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Homeless dog living in a cardboard box gets rescued & has a heartwarming transformation.

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To support HOWL OF A DOG rescue & help more homeless dogs find forever homes please visit: http://www.howlofadog.org . Thank you! A homeless dog's transformation: sick, sad and lonely on the streets, he is rescued and turns into a joyful dog surrounded by friends. Buzu was living in a cardboard box, on the streets and was in a very miserable shape when we rescued him. We do not know if he ever had an owner as he didn’t have a microchip but taking into account his skin condition, he seemed to have been roaming the streets for a very long time: full of fleas, he developed an allergic dermatitis which led to hair loss on some parts of his body (especially on his neck and back). Untreated, it progressed, became chronic and got infected with Malassezia, a yeast that also caused him otitis. We had him on specific medication and medicated shampoos, but hair has still to grow on the affected areas. Except for the stubborn skin problem that we hope will be solved, Buzu is a healthy dog. He is ~5-6 years old, still a little shy with people he doesn’t know, very submissive and calm. He’s not very interested in exploring new territories and feels safer in the areas he knows, he likes to take a few runs in the garden, then to relax in the sun. He is friendly with other dogs and his best friend is a cat :) He appreciates most the things he didn’t have on the street: love, food and security. He is the kindest dog we’ve ever met and it’s so hard to understand how could have someone abandoned him and why he had been on the streets for so many years. Anyone willing to offer him the love and home he deserves please contact us on [email protected] Thank you! Additional info: Buzu has an up-to-date medical record with all necessary vaccines and treatments and is now microchiped and neutered. ...................... UPDATE 15 FEB 2015: BUZU WAS ADOPTED! We managed to find Buzu a wonderful adoptive family in England. After a very long trip (~2000 km) he arrived yesterday at his forever home. It’s the perfect place for him: his “mom” is not only a great animal lover but she also has a lot of experience with dogs, running a day care center for dogs and working closely with veterinarians. So Buzu will be overwhelmed with love and provided all the medical care he needs. He’s sharing his home with another lovely dog and a cat, which is just perfect because he loves having friends around. Thank you so much Emma for making Buzu a part of your family and offering him the home he has been waiting for all this time! We must also thank everyone who helped us and got involved in Buzu’s story. And thank you to all of you who have shared his photos/video on Facebook or YouTube – that’s how his story got to his adoptive family. Our gratitude to all Howl Of A Dog friends! Have a long happy life Buzu! * More rescue videos: https://www.youtube.com/user/HowlOfADog Watch also: Rescue Of A Scared Homeless Dog With A Broken Heart Puppy Abandoned on a Busy Road Gets Rescued Just in Time: https://youtu.be/ND0dAMKE7T0 Rescue Dog Adopts Stray Orphaned Kittens Saving Their Lives: https://youtu.be/wAxVJcGtxBQ Scared Homeless Dog Has the Rescue of a Lifetime. Her Transformation Will Melt Your Heart: https://youtu.be/0aYAf-S-fKM Dog Was Crying For Help But Nobody Heard Him, Until One Day: https://youtu.be/t_0tn0SwY54 ------------------------------------------------------- Howl Of A Dog is a small nonprofit animal rescue organization located in Romania. Our commitment is to rescue abandoned, neglected and abused dogs from the streets or from local kill-shelters and to find them suitable loving forever homes. For more details please visit our website: http://www.HowlOfADog.org or our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/HowlOfADog Thank you! HOWL OF A DOG organization Registration Number 33570458 #HowlOfADog *** THIS FILM IS THE PROPERTY OF HOWL OF A DOG
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Howl Of A Dog (11 months ago)
Hi everyone! This is the story of the cat that was featured in Buzu's rescue video: https://youtu.be/zfSGOSCNJbs . Many thanks for watching!
Annika May (15 hours ago)
I love animals I am feeling beter
sugyan shrestha (5 days ago)
vetrivelan SK (9 days ago)
Howl Of A Dog or.
