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Over the Garden Wall - Into The Unknown (Theme Song - Full Version )

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(SPOILERS!!! - DON'T WATCH IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THE SHOW) The beginning and the ending of "Over the Garden Wall" put together, forming the main song of the series - "Into the Unknown" Lyrics: Led through the mist By the milk light of moon All that was lost is revealed Our long bygone burdens Mere echoes of the spring But where have we come? And where shall we end? If dreams can't come true Than why not pretend? How the gentle wind Beckons through the leaves As autumn colors fall Dancing in a swirl Of golden memories The loveliest lies of all The loveliest... lies... of all...
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Nurpus (1 year ago)
*Support the music makers of Over The Garden Wall, and buy the soundtrack!* iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/over-the-garden-wall/id1287185354 Bandcamp: https://blastingcompany.bandcamp.com/album/over-the-garden-wall
Christopher RD (23 days ago)
Tremendous work of art
Niomi Plays (7 months ago)
Lyrics: Led through the mist By the milk-light of moon All that was lost is revealed Our long bygone burdens Mere echoes of the spring But where have we come? And where shall we end? If dreams can't come true Then why not pretend? How the gentle wind Beckons through the leaves As Autumn colors fall Dancing in a swirl Of golden memories The loveliest lies Of all
Winston Mercury (1 year ago)
Krystian Kukielczak (1 hour ago)
God I have to watch this cuz when I was a kid it seemed like a mystery to me and I really want to see the whole thing. Then I have to watch the whole adventure time goddamnit
MyDroidsBeLinkin (7 hours ago)
Its unsettling for some reason and i dont know why
this was honestly the first cartoon to ever make me cry. Such a beautiful story, so well written and animated, as well as a masterful soundtrack
lemon raincloud (2 days ago)
does anyone know where I can find piano sheet music for this? My mom really loves this song and would like to teach it to her class
music for a soul. (2 days ago)
A beautiful dream for us to remember forever and our lives.
Es bellísimo
Inkaz2 (5 days ago)
I’m sad that this show ended
Tophat Turtle (5 days ago)
God i love this show so much, it made me sad and happy at the same time. I can admit that i cried at the end.
This is a Masterpiece :'3
David Ciolan (7 days ago)
"The lovliest lies of all" This is true
Christina Valentine (8 days ago)
this show kind of reminds me of Bee and Puppycat.....like similar shows but opposite energies? That makes more sense in my head
Christopher RD (10 days ago)
A beautiful work of art
Miles Navarra (11 days ago)
I really love Patrick MacHale
Krobus (13 days ago)
This song is so beautiful, One day il sing this to my grandchildren And i want this to play at my funeral
Elad Peleg (14 days ago)
This song still makes me shiver
Blake Kerwin (12 days ago)
Elad Peleg gives me goosebumps
I don't know what it is but this show was something truly special it gave me a feeling no show till this day could replecate
Mud Fox (15 days ago)
Top 10 most soothing voices
Carmyツ (15 days ago)
This is a great song, and that’s a rock fact
Green Manatee (18 days ago)
0:50 the Woodsman reuniting with his daughter never fails to get me teary-eyed
Wow Wow (19 days ago)
somebody (20 days ago)
It’s reminds me of a series of unfortunate events it’s make every bit of nonsense possible.
Jielyx (21 days ago)
i finally understand the opening after finishing the show
MidNight :V (21 days ago)
Is Beatrice's dog a grayhound?
This show ended in a way I won’t forgot A way of life is getting over the wall, the wall is trying to recover and this might be a stupid connection but there going over the GARDEN wall. This show ended in a good way i never wanted anymore answers and the show left the questions answered.
ZombieSlayer (23 days ago)
Dude Beatrices mom is freakin great
M S (23 days ago)
season 2?
Кай ГД (23 days ago)
P A D D Y (23 days ago)
우동이 (24 days ago)
노래 너무 좋앙❤️❤️❤️
S O M A (25 days ago)
Hagrid you fat oaf (25 days ago)
Beautiful. Made me shed a tear
kish atena (27 days ago)
Why suddenly this is in my reccomendation list? I dont regret click it tho 😅😎👍
Norman S. (27 days ago)
Over the garden wall and Gravity falls will always be my favorite cartoons of all time
Ktfinns t (28 days ago)
Harlock Aznable (28 days ago)
Adam muto is a Celestial being.
kuş tüyü (29 days ago)
dante inferno
mar ia (29 days ago)
what an amazing show
Suicidsoda (1 month ago)
We need season 2
Flavio Inca Vega (1 month ago)
me dueleeeeeeeeeee
Raghad Alawieh (1 month ago)
That was the best show :(
Saleh H (1 month ago)
The loveliest lies of all
that one friend (1 month ago)
How can the frog sing
Galaxy cat GachaCyan (1 month ago)
Galaxy cat GachaCyan (1 month ago)
Did u realise the dark lantern people are really dolls did u notice that?
rebeca mosqueda (1 month ago)
I Didn't Cry At The Finale
Liv Time Travels (1 month ago)
If anybody was wondering, the two boys with the boats are wirt and Greg in their earlier designs
lordshardik (1 month ago)
Bluez Dragonfly (1 month ago)
I love the fact that the frog can't talk, but he can sing because he is a frog. :p
Hanelyn Bello (1 month ago)
I really loved this cartoon since 2013 or 2014 this show was really creepy,sad,and really thrilling.And did you know this show was from DANTE'S INFERNO but i still love it and did anybody watch this at april 2019?
