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Top 10 Attractive Hair Color For Guys - Guys Hair Trends 2018

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Guys Hair color ideas are becoming very popular among trendsetter. Take a look at these colors, which will make you attractive and stylish in 2018. Please DM for Any Copyright Issue: [email protected] Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/menhairdos/ Watch Latest Top 10 Haircuts: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TNyYM__p8NI Shop Best hair Waxes: Americna Crew Fiber https://goo.gl/nhDA9L Hanz de Fuko Claymation by Hanz de Fuko https://goo.gl/ybZkMB Pacinos Matte, 4 Ounce https://goo.gl/BGsyEo Hair Pomade for Men - Strong Hold Styling Wax with Ideal Shine https://goo.gl/82BYPw Visit for more cool Hair color Guys: https://menhairdos.com/guys-hair-color-ideas/ Related Keywords: Hair color, guys hair colour, hair color transformation, top 10 hair color for guys, guys hair color ideas, hair color at barbershop, best hair color for men, boys hair color ideas, how to find best hair color ideas, hair color and haircuts,
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Text Comments (1065)
Pranav Rocky (3 hours ago)
Second was ugly
Alicia Castaneda (6 hours ago)
Anyone else noticed that most of them have shirts from metal bands
Shamsad Alam (15 hours ago)
Please sir name of the color all
george Washington (2 days ago)
Dyed hair is nasty
Oleg Panaite (4 days ago)
I just dont get it: how the f*** purple hair is attractive?
Enrique Viruega (5 days ago)
2:41 parecen canas
Heat Flakes (7 days ago)
So no ones gonna mention a kid barber at the last one?
Noureddine Hachimi (9 days ago)
Daksh Dhiman (12 days ago)
5:45 a young old man
Dørkyplier (13 days ago)
I'd like to add in Markiplier and Jacksepticeye's hair (redandgreenboi) But they didn't record any of their transformation I need to buy a life do i
R MCK (15 days ago)
That young lad at the very end is a star.
juan silves (18 days ago)
my hair is bright blue
Gaby García (18 days ago)
En donde están instalados, quiero cortarme el cabello con ustedes.
Aayush Gupta (20 days ago)
7:50 What hairstyle is that?
Karan cahuhan (20 days ago)
mhandi ka nam kayha
ThatOneDumb Gamer (23 days ago)
I’m just putting red highlights in my hair. Red and black
Naveen Gujjar (23 days ago)
Fucking jokers thinking they are looking cool😅🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Nikhil Kumar (25 days ago)
The 97 (25 days ago)
*So... **6:45** Attractive? For a girl? Well judge by yourself*
Ganesh Bhandari (26 days ago)
Call me 7384233272
freddy 123 (27 days ago)
7:45 Barber:what u want? Client:i want to like Albert Einstein... Barber:say no more!
MADZGAMER X (27 days ago)
Why the meme song is here
ShimmY Xxshim (28 days ago)
I m getting my hair dyed red and black tomorrow!! I'm so nervous
Cest moi (28 days ago)
Accoring to anime
Your Time Is Limited. (28 days ago)
Aren't I supposed to read for exams?! YOUTUBE stop recommending inferior things.
Secret Skill (1 month ago)
3:00 @Marulkafa
wendigo gaming (1 month ago)
Hoe long does a black dye last?
Monsieur P. (1 month ago)
Why a good looking guy gets his neck tattooed, I'll never get, but loved the red, white and blue!
L1ttledid Y0uKn0w (1 month ago)
Where are these places even at
Rose Essence (1 month ago)
1:06 looks like a mushroom
Marcos Payvon (1 month ago)
What's the name of the first song
GДLДЖУФMΞGД (1 month ago)
I have a faux fade with red highlights and girls are starting to stare at me now.
TECH ADDA (1 month ago)
I like first
Adam Stock (1 month ago)
Clickbait; it was pretty much the same style the entire video.
Nazib Khan (1 month ago)
One question, how much does haircuts like these costs ?
Ketan Harnesha (1 month ago)
Bhai hair me spre kese Kare video danavo
Ahmad Pathan (1 month ago)
I have wavy hair... : (
The TANKIST (1 month ago)
Я тоже желаю покраситсяяя!
Kevin Barragan Estrada (1 month ago)
Tan vergas
Badabun 2 (2 months ago)
Soy el único mexicano
CALEB PILLAY (2 months ago)
8:13 that boy looks so small like 14/15
Little Gacha Unicorn (2 months ago)
The thumbnail looks like hair styles for Roblox, especially the first one and last...
