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Coldplay - Magic (Official Video)

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Text Comments (21032)
Glaucia Luciana (6 hours ago)
A música já diz tudo ...Magic .
Marvel Lover (10 hours ago)
2019... and I still believe in magic💕
Amin Chelihi (14 hours ago)
5 years later, this song is still magic 🦄
Anushka Singh Bhati (15 hours ago)
I'm here for Zhang Ziyi
Samir _ (20 hours ago)
Fazersion (1 day ago)
Bought views lol.
JD Diggy (1 day ago)
Can anyone find the cover Eliza Doolittle did of this I can't find it anywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!
the video is like a Ilusion of Tk... wow that's interesting...
nishant kumar pathak (2 days ago)
Legend crish martin
Helena Mikkola (3 days ago)
I just can stay so forway from you.......Love this music <3...From 2019
anthony moura (3 days ago)
essa música 🖤
Brian Wardle (3 days ago)
love these guys
Nam Vũ (4 days ago)
axel gallegos magaña (4 days ago)
Like si hablas español y amas esta canción
Robinson Saraviyya (5 days ago)
Can someone share the initial music details, loved it
Tala Aït Ouamar (5 days ago)
3:43 best part ever...
Angel Eduardo v (5 days ago)
gratifying song
penny art (5 days ago)
Magic atmosphere ! The best video ever !
Heather Quarles (6 days ago)
If u have a lit pair of ear buds... This song is freakin bangin yo,, it is anyway... Just a personal observation!
Fortune Gambushe (6 days ago)
rest in peace Bruce funfun😢😢
Anderson Bolaños (7 days ago)
Si ojalá se pudiera darle "Me encanta"!! call it magic
Anaky Martins (7 days ago)
Adoro!amo!gosto muito! 🔝
همس الكلمات (7 days ago)
Artur dantas ciência (8 days ago)
Artur dantas ciência (8 days ago)
Chris Martin have a girlfriend
João Vitor (9 days ago)
Essa música é muito boa, foi trilha de alguma novela que não me lembro
shivam mandloi (9 days ago)
Ziyi Zhang....... the beauty 😍!!!
Rieke Angeliqa (9 days ago)
you have no idea how powerful this shit is for my 11 years old self. i'm hurt as hell and it stucked in me. Coldplay and Magic would always have a special place in my heart.
What a merde song !
Luchendrix (9 days ago)
I will always miss 2014. Always.
The Waazaa (9 days ago)
(..)¿todavía crees en la magia?(..) » Sí, creo. «
Sofia Mylona (9 days ago)
chris ages gracefully..
Vitória Souza (10 days ago)
Hino atemporal
Fabulous Jaximus (10 days ago)
legends say he's still floating in the sky
V. Dargain (7 days ago)
That's what I hear too . Right on !
Cine Malli (10 days ago)
2019 alguém?
F. Lundy (10 days ago)
Magical song
Erica Humes (11 days ago)
🖤🖤🖤🖤 such a magical song.🐰💓
Essa música só me lembra 2014 , época do meu amadurecimento como pessoa 😐.
达吉 (11 days ago)
zi yi zhang real beautiful
Leonardo González (11 days ago)
Este video es idéntico a soul to squeeze de RHCP!
Michael Alves Silva (11 days ago)
Gosto muito dessa música,mais da vontade de chorar!😢
Jovem Batata (12 days ago)
2019 ???
Víctor Obregón (12 days ago)
Esto no es música... es magia!!! Años escuchándola y me sigue llenando el alma, amo esta canción, gracias Coldplay ❤
Cauã Fotbball (12 days ago)
Aristides Mandinuto (13 days ago)
Very good remembering such a beautiful song... Just amazing! Coldplay, you are amazing
Tatiana Mazete (13 days ago)
Tatiana Mazete (13 days ago)
Shereen Collington (14 days ago)
This and Midnight are my favorite songs to hear in the early morning. :)
LEANNE MICALLEF (14 days ago)
Will definitely be my weddings first dance in the future ❤️ CALL IT MAGIC
Kinley Into (14 days ago)
Moscardelli Mosca (14 days ago)
siema siema (14 days ago)
Just listen.
Anna Hensher (15 days ago)
Damn, five years ago.
Boris Babić (15 days ago)
That song was our first dance when we were getting married..We are divorced now..still now and then I come here and play it to myself, thinking how happy we were then..and how stupid I was to let her go. I still love her, probably always will..
Rob Stuart (15 days ago)
Dude maybe I can sing that someday.