Inkaz2 (1 month ago)
And now I sing this song when the world ends. And that’s a rock fact
Duchi (1 month ago)
*The loveliest song all*
Matheus Goulart (1 month ago)
Can you imagine Alex Turner singing this song ? This song sounds like a track of a tranquility base hotel and casino album
Its....Its just beautifull..*sniff* (i ship Virt and Beatrise) *wink wink*))))))))))
Hoan Hot Ho (1 month ago)
The saddest thing that this is the most short show ever and nobody care about this show
Sho3i Jiu (2 months ago)
Some shows do really have an underwhelming ending, but this one was different. I'm just so satisfied with it's ending. This was seriously one of the best cartoons ever...
The roast duck (2 months ago)
why am I crying again...?
emma bloom (2 months ago)
eu amo tanto tudo isso
Frugos Höek (2 months ago)
And they said Pepe only promoted hate
Script_Code (2 months ago)
It’s good that a show this amazing ended when it needed too instead of becoming too bloated with episodes *cough* Ninjago *cough* That’s a roooock fact
What music genre is this
Ellie Krueger (2 months ago)
The song is so nostalgic and makes me tear up. It’s... lovely.
lolon Noguez (2 months ago)
BEN10 (2 months ago)
One of the best shows
Alex Mathew Mendoza (2 months ago)
This series was amazing. It's got this dark, turn-of-the-century folktale vibe that I really enjoyed. It's so dark but also really profound and beautifully made.
0042 (2 months ago)
Does somebody know what art style inspired the atmosphere and background art of this show?
Raphaeloking (2 months ago)
Why did I only now realise that they where in hevan the whole time and that that monster death was and by that monster I mean the beast
muhittin top (2 months ago)
Vay be
Thomas Walker (2 months ago)
Tim Burton
Artem Zharov (2 months ago)
True Beauty.
Grant Hughes (2 months ago)
My favorite Cartoon Network show of all time, tied with Ed, Edd n Eddy.
L0RDFR3NCHY (2 months ago)
i can see myself coming back to this video in ten years, the feels ^^
n o r i. (2 months ago)
i remember binge watching this on my old ipad they day after my mother divorced
Tio Lapis (2 months ago)
This is the best music
Agnes Berry (2 months ago)
I’ve watched this show over ten times yet this part never fails to bring me to tears every time I watch it. Bravo.
Agnes Berry (2 months ago)
The foreshadowing is R E A L
Fang_ Tooth (2 months ago)
plot twist: the beast lived and made 148 alts to dislike this
Southern Bum (2 months ago)
Did anyone notice the tombstone in the graveyard in episode 9 was the Mad Love guy?
Burglary D (2 months ago)
I watched horribly l like it
aless0302 (2 months ago)
Thank you Cartoon Network
Dread Pirate Robin (2 months ago)
Nice to get just a taste of the fall in the dead of winter.
Jeremiah Plays All (3 months ago)
Cartoon network should have just made this a movie
Arson Hole (3 months ago)
This mini-series was and still is a masterpiece
Kintsune (3 months ago)
This is truly a masterpiece. Why did it end so fast?
DanZeMan (3 months ago)
This was sung by David Bowie, that's a rock fack!
Duchi (3 months ago)
*The loveliest song of all*
Lily Depew (3 months ago)
This is the cutest thing- anyone that disliked worships T-Series
Donut Downpour (3 months ago)
why did this come up when i searched then perish? i mean i love OTGW but what
Nate Levin (3 months ago)
Jesusthag show is that old
Nuch-ew (3 months ago)
Subscribe to PewDiePie.
bleh blehh (3 months ago)
Idk why but this show gives me this eerie feeling of fall and Halloween. I love it. I sorta wish they had a season 2
Archimedes Warden (3 months ago)
I missed the opportunity to listen this beautiful soundtrack alongside the show, time to go binge it if I can
s02 Pzychotik (3 months ago)
Xyon (3 months ago)
*This show is the loveliest lie of all*
Xyon (3 months ago)
*This song is enough of explanation* To answer our questions about the story of what's Over the Garden Wall.
"Dancing in a swirl of golden memories" Veronika...my love...
Sebastián Buitrago (3 months ago)
Where can I find more series like this one?
That One Random Guy (3 months ago)
Why are my eyes leaking saltwater?
Kayla R (3 months ago)
I loved over the garden wall.
Auron Chung (3 months ago)
139 of the dislikes came from the Teen Titan's Go Cartoon Network fandom. They're so stupid that they thought the dislike button was a thumbs up and that's a rock fact.

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