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How To Use Contrast of Light To Photograph Beautiful Skin in Studio Beauty [HD]

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http://bit.ly/MBPskinhighlights Studio Beauty Video Course Excerpt New article on my Master Beauty Photography blog. Today I explain how I achieve beautiful youthful looking skin in my images through correct lighting. Lighting Lesson: How To Use Contrast of Light To Photograph Beautiful Skin: http://masterbeautyphotography.com/lighting-lesson-how-to-use-contrast-of-light-to-photograph-beautiful-skin/ This is an excerpt from the Go Pro: Studio Beauty video course: http://masterbeautyphotography.com/gpsb
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Roy Merovingian (23 days ago)
I just watched this video and I think some of the previous commenters have missed the point. It's not about finding the correct exposure. If I understand correctly, it's about finding the optimum transition from highlight to mid-tone, and from mid-tone to shadow, and the amount of area that each of these light levels cover on the models face. a very subtle and specific topic. Thank you! Newly subscribed!
Yes, you are absolutely correct, thank you Roy!
Daniele Fontana (5 months ago)
Amazing, thanks for sharing it!
Jason Bodden (1 year ago)
Wow. This was fantastic. Just got a new subscriber. Love your work.
Fernan Özel (1 year ago)
thank you, you are a muse.
Abaabee Beauty (1 year ago)
Will this course help a beginner
Mike Giovinazzo (1 year ago)
nicely explained - well done
mrsimpkiss (1 year ago)
Hi Julia. Awesome work. I follow you on Instagram and you continually blow me away. In regards to this video, what size beauty dish would you recommend for this type of work, and what colour dish? Silver or white, diffused/not diffused? Thanks. Keith.
mrsimpkiss (1 year ago)
Julia Kuzmenko McKim Thanks Julia
小春 (1 year ago)
Anyone noticed that the voice just like Jennifer Lawrence
Hytham A (1 year ago)
Beautiful work all around: the explanation, your work, and the assignment.
Alejandro Galbe (1 year ago)
Loved it!
CARLOS A INCOTE (1 year ago)
I liked the way you explain how to preserve mid tone and increase/ decrease high lights.
Takashi Kitano (2 years ago)
think i lost my jaw, thanks for sharing, amazing work.
Fabulously NiSi (2 years ago)
Hi Julia, I am so happy to find you on YouTube! I have read articles that you have written on Google and just purchased the 100mm 2.8 Canon lens USM. I will be playing around with it to try to master it as best as I can, though shooting is just a hobby for me. Thanks for inspiring and I have just subscribed :-)
vadimyakus (2 years ago)
You are literally the only lady-photographer I know, who actually understands and uses lights. All the rest so called "popular" youtube and instagram girls-photographers have no idea about anything, except lightroom software. Nice videos. Subscribed!
GracefulMachine (1 year ago)
Lots of guy-photographers don't know jack either.
Very helpful video ;)
cedd malyk (2 years ago)
You are my role model Julia. I just want to be as good as you some day.
Darkmanmr47 (2 years ago)
Great tutorial.. you mention "take a few testshots" and try to find the power setting for correct exposure. This is where your incident lightmeter should come in. No chimping on the camera LCD. Off course if you don't do this often enough and just want to try it a couple of times you don't need to make the investment, but if you do it often enough.. the light meter is your "measuring tape" for light :)
Darkmanmr47 (2 years ago)
Julia, thanks for the reply. At least you guys learned what a light meter is and how you can use it in college. Nowadays photography students don't know what a light meter is. The same as a Guide number.. a thing of the past. "When you understand your lighting"and shoot a lot... of course there comes a moment in time that you "just know" what your exposure should be and you can dial it in very fast. So is it absolutely necessary to use a lightmeter ? Absolutely not. Does it give anyone the fastest path to correct exposure ? Absolutely yes. Keep in mind that lightmeters nowadays are quite more advanced than the older ones. In the sekonic meters you can actually store a profile for your camera's sensor under different iso's and lighting conditions. That way you can always see when composing complicated scenes how you can max out your camera's dynamic range. There are quite a few high profile pro's that swear by their lightmeters : Frank Doorhof, Joe Brady, Tobey Corbell and just to name a few. I agree that once you're good enough, you won't need a meter, but not needing it and prefering to use one are different things. Also if you use mostly the same setup all the time and conditions stay pretty much the same you obviously know after the first shoot what your settings are and you can fire and forget. But if you shoot often in many different locations under different conditions with different lighting.. it sure is the fastest way to correct exposure and you can get creative from there.
Elena Rombova (2 years ago)
such a great job! благодарю
D Hinez Media (2 years ago)
Thank you for explaining this! Very well done
jmanzano17 (2 years ago)
But doesn't your exposure setting contributes so much with the highlights and not just the light? Whether the light is near or 7 feet away the exposure is still the key?
bill mcfadden (1 year ago)
the distance is a factor. the greater the distance from light source to subject, the larger your light source has to be to stay soft.
jmanzano17 (2 years ago)
Let's say your light is 5 feet away from your subject. You expose correctly so that you won't get blown out highlights is that right? If you then place the light 10 feet away you also expose correctly so you either don't get blownout highlights or too short of light. So does it really matter what distance your light is placed?
Dror Hadad (2 years ago)
That was amaizing... Tomorrow I take a few models in the studio and I 'll try your tutorial I will respond again and tell you how it was :) Thank u
Jeremias Gonçalves (2 years ago)
You're the best
Stoyan Katinov (2 years ago)
Thanks this is so helpful you are amazing Julia !
Studio Verdin (2 years ago)
Hello Julia. Thank you very much for this tutorial. It is very helpful.
Helena AdaMor (2 years ago)
Юлия, будто вечно информация подана этак верно и попросту, благодарю! И этот мягенький и успокаивающий глас.... :)
rehim mehdi (2 years ago)
Thank you Julia....Thats really helpful....I ll try that ASAP !

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