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Dumb & Dumber funny parts 4 (Policeman)

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The policeman on a bike make them to stop and watch some beers bottles inside the truck thinking that is beer .
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Alain Thibault (21 hours ago)
Sucking back on grandpa's old cough medicine
Matthew Short (7 days ago)
What are you a camel lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Abu Khaled Channel (7 days ago)
pullover 1:42 😂👍🏻
Heidi ROURKE (12 days ago)
For in the movie it probably wasn't pee it was probably water down apple juice.
Ayan Shem (14 days ago)
Matthew Short (7 days ago)
What are you a camel?
Men’s Of Mayhem (15 days ago)
2:42 Look at harry’s face 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Dane Youssef (1 month ago)
"You'd keep your mouth shut if you knew what was good for ya', buddy". So would you, Keystone Kop. So would you.
Tin Man (1 month ago)
48 camels disliked this video
Matthew Short (7 days ago)
Dart Mada (2 months ago)
I always love that part where Llyod finishes the story and you can hear Harry speeding up the van
Matt Rhodes (2 months ago)
Goes To The Bathroom
boogaboom (3 months ago)
2:42 Jeff Daniels's face when he gets the pee dropped on his shoulder is the funniest thing
Charley Sun FLHS (4 months ago)
How many beer bottle can fit Lloyd’s pee and so funny that the officer drink Lloyd’s pee in a beer bottle
Simon Lindholm (5 months ago)
I love this
Best Muscle Video (6 months ago)
Tic tac, sir?
Fried Vegetables (6 months ago)
The same thing happened to me, transit officers pulled me off the train because they thought I was gettinv high.
Michelle C (7 months ago)
The policeman is the psycho hitchhiker from There’s Something About Mary.
Dylan Downey (7 months ago)
Lol 😂😂
Jay Nicks (10 months ago)
I heard the studios wanted the cop playing Harry, but Jim Carrey and the Farrelly brothers wanted Jeff Daniels playing Harry. Thank god Jim Carrey got his wish.
QuaverFlava (11 months ago)
Come on give me that booze you little pumpkin pie haircutted freak COME ON.
Alomzo Leal (11 months ago)
😂😂😂😂 watch the seat watch the seat OK!! All right !!!! 😂😂😂 Funniest part
Darryl Rosenbluth (1 year ago)
"Tic tac sir?'' ''Get the hell outta here.'' (laugh)That never gets old.
Thug (1 year ago)
This scene copied in Bollywood with Megastar Aamir khan movie name Mela.
Komodo Dragon (4 months ago)
Horizon31 Fuck your bollywood crap
Horizon31 (1 year ago)
Tu Aashiqui nobody gives a shit
CrysisFear (1 year ago)
2:06 best troll faces ever
Marco Ambriz (1 year ago)
Ean GS Yerbic (1 year ago)
"Uh-oh. What? What's wrong? The bottle's almost full I'm still going. So stop going. I can't stop going since I started! It stings! Quick give me another bottle. Come on! Hurry hurry hurry hurry hurry! Come on! Come on! Hold that. Hold that one. Hurry! I'm pinching it! What are you, a camel?"
Sonny Bill (1 year ago)
"Tic Tac Sir?" Hahahaha lol XD I cant
Matthew Short (7 days ago)
Get the hell outta here
kim jong un (1 year ago)
well American cops drink everything, without even noticing huh ....!
Wilhelm K. (1 year ago)
One of the best all Time Comedy Films Ever! Typical 90s movie 10/10 Stars
Saleem Javaid (1 year ago)
Officer Kenny.
James Siadak (1 year ago)
LMAO 😂😂😂😂
Dillon Mui (1 year ago)
2:25 Five bottles
Agent1W (1 year ago)
1:51 Is that even allowed for motorcycle cops to ride by the window? He almost collided there.
Trash talk (1 year ago)
"The bottles almost full and I'm still going" lololol
Ean GS Yerbic (1 year ago)
+Trash talk "So stop going. I can't stop going since I started! It stings!"
Well that's what the police officer gets for drinking on the job
cooldude 202 (4 months ago)
Ryan and Kyle Games HD yep you could say its' karma
itz izzy (1 year ago)
my sister didnt tell me about it until she used to live in pennsylvania
Prestigio Thunder (1 year ago)
Harland Williams!!!
