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Cardboard Boxes music Video

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This is a homemade (Obviously) video for the song 'Cardboard Boxes' from my album "Broken On The Floor". To purchase an album, you can visit my MySpace page at www.myspace.com/douglasomitchell and there is s PayPal storefront there. You can also email me at [email protected] More outtakes of ridiculous footage shot will be coming out in the near future - I shot so much that I couldn't fit it all in. Thanks for watching!
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Text Comments (11)
Understanding Silence (8 years ago)
This just just screams "Jack Black" to me for some reason.Very entertaining though,lol.
allstar2bein2023 (8 years ago)
Pretty awesome video.
Douglas Mitchell (8 years ago)
@JermLeather Yeah, well what are you gonna do eh! Thanks for the love.
JermLeather (8 years ago)
This is Still one of my favorite video on youtube, Doug! I Can't Believe That This Video Only Has 1,392 Views!! It's SO GOOD!!
Aynd Moore (8 years ago)
I CAN RELATE!!!!!!!! Been working in the grocery business for over 30 years now. love your take on them boxes.
Douglas Mitchell (9 years ago)
My brother Spencer had Camera honors. We were just having fun.
Angie Coulter (9 years ago)
You are one of a kind my friend - Hilarious buffoonery ! The world needs much more of you! Great music too -I've been singing this song for days and laughing-More please!
JermLeather (9 years ago)
Wow, this is the first I'd ever heard of you, but now I am a fan for life! This song and video were great, and you are hilarious! Well done.
Liz Parker (9 years ago)
0:49 1:37 2:34 definitly the best parts of the video for me. you kill me doug.
Evan Walters (9 years ago)
I remember this as the secret track on your early "The Turning Away" demo. It always made me laugh. Good to hear the full version. My favorite parts in the video are the basketball and box to the head! So unexpected and funny. I really enjoy the new album by the way! Favorite track right now is "What a Waste" keep rockin
EER (9 years ago)
Sweet Doug! I know someone famous! Love the song. The video is hilarious.

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