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Free app store apps! In app purchase! Cydia apps!

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Quick tutorial to get any idevice app free must be jailbroken NOTE: Sadly Installous has been terminated for legal issues. However the other methods to get free Cydia apps and free in app purchases are still working. Anyone that still has installous can still use it they just need to download the .ipa via safari. Ignore VVVVV Installous was originally created by puy0 and released as an official Hackulous application in September 2008, just a few short weeks after Hackulous was publicly released. The original Installous became the first iOS GUI which could automatically install and download iOS applications. The actual IPA files were downloaded using a Safari download plugin. Installous 2 After AppShare was released, puy0 was inspired to integrate indexing and downloading capabilities directly into Installous. Installous 2 was released in late November 2008, and used Appulous' brand new mobile template to find and download applications. It also began to support installing applications in a way that could be synced with iTunes, using a MobileInstallation patch. At this point, Installous became one of the most popular packages on Cydia. Appulous' continued development would mean that further modifications to Installous were unnecessary, except to fix bugs and support future iOS versions. puy0 became detached from the project due to its stability, and grew disheartened by some attitudes in the community. He provided Hackulous with the Installous 2 source code and went on hiatus. In Spring 2009, puy0 announced to the Hackulous staff that he was secretly working on a new version of Installous. This version would implement the brand new Appulous API and would use native installation, a much faster and cleaner method of installing applications. When it became increasingly clear that Appulous would be replaced by apptrackr, puy0 decided to make Installous an independent project and run it separately from Hackulous. puy0 named the new project install0us, which Hackulous did not support due to a falling out between the Hackulous team and puy0. Eventually install0us closed down, and Installous 3 was released by Hackulous. Installous 3 docmorelli, who originally created an application called Updatulous, was invited to work on Installous 3. Installous 3 used the apptrackr API, native installation, concurrent downloading/installation, and a brand new interface. It quickly became incredibly popular, and was downloaded by nearly five million people during its lifetime. Installous 4 In early 2011, Installous 4 was released, drastically changing the user interface and adding a new Cydia-like homescreen, in addition to graphical modifications and innovative features such as MobileHunt and LocalSharing. Installous 4 has been installed on nearly thirteen million devices, and now supports nearly two dozen languages. Installous 5 Summer 2012 brought BitTorrent downloading to Installous, making it the first mobile installation client to support the decentralized downloading protocol. The system uses magnet links to obtain .torrent files, uses peer exchange (PEX) to obtain peers, encryption, UPnP and other advanced features supported by libtransmission, Installous' torrent subsystem. Other changes include a new icon, support for iOS 5 local notifications, and software optimizations.
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Text Comments (24)
DoughboyD16 (5 years ago)
Check my one out it shows you how to get free in app purchases
Quinten Cambridge (6 years ago)
Help it says there is a error for me when I try typed in the source
CheeseMilk (6 years ago)
it doesnt work!!!!!
Name entered (6 years ago)
HOW COME IT DOESNT WORK ON Zynga poker chips??
Stoner James (6 years ago)
I found a new app that's just as good or I think better. But then I never to experience Installous. The app I found on Cydia is AppCake+ HD! insanelyi who made it says its going to be bigger than installous.
Stoner James (6 years ago)
All I get when I open Installous is that the API is missing. What else do I need?
Stoner James (6 years ago)
I type in that source exactly and it cannot be verified.
Ryan Heighway (6 years ago)
Hackulo doesn't work anymore guys
itsmeclyv (6 years ago)
I have tried and it doesn't work.
XxEcHo ToXiCxX (6 years ago)
R.i.p. installous
sina ghatea (6 years ago)
Instoullous will terminate its a long time
Kongzted (6 years ago)
Make a new Video, it can't connect to the hackulo server ..
eman2772 (6 years ago)
this doesnt workd OMG
Rob i Allahut (6 years ago)
installous now is terminate dude
buzzle (6 years ago)
verification error
mohammad khazendar (6 years ago)
Josh Josh (6 years ago)
Is there an alternative to getting free apps without using your computer
angelyno delosrios (6 years ago)
That is helpful
4BOSSI4 (6 years ago)
thanks :))
James Langley (6 years ago)
Not bad, i know how to do that and i posted a video of my own. But i only got 3 views! Please check out my vids, they are good and im taking requests for tutorials for jailbroken iDevices :D The name's Deadnerd123
James Janes (6 years ago)
Thank you been trying to find out what source that was
Sarah Hen (6 years ago)
Keep making tutorials this is great
Greg King (6 years ago)
Chris Pop (6 years ago)
Cool tutorial I'm going to jailbreak now

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