FBI Guy (14 days ago)
In Sha Allah (2 months ago)
What is the first hairstyle called? Please, I will be grateful
NAVEEN RAJPUT (2 months ago)
J's on ma feet (2 months ago)
3:29 i like the barber's hair.
Shiza Talib (2 months ago)
Guys we found ninja at 0:30
Kyle Witcher (2 months ago)
they hair is dead
The Immortal (2 months ago)
What is this white product that makes hair grey/white! The one I use is blue and it makes hair yellow. This one looks much better, does anybody know what it is?
BRAWEL IS (2 months ago)
Блн я желаю сейчас пряди и тоже все закрасить
Schandenfreude (2 months ago)
Song name pls
Guess What (2 months ago)
If you do these hair color in Philippines you'll be called 'PUGO or SISIW'😂
Apurv Chaturvedi (2 months ago)
Almost all of them are disturbing af. I personally won't have any of them. You call them the best? Lmao
nightkidd (2 months ago)
Subsback thnks....
Dayat Rosadi (2 months ago)
Bagaimana cara menghilakan jerawat bruncret
Hola me suscribo
Meme King (3 months ago)
where do you get the hair dye from d:
Franz Gam (3 months ago)
4:55 terrifine gayish
Mauro - Rocket League (3 months ago)
I guess 1000th comment :D
lzRawr (3 months ago)
I’m still trying to decide whether to dye my hair white.
happy mood (3 months ago)
1:01 for a sec I thought he was the guy from Andi mack XD
Nor Azah (3 months ago)
amazing boys you handsome
Nor Azah (3 months ago)
oooooo my good
# SzbY (3 months ago)
1:22 captain condom head 😂😂
kay ray (3 months ago)
good job my hair is purple
Dhruv Iyengar (3 months ago)
What is that hair cap called?
Fardeen Memon (3 months ago)
Only the 1st one was cool rest are yuck
Nikola Jovanovic (3 months ago)
5:00 what's the name of this hairstyle?
dantaliansaint (4 months ago)
How to get disowned by your father
WazupFanta (4 months ago)
defiantly dying my hair when i’m older.
Hector Fuentes (4 months ago)
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Hector Fuentes (4 months ago)
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GOBLIN in Real life (4 months ago)
I want bleach highlights meh mom won't let me
Omerkxm (4 months ago)
Sudais Baloch (4 months ago)
bhai last walay k saaat tagra mazak hoa hai
IGNER musicas (4 months ago)
17:32 bom esse vd top 👌
M C (4 months ago)
Not barbers. Kids.
M C (4 months ago)
Anti. This. 100%. Soy boys. Cant pay for dinner or change your oil. But have neato color hair. Men are very important you twats.
I.J. productions (4 months ago)
10. Dark Blue 9. Grey 8. Light Blue 7. Whitish Blue 6. Greyish Blue 5. Purple, Pink and White 4. Blondish White with Blue and Red 3. Pink and Light Blue 2. Tips Dyed White 1. Streak of Grey
Cristian Majin (4 months ago)
Uuuuuuuu trolazo 😁😁😁😁😁
Jorge Benjamin (5 months ago)
song? 1:02
Jorge Benjamin (4 months ago)
Nadir Puerk jja pasame tu numero🙈
Dante Goldstein (4 months ago)
De nada wue jaja:v
Jorge Benjamin (4 months ago)
Nadir Puerk Gracias💕🙈
Dante Goldstein (4 months ago)
Lost in the night
EX TIZER (5 months ago)
wheres the brown people? 😕
phenomenal prsr (5 months ago)
6:39 he must be a fan of tekashi 69
young z (5 months ago)
Lol i got white
Lil James Rice (5 months ago)
8:38 amazing
ZDeadhd (5 months ago)
0:47 WTF 🤣🤣
Jay 1245 (5 months ago)
I Love Purple
Mêhåř Mømïñ KïnĞ (5 months ago)
Where i buy natural colours
Baap Of Bengal (5 months ago)
1st one's colour combination plz
Zorawar (5 months ago)
Where is your shop
GJ GJ (5 months ago)
Nice video
Krishna Shukla (5 months ago)
The British barber Aap boys ko itna hot haircolur look diya hai supppppppppppr ..
final fantasy 15 Dabers (6 months ago)
l rather want the white hair.
B Y (6 months ago)
Definitely the brown hair. But to anyone offended, dont worry! You can dye your hair brown too
corne van der wal (6 months ago)
My forehead is huge af so this wont work
Raj khan (6 months ago)
Abhishek Biroriya (6 months ago)
great work totally amaze
Skull beater (6 months ago)
Pls tell me the musi c it's good
Felipe Neto curtiu
Gopal Mali (6 months ago)

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