Teer Ffgjj (10 days ago)
Virgie Hernandez (11 days ago)
Howl Of A Dog why did you call the dog a "cat"
Darlene (5 hours ago)
Eso Se Llama Ser Un Héroe De Verdad 😍
Yojan Zavalabgb (15 hours ago)
Харошиэ люд делают харошие дела
Мне этак жаль
حيدر مهدي (18 hours ago)
كس ماك
Marco Ferdinand (18 hours ago)
A beaitiful dog! Thank you for helping this and many other animals! God bless you
S Yaakub (18 hours ago)
People are cruel!!!!!😡😢
Thuyên Vũ (1 day ago)
Quay đc thì mang về mà nuôi
Susi Jendoel (1 day ago)
Zuzia Zalejski (1 day ago)
Hay 😄😁😀😊
Zuzia Zalejski (1 day ago)
Pablo Palomo (1 day ago)
Pobresito si yo estaba hay me lo llebaba a micasa pobresito
Ema Jahodova (1 day ago)
Moje zlato🐶🐶🐶❤❤❤❤
Why is people ignoring him? I would take care of him.
nill nill (1 day ago)
Pets are not like a human being. They trust u more than u lovedpersons .they stay with u end their life plzzzz don't avoid them.hlp them,😍😍
minh ngọc hân (1 day ago)
Iiz Castaneda (2 days ago)
Yaaaay the dog has a home now
Minakshi Das (2 days ago)
I agree with you
Daniel mike (2 days ago)
😣😣😣😣😣😣I am soore that they aer so men to the dog
Willet Arekion (2 days ago)
Tris tris
Karina Micu (2 days ago)
H & H SISTERS CHANNEL (2 days ago)
So poor dog i will cry no wan will help😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Mewtwo65 (3 days ago)
I can't believe all those people just walk by makes me mad
Poor buddy
Aw cute dog
Ayanna willams (3 days ago)
This is so sad😢😟😫😞
MonsterTeam TR (3 days ago)
Who sayed dogs dont love cats? This dogs love cats (me too love little pets <3)
Adithri Sai (3 days ago)
God bless you
Jewel Anne Dela Cruz (4 days ago)
Reina Caceres (4 days ago)
like si amas a los perros😭😭😭😭😭😭
Fico muito feliz por vocês adotarem animais
branko dmitric (4 days ago)
Rhafhaella Souares (4 days ago)
Quem foi o desgraçado que fez isso
Elizabeth Linsay (5 days ago)
Oh, my God! I would have rescued Buzu in a heartbeat! I loved him the moment I saw him. His joy and gratefulness at being saved shine from within his heart!! yay, Buzu!!
wendy wendy (5 days ago)
I can't believe how many people just ignored this very cute and very loving little dog people annoy me so much I think alot of humans are just plain ignorant and selfish, if I ever pass an animal in need I do my very best to help that animal I've taken loads of animals into my care over the years and rescued god only knows how many cats, dogs birds etc, I would adopt him in a heartbeat if it wasn't down to poor health now. But I truly hope he gets a loving family home thank you so much for rescueing him and giving him a chance to be happy I only wish there were more people in this twisted world who would give animals a chance and help them even if they couldn't give them a home
Yogita Gurjar (5 days ago)
Erika Velazquez (6 days ago)
Que hermosos cachorros los adoro que los sigan cuidando más y más los amooooo
Mariana Stan (6 days ago)
Poprecitos animals qoe dejan a la caie pequeños i grandes yo tengo un perro i lo amo tanto 😭😭😭😭😭
Agnes Przelucki (7 days ago)
Heartwarming. Homeless Buzu Dog was rescued and he has the best friends now : loving him cat and Dog, and also Mom in England. * Love Dogs like You love Yourself, always help Dogs, understand them, and comfort them. * Place human-dog friendship and great love above everything, in first place. STOP KILLING DOGS, CATS. * BAN breeding Dogs, cats.  Forbid Dogs, cats euthanasia. BAN poisoning Dogs, cats.  STOP HIGH KILL SHELTERS. STOP KILL SHELTERS COMPLETELY. Animals must be with only those, that can provide them with the best care and real love. Dogs are the most tortured animals in the world. Every year, millions of dogs are thrown out into homelessness. They are needlessly bred, mistreated, tortured, killed through homelessness and by pervert caretakers who breed dogs, cats for sale or for food, leather, fur. BAN CRUELTY TO ALL DOGS, CATS AND ALL ANIMALS. THE LAW MUST BE CHANGED. Ban using Dogs to fight. Stop chaining Dogs. Ban leaving Dogs, cats outside in Winter and bad weather - Dogs, cats must be with the best Caretakers in loving homes. Dog Lovers must do more, even with giving opinion. Dogs that are not wanted should be put down with morphine, if they cannot be put for adoption and taken by very loving persons. Ban dog breeding. Dogs should live up to 100 years, like the Dingo's in ecological and clean nature, where soil, water, air and food were pure. Almost all shelters should be closed, except a few that are government approved and sponsored to preserve the species, and where the dogs will be bred in very small amounts for the pure love of the species - not through rape that is done by most breeders, or even forcing dogs to mate, or in-vitro which is also forcing to breed. A loving owner does not have to sterilize his pets because his/her care is so good that mating is not allowed. Sterilization is against nature, it's very painful, deprives the body of needed physiology, hormones, deprives the body of a natural way of cleansing itself and accelerated aging, also causes psychological changes that are unnatural. Dogs were since thousands of years humanity's friends around the world, among all the other animals. Within the last decades, in literature, within scientific circles, among artists and also among common folks - dogs are being treated as best friends and loved the most. Stop using Dogs and all other animals for testing in labs.  