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Zbigniew Preisner - THE SECRET GARDEN (1993) - Soundtrack Suite

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Aside from the Three Colours trilogy, Preisner, a relatively unknown composer, creates a score for this magical Hodgson Burnett adaptation that uplifts the listener. Traversing from the mystic India to the sweeping English countryside, Preisner's score for Agnieszka Holland's adaptation of the classic children's story The Secret Garden takes the listener on a journey, as any memorable score should, and gives each landscape and character a distinct theme. One can shut their eyes whilst listening to the score and picture the garden's progression from overhanging and unkempt land to a fertile, blossoming landscape wherein the protagonist, Mary, played with great naivety as well as intelligence by newcomer Kate Maberly, has the power and strength to grow. The Garden Is A Character Itself, Elevating Preisner's Score To Great Heights The garden is a metaphor both for Mary and Colin's progression from childhood innocents into mature adults as well as their individual barriers to overcome. Mary has the chance to be loved by her Uncle, Lord Archibald Craven (John Lynch) where she was abandoned by her neglecting parents. Presiner's score compliments the symbols and the allegories hidden in Holland's adaptation of the story. The main title invokes the echoing sounds of children, like soft crying, and the theme builds to match the sense of impending disaster as the earthquake ensues and parts Mary from her parents. The score begins rooted in Indian culture before shifting the tone from the frenetic pace of India to the tranquility of the English countryside with soft piano melodies. First Time Outside and Entering The Garden invoke a release for Mary, held prisoner in a manor house by Maggie Smith's multi-facetted Mrs Medlock. In Walking Through The Garden a spoilt rich girl gains her independence and starts to grow. The garden is Mary's escape; her freedom to blossom. Moreover, there is both a delicacy and a strength within this piece of music that strongly echoes Mary's persona. The Garden Unites The Three Of Them And Signals Full Growth Changing Seasons represents a further growth of the garden and transformation of Mary and Colin. The middle track of the score, Awakening Of Spring, implies a sense of growth but not a full transformation. The theme appears to be a raw indication of Mary's maturity. Preisner's themes for Lord Craven, seen in the film clothed in black and hidden in the shadows, reflect his mysterious persona by the utilisation of a dramatic piano. Taking Colin To The Garden builds on the main theme, focussing on Colin's ability to walk and experience the beauty of the world outside the confines of his bed. Colin Opens His Eyes builds this theme into a crescendo. The aptly named Happily Ever After concludes the soundtrack in a soft, comtemplative manner. The only absent track from the score is Linda Ronstadt's Winter Light which plays over the film's end credits and seems to fititngly conclude the story. Mary, Colin and Lord Craven are free from their constraints. The garden has brought them all together. Preisner's thematically rich yet delicate score represents a fine addition to a beloved story. (http://www.suite101.com/content/the-secret-garden-1993-soundtrack-review-a109202)
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Text Comments (51)
Jolanta Klak (11 months ago)
Uwielbienie Boga za tak wielki dar jaki dał przez muzykę .
Askender III (1 year ago)
Under used movie composer; what a shame ! One of the best contemporary melodists I know (not like all those minimalists who write the same piece over and over again and makes us feel like all movies have the same score nowadays) !!!
Marek Koralewski (1 year ago)
zatrzymać wody biegu to tak jak gdyby nie mieć sumienia ...
Kaylin Meintjes (1 year ago)
seriously i never knew people is sooo into soundtracks but if you are google Narnia soundtrack i love it
Beautiful soundtrack but horrible Youtube commercials. Shame on you tube.
BanquetNZ (5 months ago)
use free ad blockers
ML Champion (2 years ago)
Spend the extra $10 a month and get YouTube Red. You won't have to deal with commercials anymore. Best $10 I ever spent. I mean, yeah, you shouldn't have to put up with commercials or spend the money to not have to listen to them, but let's face it....it;s the only way shit gets sold these days. Any chance I can get out of having to listen or see a commercial I will take it.
Andrew Ooton (2 years ago)
Zofia Nowicka (2 years ago)
Niesamowita muzyka która przenosi mnie w inny cudny wymiar wszechświata. Zofia Nowicka
Magdolna Rita Bühler (3 years ago)
magical, superbe - <3 <3 <3
Annapaula L. H. (3 years ago)
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ...♥
IRENA G. (3 years ago)
niezwykle piękna kompozycja ...
