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Easy Magic Tricks Anyone Can Do!

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You can impress your friends with really easy magic tricks. These tricks include classics like card tricks, making a coin disappear or bending a paperclip with your mind. What’s more, most of these simple and easy magic tricks only take a few minutes to learn. Subscribe for more! ► http://bit.ly/BeAmazedSubscribe ◄ Stay updated ► http://bit.ly/BeAmazedFacebook https://twitter.com/BeAmazedVideos https://instagram.com/BeAmazedVideos◄ For copyright queries or general inquiries please get in touch: [email protected]
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Text Comments (2777)
silver MC1.2 (1 hour ago)
when he dis the disappearing ring trick he did a bad sign😂
Reverend Jynxed (5 hours ago)
We used a folded dollar to break pencils, no finger required, just skill.
The guy with the ring is flipping me off!
Tay-K (3 days ago)
9:19 I thought that was cocaine
Witek Hruzewicz (3 days ago)
you are so cool
Bryan C (4 days ago)
It's not a trick Michael. It's an illusion. A trick is something a whore does for money
Etienne Rojas (4 days ago)
😁🎊 alakzam
Ritodeep Banik (5 days ago)
I know all tricks
Sofie Oh yeah yeah (5 days ago)
When I was little and saw paper turn to money, I would always try to turn it into money instead of doing my chores to get my allowance.
Cuda Bang (6 days ago)
so..how do I bring Odell back? T.T
Maddison Stevens (10 days ago)
In the ring trick he’s sticking his middle finger
valeria Perez (10 days ago)
Daisycherrish Espanta (12 days ago)
i was showing of some magic to the girl i liked (im using my moms account to watch youtube)then my archnemisis arrived and also showed decent magic to the girl because his dad is a magician.I challenged him and our classmates voted......i actualy won by using your magic,thanks alot bro👍👍👍
Casey Gordon (12 days ago)
iTz TrevorCool (12 days ago)
When I do the 20th one my friends are proud of me Cause I survived burning my self
John Dawson (13 days ago)
Here's a magic trick Think of swallowing your saliva.
Coolnicewolf56 Ajpw (14 days ago)
I like his voice. :p
Coolnicewolf56 Ajpw (14 days ago)
Magic dosen't exist. Its tricks. I love magic tricks. HARRY POTTER HERE I COME
Swagtrap Swag (15 days ago)
You know what else. Disappearing depression trick
xpert aab (15 days ago)
Lol he said £20 note to a $20 note
*JayJayPlayzJJP* HD (16 days ago)
I don't trust youtube anymore
Makaila Burlingame (16 days ago)
I love it all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Darkosauruz (16 days ago)
This guy is copying evanera
ExoMotionz (17 days ago)
If any of these magic tricks fool you, then ur most likely retarded.
Coocoo (18 days ago)
20 pound note?? Definitely not a 20 dollar bill
sehadet bagirov (18 days ago)
i am magician illusionist subscribe to my channel
Dan Kon Gaming (18 days ago)
while i was doing 15 i LOST MY COiN I REALLY MADE IT DISSAPEAR
MagikMug (19 days ago)
swap for teh middle finger
Zennox Gaming (20 days ago)
10:37 He's flipping us all off
Zennox Gaming (20 days ago)
Yo, why he talk like the dude from Crash Course
Sophia Simpson (20 days ago)
On the last trick, it has to be fake money bc they have the same cereal number
Henry Furman (20 days ago)
Thank you these are so fun to do!!!
Liam Smith (21 days ago)
I just did a couple tricks on my brothers and all they said was " WOWW" lol
Basu BRB (21 days ago)
Hello sir you know hindi means you do in hindi superstar in the onepluz and answer
Basu BRB (21 days ago)
Lean Andrei Reyes (23 days ago)
wtf middle finger
me to
Mac Daily (24 days ago)
aye dude, you are like the bruce lee of magic, and a traitor to the keepers of the craft, but fuck magic, can't trick me
j3tr02009 (24 days ago)
Hes cheating in number 20 look
Nicole Dahl (24 days ago)
I have always wanted to do magic and you are teaching me magic.
Help us grow guys we are magicians too
Sofia (27 days ago)
Is it just me or... is it kinda weird that the channel name is: BE AMAZED it's kinda cringy
Romal Wasim (24 days ago)
Sofia yup😁
jungkook bts (1 month ago)
so the ring trick your flicking the audience off welp im doing that magic trick to someone I hate
Jake Animation Studios (1 month ago)
10:38 that trick is a little rude🙁
Callie Droe (1 month ago)
Both of the magic tricks I tried didn’t even work!
Funny ideas (1 month ago)
Gukkie Kookie (1 month ago)
"Magic chalk powder" _definitely not dru-_
The Crimson Shadow (1 month ago)
A 20 pound note that is actually a 20 dollar bill.
