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HOW TO: How I Dye My Curly Hair BURGUNDY !!!

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This is just me showing you guys how i dye my hair, if you have any questions leave them down below ! Thanks for Watching ! SOCIAL MEDIA: IG: https://www.instagram.com/brenxo/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/itsbrendonxo SnapChat: Brendon.XO Intro - TCVVX - Crash Course
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Text Comments (60)
Lamariont (1 month ago)
OMG beyonce and that beat
igotclout tv (5 months ago)
how much does all those products cost
TheUnchaineD (6 months ago)
I dyed a little piece of my hair your color ima change the color on New Years
Benz wts (9 months ago)
Good vid 🤘 how you make your into
Jaiden Amir (9 months ago)
Send me a link to this Beyonce remix please
Lamariont (1 month ago)
Jaiden Amir sane
Ichaseclout (9 months ago)
How much product do you put in , did you use the whole dye ?
Brenxo (9 months ago)
Tyrelless use as much as your hair needs , adding more product won’t do anything. I used almost all of it
Andrew Essien (11 months ago)
Ground beef head ass 😂
Brenxo 😂 just jokes, the video helped a lot. I'm about to dye my son's hair. Thanks man 👍🏽
Brenxo (1 year ago)
OUT NORF PRODUCTIONS haha that’s actually funny 😂😂
Mariah G (1 year ago)
one of the most thoroughest vids out there!!!!!!! finally lol thanks!
Brenxo (1 year ago)
Mariah G haha your welcome ! 🙏🏾
kid kid (1 year ago)
It looks cool I'm totally going to try this
Jahrome 19 (1 year ago)
What color is that in your hair is it just Burgundy?
Jahrome 19 (1 year ago)
Brenxo (1 year ago)
Jahrome 19 (1 year ago)
I need the name of it I like that color
Jada Matthews (2 years ago)
whats the song playing as you dye your hair
Jada Matthews (2 years ago)
I've tried that and its a hip hop version for every video i click
Brenxo (2 years ago)
Jada Matthews me myself and I (remix) - Beyoncé
Ed Savage (2 years ago)
Whoa Fondeezy (2 years ago)
Did you cut your hair? Or am I tripping?
Brenxo (2 years ago)
Fondeezy ! I trimmed some of it , probably going to be trimming more
Brenxo (2 years ago)
I'm not feeling the colour anymore , so I'm probably gonna dye it black lol 👀😂
Liam Johnson (2 years ago)
Looks nice💯💯💯
Brenxo (2 years ago)
WillShookEm thanks fam 💯💯
Jordan Matthew (2 years ago)
Nice color bro
Brenxo (2 years ago)
Thanks fam !
Ya boy ZAI (2 years ago)
Love it !
Brenxo (2 years ago)
Thanks 💯💯
Christian Mays (2 years ago)
mine worked
Christian Mays (2 years ago)
Arinze (2 years ago)
when you die your hair does it change the texture.. like does it make your hair straighter?
Brenxo (2 years ago)
The Khid it makes your hair feel thinner/silkier for about 2 days then it goes back to normal, it may cause a lot of frizz for some people , so it always good to deep condition on the regular
D Wavy (2 years ago)
keep this 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Jasmine Randolph (2 years ago)
Been watching your channel for about a month and I'm convinced on keeping my hair now
Brenxo (2 years ago)
Jasmine Randolph dope 💯💯💯 keep it and see how long you can grow it
Matthias Barclay (2 years ago)
Are these dyes permanent? if not how can I remove it ^-^
Its Yo Boy Craig (7 months ago)
Matthias Barclay just dye it black
jayshaun james (9 months ago)
you gotta get a low cut if you want it gone
Brenxo (2 years ago)
Matthias BarclayTM the dye I used is a permanent dye , but there are semi permanent dyes that fade after some washes
Nitsuj _ (2 years ago)
I was expecting u to put Ur hair in a manbun
Brenxo (2 years ago)
JA Studios thumbnail caught you ayee 😂 I'll do a video on different styles
Melanin Manny (2 years ago)
love the colour my g. Yes please let's see how you deep condition
Brenxo (2 years ago)
Yungin349 thanks fam 💯 will do 👊🏽
Glendon Thomas (2 years ago)
Where u get your glasses from btw?
Brenxo (2 years ago)
Glendon Thomas I got them at lens crafter
Glendon Thomas (2 years ago)
Looks propa,how come u didn't bleach it
Brenxo (2 years ago)
Glendon Thomas i didn't wanna damage my hair even more by using it , also my hair was pretty light already so It wouldn't make a big difference
Rahim Denney (2 years ago)
Today's my birthday can I get 50 likes
Deborah Vinson (1 year ago)
Rahim OK no
Brenxo (2 years ago)
Tory Bolton yes it does work the same
Lultoryy (2 years ago)
Brenxo does it work the same as the curl enhancing smoothie
Brenxo (2 years ago)
Tory Bolton I never used it , but I heard about it
Lultoryy (2 years ago)
Brenxo have you ever used ors olive oil hair cream dress
Emil Bart (2 years ago)
Here I mess up last time
Brenxo (2 years ago)
Prime Dolphin 💯💯💯

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