Theflowoflove (3 years ago)
Thank you so much for uploading these beautiful images & uploading one of the loveliest soundtracks.
Flordelina Vera (5 years ago)
divinas ..musicas
Océane Vié (5 years ago)
The soundtracks from the Secret Garden are so magical. The landscapes from the movie are too, and music + landscapes = something wonderful and magical at the same time. It is very pleasant for ears and eyes and I still adore it since my childhood !!
Włodzimierz Fischer (5 years ago)
To jest więcej niż POTĘGA spokoju.
David Morrison (5 years ago)
OMG thank you for this, it's amazing, especially 01:54 :)
SchnurpselsBacke (5 years ago)
Of course. It´s "Colin Tries Standing". :)
perapericles (5 years ago)
I've looking for this soundtrack since I first watched the movie!!! OMG!!! Thank you very much for sharing!! ...Mmm...could you please tell me which is the name of the song starting at 03:40?
giovane cubas (5 years ago)
essa musica lenbra minha infancia, que saldade. me ajuda a me alcamar tambem.
Chef Dahmer (5 years ago)
Played song while playing Skyrim! Winning!!!
Magdolna Rita Bühler (6 years ago)
simply love it - thanks for sharing - love to you <3
Patricia xx (6 years ago)
Chef Dahmer (6 years ago)
Ahhhhhh yes.....the 90's when everything was beautiful and perfect
Lorenzo arroyo plaza (2 years ago)
It's first class music but there are a lot of ignoramuses who despise all great artistic creations because of their lack of ability to understand them
Joanna Babkiewicz (6 years ago)
Ta muzyka sprawia , że można poczuć, że mamy dusze....:-) Maravilloso...
SchnurpselsBacke (6 years ago)
Hi Courtney, the track is called "First Time Outside". :)
Courtney Banzon (6 years ago)
Thanks so much! Searched 4 at least half an hour 4 the soundtrack and couldnt find anything. Could u plz tell me the name of the 2nd song? Its my fav :)
Rebecca Beard (6 years ago)
Bueatiful! Just got an iPod touch!!! Today!!!
carmelagr1 (6 years ago)
mary1868 (6 years ago)
the dislikes must of come from Justin bieber and him boyfriend cause this is the best song that ever touch the world...
Soni Sanz (6 years ago)
Amo estas clases de música ,-)
Pudness Gracious (6 years ago)
Thank you.
SchnurpselsBacke (6 years ago)
It´s called "Walking Through The Garden" (Track 7) on the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack.
Pudness Gracious (6 years ago)
What's the name of the song starting at 1:56?
emeraldcitydancetoes (6 years ago)
Hello! Thank you very much for the info and taking the time to share it with me! I sincerely appreciate it! Good day to you, SchnurpselsBacke! :D
SchnurpselsBacke (6 years ago)
Hi, the track is called "First Time Outside" (on the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack). :-)
emeraldcitydancetoes (6 years ago)
Could someone please tell me the name of the second piece? I would really love to find it! Thanks for uploading this! :)
Dávid Demeter (6 years ago)
beautiful video, thanks for making it!
MmorpgPRO93 (6 years ago)
perfection .
Piotr Pette (6 years ago)
Just perfect :-)
SonoLamae (7 years ago)
I love how this is compiled. Absolutely beautiful
jojo2be1 (7 years ago)
Thanks so much for this video loved it soooo beautiful
marly1996 (7 years ago)
Whenever I heard this song in the movie, I know something good and fun is happening or is gonna happen (the first song that is)....The second is my favorite, it's very "poetic".
Eiger6 (7 years ago)
Thanks for posting!
wowza191 (7 years ago)
brings back memories :)
m tan (7 years ago)
thank you for the pictures and the music - they are just wonderful!
Tori Hale (7 years ago)
I love this soundtrack, especially with the voice, when they enter the garden ;)
SquarecutK (7 years ago)
Wow, just searched for this soundtrack, and found that this video's been very recently uploaded. Lucky for me :)
veladarney (8 years ago)
With this soundtrack, I wonder why he's so relatively unknown. It's short for a soundtrack but absolutely beautiful. I got the CD - well worth buying!

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