CometVS (2 years ago)
Hurry I'm pinching it
Ean GS Yerbic (1 year ago)
+CometVS What are you, a camel?
matthew watson (2 years ago)
How Disgusting
no its a cardigan thanks for noticing!
tucko11 (2 years ago)
kick his ass sea bass
Bryce Farmer (2 years ago)
Why is the officer twitching after he drinked the urine?
john edwards (19 days ago)
Bryce Farmer guzzle a bottle of urine then you'll know.
Agent1W (1 year ago)
What's worse was that he *swished* it!
Bryce Farmer cause its fucking disgusting dude
Ean Yerbic (2 years ago)
1984 Ford Econoline Mutt Cutts
ViciousTheHedgehog95 (2 years ago)
2:32 - 2:37 So glad I live in California. Pennsylvania sucks! No offense.
x Yeezus (1 year ago)
Pretty late, but dumbass it's illegal to do that in any state lmao
itz izzy (1 year ago)
ViciousTheHedgehog95 same here
Freddy Richards (2 years ago)
ViciousTheHedgehog95 I mean Pennsylvania, dude
ViciousTheHedgehog95 (2 years ago)
+Freddy Richards Yup.
Freddy Richards (2 years ago)
ViciousTheHedgehog95 at least we have water
Ali kh (2 years ago)
2:40 😂😂
Matthew Short (7 days ago)
r. alamri (2 years ago)
deepak panigrahi (2 years ago)
pull over.... no it's a cardigan but thanks for noticing....ha ha
slim pickens (2 years ago)
what are you a camel
Virginia Neil (2 years ago)
" a can't stop goin once av started , it stings "
Satai80 (2 years ago)
There's something I'd like to Mythbusters to test. Can you pee into beer bottle on a moving car without spilling? :)
the cop can't say they didn't warn him
l (2 years ago)
1:08 By far the funniest thing is the noise when the stream hits the floor during the bottle change and Harry's side glance when he hears it.
Virginia Neil (2 years ago)
" you guys been doin a bit a boozin have ya ? , suckin back on grampa 's old cough medicine? , come on , gimme that booze ya little pumpkin pie hair cutted freak, come on " ! 😁😁😁
SHAMAR THE UCHIHA (2 years ago)
+Virginia Neil get the hell out of here.
Virginia Neil (2 years ago)
+Mark O, D tic tac sir ?
Bruce Wayne (2 years ago)
Little pumpkin pie hair cutted freak hahaha lol
AlisonTroy (2 years ago)
i rank this scene right up there with the strike 3 call in Naked Gun as two of the funniest ever.
Abu Khaled Channel (2 years ago)
Are you a camel :) lol
Its Nat (2 years ago)
So funny LOL
Kyle Thompson (2 years ago)
Harry was hauling ass
BRYGUY17 (2 years ago)
Get the hell outta here lol
Marcus carver (2 years ago)
ha ha ha ha ha ha my god
Dāvis Karlsons (2 years ago)
'' TicTac sir? ''
Linah Darden (1 month ago)
Dāvis Karlsons Get the hell outta here 😂
Vince Niederman (2 years ago)
This Scene is So Funny Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels Were So Funny Together In This Classic Comedy Movie!
l (2 years ago)
Are You Fucking Retarded?
Master M (2 years ago)
Watch the seat watch the seat! OKAY ALRIGHT!!
Leanne Avellino (2 years ago)
the cop drinking pee
Leanne Avellino (2 years ago)
Jay Kelly (2 years ago)
"Ya pumpkin pie hair cutted freak!" lol
nita quincey (2 years ago)
Sam Sung (2 years ago)
"youd keep your mouth shut if you knew what was good for ya buddy" one of the most brilliantly delivered and scripted lines in the history of comedies
Clorox bleach 1288 (2 years ago)
I' pee a lot too  lioyd lolol
GurhanPro (2 years ago)
2:06 smile to cop it might save you.
CaseyScoffieldWOW (2 years ago)
I can quote this entire movie. I love it LOL
Master Yoda (6 months ago)
Dude if someone doesn't like this movie or can't quote this movie idk what the world is coming to and frankly I don't want to live in a world where either of the above is true.... lol
Babygirl Ramos (3 years ago)
Killer boots man
stratpluslover (3 years ago)
Come on give me that booze you little pumkin pie hair cutted freak come on
Bald Jesus (4 years ago)
Cool boots mann!!!
