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Stupid Scene From Dumb And Dumber

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Joshua Schmidt (3 months ago)
Hey! This was made 10 years ago!
Ismaiel Tape (4 months ago)
loyd sends the bus back in the direction it originally came from lmao classic
עומר שרייבר (4 months ago)
God they are idiots
tania pacheco (5 months ago)
Aleksandar Marodić (1 year ago)
At an age of 10 I realised to myself that this was what the movie was titled after; just as they catch their break, Harry throws the opportunity it down the toilet without even realising, which is extremely "dumb", and just as we think that Lloyd is about to set everything right and take that opportunity thrown their way, he does something even "dumber" by throwing away the opportunity the second time.
Avi Avi (1 year ago)
Jim Carey looks just like Larry from the 3 stooges.
Justin Ratcliffe (4 months ago)
Avi Avi No its Moe
he chit (1 year ago)
wtf Lyod ask when they are gonna catch a break, about 72 hours ago they became millionaires!!!!!
JT Brah (1 year ago)
This scene just pisses me off lol
cinemafan97 (2 years ago)
That Swedish woman is sexy as all hell!!! Great Accent, Great Hair, Great Face, Great Smile, Great Tits, Great Abs, Great Legs, Great Thighs, and last but not least, Great Ass!!!!! I wish that I could invent a machine and enter this movies universe and hop on that bus so I could be able to get to know her, oil her up before her competitions, start a relationship with her, and bang the ever loving shit out of her. Eventually I would marry her and have several beautiful children with her because we would be having so much sex!!! Oh one can only dream.
DA DDA (2 years ago)
Gwen. N (3 years ago)
Andrew Flood (5 years ago)
adioki (7 years ago)
@papercutHJH cage potato lol
Mr Hanktastic (7 years ago)
cage potato anyone?
Jake T (8 years ago)
@Nogert trying to find it to. Im really trying to find the one when he is saying good bye to marry
Jandy Jeppsson (9 years ago)
The first girl that comes out from the bus is Paul Ankas Wife Anna Anka =)
Nogert (9 years ago)
Anyone know what the song is? Because it's on and off throughout the film but not on the soundtrack
Ahmad Younis Films (9 years ago)
not funny
jadaismia (9 years ago)
hehe awesome =)
Stig-Emil Fossli (10 years ago)
Heh.... Yea really funny ;D Swedich Bikini team ! xD

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