days...
Kawa Bata (8 days ago)
Firstly to raise awareness of the fragile biosphere over there and secondly, why the hell not :)
I watched for 1 hour 30 minutes live before Lewis Pugh got to the Dover harbour wall, it has been an amazing feeling to have been a witness of this fantastic challenge, truly inspiring, I think a lot of people around the world have now a real hero! Not only because it is not easy to swim that incredible distance but mainly because of the cause. Let's help the oceans, Let's help his cause! We can do it all together. Greetings from Mexico City! Congratulations!
Humans R Ants (4 months ago)
One does not simply swim the North Pole.
Ice Surfer (5 months ago)
36! Still.. would think he blood temp drops to 30
Ice Surfer (5 months ago)
And how do arrange this?
Hongyi Zhu (11 months ago)
You are HERO.
Ado Podrinje (11 months ago)
in the end when he steps out of wateR? where the hell is his team? to give the warm blanket? and put him down safe and well ?
Jake the dog (1 year ago)
Tradition in russia The best winter swimmers
Daniel (1 year ago)
Lewis Pugh Fantastic my Friend INCREDIBLE, should be World Record, you need to Ask WIM HOF to do this and see if he can Swim Further :) Excellent mate!
Pamela Herrera (1 year ago)
You are my inspiration. Thank you!
John Edward (1 year ago)
"Polar Bears could be extinct in 40 years time"... as 'Polar Bear Guards' step off of the boat with guns...
fendergibs (2 months ago)
John Edward warning shots genius
Ryan Glo (9 months ago)
Could use tranquilizers
Ryan Glo (9 months ago)
John Edward ak47s at that smh
Divine (1 year ago)
Still warmer the North Sea.
Kade Watts (2 years ago)
how doesn't the size of this mans balls not weigh him down i meant damn salute to you brotha
Sara J (4 months ago)
Kade Watts LOL he ain't the only one who has swam in open ocean The fuck 😂
comot camet (2 years ago)
vernon0051 (3 years ago)
One question I have for Lewis Pugh in regard to preparation for a those swims: Does he does a lot of swims in say zero degree Celsius water at least three times a day for a least three weeks or preferably at least a month before the swims? I think acclimatization can make a lot of difference. I have seen times after having done so much wading in cold water for a long time it was easier to step into water with ice on it with my bare feet than it was say stepping into a public pool in the middle of summer with a water temperature of 20 degrees Celsius. I believe there is such a thing that if you swim in very cold water, say three times a day, certainly at least two, and do it day in, day out, you don't get that shock like you would if you had never been in water like that and then fell in.
Lennay (3 years ago)
Lewis how can be in the shower in heat for 50 mins and then go in the ice cold water? Have you never gotten a freeze reaction of the big change? Like from really big heat to really cold. Many people have died by only jumping out without have been in much heat, and then get a reaction that makes you unmoveable. But it is really awesome how tough you are and how you can swim like that. I cant even handle 15 degrees XD
Ice Surfer (5 months ago)
Lennay people have died... Most obvious statement ever
Job0t The-Robot (1 year ago)
Thanks youtube doctor. We're all smarter.
mokotramp (3 years ago)
I'm 45 years old, and this is the only person who has truly inspired me in my life...
Ice Surfer (5 months ago)
mokotramp you are running late
Ado Podrinje (9 months ago)
check out Dean Karnazes or Wim Hof, or Mike Tyson and plenty of others
Ryan Glo (9 months ago)
mokotramp how about mlk?
M. K. (1 year ago)
Have you met Wim Hof?
RivieraByBuick (1 year ago)
that`s pretty nice actually !
Filip Serafimovski (3 years ago)
I NEED TO DO THIS! cold makes me feel so alive
Marko Sparic (3 years ago)
Congratulations, this is wonderful, what a man!
Milincic Snezana (3 years ago)
Wow!!! Congratulations from Serbia!!! :)
Lindz T (3 years ago)
Amazing! Was sent here after hearing your story about intention, focus and that inner calling (intuition) and you followed through on it. Incredible achievement - inspiring.  
Lewis Pugh (3 years ago)
Thanks +Guy Kawasaki.   #humbled  
Rohaanmusic (4 years ago)
Lewis you are a true warrior and a real inspiration! I truly mean it!
Marc Freeman (4 years ago)
Jy is mal meneer. Well done bru. It looks KAAAAKKK Cold!!!!!!
C Pijnaker (4 years ago)
I am shivering just watching this video, AMAZING job!
Marie Pavone (4 years ago)
Incredible man... Congratulations from Concord CA, USA
Jesse Hersch (5 years ago)

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