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The Greatest Unscripted Movie Scenes

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Top 10 of the best unrehearsed, improvised movie moments of all time. Subscribe to our channel : http://goo.gl/ho3Hg6 Every big-budget blockbuster or award-winning drama begins with a script, but no movie makes it to the screen without making some changes from the printed page. Sometimes, it's what happens when actors go OFF the script that’s most remembered. Here are ScreenRant's 10 GReatest Unscripted Movie Scenes. Featuring: Raiders of the Lost Ark: Bringing a Gun to a Sword Fight | 0:23 The Dark Knight: A Round of Applause | 0:50 Taxi Driver: You Talkin To Me? | 1:22 Aliens: Game Over, Man | 1:58 The Usual Suspects: The Line-up | 2:27 Jaws: A Bigger Boat | 3:10 The Empire Strikes Back: Han's Goodbye | 3:44 The Shining: Here's Johnny! | 4:26 The Silence of the Lambs: A Nice Chianti | 4:58 Dumb & Dumber: The Most Annoying Sound | 5:34 Our Social Media: https://twitter.com/screenrant https://www.facebook.com/ScreenRant https://plus.google.com/+ScreenRant Our Website http://screenrant.com/
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Text Comments (2794)
somewhat_toasty (3 days ago)
you forgot about the Biggus Dickus scene from Monty Python
David White (12 days ago)
I can think of the best unscripted scene you forgot. 'I've got a jar of dirt. I've got a jar of dirt. And I know what's inside it' Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) Pirates of the Caribbean. This line left a genuine Say whaaat?' look on the other actors faces. Including Sparrows adversary. So funny.
ehern10181990 (14 days ago)
How you gonna use the wrong "youre gonna need a bigger boat"? This is said more than once but the first was in the cabin as quint is getting something ready. Boo.
Xx_ lamperd_xX (1 month ago)
It puts the lotion on it's skin or it gets the hose again
Kookie The Cookie (2 months ago)
Instead of “I love u” “I know” He should’ve said “I know, I love me too”
irishkk99 (2 months ago)
In Bridemaids when they're on the plane and Annie is acting like she's on drugs. She was supposed to be acting high, but everything that she said she just made up herself. If you look at outtakes, each time she's just rambling something different. HELP ME, I'M POOR
Jonno 01642 (2 months ago)
full metal jacket?
I...i don't feel so good.
BreadBrothers (4 months ago)
As I'm watching this there are 911 dislikes OMG HE CAUSED 911 AHHH
DreSully (5 months ago)
In "This Is The End".... there is an argument between Danny McBride and James Franco about masturbation... HANDS DOWN FUNNIEST SCENE EVER🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Watermachnic43 Theories (5 months ago)
Two of these are Harrison Ford
Dave W (5 months ago)
Midnight Cowboy... "I'm walking here"
Nerd History (5 months ago)
Ya gonna need a bigger boat (music starts)
Soupy Oats (6 months ago)
Yes you did. In The Outsiders, there was this one scene when Matt Dillon playing as Dallas Winston fell off his hair while trying to put up his feet on the chair in front of him. C. Thomas Howell was laughing and looked at the camera for a second expecting them to say "cut!". Matt kept his character and the movie kept going. THAT WAS JUST SPECIAL AND IT WAS EVERYTHING!! I love The Outsiders!!
hotroses3 (7 months ago)
Why male models?, I'm walkin' here!
jamie burke (7 months ago)
“I got a jar of dirt. I got a jar of dirt.” 😂😂😂😂😂😂 like if you know what I’m talking about!
Kefentse Ngwamotsoko (1 month ago)
Jack right
Theodoros PETRIDIS (8 months ago)
What about biggus dickus from Monty python
Rattlesnake5303 (8 months ago)
If we’re talking about scenes we’ve gotta mention the TMNT movie’s elevator scene it was funny and unscripted plus sick beat
VidsByRaz (8 months ago)
It's Roy Scheider, not Schneider.
Scott Murray (9 months ago)
Announcer guy talks way TOO much!!!!
vincent cloud (9 months ago)
Empire strikes back it's George lucas
EMZEE 22 (9 months ago)
Leo di Caprio's unscripted scene in Django Unchained ?
Timothy Torres (10 months ago)
4:50 That one line.
