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How to Wear Steampunk & Victorian Collars | Ventriloquist Court®

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Featuring designs by Ventriloquist Court®, this video offers styling ideas and tips on how to wear Victorian and steampunk collars for alternative fashion and Victorian steampunk costume dress-up. The Victorian-style costumes and fashion clothing pieces featured in this video are designed and handmade by Australian costume and fashion designer Rai Keodara. All clothing pieces featured is available for made-to-measure orders from Ventriloquist Court®'s website: https://ventriloquistcourt.com Watch in HD for better viewing quality! Featured Items 1:22 'Steam Navigation' High-Neck Collar Capelet (Product Code: SSNC1609) 3:06 Pale Cream & Ivory Lace Victorian Blouse 3:27 'Explorer' Skirt (Product Code: SCES1412A) 4:10 'Steam Propeller' High-Neck Collar (Product Code: SCSPC1703) 5:14 & 7:11 'Chimes' Skirt (Product Code: SCCSBS1503) 5:39 'Daisies & Tea' Blouse (Product Code: SDTB1703) 6:19 'Steam Procession' High-Neck Collar Capelet (Product Code: SCSPHNCC1615) 6:43 'Steam Procession' Blouse (Product Code: SCSPB1601) 7:20 'Seafaring' High-Neck Collar Capelet (Product Code: SSUTSHC1612) 7:58 'Seaside Cottage' Bustier (Product Code: SSCB1608) 8:02 'Shipwrecked' Bustle Skirt (Product Code: SSBS1605) Footwear: 2:10 Demonia Ripsaw 520 Unisex Gothic Boots (Vegan) 3:59 Hades Icon Mustard Boots (Vegan) Trade Mark Disclaimer: Ventriloquist Court® is in no way sponsored or affiliated with neither footwear brands Demonia nor Hades. The boots featured in this video serve as example alternative footwear suitable to wear with the costumes and fashion clothing pieces featured in this video. MUSIC CREDITS (Royalty-free Music, audioblocks.com) Opening: 'New Renaissance Music' Composed by Neil Cross Background: JDJ Happier CONTENT DISCLAIMER This video was made by costume designer Rai Keodara (of Ventriloquist Court®). The content of this video as well as its description does not contain any paid promotion or any paid endorsement. For any inquiries, contact me via my website: https://ventriloquistcourt.com/contact/
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Ventriloquist Court (9 months ago)
For a video of the platform boots being modelled on a person, see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EFhrhlN_ia8
Ventriloquist Court (9 months ago)
For a video of the' steam procession' collar and the 'steam procession' blouse being modelled on a person, see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pq4kBF2u1hY

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