All channels, organizations, should check on their Dogs ( rescued, adopted, having, showed...). Wishing You sweet Dog, and all Dogs, loving forever hearts, good homes and the best Caretakers. Every dog at home, must have a litter box accessible at all times, because this is the animals health, it suffers without it, and this is a cause of pains and ailments which become more severe over time.  Almost all owners mistreat their dogs, ordering them to hold their needs and relieving themselves only when it is convenient for them.  The dog is the only animal in the world, that man forces to relieve itself only when it is proper for him/her, which is unacceptable abuse.  A dog must clean its body as often as it needs, by itself and whenever it needs it.  A dog is the only pet friend kept at home that cannot - is not allowed to - relieve itself at home.  When we take a dog home to be our friend - and all dogs should be treated as such - it needs, close to its bed, a litter box.  Especially when it is older or sick, because it can have more than one bed at home, depending on the apartment/house size.  These places must be dry, warm and clean, but not hot or cold, not where there are chemicals.  The bed must be well washed and very well rinsed to not leave any chemicals, like for small babies.  It is not understandable, and not forgivable, that people keep dogs at home without a litter box, and they say that they love dogs and that dogs are their friends.  Many people abuse dogs and even throw them out on the street (make them homeless), because dogs can't keep their needs and relieve themselves at home at some point.  Some even have their dogs put down for this.  That's why many dogs that suffer, because they cannot relieve themselves at home, and suffer pains, have difficulties with breathing, and increasing ailments - can sometimes vandalise things at home, are restless, howl, cry or lie and cannot move. A doggie toilet can also be a canalized shower tray/shower base.   Dogs should never use a human toilet, because it is dangerous for them, not only difficult.  Respect their abilities. Remember that a dog feels like a person - suffering, pain, the need to relieve itself, it needs to go out and get fresh air and movement.  It needs to be able to move at home and outside, and be safe.  People are responsible for their safety. A dog must have drink as much clean water, as it needs.  A dog cannot eat only food that is made specifically for dogs, especially low quality, because it will get very sick.  No irradiated foods.  Avoid artificial preservatives, flavoring, colorants. A dog owner eats more than one meal per day, and they are balanced for nutrition and taste.  Everyone needs a balanced diet for health and taste, no one can withstand the same kind of food, all the time, which not only is disgusting, but also causes ailments.  The dog is forced to eat what it is given by its owner, but it should be able to always pick, to always have a choice of variety. Love dogs, because they deserve it.  Take care of them very well.  Remember, that dogs are dogs, that they have their specific needs and their ways of being, of their species.  Since hundreds of thousands of years, people all around the world, treated Dogs as their best friends and dearest household members.  Never use dogs for sex, it must be forbidden. Scientists talk about growing meat on shelves (production for testing purposes has successfully begun) - of many animals - which would be the best for our world today, because there won't be animal killing, which is barbarian and very painful. This would be most humane. The world needs such technology, which would be not only most humane but also ecological. 🐕🐾 🌷🌷🌷 People who rescue dogs and other animals are really great. We appreciate your sacrifice. Many people love a dog like a dearest person, like a best friend. Best Wishes! 🐕🐾 🌷🌷🌷
Scarlet Empress (7 days ago)
Look at the dog, he just wants someonee to love him
Rambo Gamer (7 days ago)
Screw those people who ignored him
MaCelestina Guerrero (8 days ago)
Its very inspiring😊😊
Elangel De dios (9 days ago)
Esa chica es muy buena persona ese perrito encontro una familia 😇😇😇
christian payne (10 days ago)
thank you so much for saving that dog ignored by people if you didnt take care of him or her who know's what would of happened to that amazing dog im so happy its has a new home
Ram reddy Ram (10 days ago)
thank you for saving the street dog dog leave dog ever kepp with you only
Eric Green (10 days ago)
Me and my 🐕 been homeless since April can't imagine giving her up no way!!!
