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Psychedelic Salvia Trip Music II - Structured Chaos

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Structured Chaos 1. Hell Town 2. Insidious Creature 3. Insane Brain 4. Squid Suction. If you use a psychoactive substance and listen, you will find secrets and hidden messages. (For best experience, use headphones. Available and recommended in HD.) Music by Sage Bodisattva.
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troww zers (9 months ago)
Maybe ok for LSD byt definitely not salvia lol
Frank Morris (1 year ago)
Beautifully masterful artwork
blackleafable (5 years ago)
it all makes sense on salvia - trust me
thehornyhatchet (5 years ago)
OK. I made peace with this music by finding an understanding amongst the chaos. The first impression seems as if it would always be scary though. Especially for some one on psychoactive substances.~
thehornyhatchet (5 years ago)
I listened to this yesterday while really stoned and it mentally scarred me for about 20 minutes after listening to it. This is fucking scary. It's supposed to be chaos, so it's well made. But why? Why would you make pain? Seriously, 1: 29 sounds like the music form of the feeling you get when you're about to throw up. It's horrid. Please tell me why. Give me resolve. Please.~<3
Meta Sage (3 months ago)
Lychee Juice (4 years ago)
+thehornyhatchet Don't be scared, let it wash over you and use your inebriated yet elevated perspective of consciousness to direct yourself out of a bad trip. Don't fight it, don't cause conflict, just steer yourself away. 
Lychee Juice (4 years ago)
+thehornyhatchet You're probably just too inexperienced. Come back once your fear has left you and your curiosity remains. Marijuana doesn't mess with my psyche whatsoever now, as I've smoked enough in my days that I'm now fairly clear headed when I'm high. Anywho, I highly recommend you delve into psychedelic culture and learn about people like Bill Hicks, Maynard James Keenan, and Alexander Shulgin before jumping in yourself. Always good to educate yourself a bit and have at least a reasonable understanding of what you're jumping into - that way you'll bring away something as well. Psychedelics are all about learning and education. Do them with the intent to discover more about yourself, good and bad. When you emerge, you must reflect on the experience, parts good and bad.
thehornyhatchet (5 years ago)
Also, forgot to mention at first I stopped listening to it after around 3 minutes, had to fast forward some too, because the suffering was too damn much. But then I listened to it the next day sober. Wasn't extremely disturbing like before, but still too scary and demented for me.~
Duro Plaste (6 years ago)
Thank you very much! i'm pretty potted and i closed my eyes like meditation after 2 min i See a big A in a O or a circle, after 4 mins i see a lightly blue ball whats throwing blue-violett-black thunderbolts in 4 directions diagonal after that is stopped because ...crazy :D can you tell me maybe more? i think the A and O means tones from the overtones that i try to learn since 3 months , the lightning ball reminds me on a kamehameha from songoku of the dragonballstory just with thunder. namaste
stuckonthatmaryjane (7 years ago)
@SageBodisattva I watched the first 3 minutes of this vid on acid bc the other one started creeping me out and I gotta agree with 0bskura that music and the first picture just reminded me of bugs worse than the one in King Kong = x and then I could swore I saw a spider somewhere in the vid. Too many mind fucks to trip this in my book lol.
Sjiiit (7 years ago)
@SageBodisattva Dude, I NEED these on my iPhone... Can I get them??
0bskura (7 years ago)
@SageBodisattva nothing against ripping our dimension apart, and breaking through into other worlds, but if i wanna check out hell, imma do sum crocodile instead. imagine trippin on 40x Salvia while this "music" is on. First you would trip your balls off (literally), and then you would come back and realize dat that darn salvia godess stole your kidney. thx for ur submission bro, but no thx.
0bskura (7 years ago)
No Way ist this the right music to listen to while trippin on salvia! this scary ass song freaks meh the fuck out while being clean, now guess wut hapens if i was trippin right now... D:
insanity0c (7 years ago)
I don't know about you guys, but my salvia trip was WAY too intense to listen to music during.
ElectricDynamite6199 (7 years ago)
Structured Choas... the two perfect words to describe a salvia trip
Abel Muro (8 years ago)
Curious question, when doing salvia and have a desire to play music at the same time... does the music HAVE to be this genre or can it be music like trance, alternative ect?
mattcase9 (8 years ago)
dude im fuckiiinn stonedd... and im fuckin afraid nowwww
mustanglp50 (8 years ago)
who did this artwork at :18, it looks familiar
Kekspere (8 years ago)
ommuute hienoo musiikkia..
ValhalaFiveSix (9 years ago)
@batfly, I think Sage is an incarnation....of what I don't know. I try not to speculate about the man behind the mask. Sage could be anybody or nobody. I am truely gratefull to Sage to awakeing what little spirtuality I have. I would like to raise a toast to SageBodisattva, the only person who has ever got me thinking on a Spirtual non corpeal level, nobody, no book, no film no nothing has ever achieved that.
ValhalaFiveSix (9 years ago)
I like it. This is what I am going to do on New Years Eve. I will stay home, get loaded, (I know you don't concur with alcohol, narcotics) I can't tolerate much anyways and I need to purge myself if possible because I know the coming year is going to probaly be the turning point one way or another. I'll try to get wifey to try your creation. Thanks Sage. Have a Happy New Year!

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