Timothy Torres (10 months ago)
The ROTLA was either hilarious, or lazy. It’s like Indy wasn’t in the mood for fighting someone else.
Jaycie Greenlees (10 months ago)
The office when Michael kisses Oscar
Diane Wood (10 months ago)
Why's the rum gone ❓
meerovermarvel engames (10 months ago)
Guardians of the galacy
Klaptrop Production (10 months ago)
Zoey "Game over man... game over"
Chicken Man (10 months ago)
whats the song in the background in the taxi driver part
Aswin EAPPAN JOHN (10 months ago)
I love jim
Credible Sea (10 months ago)
Austin powers Shh scene.
Donna Mackie (11 months ago)
Yeah Joe pesci in Goodfellows, improvised the table scene where Ray Liotta(Henry) tells Tommy(Pesci) that he is a funny guy after he cracks a joke, Pesci asks him why he is so funny putting him on the spot and it escalates from there, Liotta had no idea what was going on as it was not in the script, it was Pesci improvising and he just went along with it, it was kept in
ComedyMike (11 months ago)
Jim Carrey the king of improv
seungcheol choi (11 months ago)
''I'm the king of the world!!!!!!''
watch free (11 months ago)
Let me guess Leonard DiCaprio cutting his hand is on here😎
HollowShell90 _ (11 months ago)
Fresh prince of bel air. Will meets his dad and toward the end of the scene will says " I’m going to get through college without him, find me a nice honey, have kids, because there’s nothing to say about loving my kids."( Will starts crying) "Why didn’t want me"
Chudius (11 months ago)
The wolf of wallstreet when Leo and McConaughey are having lunch and he starts humming and thumping his chest.
Ryan Lapinski (11 months ago)
The dark knight had multiple scenes that Heath Ledger improvised. Including the scene with the hospital blowing up. It made his character of the joker more real than almost any other actor ever had.
Adi Opijac (11 months ago)
"hey look at me... look at me, I am the captain now"
Eric Olejkowski (11 months ago)
No one said it so I will. Arnold in the Terminator,the police station scene the line should have been ;”I’ll come back “ but Arnold said “I’ll be back “ and the most famous line was created.
GRACE DZIEWIT (11 months ago)
you forgot that entire scene breakfast club
Jennifer Eddy (11 months ago)
Big mistake...not Jack's
Jennifer Eddy (11 months ago)
Hazing has been happening for a minute....
Jennifer Eddy (11 months ago)
Or Hemingway...Tom Hardy is super cool.
Jennifer Eddy (11 months ago)
Its a little quixotic but my Dad is pretty Indiana Jones.
Putra Yuda Septian (1 year ago)
Guys stop!! xD
Lapirusleader Grafter (1 year ago)
In doctor who 2005 season 4 the doctor has a scene in part two of poison sky, and he has a gas mask on, but when he gets asked something, he forgets his line and says, “are you my mummy?” Quoting a season one gas mask zombie or empty child’s most used line
Zoe Tremain-Woodcock (1 year ago)
i was searching up funny scenes from:tommy boy(chris farley movie,but,i did not see any unscripted scenes of that movie that were added in.
sergeantbigmac (1 year ago)
Uhhh '...Like Tears in the Rain' anyone?
TTO Sudden (1 year ago)
I've got a jar of dirt
Ox5f3759df (1 year ago)
There is no 'n' in Roy Scheider's name.
toronto don (1 year ago)
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David Boson (1 year ago)
wtf sometimes actor just like act?
gini Inig (1 year ago)
who cames for jim the carry..
Christbepraised (1 year ago)
Love it. And, they saved the best till last. Jim Carrey is hilarious
You forgot Dr Evils frickin rotating chair scene on Austin Powers
Jen Sinclair (1 year ago)
That annoying sound was improvised! Hahaaa
劉悅音 (1 year ago)
Blade Runner : Roy Batty's monologue
berserker (1 year ago)
really enjoyed the shining bit. the music chosen fit perfectly. very enjoyable. good work.
suzycreamcheesez (1 year ago)
RIP Bill Paxton RIP Carrie Fisher
DJ_StiFFFy (1 year ago)
Run Fat Boy Run "Can you see my point" while he's naked in the shower. "Yes, Yes I can"
The Sims Estate (1 year ago)
talk talk talk talk talk.........................talk talk
Bat 1996 (1 year ago)
'' Funny how !! " Goodfellas...