Ayoubi Fatna (10 days ago)
Natálka :-D (10 days ago)
💖💖i'm Love dog's😀💖💖💝💖💝💝💖💝💖💝💖
DP Cars (10 days ago)
Thanks for saving that dog. Thay have feelings to
Rosa Gomez (11 days ago)
😢 cry
Kar Wil (11 days ago)
God bless. I wish I could save every dog :'(
Isaac Rosales (11 days ago)
Is he or she alive
Zin Lin Paing (11 days ago)
Dana Robinson (11 days ago)
Kirbz Dude (11 days ago)
This is so sad that nobody cares about him! I feel so bad for the time he spent homeless.😢😢😢
Virgie Hernandez (11 days ago)
I just noticed that Howl Of A Dog's pinned comment mistakingly called the dog a *cat*
Howl Of A Dog (11 days ago)
It is not a mistake, the video mentioned in that pinned comment is about a cat (the cat that is also featured in Buzu's rescue video). This is the video: https://youtu.be/zfSGOSCNJbs . Many thanks for watching!
ליטל זיגדון (11 days ago)
John Cedrick Anciano (12 days ago)
Thank you for saving the dog😥😥
Kevin Garcia (12 days ago)
I was crying
ETHAN IBACH (12 days ago)
This is the saddest thing I have ever scene Iwish I could switch spots with him I feel so bad for him
Firman Beni (12 days ago)
ETHAN IBACH (13 days ago)
ETHAN IBACH (13 days ago)
Animals don't deserve this
ETHAN IBACH (13 days ago)
This is the saddest thing I have ever seen when I am an adult I am going to make sure every animal has a home
Chael Hardisty (13 days ago)
Is so sad 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Lando Commando (13 days ago)
I hate people
Lighthouse AB (13 days ago)
Tanks for all amazing things you do for the dogs!❤️
Doroteo Maradiaga (13 days ago)
Tiền Nguyen Bich (13 days ago)
Analie Bautista (14 days ago)
NetMaker 2nd Channel! (14 days ago)
whoever took the damn food bowl and cushion should die
khoi my (14 days ago)
Thay thuong qua di
saany barros (14 days ago)
mas onde este cachorrinho está 😭😢
Master OfGames (14 days ago)
I like dogs
Neetoo yadav (14 days ago)
Gabby Dechene (14 days ago)
It makes me cry that animals don't have the love they deserve I love all animals
Gabby Dechene (14 days ago)
When thay do I am so happy
Kasihan mi😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
X SED CHANNEL (15 days ago)
andres castellano (15 days ago)
C (15 days ago)
Thank you for doing the works of God. This broke my heart. Then restored .
Anna beatriz Ferreira (15 days ago)
Que do
Carlos javier Venteo (15 days ago)
me iso yorae😢😢
werner van leeuwen (15 days ago)
Ariele Paulus (15 days ago)
Keano Schroyens (15 days ago)
Ho no💔😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😖
Larissa ameida (15 days ago)
Que lindo
Larissa ameida (15 days ago)
Meu deus
Vidhi Singh (15 days ago)
Good boy...He can do yoga pose also.😂
Khara Phonlevong (15 days ago)
EMPEROR HERO HERO (15 days ago)
Thang chay xe dap mac day
EMPEROR HERO HERO (15 days ago)
Chú chó lùng dể thương quá ae ơi

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