Miriam Khan (2 years ago)
killer boots maan
Eric Deplata (4 years ago)
Animation series.
Eric Deplata (4 years ago)
This is like watching two stupid dogs.
justinjacquez766 (4 years ago)
3:13 that's how Jim Carrey looks like now 
Theodor Dinu (4 years ago)
"No, it's a cardigan, but thanks for noticing." That has to be one of the phrases that sums up the essence of "Dumb and dumber."
josh anderson (1 year ago)
Theodor Dinu g
GurhanPro (2 years ago)
+Theodor Dinu thanks for noticing
Casey Scoffield (4 years ago)
"yeah, well what's that? That's nothing, Sir."
winner Lebron James (2 years ago)
+Casey Scoffield yeah, nothing.
875billiondude (4 years ago)
JakeGraceAndGlory (4 years ago)
+sajohaynes Sandi, do you like this movie?  My cousin and I used to watch this movie over and over and over, and try to imitate Jim Carrey.
JakeGraceAndGlory (2 years ago)
+sajohaynes I can't believe horror is your favorite, Lol! You goofball. :)
Najee Wilson (2 years ago)
+JakeGraceAndGlory and are you to related?
Najee Wilson (2 years ago)
+sajohaynes you were in the help who were you😁
JakeGraceAndGlory (4 years ago)
+sajohaynes Haha, I don't do a lot of comedies because there aren't many I like (because most of them are so uncreative).  I just love Office Space, and I do LOVE Chevy Chase...he reminds me of my dad, haha.  In modern era I kinda like "The Hangover"...there's also one about my city called "Cedar Rapids"...anything with Ed Helms is funny, also "We're the Millers". You like horror as your favorite?  I totally knew that!  I don't mind watching them if I had someone to watch with.  I used to love watching the shining with my cousin, and also I watched Dawn of the Dead with my friend.  They can be kinda funny, I agree.  Most horror movies these days have some demonic crap in them, that's why I don't watch them.  
sandi (4 years ago)
+JakeGraceAndGlory I love all of the vacation movies and anything with Chevy Chase, including Hot Tub Time Machine. But if we are talking older comedies, I don't know that many from the 90's because my parents didn't let me watch anything rated R, anything with lots of cursing, or anything with sex-- so that basically means I wasn't allowed to watch anything comedy. I liked Ace Ventura. I still like this movie some. it's okay. I love BrideMaids and The Comebacks. In all honesty, Horror is my favorite! Sometimes I laugh during those movies.. o wait, I sound totally morbid.
Pete Gabler (4 years ago)
That sure ain't no moonshine, boy !
Trey Myles (7 months ago)
43 policemen disliked that video
Matthew Short (7 days ago)
CrownVics&V8s (1 year ago)
Trey Myles 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
DrugPoznan (4 years ago)
Meklo (4 years ago)
"Tic Tac Sir?"
Luigi Horror64 (5 months ago)
Master M *both drove off while leaving the cop puking*
Master M (2 years ago)
Theshark15z (4 years ago)
Don't piss Rocket Man off!!
jacqui I (5 years ago)
"Pullover" "no it's a cardigan but thanks for noticing"
LFernandondo Ballesteros (9 months ago)
please from of same good morning to I it in my opinion poles I LEarned To Do That little morning world of
mustypig420 (5 years ago)
Tic tac sir!!!
Matthew Short (7 days ago)
Get the hell outta here 😂😂😂😂
Ov3rshot (5 years ago)
Oh, misread. Thought that said "Dumb & Dumber full movie"
HLecterPHD (5 years ago)
it stings hahaha.
Musical Theatre Lives (5 years ago)
Did Harry ever get his License back?
Komodo Dragon (4 months ago)
xXJessWorldXx *Top 10 Questions Science Still Cannot Answer*
Blythe R (5 years ago)
grandpa's old cough medicine LMFAO
Justina Flanagin (5 years ago)
Is that Ross from Friends?
XxAnimeQueenxX (5 years ago)
That face at 2:08
Rachel King (5 years ago)
Monkeyradar (5 years ago)
get the hell out of here
Brendan Calhoun (5 years ago)
topgun779 (5 years ago)
Luigi Horror64 (5 months ago)
topgun779 *cough* get the hell out of here!
Scott Friell (6 years ago)
no it's a cardigan but thanks for asking, legendary

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