Kimi Sauber-Könën (1 year ago)
Paulie Harrow (1 year ago)
You Guys S U C K... How the Hell can you forget Robin Williams in Good Moooornin Vi -et Naaaam..
Agatino1 (1 year ago)
"Tears in Rain"
AJax (1 year ago)
i wish you guys would actually show the scene you are talking about. in full.
SwollenRhino (1 year ago)
Full Metal Jacket
Hit Man (1 year ago)
Yes every Robin Williams movie ever lol
Shannon McDonald (1 year ago)
Star Wars Return of the Jedi He says it to her and she responds 'I know' beautiful dovetail
MikeFiend1138 (1 year ago)
Narrator says, 'Roy Schneider.' lolz
Akshay Raut (1 year ago)
how could you miss the Hospital Scene from The Dark Knight...when the Joker is blowing all the buildings detonation stops in between and he stops walking looks back checks the detonator hits the button on it some more times and the detonation starts again and he walks towards an ambulance. This scene was not scripted like that but he he was still in his character and director was great to keep it rolling. I really appreciate the both. :)
Nina Shlimon (1 year ago)
"I'm walking here! I'm walking here!"
TyForestGames (1 year ago)
My personal favorite is in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Tim the Enchanter was supposed to have a really long, complicated name, but the actor couldn't remember it, so he improvised and said "My name is... Tim".
Raz G (1 year ago)
Not my most improvised fap.
Teddy Howell (1 year ago)
WHAT ABOUT THE BREAKFAST CLUB?! When they say why they are in detention!!
Will Jane (1 year ago)
Chris Pratt in Parks and Rec when he said he typed Leslie's symptoms into the internet and it said she had network connectivity issues
Mary Kelleher (1 year ago)
In the Usual Suspects, one of the actors kept farting, which is what they were laughing at.
Steak Candy (1 year ago)
Full Metal jacket
matt leo (1 year ago)
Goodfellas "funny guy". midnight cowboy "I'm walking here"
Matthew O'Friel (1 year ago)
Yeah you didnt show the scenes in their entirety instead you talked some bs about them
Hikaru Skins (1 year ago)
the last one was epic
Epic Gems (1 year ago)
Robert Kite (1 year ago)
I'm came here to chew ass and kick bubble gum And I'm all outta ass
BenRhysFisher (1 year ago)
fast and furious, "mia you better hide your baby oil" "and you better hide that big ass forehead"
Nikolaus Penner (1 year ago)
"What's so funny about me"- joe Pesci. Goodfellas
Michael Towler (1 year ago)
They ruined the Shining just turning into a Jack Nicholson horror feast  the Book was so much better with the Hotel itself being the Horror .  Thebest line in Aliens 2 is Hudson retort to being shamed, on how this little Girl "Newt'  and so on is "Put her in charge"
Quinn Powell (1 year ago)
The greatest unscripted scene of all time is the opening scene of Full Metal Jacket
Jack Sanders (1 year ago)
I want, "Hey, want to hear the most annoying sound in the world?" To be a meme.
beastbode 22 (1 year ago)
Fast and furious 6, Hobbs: you better hide that big ass forhead
hot cheetos (1 year ago)
Once I was in a play and some kid was playing a drunk cop. One girl forgets to say her line and the kid improvises "get ready" "well actually I wanted to get another beer before-" "let's go" the rest of the cast was trying their best not to laugh
broncos4life (1 year ago)
Caddyshack - "Mind if I play through" scene
Ahmed Osama (1 year ago)
Heath ledger hospital scene
Kel_Bandz (1 year ago)
Bro come on the entire scene of caddyshack between chevy chase and bill Murray when chevy chase lost his ball in bills shack, the entire conversation was unscripted and at the time the two actors despised each other.
WoLF DeadShot (1 year ago)
2:38 my favorite unscripted moment😂
Ilie Tudor (1 year ago)
no singing in the rain?
The Shape Gaming (1 year ago)
joker has the best clap in history lol
ashley thomson (1 year ago)
The dark night joker blowing up the hospital

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