Dannie Kamete (16 days ago)
I can't believe it's been five years since this song and album where released. The time period was a rocky one in my life, full of changes, breakups and everything else. It was amidst all this when this album dropped, on an early spring day. I love and still adore every song on it but especially "Magic" and "O". Listened to these songs hundreds of times each for the remainder of that year (2014) and I sill listen to them regularly. Somehow I felt a lot better and saw me through everything. To this day "Magic" and "O" hold a special place in my heart. Whenever I listen to them I am transported to those days, and the absolutely amazing summer that followed what was a difficult spring. The album is still my favorite ever, and I don't think that will ever change. Happy five year anniversary "Magic" and a huge thanks to Coldplay! I will be back again with another comment in another five years time :)
Andrei Alexandrov (16 days ago)
Unlike any other song, I can listen to this over and over again. I never grow tired of this beautiful music.
Leah Bacalso (16 days ago)
2019 and this song is still magic to my ears. I wish I'm in love 😩
Lissette León (17 days ago)
FrankyYT (17 days ago)
I swear I heard “Garlic maaaaagic” the first time lmao Edit: I can’t be the only one who heard that, right?
Squirrelly (16 days ago)
Magdalena (17 days ago)
I love the beginning scene so much!
Bearbgenge Bee (17 days ago)
Just Harry (18 days ago)
Had this on a playlist from a previous relationship......... Lol. They call it deluded.... Wen I'm next to u.. And a call it delusion....
Pollito Menor (18 days ago)
No se ustedes, pero Coldplay es una esencia, una forma de vida :( , fue doloroso y sorprendente que cambiaran de nombre y tipo de música, entiendo que estén aburridos de lo mismo, pero no dejen de perder la esencia que llevan en su música, por favor :(
Michael Souza (18 days ago)
Uma bela música, que leva seus pensamentos a todos os cantos possíveis ⚡
Fernando Silva (17 days ago)
3:03 a 3:40 linda música
Rodrigo Covarrubias (18 days ago)
this song should have been in parachutes
Magdalena (18 days ago)
And I call it magic. Its true. This song is magic
Heidi Lopez (19 days ago)
Maria Silva (19 days ago)
So quit, so simple, so beautiful this music. So MAGIC
Your Forebear (20 days ago)
sin shad (20 days ago)
Music starts with Queen and ends with Coldplay.
Zulmy Balladares (20 days ago)
Me encanta!!!! Amo COLDPLAY!!! Por cierto. Esa chica es la protagonista del Tigre y el Dragón?
Mxgicc (20 days ago)
thats me.
Lorenzo Giri (20 days ago)
5 years
Susu joy (21 days ago)
Ja! el típico triangulo amoroso, pero con coldplay suena genial 😎
† MARCIANO ØG † (21 days ago)
Mr. M
Matheus Pereira (21 days ago)
Rashik Ajhan (21 days ago)
It's really a magic voice
Rashik Ajhan (21 days ago)
It's really a magic voice
Mirela Kirst Bocorny (23 days ago)
Quando entra a introdução, a gente é levado à outra dimensão 🎼
Sriansu Choudhary (23 days ago)
Coldplay's *MAGIC*
Talita Alves (24 days ago)
rick reschenthaler (24 days ago)
zhang yiyi is still very beautiful as she was years back. Great choice for leading lady
Linda P (25 days ago)
Ziyi is sooo pretty!!! love her!
Rob Stuart (26 days ago)
Call it majic....love you too....
{Aesthetic Tyme} (26 days ago)
anyone here in 2019 ...no...ok
JHON sTrOnDa (26 days ago)
Namoral Coldplay é uns dos melhores cantores em todo mundo
Coldplay,I say your songs r magic
Diego Pisfil (27 days ago)
So sad 😢 Greetings from Peru
Angela 1989 (27 days ago)
I am sorry for all the singers of this land ... but only one manages with his voice to reach the notes of the soul .. and it is the inimitable, unique, precious voice of Chris Martin ... to say that I love him is really an understatement !!!
Maddux Guevin (27 days ago)
Im here because of hoverboard pizza delivery sim...
Spkier (28 days ago)
denisdonn (28 days ago)
Second video tribute Chris Martin did to Depeche Mode, after Viva La Vida (Enjoy the silence) this is another version of Halo which wasn't released as a single but they did an Anton Corbijn directed video for
Mikey Polo (29 days ago)
Dope Emoslime
Indra Bimbabaatar (29 days ago)
YAAY I FINALLY FOUND THIS SONG that was in my head for YEARS!
Derek Trammell (30 days ago)
'Cause you're a Sky Full of Stars, *such a precious truth.*
Neil .C Ireland (1 month ago)
His voice is saint Michael calming Saten and announing God.....

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