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How To Repair a Damaged Shoe Box

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Buying sneakers online is fun, but it becomes less fun if the sneakers show up in a damaged shoe box. Instead of letting that get you uncontrollably angry, you can actually repair the damaged shoe box. All it takes is a damaged shoe box, an iron, a dress shirt, and time. Please note—I repaired an adidas shoe box in the video, but this should work on shoe boxes from other brands. My Instagram: http://bit.ly/2jGtjqi My Twitter: http://bit.ly/2jtipqP My Store: http://bit.ly/2oXZnvH Thanks for watching. -Brad Hall
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Text Comments (205)
DadMom (29 days ago)
damn hes pissed
Ryan Endoh (1 month ago)
"In an ideal situation....." That was perfect delivery chum. I laughed very hard.
JUs Jus (1 month ago)
Cvlok (1 month ago)
I was thinking the same thing lmao
Lismore98 (2 months ago)
Good shit buddy 👍🏼
BenanaFreakTV (2 months ago)
Omg!!! It works!!!! Thank brad hall ur my hero
Christan Daniels (3 months ago)
I never seen anyone iron sitting down.
Wayne Brookes (3 months ago)
I have old boxes but dont have an iron. Will this work with a brass bed warming pan Brad ?
Grey K (4 months ago)
Brad I hope you know I never skip video ads when it comes to your videos. Everything single thing counts when it’s Brad Hall you’re the best
John's Guinea Pigs (1 month ago)
Thank you good citizen
Marcus Mueller (5 months ago)
Marcus Mueller (5 months ago)
Marcus Mueller (5 months ago)
Marcus Mueller (5 months ago)
Tommy Be (6 months ago)
Yo who is this dude
TYNES HUO (7 months ago)
tai man (7 months ago)
Now I can repair my damaged shoe box. Thank you Brad
forealz18 (7 months ago)
Lol this guy
trainwreck2k2 (7 months ago)
Squish 😂😂😂
Homeboy Carl (8 months ago)
does it still work with a white shirt?
Can I do with Yeezy box?
zammil daud (9 months ago)
dijon lodree (9 months ago)
Brad Hall you’re the best!
roccorostagno (9 months ago)
Hes trolling u shoe box boys heavy...lol
Shadow小天 (9 months ago)
just received my off converse with damaged box, heart broken came to youtube and found your solution, lucky me
David Merlino (10 months ago)
Thanks Brad
NOSCOPE BETA (10 months ago)
This guy is a legend :D
Mladen Durić (10 months ago)
Brad is it going to work if my iron is red?
Shadow小天 (9 months ago)
yeah that might works bro, next step is goggling how to repair a burned down house
lmao ima prank my brother with my old shoe looking that it's new..
Cana Dude (10 months ago)
2:37 "Enter those holes" My girlfriend says thanks Brad
Soefae Chen (10 months ago)
Does this actually work?
kazoo kid (10 months ago)
he forgot to say take the shoes out I ruined my prototype Jordan 1s
Panguino Caggo (10 months ago)
also very good work this box looks brand new
Panguino Caggo (10 months ago)
i love this new video braddy
KHINO007 (10 months ago)
Is this real ??
Kagyu Breigh (10 months ago)
Ive watched 7 videos and still cant figure out if he's tolling >.< !!!! Damn! He's got me hooked!! ............. *subbed*
SpaceAvocado (10 months ago)
I think there’s a problem with my iron because I’ve been trying it five times and it still hasn’t worked
Clark (10 months ago)
I literally laughed my ass off when his method actually worked
Jack Strand (10 months ago)
Brad you should make a diss track
tyler (10 months ago)
video doesnt start at 3:17
Jumalten001 (10 months ago)
Brad can you show us how to Damage a New Show Box?
Eminem Music (10 months ago)
Holy shit this actually helps alot
Young K (10 months ago)
Is this dude a meme or some shit
DiscreteCinema (10 months ago)
A video I never realized I needed until now
Fabian Z (10 months ago)
“Now you’re in both holes“ 😂😂😂😂
Landon Higginbotham (10 months ago)
Thanks brad
k m (10 months ago)
PowerStar Alt (10 months ago)
Slowly becoming my favorite sneaker related channels.
New Black Entertainment (10 months ago)
@2:36 That's what she said
Tamur Aslam (10 months ago)
We want to see your shirt collectio
30m3 (10 months ago)
"You're in both holes now". I love it when you talk dirty Brad.
