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London Dating Agency and Throughout the UK

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Our personal matchmaking service provides the very best in personal introductions through our London Dating Agency, Ultimate Attraction. Watch our short video and find out how our matchmaking services may be the best dating option to meeting your perfect partner
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Bertha F (2 months ago)
I am looking for a God fearinged person for my youngest brother Who was marriage before but nòw divorced . He lives a lonely life and can't make a woman pregnant. He Is 55 years old. Certainly wish some good God fearing woman would come his way and give him a happy life. .Thank you.
1100HondaCB (7 months ago)
I am 38 and still single. Pardon the pun but I don't want to still be on the shelf when I reach 40. I've tried dating agencies and online dating in the past and all I got was rejection. My youngest brother is 31 and is getting married this year. My other brother is nearly 34 and is engaged with two children. They managed to find women by going out. I even forced myself to go out which is difficult for me as I have autism and still no woman will come up to me and talk. I suffer with body dysmorphia and believe I will be alone because I am not good looking. Even my school friends are all settled down and as usual, I am the odd one out.

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