Rileylala (1 month ago)
its a felony to tear money... i would use construction paper
Cai Zhong (1 month ago)
I played a magic trick in 0.25x speed to see what happened but I forgot so when I watched this video all I heard was weird noises and I didn’t know what it was for 5 minutes lol I’m surprised that you’re still seeing this.
You want to impress me show me how they do the Chinese mask trick & the hands of god cd tricks appearing out of nowhere
Sean Sadouk (1 month ago)
I will trick u Like if I fooled u Read more
Prisila Perez (1 month ago)
You should of gave me that money instead of ripping it.😤😤😈😈
Juice 100000 (1 month ago)
Theres no comment
Angry Buffalo (1 month ago)
I can do magic............POOF! your a pile of shit.
Wille harper (1 month ago)
Guys I love the way he speaks! It's so calm and perfect just listen to him again. Don't forget to watch my YouTube videos and subscribe!
Vic's channel (1 month ago)
I wanna learn these tricks but I'm sure I'll mess up when I try showing them
Ramone Phillips (1 month ago)
Fx DropZ (1 month ago)
Styla (1 month ago)
do u really think I am gonna swallow cardboard EDIT: sorry I didn’t see the rest
Maxton Pruitt (1 month ago)
It got patched :(
Katy Keen (1 month ago)
I know how to do it for them to be a good maishon
kellen chang (1 month ago)
for the money trick they can just check the cerial number if they are actually smart like me
Anaconda 666 (1 month ago)
I'm astonished of these "comments". How old are the people watching this. Apparently younger than these tricks are for. This is pathetic
kirby smart (1 month ago)
mr &miss lover (1 month ago)
Wow I liked I from India
Jt Giambattista (1 month ago)
for number 20 when they first showed the trick the guy showed the front and back of his hands and the bill wasnt there so where did it come from
tviny28 (1 month ago)
Your life was a lie
Eobard Thawne (1 month ago)
You can't fool people like that nowadays. Unless you're fast af.
Rajnandini Mahato (1 month ago)
It's amazing ☺☺
Darko Parcon (1 month ago)
This brings back old memories
pew die pie (1 month ago)
Let me do a magic trick Click this first [ [ V
Jaeden Sports (1 month ago)
Loved vid thanks for the help
lordi_boy1232 Johnson (1 month ago)
i can do magic 2+2=5 why if u look closely u will see the magic on the top of the 5 look and look on the under of the 5 look at it
5 V (1 month ago)
amazing❤ it's🍭very.easy.Thank you so Much
FIRE FLOUR (1 month ago)
when they say its easy but your crying to do it
Lukas Luis (1 month ago)
Let's check out this true magic https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A4KNkUdYjXk
KuηtyRose (1 month ago)
Lukas Luis no check out this true magic trick https://youtu.be/cKI8l9P3T4A
Trap Angel 2019 (1 month ago)
Great !
Dwight Frost (1 month ago)
After the wall is done we will see that siding is on every home.
bahati celestin (1 month ago)
Craig Lewis (1 month ago)
Craig Lewis (1 month ago)
Siddharth Bhargava (1 month ago)
I have a doubt if he already had torn the corner of the card then how does he know that his partner that he has to pick that card.
DoodleSnickers Lovely (1 month ago)
oh so u can just break a pencil with your finger now. cool.
erikas cepulis (1 month ago)
You just cheat this trick do Magic Murray..
Sweet Seal (1 month ago)
Yobrat Lasky (1 month ago)
Vaudeville here I come.
Sirballin System (1 month ago)
My dad was a magician. He made himself disappear
Genzoz (1 month ago)
you got a permit for that magic? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hCN1H7jB3ko 9:00
MBJ861 (1 month ago)
I got them all, except nr 1. What is the torn up pieces he put into the fold, if the bills are not ruined??
Mike Linder (1 month ago)
What's a 20 pound note?
Karen Golar (1 month ago)
My brothers seen the tape on the toothpick.
Erikas Stankevicius (1 month ago)
Thats fake magic i wanna REAL MAGIC
Ansh Bansod (1 month ago)
0:40 see carefully
Sports Bee (1 month ago)
Here you go with another fun..http://wishes2.com/m9ZBg
James Stoner (1 month ago)
I’m going on agt can I use the crayon and disappearing quarter trick
James Stoner (1 month ago)
And also the cup trick
david townsend (1 month ago)
2:53 😂😂😂
jeff wright (1 month ago)
Shit tricks
romel sedillo (1 month ago)
Love ones and enemy's😂
Chaz Digital (1 month ago)
showed my wife and she still mad I haven't shown her how I made the coin disappear

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