Peter Cullen (10 months ago)
"The postal service already started taking apart the box for me" lmao... Seriously though who ships sneakers like this SMH
Lunnavy Lee (10 months ago)
U save my life Brad
Brad Hall (10 months ago)
Happy to help
marcot (10 months ago)
Brad, I dont have any box, what should I do in this situation?
Brad Hall (10 months ago)
You can do anything you want when you aren't burdened by a damaged box
ImDaOne (10 months ago)
Brad ironing two things in one iron is beyond our existence.
mzr Rzl (8 months ago)
He is living in 2050 indeed
iMingles (10 months ago)
Hi brad, does this method work for other shoe boxes?
Brad Hall (10 months ago)
Yes it should if they're cardboard
Hi Brad. I have a problem. I wanted to iron my damaged shoe box with new iron, but that iron was damaged as well. Could you make video showing ironing iron? I think ironing laces is very important too. Thanks
Daniel Shangyan (10 months ago)
you gave me a heart attack at the intro
Brad Hall (10 months ago)
Sorry that wasn't my intent
Daniel Shangyan (10 months ago)
Love the intro lol
Brad Hall (10 months ago)
Thanks, DS
David S. (10 months ago)
I love the smell of hot cardboard in the morning
cathal lynch (10 months ago)
Brad u are a shagging machine
most complicated man (10 months ago)
we had hypebeasts . now we have hypegod
surfmonster2323 (10 months ago)
Legend 🤘
(10 months ago)
*you're* *in* *both* *holes* *now*
My staple food is cock (10 months ago)
Brad, what’s your opinion on the new Kanye Album?
Steam Mocking (10 months ago)
I love that smell of hot cardboard. Great tip.
Will Burns (10 months ago)
Be careful you’re in both holes now lmaooo
DarkNess ATM (10 months ago)
Vote Brad for president
SCHNELLE Schelle (10 months ago)
Thank You brad
Brad Hall (10 months ago)
Any time
Eric Nuval (10 months ago)
brad you’re an inspiration to all sneakerheads bruh
Brad Hall (10 months ago)
Thanks, Eric
Huayra (10 months ago)
my dad threw away my only ultraboost box how do i fix it
Matthew Peters (10 months ago)
I’m just so stoked to have brad upload again
Something (10 months ago)
Does this work on my car?
24oz pinesolcan (10 months ago)
great video as usual brad, thanks
UltimateChrisso (10 months ago)
The thing with the shirt was a genius move, Brad
Brad Hall (10 months ago)
Thanks, Ultimate
Lucas Henrique (10 months ago)
Thank you
Vince Fant (10 months ago)
Amazing brad
abisz007007 (10 months ago)
I repaired my cardboard-castle this way. After it got hit by a 90kg projectile from 300m away. Thanks Brad
Basic Wave (10 months ago)
Great video brad
Ken Manibo (10 months ago)
Thanks Brad. You know I was really about to give up on the box for my Yeezys, but thankfully I saw this video. Now I can sell my shoes as "DS with box".
Allen Bai (10 months ago)
What am I watching
Jaye Woodz (10 months ago)
Legendary ‼️🔥
MXXMM (10 months ago)
The shoe box is Drake
Taskforce (10 months ago)
"your in both holes now"... FINALLY!
Peter (10 months ago)
Hey brad, I'm buying my son new shoes tomorrow and I want you to test out how comfortable is a sketchers shoe because that's what he wants. Can you do that?
420essketit6999 (10 months ago)
Brad hall > jesus
mr. goonAn (10 months ago)
#goodvideos every day
PLDvisuals (10 months ago)
I just typed how to repair a damaged shoebox and this comes up. Thumbs up
Anthony Maharaj (10 months ago)
I aspire to be like you, Brad.
hatsuki devoe (10 months ago)
Thanks for the tip Brad!
huh968 (10 months ago)
Lowkey shots fired at the postal service.
sand man (10 months ago)
can i call you bradford
spilot14 (10 months ago)
Brad Hall, you're the hall I want to walk into the day of my wedding.
Cyrus (10 months ago)
Brad hall is smiling?
helen (10 months ago)
time to press and refresh all my shoe boxes x
Chet Collins (10 months ago)
Looking good, Brad
PieRow (10 months ago)
Brad has solutions to all problems
Musthafa Noor (10 months ago)
hi brAd
Ashton Bowman (10 months ago)
Where would we all be without Brad Hall.
Pablo DB (10 months ago)
This helped me a lot with my damaged box. Thanks Brad.
Jacinto Fernandes (10 months ago)
Wow thanks Brad, now I can resale those fufu China boxes

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